Chapter 1540 – Departure

With a single sword strike, the Divine Chains of Order were easily slashed apart.

When one watched this from the ground, it was like watching numerous thick and large black chains being slashed to death like snakes, and they fell successively to the ground. It was an extremely shocking scene.

That was the might of the Order of the Heaven Dao; it represented a form of absolute control that looked down upon the three dimensions and caused all the myriad of living beings to not dare disrespect it. Yet now, it had actually been slashed into pieces by a single sword strike from Chen Xi!

The entire Immortal Dimension was shocked.

Early on when the calamity had just descended, no matter where they hid, all the existences at the Godrank Realm throughout the three dimensions were restrained by the Divine Chains of Order and taken away by force, and they were unable to struggle at all.

At that time, many people noticed such horrifying scenes.

This caused them to arouse terror that came from the heart towards the calamity, and they felt that they could only await the arrival of death beneath this calamity because even the gods were helpless against it.

But no one had imagined that on this very day, they’d simultaneously witness Chen Xi’s figure soar into the sky and slash apart numerous Divine Chains of Order with a single sword strike!

Exactly what sort of terrifying cultivation did one have to possess in order to accomplish this?

Right when everyone in the world was shocked, Chen Xi didn’t stop at all and rose step by step into the sky.

His entire body was suffused by blazing divine radiance, and the sword in his hand slashed successively as he charged all through the way. All the descending Divine Chains of Order were successively slashed into pieces, and they were unable to obstruct Chen Xi’s footsteps.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wave after wave of world shaking sounds of explosions resounded and surged through the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, and it was terrifying like the sound of a heavenly drum being beaten.

“The Dean is really going to leave…” In Dao Emperor Academy, besides feeling shocked, all of the great figures there couldn’t help but be extremely dazed, and they revealed a great deal of reluctance, yet none of them stopped Chen Xi.

Because they were already clearly aware that Chen Xi would leave sooner or later!

He still had a long path ahead of him. He’d already stepped foot onto a height that the living beings in the three dimensions could only look up to, whereas the three dimensions were too small for him in the end. He only had a path towards the Dao by leaving the three dimensions and entering the Ancient God Domain.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have become the center of attention in the entire Immortal Dimensions, and it was even to the extent that numerous gazes within the Mortal Dimension and Netherworld were watching this scene.




All sorts of complicated emotions arose within them, and it caused all the living beings in the three dimensions to seem as if they were witnessing an unprecedented miracle occur before their very eyes.

Everyone was clearly aware that the glorious era Chen Xi represented might come to an end today. His glory, his reputation, his strength, his experiences, his legend… Everything would be branded into records within the three dimensions to be revered through the ages!

No one dared to guess if anyone within the three dimensions in the future would be capable of surpassing the various miracles Chen Xi had created.

But at the very least, everyone was clearly aware that throughout the boundless years of the past, if it was in terms of reputation, then amongst all of those praiseworthy and world shocking figures that had appeared within the three dimensions in the past, only a small group of them were able to attain and even surpass the height Chen Xi had achieved.

Chen Xi!

This name was bound to become a brand within the three dimensions that was impossible to erase.

“Fellow Daoists, please take care of yourselves. See you again!” In the sky, Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice resounded through the heavens and the earth. It reverberated throughout the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension as if it was the voice of a god, and it didn’t stop reverberating for a long time.

“Take care of yourself.”

“Father, you must return.”

“Dean, be at ease and seek your own path to the Dao. The three dimensions will be your strongest support in the future!”

At this moment, Chen Xi’s loved ones, the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy, and all the cultivators within the three dimensions gave Chen Xi their blessings.

The Ancient God Domain was where the gods resided, and it was an eternal place. A very, very long time ago, all the gods that were born from within the Chaos, and those great figures that had stepped foot into the Godrank Realm long ago had left the three dimensions successively.

Now, Chen Xi left the three dimensions as well.

This was a form of supreme glory.

At the same time, this was a type of completely new path. The path ahead was boundless and indistinct, and its dangers were unknown.

Would Chen Xi be able to successfully step foot into the God Domain and ascend to the peak of the Grand Dao?


A sword moved through layer upon layer of space and advanced ceaselessly.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the sword while his gaze swept the surroundings.

After he entered the door in the sky, it was a boundless expanse of chaos that appeared within his field of vision, and it seemed to be without end.

This is probably a spatial passageway, and it’s completely obscure and filled with chaos. I wonder when I’ll be able to arrive at the actual Last Days Domain. Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and pondered deeply in his heart.

After he entered this place, he didn’t encounter any further danger all along the way. The atmosphere was deathly silent, and besides the sound of the sword tearing through the sky, there was no further sound in the surroundings.

Those existences at the Godrank Realm who were restrained had been brought into the Last Days Domain by force, so the situation there is definitely extremely dangerous. I wonder if my Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters have arrived safely at the Ancient God Domain… Chen Xi took a deep breath and shook his head. I only hope that the passageway leading to the Ancient God Domain hasn’t closed by the time I get there.

The Last Days Domain was the source of the energy of calamity that erupted in the three dimensions, and it controlled the energy of the Order of the Heaven Dao. During this period of time, it had restrained and taken away countless existences at the Godrank Realm.

All of this had predetermined that this was absolutely a place of great danger!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi suspected that once those gods who’d been captured were unable to find the passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain, their lives would probably be lost in the Last Days Domain.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi naturally didn’t dare let his guard down.

Chen Xi’s current cultivation had already advanced into the World Enlightened True God Realm. He’d lit up the flame within his soul, and the energy in the universe within his body had been completely converted into practically translucent and obscure Divinity.

