Chapter 1555 – Secrets Of The Ancient God Domain

Chen Xi already possessed a rough understanding of the situation in the Last Days Domain, yet his knowledge of the Ancient God Domain was still extremely shallow. Up until now, he was still unable to determine exactly what sort of existence it was.

“There are over 1,000 known regions in the Ancient God Domain. Every single one of these regions at least contains 3,000 universes, and the largest contains 8,000 universes.” Tie Kun pondered deeply for a moment before he started describing everything about the Ancient God Domain.

According to Tie Kun, the Ancient God Domain was formed from over 1,000 different regions and a myriad of universes. It was boundlessly vast, and it could be said to be without end.

Unlike the numerous planes in the three dimensions, only experts at the Godrank Realm could gain a foothold in the Ancient God Domain and roam freely through it.

The world there was filled with the energy of Divine Dao Order that was beyond imagination, and it was suffused with Divine Energy of various different attributes. It was completely different to the three dimensions.

It was called an eternal kingdom that had existed for innumerable years and was said to be eternal. Unless it encountered the great calamity of ‘Chaos Era Renewal’, otherwise, it would absolutely not be obliterated and vanish.

It was common knowledge that the three dimensions had appeared after being born from the Chaos, and the Ancient God Domain was similarly born from the Chaos. However, it was not the same Chaos at all.

But no matter which Chaos it was, it possessed its own renewal of eras.

Every single time a new era began, it represented the process of an expanse of space going from birth to its end, and then from its end to new life.

For example, when the Chaos first split open in the three dimensions, it transformed into the Primordial World, and then the Immortal Dimension, Mortal Dimension, and Netherworld were created. This was a process of going from birth to end, and then to new life.

Something worthy of mentioning was that every single time the renewal of an era occurred, it represented a type of ‘world destroying calamity’, and it wasn’t something the might of man could resist, nor could Fiendgods reverse it. It was a quintessence force that came from within the Chaos and the void, and it was extremely terrifying.

However, the Ancient God Domain was unlike other dimensions. Since the day it was born until innumerable years later, there had never been a renewal of an era.

It was firm and eternal, boundless and grand, and it was suffused with the aura of the gods and enveloped by the energy of Divine Dao Order. Thus, it was called an eternal kingdom, and it was also called the kingdom of the gods.

This caused the Ancient God Domain to become the residence of all gods. In other words, only the gods could roam freely through such a supreme place.

Over 1,000 regions and a myriad of universes…. After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart. He finally understood that the Ancient God Domain didn’t represent a single plane, and it covered numerous regions, and every single region covered numerous universes!

“I’ve always been cultivating in Snow Ink Region, so I have a very limited understanding of the other regions, and I’m unable to give you a clear answer about exactly how huge the Ancient God Domain is or what’s the difference between each region.” Tie Kun sighed and said, “Perhaps you’ll only be able to understand everything after you actually arrive there.”

Chen Xi nodded and deeply agreed.

After that, Chen Xi asked some things about Snow Ink Region.

Tie Kun naturally told Chen Xi everything he knew.

It turned out that Snow Ink Region could be considered to be rather renowned in the entire Ancient God Domain, and the reason was that the only way to enter the Last Days Domain was through this region.

Similarly, end of the passageway that led from the Last Days Domain to the Ancient God Domain was at Snow Ink Region.

In the eyes of those great figures of the Ancient God Domain, the Last Days Domain was an extremely unique existence. It was linked to the numerous planes in the lower dimensions and was connected to the Ancient God Domain as well, and it played a key role in forming a link between these places.

Moreover, the environment within the Last Days Domain was extremely unique. Its Heaven Dao Laws were able to silently strip an expert at the Godrank Realm of the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques they possessed. It could be said to be utterly unique. It was even impossible to find a place like the Last Days Domain within the Ancient God Domain.

It was precisely because of this that the great figures of the Ancient God Domain had taken the Last Days Domain to be a superb medicinal garden, a hunting ground that they could play in at will.

Moreover, the Divine Daofuse Herb could only be planted within the Last Days Domain, and this was the true value of the Last Days Domain in the eyes of those great figures!

“So, in this way, all the medicinal fields scattered around the Last Days Domain have been distributed amongst those powers in the Ancient God Domain?” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he asked this question.

“Yes.” Tie Kun nodded. “For example, those experts at the Godrank Realm you fought earlier were from various different powers in Snow Ink Region.”

“So, in this way, the passageway between the Last Days Domain and Snow Ink Region isn’t as difficult to locate as the rumors said?” Chen Xi continued.

This was his main concern because he suddenly noticed that since experts from the Snow Ink Region like Tie Kun were able to arrive at the Last Days Domain, then they should be clearly aware of the passageway that led from the Last Days Domain to Snow Ink Region.

“The passageway does exist indeed. But not just anyone can enter it,” said Tie Kun. After that, he told Chen Xi of the reason for this.

“The Sovereign Sect?” Chen Xi’s face instantly sank when he finished listening to Tie Kun.

According to Tie Kun, that passageway leading to the Ancient God Domain had always been in the control of the Sovereign Sect, and the Sovereign Sect had placed numerous experts at the Godrank Realm on guard there. The weakest amongst them was at the World Enlightened True God Realm while there was no lack of Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods, and there was even a Universe Enlightened Ancestral God patrolling the area all year round.

It wasn’t just that, if one desired to pass through the passageway, then one had to pay a huge amount of wealth to the Sovereign Sect and pass through numerous tests prepared by the Sovereign Sect. Once one was found to be hiding experts at the Godrank from the lower dimensions, then one would absolutely be executed on the spot.

