Chapter 1552 – Strange Slaughter

The battle erupted.

The yellow clothed woman’s group had a total of seven members. At this moment, they attacked with full force, and they withdrew various Divine Artifacts as they charged jointly at Chen Xi.

When looked at from afar, seven gods tore through the sky, and their might was so powerful that it truly seemed as if the heavens and earth would be destroyed by them. Fortunately, this was the Last Days Domain, and if it was in the three dimensions, then the Laws of the Heaven Dao would be utterly unable to endure such destructive might.

“Shit! Move away, quickly!” Tie Kun’s expression changed abruptly when he witnessed this scene, and he practically instinctively utilized his ability to take all the villagers along as he teleported and vanished on the spot in an instant.

At practically the exact same time, a wave of rumbling resounded from an explosion that shook the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi’s ‘Calm Before The Storm’ collided head-on with them. The sword qi that blazed like a sun successively slashed apart all of their various attacks, causing violent radiance to shoot into the surroundings while Divine Dao Laws flowed, and it tore space apart and revealed an extremely astounding impetus.

All of them were World Enlightened True Gods that had grasped the Divine Dao Laws, utilized various Divine Artifacts, and commanded all sorts of supreme techniques. Once they entered into battle, it was like an expanse of...

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