Chapter 1552 – Strange Slaughter

The battle erupted.

The yellow clothed woman’s group had a total of seven members. At this moment, they attacked with full force, and they withdrew various Divine Artifacts as they charged jointly at Chen Xi.

When looked at from afar, seven gods tore through the sky, and their might was so powerful that it truly seemed as if the heavens and earth would be destroyed by them. Fortunately, this was the Last Days Domain, and if it was in the three dimensions, then the Laws of the Heaven Dao would be utterly unable to endure such destructive might.

“Shit! Move away, quickly!” Tie Kun’s expression changed abruptly when he witnessed this scene, and he practically instinctively utilized his ability to take all the villagers along as he teleported and vanished on the spot in an instant.

At practically the exact same time, a wave of rumbling resounded from an explosion that shook the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi’s ‘Calm Before The Storm’ collided head-on with them. The sword qi that blazed like a sun successively slashed apart all of their various attacks, causing violent radiance to shoot into the surroundings while Divine Dao Laws flowed, and it tore space apart and revealed an extremely astounding impetus.

All of them were World Enlightened True Gods that had grasped the Divine Dao Laws, utilized various Divine Artifacts, and commanded all sorts of supreme techniques. Once they entered into battle, it was like an expanse of universes was collided with another expanse of universes, and the might created by this collision was sufficient to mince the sun and moon into pieces and obliterate everything in the world.

Reality was indeed so. World Enlightened True Gods had a universe of their own within their bodies, and this meant that they themselves were already a universe, and the might they could exert was naturally astounding to the extreme.

“How formidable!”

The attacks of the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, and the others were dispersed. Even though they weren’t injured, seven of them had attacked jointly, yet Chen Xi alone had actually utilized a single strike to collide head on with them and not fall into a disadvantaged position. All of this caused their expressions to change indeterminately.

This kid is too formidable!

Chen Xi already possessed such a heaven defying combat strength at his current cultivation, and it simply caused them to wonder if he was really from the lower dimensions.

After all, in their perceptions, besides a few great figures that were born during the primeval times, all the gods from the lower dimensions were pitiably weak, and they were like ants that could be trampled on at will.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was obviously not a great figure that was born during the primeval times, and he was only at the World Enlightened True God Realm. Moreover, his grasp of the Divine Dao Laws was only at the basic-stage. Yet it just so happened that he was able to exert such a terrifying combat strength, and this was slightly unusual!

As it was said, there’s always a reason why something is unusual. At this moment, the combat strength Chen Xi revealed wasn’t just unusual in their opinion, he was simply a peerless genius!


While thoughts flashed within their minds, the battle was still going on. They didn’t dare hold back and dealt with Chen Xi with their full strengths. They fought through the heavens and the earth and transformed an area of 500,000km into their battlefield, causing numerous terrifying scenes like rocks collapsing into piece, the ground to splitting apart, and space exploding to arise throughout the surroundings.

One could even faintly notice lightning flashing, the five elements flowing in reverse, Fiendgods roaring furiously, the blood of gods raining down, and various other extremely shocking phenomena. It was sufficient to cause the hearts of all living beings to tremble.

This was a battle of the gods!

The might of the gods had already exceeded a certain domain, and it had attained a supreme height!

This was merely a battle between a group of World Enlightened True Gods, and if it was existences of a higher realm like Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods or Universe Enlightened Ancestral Gods that were in battle, then the might they revealed would probably be even more terrifying.


Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in hand as he charged into the enemy ranks.

His expression was calm while his gaze was murderous, and every single move he made emanated a myriad of talismans. On the other hand, the Talisman Armament in his hand even emanated numerous mysterious divine talisman diagrams that crushed the surroundings and threw the heavens, earth, Yin, and Yang into disorder.

When looked at from afar, he was like an emperor of the sword that commanded the Sword Daos of the universe, and he revealed a peerless demeanor of supremacy.

The battle was extremely intense.

