Chapter 1553 – Shocking Battle

With a single strike, he’d slaughtered all the gods with his sword!

Everyone was shocked.

The blood of gods rained down from the sky along with severed limbs, and their shrill cries before death still reverberated through the air. The scene was beautiful yet horrifying, and it shook the hearts and souls of everyone.

Tie Kun and the other villagers had stunned expressions, and their eyes were opened wide while they still felt disbelief.

Five days ago, Chen Xi was still heavily injured and weak, and he was in an extremely bad state. But in this short period of five days, he seemed as if he’d become a completely different person, and he possessed peerless divine might and seemed like an overlord emperor of the sword. First, he slaughtered three gods with single strike and shocked everyone in the surroundings, and now, he’d crushed and slaughtered six World Enlightened True Gods with a single strike!

Who would have dared to imagine that he actually possessed such a heaven defying combat strength?

If these people knew that Chen Xi had only recovered 70% of his cultivation now, then their jaws would probably hit the ground from shock.


Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief as well when he annihilated six World Enlightened True Gods with aa single strike.

This strike seemed to have been completed with ease, yet he’d actually utilized his strongest ability. First, he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net to restrain the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, then he executed over a thousand Vorpal Strikes at once, and it instantly exhausted a great deal of his Divine Energy. Only in this way was he able to achieve such shocking results.

Fortunately, the Divine Energy remaining within my body is sufficient to sustain me until I kill this woman! In the next moment, Chen Xi shot his gaze towards the yellow clothed woman in the distance, Yu Chen.


Right at this moment, Yu Chen suddenly executed a Supreme Divine Ability, Myriad Transformation! Her figure shook before it transformed into a silver Fenix, and her entire body flowed with the glow of lightning as she suddenly knocked the Overarching Heaven Net and escaped.


In the next moment, her figure flashed and recovered its original appearance. Her black brows raised slightly while two beautiful bolts of lightning flash out from her eyes, and her aura had instantly become much stronger.

“I admit that I underestimated you earlier. The strength you possess isn’t inferior to any top-rate World Enlightened True God in the 3,000 universes of Snow Ink Region.” Yu Chen spoke yet wasn’t impatient to attack. Her long hair fluttered while her graceful and slender figure swayed, and her beautiful face was covered in a cold and indifferent expression. “However, you’re still unable to harm me with your current ability.”

Chen Xi said coldly, “Haha! I really wish to know what gave you the confidence to say that.”

As he spoke, he tried his best to recover the Divine Energy within his body. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the Dark Parasol Sapling was far inferior to Divine Crystals, and it was extremely difficult for it to provide any apparent effects in a short period of time.

This caused Chen Xi to have a deeper understanding of the value of Divine Crystals. Within the Last Days Domain where Divine Energy was scarce, it was simply impossible to do anything without Divine Crystals.

“I can’t be said to be confident, and I’m just describing a fact.” Yu Chen combed the hair by her ear as she suddenly said, “Actually, if you’re unwilling to become Third Young Master’s Godslave, then I can give you a second choice.”

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged.

“How about you join my Yu Clan?” Yu Chen spoke in a straightforward manner.

“What would you do if my strength was weak?” asked Chen Xi.

“You’d have probably died a long time ago.” Yu Chen didn’t hold back at all, and she said frankly, “Only those that that possess sufficient strength would receive the recognition of others, right?”

Chen Xi started laughing as he said, “So, in this way, I should thank you for thinking highly of me?”

Yu Chen frowned and was slightly displeased by Chen Xi’s attitude as she said, “This is an extraordinarily great fortune. I’ve already displayed sufficient sincerity to you, and if it was any other person, that person would be utterly unable to arouse my interest.”

Her tone seemed to carry a superior attitude.

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “Are all the existences in your Ancient God Domain like you, and they take all the people from the lower dimensions as people that they can do as they please to?”

Yu Chen frowned once more. She’d already realized Chen Xi’s attitude towards the matter, and she said, “Looks like you intend to fight stubbornly until the end?”

Chen Xi said indifferently, “I’ll strive for the things I want on my own.”

“Very good!” Yu Chen’s gaze turned cold as she suddenly made a move. She charged over like a wisp of flowing light, and her figure left behind an afterimage on the spot. She was inconceivably swift.

World Steps!

This was a type of Supreme Divine Ability that was even more formidable than ordinary teleportation. It was said that as one moved, the world changed, and everything was but a step away.

In an instant, she’d arrived before Chen Xi, and her pure white and crystalline finger swept towards Chen Xi’s face like a sharp blade.


A divine glow flashed as Chen Xi’s figure moved to the side. He executed the Roc Divine Technique, causing space to be repeatedly crushed apart, and it wasn’t inferior to the ‘World Steps’ technique at all.


Yu Chen’s movement was extremely swift. Her clothes fluttered while she moved like a ghost, and her hand descended and slashed the heavens and the earth into pieces in a swift, ferocious, and ruthless manner.

Her figure flashed after she missed, and her slender right leg swept out like a whip.


Space was thrown into disorder as it whipped fiercely towards Chen Xi who was in the distance.

This was how experts in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement fought. They possessed peerless bodies that were hard like Divine Artifacts, and every single inch of their bodies was capable of erupting with extremely terrifying destructive force.

Chen Xi’s brows raised. He’d once cultivated in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement, and this sort of combat technique was extremely familiar to him. He knew that it was extremely difficult to deal with, and it was practically without any weak points.

However, this didn’t mean that he would be fearful.

Chen Xi stopped dodging. The Talisman Armament flashed through the sky as an otherworldly sword light shot out.


This time, both of them had collided head-on, and it caused dazzling light to erupt from the collision.

