Chapter 1554 – Spoils Of The Battle

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

This treasure was round on the outside and square at the center. Its surface was branded with the obscure markings of chaos, and the three copper coins respectively revealed the phenomenon of ‘Heaven’, ‘Earth’, and ‘Man’. They were pure, heavy, and extremely profound.

A long time ago during the primeval times, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had relied on this treasure to seize countless treasure from the hands of all the great figures of that time, and its monstrous divine might was said to be capable of causing all Artificial Spirit Treasures to fall.

On the other hand, amongst the 108 Natural Spirit Treasures that were known of in the three dimensions, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall’s might was even ranked at the 24th position. Merely based on this ranking alone, it was obvious how extraordinary this treasure was.

Yet now, after Chen Xi utilized the Overarching Heaven Net, he’d suddenly utilized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to suppress Yu Chen’s body in one go, and it worked like a charm.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three copper coins seemed to be tiny, yet every single one of them actually possessed the might to crush the world. As soon as they revealed their might, they were like three golden divine mountains that fiercely pressed down and trapped Yu Chen from above her head and beneath her legs. Moreover, it even pressed down upon the surrounding space to the point it exploded inch by inch and emanated rumbling that sounded like thunder.

“The Copper Coin of Treasurefall! Doesn’t it belong to the Sovereign Sect? How could it have fallen into your hands?” Yu Chen recognized this Divine Artifact, and she let out an extremely shocked and furious shrill cry while seeming to be in disbelief.

As she spoke, she struggled with all her might, and the vital blood in her entire body glowed like the scorching sun in the sky while her cultivation in body refinement was circulated to the limit. She was trying to charge through these restrains and escape.

Unfortunately, this was a Natural Spirit Treasure renowned in the three dimensions, and it was passed down from the primeval times. Its might was so formidable that it wasn’t just capable of causing all Artificial Spirit Treasures to fall before it, it could even exert an extremely terrifying suppressive force when utilized against one’s enemies.


Yu Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood while the divine radiance emanated from her entire body trembled, and she was like a sun that was on the verge of being smashed apart.

She struggled with all her might and executed numerous Supreme Divine Abilities, yet she was utterly helpless against the Copper Coin of Treasurefall. Conversely, she was squashed to the point her figure shrunk without end, and the space let for her to struggle was shrinking inch by inch.

“Could it be that… you’re a disciple of the Sovereign Sect?” Yu Chen’s face was pale while she let out a sharp howl and revealed an expression of terror. It was like the wails of a trapped beast that was on the verge of death.

“The Copper Coin of Treasurefall, the Sovereign Sect…. Could it be that his true identity is…. Wait, if he’s a member of the Sovereign Sect, then how could he have possibly been reduced to such a state in the Last Days Domain?” When he saw Chen Xi utilize the Copper Coin Of Treasurefall to suppress Yu Chen to the point of being on the verge of defeat, Tie Kun’s expression changed slightly. There was shock, yet there was even more bewilderment on his face.

He’d similarly recognized the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, and it belonged to the Sovereign Sect’s Master. However, he was utterly unable to figure out how this supreme Divine Artifact had fallen into Chen Xi’s hands.

Chen Xi remained silent towards all of this, and he concentrated on controlling the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and utilized all his strength to suppress Yu Chen.

The commotion caused by this battle was too resounding, and he had to make the best use of his time and crush her. Otherwise, once the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master’s group rushed over in time, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall erupted with blazing golden light as it crushed down without end, and numerous obscure markings of chaos floated up into appearance on its surface while emanated an extremely terrifying aura.

Under such circumstances, Yu Chen didn’t even have the time to speak, and she was crushed to the point of howling repeatedly. Her long hair hung loosely above her shoulders while strands of blood oozed out from her entire body, and every single inch of bones in her body emanated cracking sounds. She was on the verge of being unable to persist any longer.

“How terrifying!”

“This kid’s origins are probably extraordinary. He’s actually able to possess the Copper Coin of Treasurefall! It’s simply unbelievable.”

