Chapter 1550 – Sudden Eruption Of Conflict

Within the house in the village, Chen Xi sat cross-legged while mist and clouds coiled around him, and he was suffused with divine radiance while emanating strands of auspicious light.

Two Divine Crystals that were emanated thick and gurgling pure Divine Energy lay in his hand, and they entered into the universe within Chen Xi’s body through a full circulation in his body, and they ceaselessly replenished his Divine Energy.

The Divine Crystals were indeed unbelievable. They were completely different from ordinary Immortal Stones, and they didn’t just contain extremely shocking and pure Divine Energy, they even contained strands of faint energy of Order that was greatly beneficial to the tempering of one’s foundation in the Divine Dao.


Under the assistance of the Divine Crystals, powerful Divine Energy flowed into Chen Xi’s body like tidewater, and his severely exhausted cultivation was recovering at a shocking speed.

Two days later.

Two bangs resounded as the two Divine Crystals in Chen Xi’s palm had exploded into pieces, and then they transformed into powder that dispersed into the surroundings.

Two Divine Crystals are comparable to the fruits of cultivating for an entire month by relying on the Dark Parasol Sapling. However, this is far from sufficient. If I want to recover my entire strength, then I would at least require over ten Divine Crystals. Chen Xi cultivated while he observed the state of his body.

Tie Kun had only given him five Divine Crystals this time, and it was far from being sufficient to allow him to recover his cultivation to its peak state in a short period of time. However, Chen Xi was already extremely satisfied.

According to his deduction, when he left this village five days from now, he would have almost recovered around 70% of his cultivation, and this strength would be more than enough to deal with an ordinary World Enlightened True God.

Of course, if he encountered that ‘Ninth Uncle’ from the Dayi Clan, then Chen Xi could only choose to flee. He might be able to rely on some secret techniques to annihilate ‘Ninth Uncle’ if he recovered to his peak state.

However, unless he had no other choice, Chen Xi wouldn’t do this either.

These so-called secret techniques were extremely harmful to him as well. For example, if he utilized the Godslaughter Burst, then he would be utterly unable to battle for at least three months of time.

Presently, I’ve just advanced into the World Enlightened True God Realm, and it’s utterly impossible for my cultivation to improve once more in a short period of time. So if I want to improve my combat strength, I can only choose to temper my Divine Dao Laws… As he contemplated this, Chen Xi withdrew two more Divine Crystals and cultivated silently.

The battle with Ninth Uncle allowed him to break through into the Sword Emperor Realm in one go, and he possessed the supreme might to command all swords. He was like an emperor amongst sword gods, and it was sufficient to make all the gods of the sword bow before him.

Even though the Divine Dao Chen Xi possessed could only be considered to have been attained to the basic-stage, his breakthrough in his cultivation in the Sword Dao had greatly made up for this weakness.

Overall, it was already impossible for his current cultivation realm and cultivation in the Sword Dao to undergo a breakthrough in a short period of time, so the only thing that could improve his combat strength was the Divine Dao Laws.

Divine Dao Laws were divided into the basic-stage, initial-stage, advanced-stage, peak-stage, and perfection-stage.

Every single stage was a type of completely different transformation, and it was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

Because this was the Dao of Gods, and it was the supreme path towards the Dao that gods sought. Every single step ahead was extremely difficult, and even if they exhausted an extremely long period of time on it, it was utterly impossible to take that stride without possessing the required natural talent and comprehension ability.

Generally speaking, it was already considered a shocking accomplishment if one was able to attain the initial-stage in one’s Divine Dao Laws while at the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm.

For example, that ‘Ninth Uncle’ was just like that. He was one of the few top-rate experts in the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and the reason was that he’d attained the initial-stage in the Five Element Divine Dao.

Other ordinary Domain Enlightened Spirit Gods were mostly still stuck at the basic-stage.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was able to fight Ninth Uncle and remain undefeated while surmounting a realm to do battle, and it was even to the extent that he forced Ninth Uncle to utilize his Divine Dao Altar with the intention of bringing Chen Xi down with him. This obviously showed how abnormal the combat strength that Chen Xi, who’d just stepped foot into the Godrank Realm, possessed was. If news of this battle were to spread, then there would probably be no one that would believe it.

Presently, Chen Xi had turned his attention towards tempering the Divine Dao Laws. He had a feeling that if he was able to grasp the Talisman Divine Dao to the initial-stage, then if he encountered that Ninth Uncle once more, it would be useless even if Ninth Uncle fought him desperately!

Three days later.

The remaining Divine Crystals were completely refined and absorbed by Chen Xi, and at this moment, his cultivation had already recovered by around 70%!

According to our agreement, I have to leave this village in another two days of time. I’ll seize this opportunity to go look for Tie Kun and obtain a slightly more detailed understanding of the Last Days Domain and Ancient God Domain. Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes and awoke from his cultivation.

Presently, he merely knew that the Last Days Domain possessed boundless territories, and the energy of Heaven Dao within it was extremely unique. It was capable of soundlessly exhausting the Divine Dao Laws and various techniques possessed by an expert at the Godrank Realm.

At the same time, this expanse of territories was roughly divided into the Medicinal Field Area and Hunting Area. However, he was still utterly unaware of exactly how these two territories were divided and distinguished.

Most importantly, he urgently needed to know exactly where that passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain was!

When he thought up to here, he stopped hesitating any longer, and he stood up before pushing open the door and walking out.


Right at the instant Chen Xi walked out of the house, a wave of violent rumbling resounded, and it was extremely intense. It surged like thunderclaps as it swept through the heavens and the earth, and the entire village was alarmed by it.