Chen Xi’s sword qi collided with her leg, and they respectively emanated divine light. After that, the divine light was obliterated, and this expanse of the heavens and the earth was thrown into chaos.


Yu Chen’s figure flashed swiftly and gracefully. Her right leg had been injured by that strand of sword qi, causing fresh blood to flow from it. However, it recovered to its original state right after that, and then she revealed a strand of a fierce and formidable imposing aura.

When looked at from afar, if her figure wasn’t slender and graceful, then one would truly wonder if she was an extremely beautiful primeval ferocious beast.

“Look, you’ve utterly unable to harm me.” Yu Chen puckered her scarlet red lips, and her eyes glowed brilliantly as if she’d found the best prey here.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly before attacking once more with sword in hand. In an instant, he executed numerous supreme sword techniques that tore the world apart, destroyed the five elements, and were murderous and ferocious to the limit.

Yu Chen’s eyes narrowed, and she didn’t dare be careless. Her figure charged as she instantly formed a myriad of seals with her hands. Numerous afterimages moved about while rumbling resounded, and she was like an enraged Primeval Fiendgod that was filled with a terrifying imposing aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In merely an instant, the two of them had collided over a thousand times. One executed the Sword Dao that was peerless and the most destructive within the School of Qi Refinement while the other executed Supreme Divine Abilities of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement that was said to be capable of crushing all qi refiners at the same cultivation realm. The vie for supremacy between them was simply equally matched, and their imposing auras shook the heavens and the earth, caused the heavens and the earth to dim down, and even the sun and moon were on the verge of falling from the sky.


Another collision occurred, and then the two of them were simultaneously blasted flying.

Yu Chen had obviously been injured by Chen Xi’s sword qi, and her entire body was covered in horrifying injuries that flowed with the blood of a god. But in merely an instant, she’d recovered to her previous state.


She immediately charged once more towards Chen Xi. Her way of fighting seemed to have become even more fierce and formidable, and it absolutely didn’t conform to her beautiful and indifferent outer appearance.

“Let me see exactly how long you can persist for!” Chen Xi wasn’t moved by this, and her held the Talisman Armament in his hand as he once again collided head-on with her.

He was very clearly aware that he was utterly unable to annihilate every single strand of will she possessed by merely relying on his current cultivation, and this meant that he was at least absolutely unable to kill her now.

However, even though she could rely on her peerlessly formidable cultivation in body refinement to recover without end, every single recovery would definitely exhaust a certain amount of her spirit, energy, and essence. As the amount of times she recovered accumulated, she would definitely be unable to endure it.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was precisely waiting for the moment that she was exhausted!


Chen Xi stopped thinking about this and concentrated on the battle, and he resolutely executed his Sword Dao. The Sword Dao he revealed transformed this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth into a chaotic world of swords.

Needless to say, Yu Chen was utterly no match for Chen Xi in terms of combat experience and combat expertise. If it wasn’t for her cultivation in body refinement, she would have probably already been killed countless times since the beginning.


After a short moment, Yu Chen was struck by a strand of sword qi again, and it severed her neck. Even though she recovered in an instant, her countenance had already become even more solemn.

She’d realized that her combat strength was utterly unable to harm Chen Xi.


After another head-on collision, Yu Chen’s entire body was blasted into pieces by Chen Xi’s sword qi, and it transformed into expanse after expanse of blood, flesh, and severed parts. After that, a buzz resounded before she stood up once more.

On the other hand, her expression was already extremely heavy.

He’s too formidable!She’d never imagined that someone was from the lower dimensions and was only at the World Enlightened True God Realm would be able to master such a heaven defying and terrifying Sword Dao. Especially Chen Xi’s combat strength, it caused her to feel slightly terrified.

Yu Chen wasn’t aware that some time ago, Ninth Uncle who was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God had felt such terror in his heart as well, and he felt disbelief just like she did.


“My god! Isn’t that woman’s cultivation in body refinement too formidable? She has already been defeated that many times, yet she’s actually still able to continue fighting.”

“This is why the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement is formidable. So long as a strand of one’s thoughts still exist, then one can recover in an instant.”

“Exactly. I’d once seen a Natural Fiendgod that was born from within the Chaos, and a single drop of his blood was already capable of creating a magnificent large world!”

“If this battle continues on like this, then it’ll probably be bad for that kid.”

Tie Kun and all the villages witnessed this world shocking battle from extremely far away, and all of their expressions were heavy while their hearts surged without end. Moreover, some of them even felt faintly worried for Chen Xi.


An enormous wave of air erupted, and it warped space and rumbled without end.

Chen Xi and Yu Chen split apart once more on the battlefield.

“You intend to wait until I’m exhausted? Stop dreaming, the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master will hear of this and arrive before then. At that time, it’ll be impossible for you to survive.” Yu Chen spoke with a ghastly pale countenance, and she was gasping for breath. However, her eyes were still filled with a confident and arrogant expression.

Chen Xi puckered his lips while the murderous aura in his eyes grew even more oppressive. He suddenly raised his hand and utilized the Overarching Heaven Net again, and it enveloped down towards her.

“This again? Have you exhausted your bag of tricks?” Yu Chen sneered. After the lesson she’d learnt from before, she didn’t try to go head-on against the Overarching Heaven Net at all, and she chose to dodge.

Om! Om! Om!

However, right at the instant she dodged, Chen Xi made a move again. Three golden and bright copper coins suddenly tore through space like three long rays of light that could penetrate the sun, and they pressed down towards her.

The Natural Spirit Treasure, Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

These three copper coins formed the shape of the ‘品’ character, and with a single revolution, they instantly suppressed Yu Chen from above her head and at the side of her legs. Shockingly, they’d formed a Tri-Factor Formation.

At this instant, Yu Chen’s expression finally changed, and a wisp of panic and terror surged out from her eyes.

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