Chapter 1547 – Divine Crystals

While his consciousness was hazy, Chen Xi heard a wave of conversation.

“There’s some fate between me and this young man. Don’t touch the treasures in his possession after I leave.” This voice was solemn and indifferent, and it revealed a force that struck directly at the heart. It was precisely the voice of that ‘Goddess.’

“Don’t worry, Goddess.” This voice was deep and low, and it carried a clanging sound like metal rubbing against each other. It was extremely unfamiliar.

“Huicong, let’s go.”

“Oh.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi somehow summoned the strength to suddenly open his eyes, and he struggled up before he said, “Benefactors, wait a moment. Can you tell me your names? I’ll definitely repay you tenfold if a have a chance in the future.”

As he spoke, a wave of dizziness struck his mind once more, and his vision blurred. He was only able to see two figures yet was unable to see their appearances clearly.

This caused a wave of bitterness to arise in his heart. I’ve only just arrived at the Last Days Domain, yet I’ve already been reduced to such a state. I really am unfortunate.

“Repay us? Hehe, there’s no need for that, Little Young Master, it’s best to take good care of yourself.” The pretty young woman in azure clothes that carried a flower basket, Huicong, grinned...

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