Moreover, there was a group of villagers extremely far away that held weapons as they charged out and rushed towards the distance.


“It’s definitely those bastards from Azurelotus Divine Sect that have come to invade us again!”

“Hmph! They’ve been coveting our medicinal field for a very long time now. If it wasn’t for Lord Tie Kun’s protection, they would have succeeded a long time ago.”

“Let’s go over quickly!”

Chen Xi caught up to one of the villagers and asked. “What’s going on?”

That village said furiously, “Lord Tie Kun is in battle. We’re going to assist him!”

Assist? Chen Xi swept all of them with his gaze, and he muttered in his heart. With all of your ability? You don’t even have any combat strength at all, so would going there be any different than giving your lives away?

“Little Bastard, are you looking down on us? All those years ago before we came to the Last Days Domain, was any one of us not an existence that roamed freely through the world?” That villager seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and he spoke with a gloomy expression.

Chen Xi smiled and neither admitted nor denied it.

He was naturally clearly aware that if these villagers were in the outside world, then all of them would be world shocking supreme existences. Yet now…they’d already lost their Divine Dao Laws and combat techniques, so they were like tigers that had their teeth pulled out, and they weren’t terrifying at all.

However, Chen Xi really admired them in his heart. Because they were clearly aware that heading over there would be no different than giving their lives away, yet they still disregarded their safety and intended to head over to assist Tie Kun. This sort of disposition was extremely difficult to come by.

This obviously showed how high Tie Kun’s status was in the hearts of these villagers.

In next to no time, Chen Xi arrived at an expanse of extremely spacious and desolate plains that was extremely far away from the village.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally saw clearly that Tie Kun was being jointly attacked at this moment, and he was going against three opponents by himself. He was suppressed to the point he was practically on the verge of being defeated, and his entire body was covered in injuries, causing blood to dye his clothes red. He was in an extremely dangerous situation.

It wasn’t just that, there was a group of figures standing far away from the battlefield, and they numbered around eight in total. All of them stood proudly in space while they pointed fingers at Tie Kun and discussed with relaxed expressions, and they seemed to be extremely arrogant and domineering.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi determined that all of these unfamiliar faces that appeared here were at the World Enlightened True God Realm. Moreover, they were completely different from those Herb Slaves because they hadn’t lost their Divine Dao Laws and techniques.

This meant that these people had definitely come from the Ancient God Domain as well!

Only the experts of the Ancient God Domain weren’t afraid of the suppression from the energy of the Heaven Dao within the Last Days Domain.

A total of ten people, and every single one of them are World Enlightened True Gods. The strongest amongst them is that yellow clothed woman at the center because her imposing aura is clearly more formidable than the others. She’s probably already stepped foot into the Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm… Chen Xi swiftly deduced in his heart. In an instant, the strengths every single one of them possessed was reflected in his heart. However, they seem to not be from a single group, and there’s an obvious gap in the relationship between them. They’re probably a group that joined forces temporarily… Strange, why would Tie Kun have offended them?

After that, Chen Xi’s pupils constricted. He noticed to his shock that there was a scroll in the yellow clothes woman’s hand, and the portrait of a young man was drawn on it.

Shockingly, that was a portrait of him!

Could it be that these fellows came to search for and capture me? Chen Xi’s face sank. He roughly understood that Tie Kun was being jointly attacked because of trying to protect him.

“Haha! A group of Herb Slaves dared to come to the rescue? All of you stay obediently on the spot, otherwise you’ll be killed without mercy!” At this moment, the group of people outside the battlefield noticed the villagers that had come to help, and a gold robed man that had white hair and a handsome appearance like that of a young man suddenly sneered as he spoke with a ghastly voice.

Along with this voice, a strand of terrifying divine might swept out from him like tidewater, and it smashed down fiercely towards the villagers, causing even space to be struck to the point of wailing without end.

A wave of shrill cries of pain resounded. Those villagers were merely Herb Slaves that didn’t possess any combat strength at all, so how could they endure such a powerful aura? They were deterred by that strand of divine might before they could even approach the battlefield, and their minds and hearts suffered heavy injuries to the point they almost fell to their knees.

“Hmph!” Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward, and as his eyes opened, strands of shocking divine radiance surged out explosively.


Merely a single step was like a heavenly god striking a drum, and it rumbled through the heavens and the earth. At practically the exact same moment, a strand of terrifying and icy cold killing intent swept out like a raging ocean of swords.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Under the might of Chen Xi’s terrifying imposing aura, the aura emanated by that gold robed man was easily shattered like a bubble. It vanished completely and wasn’t able to resist Chen Xi’s aura at all.

Moreover, this strand of Chen Xi’s divine might didn’t lose momentum and swept through the surroundings. It caused the heavens and the earth to dim down, and it shocked everyone in the distance to the point their hearts trembled while their gazes shot over in succession.


“That kid doesn’t seem to be a Herb Slave?”

“Wait! Isn’t he that kid we’re looking for?!”

“Hahaha! He really was hiding here. This damnable Tie Kun actually dared to conceal this. He simply deserves death. If that Third Young Master of the Dayi Clan finds out, then he’ll definitely annihilate nine generations of Tie Kun’s family!”

When they saw Chen Xi’s appearance clearly, all of them including the yellow clothed woman were surprised, and a wisp of happiness floated up onto their faces as if they’d noticed the prey that they were searching for since a long time ago.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi finally determined that they’d really come for him. Moreover, it was shockingly the white robed young man’s group from the Dayi Clan that put them up to this!

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