In other words, this passageway controlled by the Sovereign Sect prohibited the experts at the Godrank Realm from the lower dimensions from entering it!

“Are the forces of the Sovereign Sect within the Ancient God Domain extremely formidable?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask this question.

Because they were actually able to take control of a passageway in the Last Days Domain and collect a ‘toll’ from those powers in the Ancient God Domain, and this obviously displayed that the influence of the Sovereign Sect within the Ancient God Domain was probably not weak.

These words Chen Xi spoke allowed Tie Kun to instantly determine that even though Chen Xi possessed the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, Chen Xi was definitely not a disciple of the Sovereign Sect.

After all, how could a disciple of a sect be unaware of their own sect’s forces?

“Very formidable, extremely formidable.” Tie Kun had a solemn expression as he said, “According to my knowledge, the Sovereign Sect isn’t located within Snow Ink Region’s 3,000 universes at all. But it has always been in control of this passageway, and even the few strongest top-rate powers in Snow Ink Region don’t dare to complain about it. Thus, this obviously shows how terrifying the Sovereign Sect is.”

“It isn’t located in Snow Ink Region, yet it controls a passageway between the Last Days Domain and Snow Ink Region….” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Never had he expected that the forces of the Sovereign Sect had actually penetrate so deep into the Ancient God Domain, and it was even able to possess such monstrous might in the Ancient God Domain. This had truly exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations.

“You… have enmity with the Sovereign Sect?” Tie Kun noticed Chen Xi’s expression changing indeterminately, and he couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Exactly.” Chen Xi spoke casually.

Tie Kun’s heart shook, and he gasped. He’d similarly never imagined that Chen Xi would actually offend the Sovereign Sect, and for a time, he was at a loss for what to say.

“Even if I have enmity with the Sovereign Sect, they still wouldn’t allow a fellow from the lower dimensions like me to pass through that passageway.” Chen Xi glanced at Tie Kun and spoke with a smile on his face.

Tie Kun nodded. “That’s true as well.”

“However, even if they refuse to allow me to pass, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be stopped here….” Chen Xi muttered while a wisp of a firm and sharp glow flashed within his eyes.

No matter what, he intended to enter the Ancient God Domain, and if the Sovereign Sect obstructed him, then he would fight a blood battle and risk his life to enter the passageway.

Of course, if there was a better choice, then Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t choose to fight them head-on until the end. After all, according to Tie Kun, the Sovereign Sect had deployed numerous forces to stand on guard before the passageway.

“If you intend give it a try, then it’s best to do it soon. I heard that it won’t be long before that passageway will be closed, and it will at least take 10,000 years before it’s opened again.” Tie Kun suddenly reminded Chen Xi.

Chen Xi nodded. “I know.”

Early on when he came to the Last Days Domain, a trace of a premonition had appeared faintly in his heart, and he was clearly aware that Tie Kun wasn't exaggerating.

“Right, what did Fellow Daoist intend to entrust me with earlier?” asked Chen Xi.

Tie Kun hesitated for a moment and said, “If Fellow Daoist is able to arrive at Snow Ink Region, then please head to the Violethell Divine Sect in Jaderock Universe on my behalf. My only granddaughter is cultivating in Violethell Divine Sect. Her parents passed away while she was young, and her natural talent isn’t great. So, she’s only able to cultivate the simplest cultivation techniques in the Outer Court. Up until now, she still hasn’t stepped foot into the Godrank Realm.

Tie Kun paused for a moment, and then he withdrew a storage pouch and passed it over to Chen Xi. “Fellow Daoist, please pass this to her. Tell her to work hard and cultivate because diligence can make up for one’s lack of natural talent and tell her not to worry about my safety. I’ll be… satisfied so long as she’s able to cultivate without any worries.”

Chen Xi was stunned. Never had he imagined that Tie Kun would actually ask for such help from him, nor had he imagined that Tie Kun would actually trust a stranger like him.

Indeed, this matter was extremely trivial, but it was related to Tie Kun’s own flesh and blood, so it wasn’t trivial any longer.

“Alright, I promise. If I’m able to enter Snow Ink Region, I’ll definitely make a trip to Violethell Divine Sect.” Chen Xi received the storage pouch and spoke in a serious manner.

Tie Kun seemed as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulder, and his usually cold and indifferent face revealed a rare wisp of a relaxed expression. He said gratefully, “Thank you very much, Fellow Daoist. To tell you the truth, since I arrived at the Last Days Domain 6,000 years ago, I’ve never returned to the sect. It wasn’t that I’m unwilling to return, but it’s actually that I’m unable to pass through that passageway without the help of the sect.”

As he finished speaking, a wisp of sorrow couldn’t help but surge onto his face.

“But… why do you trust me like this?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Because you’re someone the Goddess brought over, so you’re definitely not be an ordinary person.” Tie Kun answered without the slightest hesitation, and his tone even carried a type of blind adoration towards that ‘Goddess’.

This caused Chen Xi to have a flash of inspiration, and he seized this opportunity to ask. “Fellow Daoist, that Goddess’ identity….”

Before Chen Xi could finish speaking, Tie Kun smiled bitterly and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I truly can’t reveal that. She hasn’t personally made a trip to the Last Days Domain for a very long time, yet she suddenly came over this time, and even I was extremely surprised by it.”

He paused for a moment, and then he still couldn’t help but tell Chen Xi in the end. “Fellow Daoist, if you truly wish to know her identity, then perhaps you can make a trip to the South Sea Region. There’s goodwill between you and her, and perhaps you’ll be able to obtain a great fortuitous encounter from it.”

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