Chapter 155 – Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 155 – Unexpected Meeting

True Heart Peak.

After Chen Xi arranged everything properly for Chen Hao and Meng Kong, he flew towards the restricted area in the rear mountains of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect right away.

Aunt Bai’s daughter, Xixi, had fallen into the hands of the female elder of Starnet Palace, Jiang Qing, and it was uncertain whether she was alive or not, nor did he know how her situation was. He wanted to look for the Supreme Ancestor Bei Heng to head to the Starnet Palace with him and force the Starnet Palace to hand Xixi over!

The Starnet Palace was one of the eight great sects of Dragon Lake City, after all. Its hidden reserves and resources were deep, and although it couldn’t compare to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, it was still shockingly huge. There were numerous Rebirth Realm cultivators within it, and there was even the Nether Transformation Realm expert, Chao Shao, holding down the fort, so it couldn’t be underestimated.

With Chen Xi’s current strength, wanting to annihilate the entire Starnet Palace by himself was the same as an ant trying to topple a large tree, and he would only be courting death by going. The reason he wanted to pull Bei Heng along was that Chen Xi wanted to draw aid from Bei Heng’s power and influence to force the Starnet Palace to hand Xixi over. As for asking Bei Heng to start a battle with the Starnet Palace, that was utterly impossible.

Because his relationship with Bei Heng was completely built upon the beautiful young man that was a woman disguised as a man and had called him little junior brother. How could Bei Heng possibly go against the entire Starnet Palace because of him?

But lending Bei Heng’s power and influence, and asking Bei Heng to ask the Starnet Palace for a person was something Chen Xi was confident he was able to do.


A flying light tore through the sky, and after a few breaths of time, Chen Xi had once again arrived at the azure lake in the secluded valley.

“Big Brother Bei Heng.” Chen Xi saw from afar that the grey clothed and grey haired Bei Heng was sitting on a lotus in the lake and cultivation, and he cupped his hand and spoke from afar right away.

“Little Brother, you seem to be in a hurry and your state of mind is unsteady. Have you encountered some difficulty?” Bei Heng opened his eyes, and his gaze that was deep like a bolt of lightning swept past Chen Xi before he spoke in surprise.

“To be honest, I’ve come this time to ask for help from Big Brother…” Chen Xi disclosed everything right away, and after he finished speaking, he raised his eyes to look at Bei Heng.

“They’re going too far!” Bei Heng’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and then he pondered slightly before replying. “Little Brother, what do you want me to do?”

Chen Xi said slowly, “I hope that Big Brother Bei Heng can stand out and ask for Xixi from the Starnet Palace. It’s enough so long as Xixi is rescued. As for any other matter, just leave it to me to deal with.”

Bei Heng said with displeasure, “Little Brother, you’re letting the Starnet Palace off just like this? That’s letting them off too lightly!”

Chen Xi shook his head and said, “I know that the Starnet Palace is nothing in Big Brother Bei Heng’s eyes, but if this were to cause our Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to become enemies with the Starnet Palace, then my sin would be too great.”

Bei Heng nodded. “That’s true as well. Alas, if it wasn’t for the sake of taking all the disciples of my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect into consideration, I’d surely annihilate the Starnet Palace this time!”

This old fellow is really fake… Chen Xi sighed in his heart, yet he didn’t point it out. After all, Bei Heng being able to stand out for him this time had already helped him greatly, so what is there for him to be discontent about?

A so-called relationship of benefits was roughly like this. When there was benefit to gain, one had an appearance of addressing another as brother, chatting and drinking merrily, and being exceedingly intimate; yet when there was no benefit to be gained, one would instead have a different appearance, pushing and shoving away, insincere displays of friendship, and even complete breakdown of the relationship were possible outcomes.

The feelings in such a relationship was like drinking water, only the person knew if it was cold or warm.

However, Bei Heng’s attitude was already extremely difficult to come by. Not only did it solve Chen Xi’s urgent needs, it also caused Chen Xi to owe him a favor, and when counted, this trade was still very worthwhile.


Starnet Palace was situated in the northwest area of Dragon Lake City on a mountain range that covered an extremely great area. According to legend, the mountain range was formed after a meteor fell from outer space and thousands of years passed. It was abundant in minerals and ores, plentiful with spirit energy, and there were even traces and strands of the energy of stars filled within it. Thus, it was named Falling Star Mountain.

