Chapter 1549 – Questions and Answers

The Heaven Dao was like a cage, a coop, a farmland.

All the living beings in the various worlds had instead become the caged birds, the beasts in a coop, and the crops in farmland within the eyes of the great figures of the Ancient God Domain, and they were played with, killed, and reaped…

If all of this was the truth, then it was too cruel!

This was the reason Chen Xi was completely enraged. Because he was one of them as well. If he didn’t know all of this, then perhaps he would have never thought about all of this.

Yet now, he knew, and he’d understood the truth, so how could he restrain the rage in his heart?

“Why did you tell me all of this?” Chen Xi spoke in a low voice.

“Because you were brought here by the Goddess.” Tie Kun’s answer was extremely simple.

Suddenly, Chen Xi came to realization, and he understood that it made no difference no matter how enraged he was, and he was unable to change the situation in reality. It was even to the extent that he was clearly aware that if it wasn’t because of that mysterious ‘Goddess,’ then Tie Kun wouldn’t tell him all of this at all.

It was even to the extent that it was extremely likely that he would have been captured when he was heavily injured, and he would have either became an Herb Slave, became prey, or…been killed!

This was reality.

The was also the true face of the Last Days Domain. It was dangerous, cruel, and filled with killing intent. The slightest carelessness might cause one to be fated to perish here, and even gods were unable to survive!

“May I ask exactly what sort identity that Goddess possesses?” Chen Xi took a deep breath and had calmed down completely. All through his path of cultivation until now, he’d experienced the baptism of countless battles and blood, and he’d long since tempered a Dao Heart that was resolute, tenacious, and peerless.

“Since Goddess was unwilling to tell you, then as someone with a low status, I naturally don’t dare to expose the answer to you.” Tie Kun said indifferently, “Perhaps if you have the chance to enter the Ancient God Domain, then you’ll find out about Goddess’ identity. If you’re unable to accomplish that, then it’s useless to know so much.”

As he spoke, he pointed towards the medicinal field in the distance and said, “Look at those Herb Slaves. All those years ago when they entered the Last Days Domain, every single one of them were willing to fight to the death in order to enter the Last Days Domain. But in the end, they could only accept this fate of being a slave. You’re definitely unwilling to become one of them, so make the best use of your time to recover your cultivation and leave as soon as possible.”

Chen Xi puckered his lips, yet he suddenly asked a different question, and he said, “The Divine Dao Laws and techniques they possess were seized by the herbs within that medicinal field?”

“Yes.” Tie Kun nodded, and he spoke of the reason behind it.

It turned out that the Last Days Domain was practically boundlessly vast, and it was covered with all sorts of medicinal fields. All of the medicinal fields were established by the great figures of the Ancient God Domain, and they belonged to various different powers.

Unlike the medicinal fields at other places, the medicinal fields in the Last Days Domain only had a single type of herb planted in them — Divine Daofuse Herbs!

This divine herb was extremely unique, and extraordinarily overpowering. It utilized the Divine Dao Laws and techniques grasped by experts at the Godrank Realm as nourishment, and it was only able to survive in this way.

This was no different than a technique to take possession of the body of another, and the only difference was that the Divine Daofuse Herbs didn’t take possession of the body and took possession of the Divine Dao Laws and techniques grasped by existences at the Godrank Realm instead.

The reason that the combat strengths of those Herb Slaves was extremely weak was because the Divine Dao Laws and techniques within them had been absorbed by the Divine Daofuse Herbs!

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi’s heart went cold once more. Because the existence of the Divine Daofuse Herbs was simply cruel to the extreme, and it was no different than the acts of those from evil sects.

“They’ll be reaped after they ripen, and then they’ll be sent to the Ancient God Domain for the Alchemists of those great powers to refine into divine pills. After that, they’ll be provided to the disciples of those sects to consume, allowing them to obtain the Divine Dao Laws and techniques contained within them.” Tie Kun continued. “In other words, you can take these Divine Daofuse Herbs to be numerous Divine Dao Laws and various different books on techniques. So long as they’re consumed, they’ll be able allow a disciple that possesses a foundation in the Divine Dao to grasp various Divine Dao Laws and techniques overnight!”

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted when he heard this, and he was extremely shocked in his heart.

He finally understood everything. Those great figures of the Ancient God Domain had established these medicinal fields and planted Divine Daofuse Herbs in them before utilizing those captured experts at the Godrank Realm as nourishment, and the Divine Dao Laws and techniques they possessed were absorbed. When these Divine Daofuse Herbs ripened, they would be sent to the Ancient God Domain, refined into divine pills, and provided to disciples to be consumed.

On the other hand, when these disciples consumed these divine pills, they would be able to obtain Divine Dao Laws and various techniques in a short period of time!

If the various segments of this entire process was disregarded, it was equivalent to the disciples of those great powers in the Ancient God Domain relying on the Divine Daofuse Herbs as a medium to seize the Divine Dao Laws and techniques possessed within these experts at the Godrank Realm whom had been captured into the Last Days Domain!

How cruel was this?

“We’re meat on someone else’s chopping block…” Chen Xi muttered while he was infuriated to the limit in his heart, and it was even to the extent that he was ridiculously furious.

He originally thought that the Ancient God Domain was an eternal kingdom, a paradise where the gods resided and wandered about freely, and even if there were battles and disputes, it was still something to yearn for.

But who would have expected that the truth was actually like this!?

