Chapter 154 – Chen Hao’s Rage

Chapter 154 – Chen Hao’s Rage

The God Shaker Arts was obtained by Chen Xi within the sword immortal’s abode in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, and it was similar to the Godly Illusion Arts and God Killer Arts; they were all profound and unfathomable soul attack techniques.

The Godly Illusion Arts could only be executed by a cultivator that had formed Perception Force.

The God Shaker Arts could only be executed by a cultivator that had formed Spiritual Perception.

The God Killer Arts instead had an extremely high requirement, and the strength of one’s soul had to attain the Divine Sense Stage before being able to execute it.

Presently, the strength of Chen Xi’s soul had already attained the Divine Perception Stage, and it was only a step away from forming into Divine Sense, so it was more than enough to utilize the God Shaker Arts. Besides that, its might was much more formidable than when he annihilated the Li Clan’s Grand Elder, and it was sufficient to instantly shatter the sea of consciousness of an ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivator, causing the cultivator to become an idiot.

Moreover, under the circumstances of being caught off guard, the sea of consciousness of a Golden Hall Realm cultivator would suffer a heavy injury as well, and the sea of consciousness of a Golden Core Realm cultivator would experience a temporary dazed state from the attack suffered by the sea of consciousness.

“Hmm?” The heart of Feng Ming, who was chasing closely behind the Six Unicorn Treasured Carriage, jerked abruptly, and he acutely noticed that a formidable soul had instantly locked onto him.

However, before he could even react to it, an enormous lofty mountain had appeared abruptly within his sea of consciousness before fiercely smashing downwards, and pain that came from the depths of his soul crashed throughout his entire body, causing a trace of blurriness to appear in his consciousness. If it wasn’t for him forcefully controlling his body, he would have almost knocked straight onto the wall.

“Dammit! It’s actually a soul attack technique! Who is it? Who attacked me from the shadows?” After a short moment, Feng Ming sobered up from the intense pain, and he revealed a murderous gleam as he fiercely swept the surroundings with his gaze.

The streams of people on the streets were like woven silk, coming and going busily with normal expressions. Feng Ming looked around for a long time, yet was unable to find a single suspicious trace, and he instantly muttered in his heart. I’m already at the Golden Core Realm now, and only a Rebirth Realm cultivator was capable of attacking me from the shadows. Could it be that kid has an expert guarding him?

He couldn’t be blamed for guessing like this. After all, a soul attack technique was too rare, and he’d never think that not only had Chen Xi cultivated a soul attack technique, the strength of Chen Xi’s soul wasn’t inferior to his in the slightest.

Fortunately, fortunately that expert didn’t have the thought of making a move to kill me. Otherwise, wouldn’t I, Feng Ming, lose my life here today? When he thought up to here, Feng Ming didn’t dare continue tracking Chen Xi, and his figure leaped out before vanishing in the vast sea of people with a few movements.

It wasn’t long before he’d arrived at a house, and after looking around for a short moment, he swiftly squeezed through the door when he saw no one was paying attention to him.

“Hall Master Fan, that kid has appeared in Dragon Lake City. Unfortunately, there’s an expert by his side protecting him, and I’m unable to get close to them. Moreover, that expert possesses a soul attack technique, and even my sea of consciousness was broken open by him, causing me to suffer slight injury. If it wasn’t for me fleeing swiftly, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to return again.” Feng Ming entered the room and spoke with a gloomy expression. “I suggest we ask for backup. There’re too many experts in Dragon Lake City, and it’s utterly impossible to seize the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Talisman by relying on our strengths alone. After all, the Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Pagoda, in that kid’s possession had already become the center of attention of the various powers, and every single one of them wishes for nothing more than to seize it into their possession. If we are to rashly make a move, then I’m afraid it would expose our identities.”

Hall Master Fan, who wore black robes, was trimming a blood red devil’s snare. Her palms that were delicate and white like fine verdant jade held a sharp flying sword. With a shake of her wrist, some withered leaves would be sliced into countless pieces that rustled as they fell to the ground as if it was drizzling, falling in copious amounts in succession, and her demeanor was carefree.

However, when she heard Feng Ming’s words, Hall Master Fan’s hands stopped, then a ball of swift and fierce sword qi bloomed atop the sharp flying sword before instantly mincing a beautifully bloomed devil’s snare into powder, and even the flowerpot shattered into countless pieces with a bang.

“Looks like we can only withdraw first.” Hall Master Fan’s voice carried along a trace of unwillingness as she said with a sigh, “I originally thought that you would bring back some good news, but who knew it’s instead…”

“Could it be that something has happened during this period of time?” Feng Ming spoke in a surprised tone.

“Exactly. The Lord already knows of the news of the Devilspirit Guards being killed, and he sent out a Bloodcrescent Message that orders the both of us to swiftly return to the sect without the slightest delay.” Hall Master Fan spoke slowly.