When Chen Xi arrived here and stood high above in the sky, he saw numerous mountains shooting up from the ground. Some were towering to the point they pierced straight into the clouds, some were beautiful, some covered in jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, and some were surrounded by waterfalls. When looked down at from midair, one could feel the extremely dense spirit energy that was emitted by this enormous mountain range, and it was like a blessed immortal ground.

“This is Falling Star Mountain, the location of the Starnet Palace.” Bei Heng spoke with deep emotion. “Three thousand years ago, the Starnet Palace was the overlord of the southern territory, and it possessed a few tens of formidable Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators. Unfortunately, all of them lost their lives during the operation to exterminate the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect that time. Otherwise, in the current southern territory, it would be impossible for my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to outshine others and come out at the top.”

Chen Xi nodded with a calm expression, and it caused others to be unable to discern what he was thinking.

“Let’s go. Even though there’s a Myriad Starnet Grand Formation that’s connected to the heaven and the earth on Falling Star Mountain Range, it’s unable to stop me. I’ll take you in.” Bei Heng swung his sleeve to cover Chen Xi before flashing towards the group of mountains. All along the way, they moved unobstructed, and in next to no time, an extremely lofty and towering mountain had indistinctively appeared in the extremely distant horizon.

Row upon row of buildings that were completely jade white and innumerable were built atop that mountain, and when looked at from afar, it seemed as if numerous white colored dragons were coiled on the mountain, causing the scene to be extremely magnificent.

This was the main peak of Starnet Palace, Myriad Star Peak. The thousands of disciples of elders of the Starnet Palace opened up their own abodes on this mountain to cultivate and seek the Dao, whereas, on the peak of the mountain was an enormous palace that was beautifully decorated, and atop it was two words that glowed with golden light — Starnet Palace. The palace was covered with a wispy celestial glow, beautiful and magnificent. It seemed like a celestial palace that caused one to instantly arouse the feeling of being tiny like an ant upon laying eyes on it.

“Hmm?” When they were still 50 km away from that lofty mountain, Bei Heng cried out in surprise, and he seemed to have noticed that the situation was slightly off. Before Chen Xi could react, Bei Heng flicked his sleeve and instantly brought Chen Xi along to descend in a concealed gorge before vanishing.

At this moment, Chen Xi noticed that in the sky above the palace, standing there was a refined white clothed woman with an elegant appearance, a young man with an evil, yet charming appearance and hair that was crimson red like fire, and a tall and thin old man with white hair and a youthful face.

Aunt Bai!

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly, and he’d instantly recognized that the white clothed woman was precisely Bai Wanqing, the woman that had taken care of him like a family member!

Why is she here? According to Uncle Meng Kong, she vanished when Xixi was captured, and she said that she would annihilate the entire Starnet Palace one day. Could it be that she has come to take revenge today?

Who is that crimson haired young man and old man by her side? Are they helpers that she found?

At this moment, Chen Xi almost exclaimed out in shock as countless thoughts flashed past his mind. He truly never imagined that he would actually encounter Bai Wanqing here.

“Formidable! I’m already at the 2nd level of the Earthly Immortal Realm now and have overcome two Heavenly Tribulations, yet I’m unable to see through that old man’s strength. His strength is probably much greater than mine!” Bei Heng’s expression became serious as he swiftly sent a voice transmission. “Chen Xi, you have to watch out. Those three people that have come to Starnet Palace are obviously here with ill intentions. Let’s hide first and observe from the sidelines.”

The Earthly Immortal Realm is also called the earthly immortal of overcoming tribulations. Every time an Earthly Immortal overcame the Heavenly Tribulation, his strength would undergo a tremendous change akin to rebirth, and once one successfully overcame nine Heavenly Tribulations, the person would be able to achieve ascension to become a Heavenly Immortal before breaking through the void and leaving.

But to cultivators, each of the nine waves of Heavenly Tribulations was more terrifying than the previous, and a person that was able to overcome the nine waves of Heavenly Tribulations was simply one in a million since ancient times, an existence that was like phoenix feathers and qilin horns.  Most of the ends these cultivators was either to lose their lives under the Heavenly Tribulation, or be fortunate to survive, yet become an existence that was neither a mortal nor an immortal, in other words, a fallen immortal.