“Actually, even if these medicinal fields didn’t exist, the gods that arrive at the Last Days Domain will be suppressed by the energy of the Heaven Dao within this expanse of the heavens and the earth.” Tie Kun glanced at Chen Xi, and he seemed to be surprised by Chen Xi’s composure. But in next to no time, he recovered his calm and said flatly, “Under this suppression, the strength possessed by all experts at the Godrank Realm will be washed away without one noticing. No matter how formidable your cultivation is, the Divine Dao Laws and techniques you possess will be lost within ten years at most.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “This is the most dangerous aspect of the Last Days Domain. Last days, last days, it silently strips you of everything you possess!”

“So that’s where this name came from…” Chen Xi muttered, and then he suddenly realized something instead and gazed at Tie Kun. “Why did you…”

Before he could finish speaking, Tie Kun said, “Because I’m from the Ancient God Domain, and I possess the energy of Divine Dao Laws from the God Domain. I’m not afraid of the suppression of the energy of the Heaven Dao in the Last Days Domain.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he was finally enlightened.

Even the energy of the Heaven Dao had its differences. For example, the Heaven Dao in the Darchu Dynasty was unable to compare with the Heaven Dao of the Dark Reverie, whereas the Heaven Dao in the Dark Reverie was similarly unable to be compared to the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension.

Based on this, the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions was similarly unable to compare with the Heaven Dao in the Last Days Domain, and obviously, the Heaven Dao of the Ancient God Domain was clearly superior to the Last Days Domain. It allowed Tie Kun to be unafraid of all of this.

“Quickly cultivate. Every day longer you stay in the Last Days Domain, you’ll lose some Divine Dao Laws and techniques. If you intend to enter the Ancient God Domain, then time is the key.” Tie Kun turned around and left.

Chen Xi caught up to him and said, “Fellow Daoist, wait a moment. I still have a question in my heart.”


“Why do I have to leave within seven days of time?”

“Because you were injured, and you’ve obviously been targeted by some people upon entering the Last Days Domain. Even though you were lucky enough to escape with your life and be rescued by the Goddess, but I don’t want to offend those people because I took you in.” Tie Kun’s answer was extremely cold, indifferent, and direct. “Not to mention I’m only of lowly status, and I can’t afford to offend those figures from the Ancient God Domain.”

Chen Xi frowned. But in the end, he took a deep breath and cupped his fists before he said, “No matter what, I still have to thank you for your guidance.” His tone was serious and sincere.

Chen Xi really didn’t hate Tie Kun for mercilessly refusing him because he never had a relationship with Tie Kun at all, so why should Tie Kun protect him?

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t intend to seek Tie Kun’s protection either.

Tie Kun was stunned. He seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi’s attitude towards him would be like this, and his expression eased up slightly while he said, “You don’t have to thank me. All of this was instructed by the Goddess.”

Chen Xi said, “I’ll naturally repay the Goddess in the future.”

Tie Kun nodded, and then he suddenly asked. “Who exactly did you offend when you entered the Last Days Domain?”

“I didn’t offend anyone at all.” Chen Xi laughed bitterly and shrugged before he described the sequence of events to Tie Kun.

“That Ninth Uncle you spoke of had the pattern of a divine bow tattooed on his face?” Tie Kun’s brows raised, and he revealed a rare expression of being slightly moved before he said with a solemn voice, “If I’m not wrong, then that white robed young man is probably from the Dayi Clan within Snow Ink Region. That’s one of the top divine clans in Snow Ink Region, and it controls numerous universes.”

“The Dayi Clan?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he faintly recalled a legend in the three dimensions. During the primeval times, there was a Natural Fiendgod born from within the Chaos, and he was called Dayi. He possessed peerless attainments in the Dao of Archery, and he’d once successively shot and killed nine Suncrows in sky out of rage. He possessed monstrous divine might, and this deed shocked the universe.

However, a long time ago when the three dimensions was established, this Natural Fiendgod, Dayi, had vanished, and he became a legend that the future generations could only take delight in talking about.

“Hmm? Wait, you said you actually escaped from a Domain Enlightened Spirit God?” Suddenly, Tie Kun recalled something, and his eyes suddenly erupted with a strand of divine light. It locked firmly onto Chen Xi, and he seemed as if he intended to distinguish something.

Chen Xi said ambiguously, “I was just lucky. If the Goddess didn’t rescue me in time, then the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Chen Xi didn’t tell Tie Kun that if it wasn’t for that Ninth Uncle utilizing the Divine Dao Altar with the intention of taking Chen Xi down with him, then it would be utterly impossible for Chen Xi to have been injured and fled.

Most importantly, he’d fled first before he encountered that Goddess and the young woman, Huicong, by chance. As for being rescued by them in the end, it could be said as an action that was done casually.

“Oh.” Tie Kun glanced at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought, and he said with deep meaning, “According to my knowledge, not just any World Enlightened True God can fight a Domain Enlightened Spirit God, and not just anyone can obtain the help of the Goddess.”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t provide any explanation, and he seemed to be slightly mysterious.

“You’re very unusual.” Tie Kun didn’t persist on this question, and he glanced deeply at Chen Xi once more before he said, “Even though I’m unable to help you, if you have any questions, then feel free to come look for me. The precondition is that you must leave within seven days of time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d already placed his hands behind his back and left swiftly.

Tie Kun really is an odd fellow. Perhaps I’ll be able to obtain even more valuable information from him… Chen Xi stared at Tie Kun as he left, and then pondered deeply for a moment. After that, Chen Xi shook his head before turning around and returning to his own house.

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