Chapter 1551 – The Might Of A Single Sword Strike

These bastards truly refuse to go away!

When he confirmed that those people in the distance were sent over by the white robed young man’s group from the Dayi Clan, a wisp of dense killing intent instantly arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

His expression was cold and indifferent, and it was like a starry sky was surging within his eyes. The imposing aura emanated from his entire body grew more and more blazing, and he was like a peerless divine sword that was revealing its supreme edge!


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to flash and appear out of thin air on the battlefield that was in midair, and he didn’t seem to make any movement, yet he’d already brought Tie Kun out of the battlefield.

“Since they’ve come for me, then leave it to me to deal with.” At this moment, Tie Kun’s entire body was dripping with blood, and his aura was on the verge of falling into disorder. If Chen Xi hadn’t arrived in time, then it was extremely likely for him to perish in this battle.

“Thanks.” Tie Kun gazed at Chen Xi who stood by his side, and he said via voice transmission in a hoarse voice. “They’re from different powers in the Ancient God Domain, yet they received the orders of the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian, and they were gathered together to capture you. You must be careful and flee as soon as possible if you can’t defeat them.”

“I understand.” Chen Xi nodded with a composed expression.


When those World Enlightened True Gods that were in battle with Tie Kun saw this, they didn’t pursue Tie Kun, and they gazed at Chen Xi with interest instead and revealed cold smiles.

“Leave it to you? Haha! What an arrogant little bastard!” Someone ridiculed.

“Haha! Forgive this ignorant idiot. Fellows that come from the lower dimensions like them have an exaggerated opinion of their ability, and they think that the Last Days Domain is the same as the world they were within in the past.” Someone chimed in and roared with laughter.

“Capture him, don’t waste time.” Another one of them spoke decisively.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As they spoke, the three of them had already attacked. They respectively withdrew a violet divine hammer, a green streamer, and an ancient seal, and they erupted with a variety of surging divine radiances as they smashed down towards Chen Xxi.

“Hmph!” When faced with this, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing an expanse of Divine Energy that interweaved into form by talismans to fly out, and it emanated rumbling that shook the soul.

In an instant, this expanse of the heavens and the earth, divine talisman diagrams floated up into appearance while talismans densely covered the surroundings. They seemed as if they were interweaved into form from divine light, and layer upon layer of terrifying phenomena appeared in the heavens and the earth.


All attacks were blasted into dispersal, and divine radiance erupted and illuminated the world.

On the other hand, all those three World Enlightened True Gods were shaken by this strike to the point of staggering a few steps back in space, and this unexpected outcome caused their expressions to change abruptly while they felt extremely shocked.

How formidable!

Chen Xi hadn’t utilized a Divine Artifact yet was actually able to break apart their joint attack by himself. How could such a strength not be shocking?

“Take this!” Suddenly, a World Enlightened True God charged over while the hammer in his hand carried violet divine radiance that covered the sky, and the peerlessly blazing divine radiance smashed through the heavens and the earth while the fluctuations emanated from it caused the heavens and the earth to dim down.

He had gold hair, a robust and tall figure, and he seemed like a violent and courageous god of war that possessed boundless might.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded. Chen Xi moved to greet this attack, and his hand collided with that violet divine hammer, causing a myriad of torrents of air to rumble out from between them.

Chen Xi was completely unharmed and had a composed bearing.

The golden haired man was instead struck to the point his entire body trembled, and then his countenance turned pale while the violet divine hammer in his hand was almost blasted flying.

“Dammit!” He suddenly roared furiously while the golden hair that covered his head stood on end, and he actually didn’t retreat but moved to attack Chen Xi once more.

At practically the exact same time, the other two World Enlightened True Gods that held a green streamer and ancient seal revealed solemn expression because they’d already realized how extraordinary Chen Xi was, and they naturally didn’t dare hesitate to attack.

In an instant, Chen Xi was locked in combat with the three of them. Explosions rumbled while all sorts of blazing glows surged about, and it shook this expanse of the heavens and the earth while space was blasted into pieces. It was a scene of utter chaos.