He had an entire seven opponents, yet Chen Xi didn’t feel much pressure, and it was even to the extent that it was slightly more relaxed than his battle with that Ninth Uncle from the Dayi Clan.

The only thing that was troublesome to him was the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen. This woman’s divine technique was shocking, and her cultivation was even a thread away from breaking through into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm. Most importantly, she was shockingly a god that took the path of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

Since the ancient times until now, the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement was reputed to be existences that could crush all qi refiners at the same cultivation realm. Even if they suffered a severe injury, so long as a single thought of theirs still existed, then they would be able to be resurrected instantaneously. So, ordinary methods were utterly unable to kill them.

Now, with the presence of the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, who was body refiner at the World Enlightened True God Realm, Chen Xi was unable to completely annihilate his opponents in a short period of time.

The reason was that Yu Chen seemed like an extremely solid fort that constantly blocked Chen Xi’s lethal attacks in an extremely critical moment, and even though she would be heavily injured by it, she was able to recover instantaneously.

This caused Chen Xi’s brows to knit together tightly. He was very clearly aware that if he didn’t change his strategy, then he would definitely be exhausted to death by them.

Most importantly, they possessed Divine Crystals to replenish their strengths, whereas, he didn’t. It was even to the extent that he’d only recovered 70% of his cultivation now, and this predetermined that if he was unable to kill them in a short period of time, then the situation would only become more and more disadvantageous to Chen Xi!



After a short moment, Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament spun, causing a wisp of sword qi to soar into the sky. It blasted apart layer upon layer of obstruction in one go before heading towards a black clothed man.

However, right at this critical moment, Yu Chen appeared once more, and her crystalline and jade-like fist seemed like a hammer as it fiercely smashed onto that wisp of sword qi.


The sword qi collapsed into pieces, whereas, her entire right arm was torn into pieces by that wisp of sword qi. However, in next to no time, her arm had recovered once more and was completely whole.

How annoying! Chen Xi’s expression was gloomy while killing intent shot out from his eyes.

“It’s utterly impossible for you to win while I’m here. Give up on resisting.” The yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, spoke indifferently. Her beautiful hair flowed down like a waterfall, and she had an extremely beautiful appearance. Moreover, every single move she made revealed a bearing of indifference and supremacy.

At this point in the battle, Chen Xi had repeatedly been unable to kill them. It had already allowed the wisp of terror in their hearts to vanish, and it was replaced by excitement and killing intent instead.

The others laughed coldly as well.

If they were able to capture Chen Xi and hand him over to the Third Young Master of the Dayi Clan, Yi Tian, this time, then they would be able to obtain extremely great benefits from it. So, in their eyes, Chen Xi had become an extremely plump prey that all of them desired to take a bite from.

Chen Xi grunted coldly as he attacked once more with sword in hand.

“Bastard! It’s no use even if you struggle. Quickly allow yourself to be captured!” A silver robed man roared loudly. He seized this opportunity to stab the golden spear in his hand at Chen Xi. The tip of the spear was coiled by terrifying Divine Dao laws, and it even pierced through space.

At practically the exact same moment, Yu Chen’s figure flashed and followed by the side of the man like a shadow, and she seemed as if she would help him block an attack once the situation turned bad.


However, right at this moment, a wisp of a ridiculing arc suddenly suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he stretched out his hand and grabbed. A large net that was chilly and illusory like starlight suddenly appeared out of thin air, and it enveloped down towards Yu Chen.

“Hmm?” Yu Chen’s eyes focused while she suddenly executed a Supreme Divine Ability. Her fists opened up like a scissor and swept fiercely towards the large net.

However, to her astonishment, the large net actually didn’t move at all, and she didn’t just fail to blast it back, it had even enveloped and restrained her entire body instead!

At practically the exact same time he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net, Chen Xi slashed out with his sword as he moved to greet the silver robed man that tore through the sky towards him.

