Chapter 1540 – Departure

With a single sword strike, the Divine Chains of Order were easily slashed apart.

When one watched this from the ground, it was like watching numerous thick and large black chains being slashed to death like snakes, and they fell successively to the ground. It was an extremely shocking scene.

That was the might of the Order of the Heaven Dao; it represented a form of absolute control that looked down upon the three dimensions and caused all the myriad of living beings to not dare disrespect it. Yet now, it had actually been slashed into pieces by a single sword strike from Chen Xi!

The entire Immortal Dimension was shocked.

Early on when the calamity had just descended, no matter where they hid, all the existences at the Godrank Realm throughout the three dimensions were restrained by the Divine Chains of Order and taken away by force, and they were unable to struggle at all.

At that time, many people noticed such horrifying scenes.

This caused them to arouse terror that came from the heart towards the calamity, and they felt that they could only await the arrival of death beneath this calamity because even the gods were helpless against it.

But no one had imagined that on this very day, they’d simultaneously witness Chen Xi’s figure soar into the sky and slash apart numerous Divine Chains of Order with a single sword strike!

Exactly what sort of terrifying cultivation...

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