Chapter 1542 – Domain Enlightened Spirit God


The crimson red divine arrow tore through the sky and threw the wind and clouds in the surroundings into chaos.

In an instant, every hair on Chen Xi’s body stood on end, and his entire vital energy had been locked onto by a formidable and terrifying will.

This was an effect that could only be obtained by attaining terrifying attainments in the Dao of Archery. No matter how one teleported, so long as one’s vital energy was locked onto, then it would be utterly impossible to evade the attack of that terrifying arrow!

Obviously, this person that attacked him abruptly was a master archer!

Since this person was able to utilize his cultivation in the Dao of Archery to lock onto an existence at the Godrank Realm like Chen Xi, it was obvious how shocking the attainments of this person’s cultivation in the Dao of Archery was.

“Hmph!” Right at this critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly grunted coldly while divine radiance erupted from his eyes, and then the Daoseal Mark that enveloped the surroundings of his Soul Divine Flame shook abruptly.


It seemed as if an invisible will had been crushed and severed, and the will that locked onto Chen Xi’s vital energy had instantly been dispersed.


At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi’s figure flashed lightly to barely avoid the attack of that crimson divine arrow.


The crimson divine arrow missed and smashed...

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