“Hmm? This prey from the lower dimensions really isn’t bad. No wonder Third Young Master would take a liking to him and not hesitate to utilize all the forces at his command to capture this fellow before making him into a Godslave.” When she noticed the situation of the battle in the distance, the yellow clothed woman that stood far away in space spoke with slight surprise. Her beautiful hair flowed down like a waterfall, and she had a beautiful appearance. Her eyes were clear like gems and suffused with a deem green radiance, and she was like a celestial maiden. Moreover, every single move she made revealed a bearing of supremacy and arrogance.

“Miss Yu Chen is right. A prey that Third Young Master took a liking to naturally wouldn’t be weak. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent all of us to find and capture him in the entire Last Days Domain.”

“Hmph! It’s only a barbaric little fellow from the lower dimensions. Why praise him intentionally?”

“Exactly. Even though he looked to be extraordinary, he’s only an ant that came from the lower dimensions, and it’s truly laughable that he dared to come to the Last Days Domain and act so arrogantly.”

All of them spoke and discussed Chen Xi. Even though they were surprised by how ferocious Chen Xi’s imposing aura was, they didn’t reveal any fear. Conversely, all of their words revealed a strand of an indescribable feeling of superiority.

“There’s no need to waste your breaths. It looks to me like Fellow Daoist Le Xun and the others will probably not be a match for him. Let’s attack together and strive to capture him in one go, so as to avoid any other unexpected incidents from occurring.” The yellow clothed woman called Yu Chen spoke indifferently.

“That’s perfect.”

“That’s exactly what I intended to do.”

The others nodded successively and agreed.

But right at this moment, Chen Xi’s chilly and murderous voice suddenly resounded from the distant battlefield. “All of you dare to come capture me with just this little bit of ability?”

Along with this voice, the expressions of everyone here changed in an instant.

In their fields of vision, Chen Xi suddenly drew his sword and slashed out with a strand of sword qi that blazed and seemed like a flowing ray of light. If shot through the sky like a white ray of light, and it traversed the heavens and the earth.


A completely straight spatial rift was slashed open in the heavens and the earth, and it extended on boundlessly towards the distance.

This wisp of sword qi was truly too terrifying. It was like the blade of the heavens. It split apart the world, destroyed the five elements, annihilated Yin and Yang, and slashed everything apart. It was ferocious, swift, and dazzling to the limit!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The violet divine hammer, green streamer, and ancient seal were directly slashed into two!



“How could he be so formidable?”

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Three extremely terrified and furious howls resounded, and then a wave of muffled bangs resounded. Those three World Enlightened True Gods that were in battle with Chen Xi didn’t even have the chance to dodge before their bodies were successively slashed into two, causing their souls to be obliterated as blood sprayed through the heavens and the earth!

Their voices were still reverberating through the air, yet they’d already perished.

When looked at from afar, this scene seemed to be extremely terrifying, and it was utterly unbelievable.

With a single strike, he’d destroyed three Divine Artifacts and annihilated three World Enlightened True Gods. Would anyone be able to believe that this was something a World Enlightened True God that had just entered the Last Days Domain from the lower dimensions was able to accomplish?

Everyone was shocked, and the surroundings were perfectly silent.

“No wonder, no wonder he was able to surmount a realm and fight a Domain Enlightened Spirit God from the Dayi Clan. Such a heaven defying Sword Dao has probably already been attained to the Sword Emperor Realm….” Extremely far in the distance, Tie Kun was astounded in his heart while his pupils had dilated, and he muttered soundlessly.

Those villagers were even dumbstruck. They seemed like numerous clay status that were shocked to the point of being stunned on the spot.

On the other hand, the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, and the others originally intended to make a move and capture Chen Xi, yet when they witnessed this scene, they weren’t in time to assist the other three World Enlightened True Gods, and they could only watch helplessly as all of this occurred. Their expressions changed repeatedly and indeterminately, whereas, the disdain and arrogance in their hearts from before had been replaced by a wisp of an extremely heavy feeling at this moment.

