Chapter 1543 – The Profound Effect Of The Daoseal Mark

The Last Days Domain was dangerous and mysterious, so the gods that were restrained and brought in here did indeed have a very slim chance at survival. Only a small handful of them were able to locate the passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain and emerge safe and sound.

All of this was something he’d heard a long time ago from his Senior Sister, Li Yang, in the three dimensions.

However, this didn’t mean that Chen Xi would put down his dignity for the sake of entering the Ancient God Domain and be reduced to a slave by someone’s side!

Was doing this any different from giving up the Grand Dao one pursued?

So as soon as Ninth Uncle finished speaking, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to speak in an extremely cold tone. “Great fortune? It looks to me like you’ve become accustomed to being a slave, and you deserve to serve others for your entire life.”

Ninth Uncle’s face sank while a cold glow erupted from his eyes. Never had he imagined that this young man would actually dare to insult his dignity.

He took a deep breath and said, “Young man, you’ve just arrived at the Last Days Domain, and you have an exaggerated opinion of your ability, so I won’t blame you for this. However, if you still refuse to realize your mistakes, then don’t blame me for killing you!”


Chen Xi raised the Talisman Armament and pointed it at Ninth Uncle from afar, and he revealed...

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