Chapter 1541 – A Divine Arrow Arrives Abruptly

Book Sixteen — The Ancient God Domain

The Last Days Domain was the source of the energy of the calamity in the three dimensions.

Once one took this path, then even a god would find it impossible to turn back. This meant that unless one found the passageway that led into the Ancient God Domain, one had no way to retreat.

This path was extremely long, it traversed through boundless space that was completely filled with chaos, and as one flew within it, it was like traversing the torrent of time.

It was deathly silent here. Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the Talisman Armament while moving endlessly through space, and it seemed as if there was no end to it.

It’ll be a new beginning for everything, so I absolutely can’t be careless… Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped thinking about it, and with a command in his heart, two Divine Artifacts floated into appearance in his surroundings.

One was a chilly and seemingly illusory net.

The other was three copper coins that were suffused with bright golden divine radiance.

The Overarching Heaven Net, an ultimate treasure of Oracle Mountain, and it was ranked at the sixteenth position amongst the hundred and eight known Natural Spirit Treasures in the three dimensions.

This treasure was unfathomably profound, and it could capture the traces of the Heaven Dao, fate, and Karmic Luck. All those years ago, the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had relied on this treasure to seize...

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