Such a strength was sufficient to look down upon and reign supreme through the entire three dimensions, but in the Last Days Domain, he would probably be reduced to the most ordinary existence.

After all, it was a place where only the gods could arrive, and Chen Xi had just stepped foot into the Godrank Realm.

However, relying on his extremely deep foundation, this advancement into the Godrank Realm had allowed his strength to undergo an enormous transformation. At the very least, he was utterly unafraid of going against other World Enlightened True Gods.

After all, when he was at the Halfgod Realm, he’d annihilated Yin Huaikong, Kong Zhao, and Tuo Kong in one go, and they were true gods!

Now he’d really stepped into the Godrank Realm, and the might he possessed had long since become something that ordinary existences at the Godrank Realm couldn’t compare to at all.

This wasn’t the only benefit from advancing into the World Enlightened True God Realm. For example, the Divinity in the universe within Chen Xi’s body was so thick that it was similarly far from something other World Enlightened True Gods could compare to.

Especially the flame that he’d lit within his soul. It caused his entire soul to transform into a Soul Vortex, and a strand of eternal and translucent divine flames burned within the vortex and illuminated the entire universe within his body.

On the other hand, the flames lit by ordinary World Enlightened True Gods within their soul were far from being able to attain this.

Most importantly, the surroundings of Chen Xi’s Soul Divine Flame were enveloped by the Daoseal Mark!

This was something that other World Enlightened True Gods were absolutely unable to possess. The Daoseal Mark came from within the River Diagram fragments, and it had become a part of Chen Xi’s soul long ago.

At that time, he wasn’t aware of exactly what profound effects the Daoseal Mark had. However, he was able to sense that so long as the Daoseal Mark existed, then even if he was killed, his soul wouldn’t be obliterated!

In other words, the Daoseal Mark was like an immovable armor that defended the surroundings of Chen Xi’s soul, and he didn’t have to worry about any harm coming to his soul.

Now when Chen Xi lit his Soul Divine Flame, the Daoseal Mark had once more floated up into appearance, and it stopped hiding itself. It coiled around the surroundings of his Soul Divine Flame instead, and it seethed with strands of obscure talisman markings and seemed to be gorgeous, yet mysterious.

The existence of a Soul Divine Flame meant that so long as the divine flame remained lit, then Chen Xi could exist eternally!

Similarly, because of the defense of the Daoseal Mark, unless he encountered a huge unexpected event that was impossible to resist, otherwise his Soul Divine Flame was bound to never be extinguished.

Merely this alone was something that other World Enlightened True Gods were unable to compare to.

Besides that, the Immortal King Grand Dao Chen Xi possessed had already undergone a transformation when Chen Xi stepped foot into the Godrank Realm, and it had transformed into the energy of Divine Dao Laws.

Divine Dao Laws was the Grand Dao profundities possessed by the gods!

The path of cultivation started from the aura of the Dao, Dao Insight, Laws, Allheaven Divine Crests, Saint Dao Laws, Immortal King Laws… All of them were a form of interpretation of the Grand Dao profundities.

This process could be taken as a process of grasping the Grand Dao from a superficial level to a deeper level.

On the other hand, the Divine Dao Laws were a type of Grand Dao profundity above the Immortal King Laws, and it was a type of embodiment of the ‘Dao’ that exceeded the scope of the three dimensions.

It was also called the ‘Dao of Gods!’

The Dao of Gods was divided into various different types. As it was said, there were three thousand Grand Daos, and all were different. On the path of the Divine Dao, some took the path of the Five Element Divine Dao, some took the path of the Yin Yang Divine Dao, some took the path of the Tempest Divine Dao, and so on and so forth.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was walking on the path of the Talisman Divine Dao!

The Grand Dao profundities of the Five Elements, Taichi, Star Obliteration, Enduring, Risefall, Life and Death, Time, Space, and various other Grand Dao profundities were fused within his Divine Dao. It could be said to contain everything and was filled with boundless profundities.

On the other hand, the shocking transformations of his own cultivation, Dao Insights, combat strength, soul, and so on and so forth allowed Chen Xi to fully feel exactly how terrifying the might possessed by existences at the Godrank Realm was. They already possessed the supreme might to transform the ordinary into extraordinary and remodel the world.

When Chen Xi advanced into the Godrank Realm and entered the door in the sky, a bright golden strand of divine light had suddenly lit up in a world outside the three dimensions that was covered in an expanse of boundless chaos.

After that, this strand of golden divine light transformed into a mysterious and dignified scroll. It spread open and lay across the chaos, and one could clearly see that numerous brilliant names had surprisingly floated up into appearance on the surface of that scroll!

These names formed numerous rows, and they were like bright pearls that were studded within the chaos. They emanated all sorts of different yet supreme imposing auras that were extremely impressive.

“Someone within the three dimensions has actually defied the heavens and become a god again!” Suddenly, a mysterious eye appeared and stared at the golden scroll.

“Hmm? That person’s name is actually unable to be detected by the Godrank Chart…” That mysterious eye suddenly focused and erupted with extremely powerful and terrifying divine radiance. It surged and seethed as the eye looked once more at the golden scroll.

But in the end, it came back empty handed, and it extremely unwillingly closed its eye before swiftly vanishing from within that boundless world that was filled with chaos.

On the other hand, there was an indistinct name on the golden chart. It was completely different from the other names in the vicinity of it, and it caused others to be unable to clearly determine exactly what that name was.

Later on, this name actually gradually vanished from the golden chart, and it seemed as if it had never appeared there…

— End of Book Fifteen —

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