This wisp of sword qi was extremely strange. It appeared abruptly, and then it vanished in an instant. It caused the heart of the silver robed man to tremble because he was actually unable to lock onto this wisp of sword qi.

“Shit!” The silver robed man’s heart shook while the hairs on his entire body stood on end, and his soul almost left his body. He sensed a strand of lethal danger suffusing his heart.

“Help… me….” He roared with terror. But right after that, a muffled bang resounded as a wisp of sword qi flashed past his throat. It severed his head and caused his roar to stop abruptly.


The blood of a god sprayed while the severed head shot into the sky, and a headless corpse crashed down from the sky.

A World Enlightened True God had perished just like that!


“How could this be possible?”

“What sort of sword technique is that?”

The others were terrified, furious, and extremely astounded. All of this had occurred too quickly, and it caused them to be utterly unable to assist the silver robed man in time.


After he killed the silver robed man, Chen Xi didn’t stop at all, and he seized this opportunity to charge towards the others.

Presently, Yu Chen was still restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net, and she was struggling violently. So, Chen Xi didn’t just have to control the Overarching Heaven Net, he had to do it while killing his other enemies, and this was an extremely great consumption of his strength.

If his foundation in the Divine Dao wasn’t extremely deep and far from something others at the same cultivation realm could compare to, merely 70% of his cultivation would be utterly unable to accomplish this.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi seized this opportunity to execute over a thousand strands of sword qi in an instant. Every single strand of sword qi was extremely strange and ruthless, and they arrived abruptly before vanishing in an instant, causing other to be unable to lock onto them.

Vorpal Strike!

The third supreme sword move that Chen Xi had grasped after stepping foot into the Sword Emperor Realm!

During the battle with Ninth Uncle on that day, Chen Xi had relied on this move to destroy Ninth Uncle’s mental line of defense, and it forced Ninth Uncle to have no choice but to fight Chen Xi desperately by utilizing his Divine Dao Altar.

Yet now, for the sake of annihilating all the others in a short period of time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about anything else, and he took the risk of exhausting his Divine Energy and executed over a thousand Vorpal Strikes in one go.

In an instant, sword howls surged like tidewater through this expanse of the heavens and the earth. It was sharp, ear piercing, and terrified the soul, yet no one present in the surroundings could lock onto those strands of sword qi.

They’d clearly seen the traces of those strands of sword qi in their fields of vision, but the sword qi vanished in an instant, and even their vital energy was unable to sense the existence of those strands of sword qi!

This was like seeing a ghost, and it extremely strange!

“Dammit! Exactly what sort of sword technique is this?!” Someone was unable to endure the pressure from this sort of lethal danger, and he cried out in a shrill voice. But right after that, his entire body was simultaneously struck by around 8 strands of sword qi, causing a wave of muffled bangs to resound, and then his entire body was slashed into over 10 pieces. A rain of blood poured down, and the scene of his death was extremely horrifying.

“Flee! Quickly!” When Yu Chen who was trapped within the Overarching Heaven Net saw this, she gritted her teeth and warned in a grim voice.

The others seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream when they heard this, and they intended to flee in a hurry.

Unfortunately, it was still a step too late. Chen Xi had attacked too swiftly, and their reactions speeds were slightly slower. The outcome of this was….

Numerous strands of sword qi appeared out of thin air, and the sword qi appeared in their surroundings before suddenly slashing down!


One of them had his head severed, and his soul was obliterated.


Another’s throat was penetrated, and he perished from a single strike.


Another was slashed into two at the waist, and he let out shrill and miserable cries for a long time before breathing his last breath.

All of this had practically occurred at the exact same time, and those World Enlightened True Gods were practically slaughtered by those strands of sword qi at the same time.

Such a scene was strange, bloody, domineering, vicious…. It was a matchless form of visual impact to others.

In merely an instant, besides Yu Chen, all the other World Enlightened True Gods had actually perished beneath this strike!

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