Those three World Enlightened True Gods that had perished possessed strengths that were mostly on par with them, yet they’d been annihilated by a single sword strike from Chen Xi. So, how could they dare to continue looking down on Chen Xi?

This was caused by the might of the Five Element Annihilator!

This was the first Sword Emperor Realm sword move that Chen Xi had comprehended after advancing into the Sword Emperor Realm, and it was extremely swift, ferocious, terrifying, and murderous.

That day, when Chen Xi fought with Ninth Uncle that possessed a cultivation at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, he’d utilized this move to injure Ninth Uncle and leave behind a bone deep injury on Ninth Uncle’s chest. Now, he was only dealing with three World Enlightened True Gods, so its might was naturally not something they could withstand.


Unfortunately, only 70% of my cultivation has recovered now. If I was at my prime, then how could killing them possibly be so troublesome? Chen Xi shook his head before he shot his gaze towards the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, and the others.

“I’ll give all of you a chance. Leave behind the Divine Artifacts and Divine Crystals in your possessions, and I’ll allow all of you to live. Otherwise, all of you can leave your lives behind today.” Chen Xi spoke while his indifferent expressions revealed a strand of indescribable imposingness.


“Bastard! An ant from the lower dimensions like you dares to speak like this to us?”

All of them exploded with rage while flames of rage arose in their hearts, and their expressions were gloomy to the limit.

Even Tie Kun and those villagers couldn’t help but be astounded when they heard these words, and they gasped. Because all of those people were from the Ancient God Domain and possessed extraordinary backgrounds, yet Chen Xi actually dared to speak in this way. They felt that Chen Xi wasn’t just overbearing, he was simply domineering to the extreme.

“Fellow Daoist, perhaps you’re unaware of it but you’ve already offended the Dayi Clan’s Third Young Master, Yi Tian. Even if you’re lucky enough to escape today, you’ll suffer endless pursuit.” Amidst everyone present, only the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, maintained her calm, and she said indifferently, “Why don’t you go back with us. With your strength, it can be considered as an extraordinarily great fortune if you’re able to become a Godslave by Third Young Master’s side.”

“Haha! I originally thought that figures from the Ancient God Domain would be extraordinary, but now it would seem that it’s mostly just a bunch of bastards that act like slaves.” Chen Xi sneered while killing intent was emanated from his eyes.

“You’re courting death!”

“You simply don’t know what’s good for you!”

“You actually dared to insult us! Little Bastard, you’re digging your own grave!”

All of them were infuriated. They were from the Ancient God Domain and had always felt superior and taken others from the lower dimensions to be ants. Moreover, they were even able to as they pleased in the Last Days Domain, so when had they ever suffered such humiliation.

“Since all of you are unwilling to cherish this opportunity, then I can only go take it myself!” Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath when he heard this, and the Talisman Armament in his hand shook as a strand of dazzling sword qi slashed out from it. It was like an expanse of a surging ocean of sword qi, and it rumbled as it pressed down towards them.

This expanse of sword qi was too blazing and extremely vast. It was like a river of stars was sweeping down from the universe, and it was extremely powerful. It was precisely the second sword move Chen Xi had grasped at the Sword Emperor Realm, Calm Before The Storm.

Even though this move wasn’t as ferocious as the Five Element Annihilator, it possessed an all-powerful suppressive force, and it was extremely suitable to be utilized as an area attack.


As soon as Chen Xi attacked, the heavens and the earth were overturned and covered in unrest. The sword qi shot through the heavens and the earth, and it transformed the surroundings into an ocean of Divine Energy that terrified the soul.

“This kid is difficult to deal with. Let’s attack together!” When she witnessed how terrifying this strike was, the yellow clothed woman, Yu Chen, was finally unable to maintain her composure, and her expression changed as she cried out loudly.

There was utterly no need for her warning because the others had already realized how formidable it was. They didn’t dare hesitate at all to withdraw their best treasures, and they executed their strongest techniques as they attacked jointly.

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