“What? If we’re to go back like this, wouldn’t we be… be…” Feng Ming was unable to continue and finish what he wanted to say, and his face revealed boundless terror.

“I’m not worried about that, as it’s currently just at the time that the Lord needs subordinates, and he would absolutely not kill us. Since we lost the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Talisman, all we have to do is get it back.” Hall Master Fan said coldly, “I’m just slightly not resigned. The Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Pagoda, that was originally firmly within my grasp has instead been wrecked by a little fellow, causing me to gain nothing but a double loss. It’s simply a terrible humiliation!”

“Hall Master Fan, what you mean is?” Feng Ming instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he heard there was no danger to his life. As for whatever terrible humiliation she spoke about, he didn’t care about it in the slightest.

“What I mean? What else can I do? For the sake of reviving the sect to a prosperous state, the Lord has already been planning and preparing for tens of years, and he won’t allow the slightest accident. Now, because of the accident that befell the two of us, we’ve already indirectly exposed the existence of the sect, and I’m afraid the various great powers of Dragon Lake City have already long since guessed our origins.” Hall Master Fan spoke slowly. “Moreover, the Lord called both of us back to the sect this time to accumulate strength. So that in ten years, after the Blood Transforming Divine Pool’s refinement is completed successfully, we’ll fully activate the Bloodcrescent Revival Plan!”

“We’re finally going to go to battle?” Feng Ming’s heart felt a wave of restlessness, and he couldn’t help but lick his lips. “This Darchu Dynasty is indeed flourishing and prosperous. Staying shut in the Desolate Bloodhell all the time is simply like staying in hell. I don’t want to stay there any longer! But unfortunately, I still have to wait for another ten plus years…”

“Ten years?” Hall Master Fan’s voice was wispy. “To cultivators, it’s only an instant.”


Within the Six Unicorns Treasured Carriage.

After he drove off the black robed person with his God Shaker Arts, Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief and completely relaxed, and he’d decided in his heart that unless there was something extremely urgent, otherwise, he wouldn’t rashly enter Dragon Lake City again.

He knew that now that he possessed the Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Pagoda, he’d already become a target that was coveted by countless people, and he’d even offended the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect that had likely risen from the ashes. Before his strength was sufficient to protect himself, it was much better to hide in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

In next to no time, the Six Unicorn Treasured Carriage stopped before a courtyard under the guidance of Chen Hao.

This courtyard seemed to be old and shabby, and it had obviously been vacant for a long time. Numerous pieces of red paint had peeled off and dropped down from the bright red gate, the top of its walls were overgrown with withered grass and spots of moss, and a stray cat leaped past the eaves of the house with a swoosh when it saw people approaching before vanishing without a trace.

The instant Chen Xi’s group walked out of the Six Unicorn Treasured Carriage, the emaciated old man that drove the carriage walked down along with them, and then he raised his eyes to look at the courtyard before he went silent.

“This is Chen Fengshi, the Duanmu Clan’s head of investigation. He’s extremely formidable, and all the big or small incidents in Dragon Lake City are unable to escape his eyes and ears. Supposedly, the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi, wanted him to join the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, yet was refused by him. Because of Chen Fengshi’s presence in the Duanmu Clan, they’ve become the most well-informed existence amongst the various great powers of Dragon Lake City.” Du Qingxi sent a voice transmission to explain to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and he didn’t dare underestimate this ordinary looking old man before him.

“Uncle Chen, do you know where the man, woman, and young girl that stayed in this courtyard two years ago have gone?” Duanmu Ze asked.

“Young Master, that man is called Meng Kong, the woman is called Bai Wanqing, and the young girl is called Xixi. They moved over here two years ago, yet stayed for not more than seven days.” Chen Fengshi’s pair of muddle eyes revealed a deep pondering expression as he spoke slowly.

“Then do you know where they’ve gone?” Chen Xi’s expression turned into one of joy as he asked.

Chen Fengshi’s eyes squinted as he pondered deeply, yet didn’t speak for a long time.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Chen surely knows. At this moment, he’s searching through his memories,” said Duanmu Ze via voice transmission, and he was filled with confidence.

Chen Xi nodded and said to himself, “Looks like asking for Duanmu Ze’s help was really the right decision!”

“Young Master, I don’t know if some things are suitable to be spoken of.” After a long time, Chen Fengshi spoke slowly.

“Go ahead.” Duanmu Ze said without the slightest hesitation, “These are all my most trusted friends, there’s no need to hide anything.”

“This matter is related to the Starnet Palace!” Chen Fengshi shocked everyone with a single remark.

Chen Xi’s expression sank instantly as he recalled Chai Letian who’d died at his hands. Wasn’t Chai Letian’s ancestor a Nether Transformation Realm expert with exceedingly high ability in Starnet Palace?

Could it be that it’s because of me?