The strength of a fallen immortal was similar to an Earthly Immortal, but if a fallen immortal wanted to survive, then the fallen immortal had to overcome wave after wave of Heavenly tribulation, and there was utterly no end to this unless the fallen immortal were to be reincarnated. Otherwise, a day would come when the fallen immortal would be struck to death by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Of course, every time a fallen immortal overcame a Heavenly Tribulation, the fallen immortal’s strength would skyrocket. During the primordial era, there were some formidable fallen immortals that even suffered through a few hundred waves of Heavenly Tribulations, and their strengths were sufficient to look down upon all experts and suppress Heavenly Immortals with their extremely terrifying might. But under normal circumstances, fallen immortals would mostly choose to be reincarnated and would not use their lives to withstand the endless Heavenly Tribulations.

After all, the Heavenly Tribulation came from the supreme Heaven Dao, and it was the terrifying beyond compare. A single mistake could cause one’s soul to be obliterated and forever vanish within the heaven and earth, and it was even impossible to be reborn.

But no matter if it was an Earthly Immortal or a fallen immortal, they were all supreme existences that swept through the heaven and earth, and they were beyond reach for Chen Xi right now. Not to mention a Violet Palace Realm cultivator, even a Nether Transformation Realm expert was a tiny existence like an ant before them.

So, when Chen Xi heard Bei Heng speak of that old man’s strength with a heavy tone, the shock in Chen Xi’s heart could be easily imagined.

I never imagined that Aunt Bai would actually call over such a formidable helper here… Her background seems to be even more mysterious and stronger than I imagined! Chen Xi had noticed that Bai Wanqing’s identity was rather extraordinary long ago, but only now did he understand that Bai Wanqing’s identity wasn’t just extraordinary, it had simply exceeded his imagination.

“Hmm?” The instant Chen Xi and Bei Heng arrived, the old man by Bai Wanqing’s side seemed to have noticed them, and his eyes suddenly swept over. At this moment, Chen Xi abruptly felt as if his entire body was buried by a boundless expanse of sea, and the terrifying pressure caused him to feel an intense feeling of suffocation from being on the verge of death.

Fortunately, the old man’s eyes only stopped on him for a short moment before descending onto Bei Heng, and after sizing Bei Heng up slightly, a trace of surprise flashed on his face before he withdrew his gaze.

“Big Brother Bei Heng, he has noticed us!” Chen Xi sent a voice transmission, and when he recalled the instant that the terrifying aura pressed onto him, he felt a wave of coldness in his heart.

“I know, I engaged in battle with him using my Divine Sense, and I’ve already clearly stated that I wouldn’t interfere.” Bei Heng stopped for a moment before saying bitterly, “Moreover, I can’t interfere, either. I wonder where this old fellow came from, I dare guarantee that he’s surely not someone from our southern territory, and he even might not be a cultivator of the Darchu Dynasty. No matter if it was the southern territory, the eastern sea, the central plains, or the northern barbaric lands, I’ve more or less heard of all existences that have attained the Earthly Immortal Realm, yet I’ve absolutely not heard of this person.”

Southern territory, northern barbaric lands, eastern sea, central plains… Chen Xi mulled this over in his heart. The territory of the Darchu Dynasty was divided into four great areas that each occupied an extremely great distance of millions of kilometers each. They were vast territories with abundant resources and innumerable cultivation sects. The most cultivators were at the central plains.

This was because the central plains was the location of the capital of the Darchu Dynasty, Silken City. It was a place filled with various precious treasures and beautiful mountain ranges and rivers, and ancient sects that had been passed down for a few hundred thousand or even a few million years were situated there. No matter if it was the southern territory, the northern barbaric lands, or the eastern sea, their cultivation world was far from being able to compare with the central plains.

All in all, the central plains was the hub of Darchu Dynasty, with sects that stood like trees in the forest and possessed a myriad of methods to pass down the Dao, and it was the holy land of cultivation in the hearts of all cultivators!

However, at this moment, Bei Heng actually said that the old man was actually not a cultivator from within the Darchu Dynasty, and Chen Xi’s heart instantly jerked. Could it be that Aunt Bai isn’t from the Darchu Dynasty either?

“Two years ago, I once said that I’d surely annihilate your entire Starnet Palace one day. Today, I can let all of you die swiftly if you hand over my daughter. Otherwise, I’ll make your entire sect suffer the pain of your souls being tortured all day and night and be unable to be reborn forever!” It was at this moment that Bai Wanqing spoke coldly in the distant sky, and her voice revealed boundless hatred and killing intent that caused one to tremble endlessly with fear upon hearing it.

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