“It isn’t just the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, the might of that large net he utilized earlier isn’t inferior to the Copper Coin of Treasurefall at all, and it might even surpass it. Obviously, it’s an extremely rare Natural Spirit Treasure as well. Just think about it, which World Enlightened True God in the lower dimensions were able to possess two supreme Divine Artifacts like him?”

“Now that you say that, this kid’s origins really seem to be extremely mysterious.”

“I think I’ve heard of that large net. It seems to belong to Oracle Mountain’s Master, Fuxi, and it’s called the Overarching Heaven Net. It’s said to be capable of capturing the trace of the Heaven Dao and the Karmic Luck of all things. However, I don’t dare to confirm this suspicion. After all, this treasure is even superior to the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.”

“The Overarching Heaven Net? My god! One is from Oracle Mountain, and the other is from the Sovereign Sect. If he’s a disciple of any one of these two divine sects, then how could he have been pursued by the members of the Dayi Clan in the Last Days Domain?”

“Strange, truly strange.”

Even though those villagers had lost their combat strengths since a long time ago, they were all-powerful gods that commanded great authority in the lower dimensions all those years ago. They still possessed their ability to discern and experience, so they were naturally able to various strange and mysterious aspects of Chen Xxi.

This caused them to feel surprised, shocked, and confused, and Chen Xi’s image in their hearts seemed to be even more mysterious.


Right when all of them were shocked, a world shaking rumble suddenly resounded from the distant battlefield. Dazzling golden light blotted out the sky, and it dyed 50,000km in the surroundings in a brilliant gold hue.

On the other hand, Yu Chen’s extremely disgruntled and miserable shrill cry sounded out from amidst this rumble.

After that, a bang resounded as her entire figure was smashed into pieces. It transformed into countless pieces of flesh and blood. However, to their shock, these people of flesh and blood seemed as if they were alive, and they transformed into numerous blood red arrows that suddenly shot explosively towards all directions.

Even if Chen Xi had taken precautions since the beginning, he was still merely able to destroy most of these pieces of flesh and blood in the end, and a few of them had escaped.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. Cultivators in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement were too formidable, and they were able to resurrect themselves so long as a single thought of theirs remained. Unless one’s cultivation far exceeded the cultivation of a body refiner or utilized some sort of formidable secret treasure, it was practically impossible to kill a body refiner.

Unfortunately, the Divine Energy within my body was exhausted by too much, otherwise, she would have definitely been unable to escape…. Chen Xi looked at the direction she fled in, and he took a deep breath before he stopped thinking about it.

Experiencing this battle caused him to exhaust too much of his strength, and his strength that was originally recovered by 70% was one more on the verge of drying up. If he was in the three dimensions, he would be able to rely on the Dark Parasol Sapling’s might, and he wouldn’t need to worry about this at all.

But he was at the Last Days Domain now, and the Divine Energy here was scarce to the point of practically being nonexistent. It caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to face the problem of consuming and replenishing his Divine Energy.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to start cleaning up the battlefield.

He’d successively annihilated nine World Enlightened True Gods in this battle and heavily injured Yu Chen, and it was the time to gather the spoils now.

Chen Xi gathered them with extreme care. The Divine Artifacts that he’d slashed into pieces during the battle and even all the treasures in the possession of those World Enlightened True Gods had all been gathered by him.

This couldn’t be helped because he’d only brought along the Overarching Heaven Net, Copper Coin of Treasurefall, the Talisman Armament, the Dao Calamity Sword, the Netherworld Register, and the Condemn Evil Brush when he came to the Last Days Domain.

Besides that, he didn’t bring anything else along.

In other words, he seemed to be extremely wealthy, yet he was actually extraordinarily poor, and he urgently required some treasures to replenish his strength, like Divine Crystals.

So little? After a short while, Chen Xi finished cleaning up the battlefield, and he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned as he gazed at the Divine Crystals he’d gathered.

The Divine Crystals in the possessed of nine World Enlightened True Gods merely totaled up to 87 Divine Crystals. It wasn’t even a hundred. Such a small amount caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be slightly surprised.