But when he compared the timeframe, Chen Xi was slightly unsure. Because when Aunt Bai and the others had vanished, he hadn’t killed Chai Letian yet!

“That young girl called Xixi word born innately with a Watersoul Body, and her natural talent was one in a million. A female elder of the Starnet Palace called Jiang Qing took a fancy to her, overbearingly making a move to seize the young girl and take the young girl as her disciple.” Chen Fengshi spoke with an expressionless face. “Bai Wanqing left with hatred in her heart while threatening that she would one day annihilate the entire Starnet Palace, and her whereabouts are unknown. As for that Meng Kong, for the sake of seizing back the young girl, his arms were crippled, the meridians in his entire body destroyed, and he has become a crippled without a doubt. Presently, he has been reduced to become a beggar on the streets.”

When they heard this, the expressions of the two brothers, Chen Xi and Chen Hao, instantly became unsightly to the extreme and exceedingly icy cold, and even the expressions of Du Qingxi’s group of three weren’t sightly to any extent.

Too shameless!

What difference did the Starnet Palace’s actions of forcefully seizing another’s daughter have with those despicable people that trafficked people?

“I’ll kill Jiang Qing! I’ll kill her!!” Chen Hao gnashed his teeth as he spoke, and his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from between his teeth. He and Meng Kong had extremely deep feelings with each other, and now that he heard Meng Kong’s arms were crippled, meridians completely destroyed, and was reduced to become a beggar on the streets, how could he suppress the rage within his heart?

“Uncle Chen, do you know where Meng Kong is now?” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he patted Chen Hao on the shoulder to make Chen Hao slightly calm down before speaking slowly.

“Follow me.” Chen Fengshi nodded and walked up the Six Unicorns Treasures Carriage.

Their group drove their carriage forward with a depressed and oppressive atmosphere, as they’d all lost the mood to talk. Not long after, the treasured carriage stopped at a turn in the street.

This turn of the street flowed with sewage and was covered in trash, yet one after the other of tattered camps that were black like oil stood there, and they seemed as if they would fall with a blow of the wind.

Before one of the tents was an emaciated man covered in dirt with shaggy hair and a shriveled face that was curled in the sewage water, and his body was covered in a pungent stench.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived here, this person was curled up on the ground without the slightest movement. He seemed as if he’d lost his soul long ago and only his body remained, and his vitality was weak to the extreme.

Chen Hao’s eyes sprang wide open when he saw this scene, and he said with a trembling voice, “Uncle Meng Kong?”

The body of the beggar on the ground trembled, yet he didn’t raise his head.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be lost in thought for a moment. He still remembered that when he met Meng Kong for the first time, Meng Kong’s figure was tall and robust, impressive looking and lofty, and he looked extremely heroic and handsome in appearance.

Yet now… He’d instead been reduced to a dirty beggar that was curled up in sewage. Was this still the number one sword cultivator of Pine Mist City?

A strand of pain that was indescribably surged into his heart, and Chen Xi forcefully clenched his teeth before closing his mouth and keeping silent.

Chen Hao on the hand had instead knelt on the ground, and he shouted while carrying sobs in his voice. “Uncle Meng Kong, did you hear? It’s me, Chen Hao, I’m Chao Hao!”

When they saw this scene, Du Qingxi’s group of three revealed expression of being unable to watch, and they felt sorrow in their hearts.

“All of you have got the wrong person. I’m not Meng Kong, leave quickly.” The beggar that was curled up on the ground had finally spoken, his hoarse and weak voice revealed indescribably pain, and he seemed to be enduring something by himself.

“You… You’re worried that I’ll offend the Starnet Palace? Isn’t it just an elder of the Starnet Palace? I’ll go kill her right now!” Chen Hao stood up abruptly before turning around and walking off.

“Don’t move!” Chen Xi shouted out explosively with a heavy voice. “It’s of no use no matter how angry you are now. Let’s first bring Uncle Meng Kong back to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to properly heal his injuries. I’ll go visit Big Brother Bei Heng to go rescue Xixi first.”

Chen Hao’s figure stopped, and he gnashed his teeth as he said, “Alright! But Brother, you must not stop me from taking revenge for Uncle Meng Kong. Without Uncle Meng Kong, then I, Chen Hao, wouldn’t be where I am today. I must take revenge for Uncle Meng Kong!”

“I promise you, but not today.” Chen Xi did his best to remain calm, and calmer, before he said slowly, “Now, let’s return to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect first.”

Chen Hao went silent for a long time, and then he squatted down to carry Meng Kong on his back before walking off to leave.

The dirty and smelly sewage water tainted his entire body, the pungent stench gushed into his nose, yet he didn’t care. Because the one he carried on his back was the Master that sent him on the path of the Grand Dao of the Sword.

Exactly. In Chen Hao’s heart, Meng Kong was his Master, and without Meng Kong, then he, Chen Hao, wouldn’t be where he was today!

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