This allowed Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of how valuable and precious Divine Crystals were. At the very least, it was like that in the Last Days Domain.

Besides that, there were a few divine treasures and shattered Artificial Spirit Treasures amongst the spoils. There were merely three completely intact Divine Artifacts, and all of them were extremely ordinary Artificial Spirit Treasures. The three of them together couldn’t even compare to a tenth of the Talisman Armament’s value.

I can keep these things, and it couldn’t be any better if I’m able to exchange them into Divine Crystals in the future. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and then he put all the spoils away.

He was very clearly aware that even if he left the Last Days Domain and arrived at the Ancient God Domain, Divine Crystals would be a necessity like money. It would absolutely be difficult for him to do anything without them.


After the curtains to the battle were drawn, it wasn’t long before all the villagers returned to the village under Tie Kun’s orders.

“Without my orders, no one is allowed to leave the village arbitrarily!” Tie Kun gave an order with a stern expression because the battle that erupted earlier caused him to sense a feeling of severe danger.

Those villagers were clearly aware of this as well because once other experts came over here, then it would absolutely be an unimaginable disaster to them.

After he did all of this, Tie Kun left hastily to look for Chen Xi.

“I’m sorry, I caused trouble for you.” As he looked at Tie Kun that had come over, Chen Xi spoke apologetically as he utilized a few Divine Crystals to replenish his exhausted Divine Energy.

“This was always something that was predetermined. It isn’t your fault.” Tie Kun waved his hand. “You don’t have to worry about us. I’m from the Ancient God Domain’s Violethell Divine Sect, and this medicinal field belongs to the Violethell Divine Sect. Now that we’ve encountered such trouble, I’ve already sent a request for assistance from the sect, and the experts of the sect will rush over in less than a day.”

Violethell Divine Sect? Chen Xi was stunned, and he seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Don’t worry Fellow Daoist Tie Kun, I’ll leave in a while so as to avoid causing trouble for everyone.”

Tie Kun said, “Thanks.”

He was indeed unable to allow Chen Xi to continue staying here. Even if Chen Xi had relied on his own strength to deal with that monstrous disaster, when he thought of the powers that those dead World Enlightened True Gods represented, his heart felt heavy, and he felt the matter was extremely difficult to deal with.

Amongst these powers were the Third Young Master of the Dayi Clan, the disciples of the Ancient Divine Clan, the Yu Clan, and some experts of the sects within the 3,000 universes within Snow Ink Region…. Their joint forces were utterly not something that Tie Kun could go against.

Chen Xi was vaguely able to guess all of this, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly apologetic in his heart. He was very clearly aware that the reason Tie Kun had taken him in was out of consideration for that ‘Goddess’.

However, in the end, while Tie Kun had helped him greatly, a great deal of disasters had come along because of him, and Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly apologetic because of this.

Chen Xi thought for a moment, and then he intended to give those three Artificial Spirit Treasures he gathered from the battlefield to Tie Kun, yet it was refused by Tie Kun.

“I have no use of it, and I don’t dare to utilize it at all.” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of hesitation suddenly surged onto Tie Kun’s face, and he hesitated for a long time before he said, “Chen Xi, if you’re able to enter the Ancient God Domain, then can you help me do something?”

Chen Xi was stunned when he heard this. “Fellow Daoist, feel free to speak your mind. If I’m able to accomplish it, then I definitely won’t refuse.”

Tie Kun was instantly delighted when he heard this, and he said, “It’s just a small matter, and you can accomplish it with ease.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he laughed bitterly. “The crux is that I still don’t dare say with confident that I’ll definitely be able to enter the Ancient God Domain. Moreover, I know absolutely nothing at all about it, so please don’t have too high hopes.”

“That’s very simple. I’ll tell you about everything I know of the Ancient God Domain.” Tie Kun spoke with a smile on his face.

Chen Xi’s heart shook because he’d been waiting for Tie Kun to say this since a very long time ago!

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