Chapter 1539 – Attaining The Dao and Becoming A God

Qiu Xuanshu passed the jade box over first, and he said, “Martial Uncle, this was sent over by the Nether Spring Grand Emperor in the Netherworld. He said that you’ve about to go on a long journey, and these two treasures ought to be returned to their original owner.”

Chen Xi instantly understood that the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush were within the jade box.

“It’s rare that he was still able to remember this.” Chen Xi took the jade box in his hand and sighed with emotion. He’d originally intended to seize the time he had in these next few days to return to the Netherworld, yet this had saved him some time now.

After all, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush belonged to the Third Netherworld Emperor, and they were branded with the inheritance of the Terminus Dao Insight. He couldn’t tolerate losing possession of such a forbidden force.

Along with the improvement of Chen Xi’s cultivation now, he’d obtained deeper realization of how heaven defying and formidable the Terminus Dao Insight was. Once it was utilized it was practically capable of annihilating existences that were said to be ‘eternal.’

This naturally included gods!

It was no wonder that the Third Netherworld Emperor had been encircled and killed by all the gods all those years ago. The existence of the Terminus Dao Insight was bound to make a great deal of people be unable to sleep at ease.

“Isn’t there some news as well?” Chen Xi asked casually.

Qiu Xuanshu nodded and said, “Yes.”

As he spoke, he withdrew a jade slip and passed it over to Chen Xi.

A jade slip? Chen Xi’s brows raised as he utilized it, and his heart couldn’t help but tighten when he saw its content clearly.

Shockingly, this jade slip was left behind by Heaven Trampler. It roughly described that along with the eruption of the calamity in the three dimensions, his junior sister, Zhen Liuqing, had already headed to the Last Days Domain under the lead of Daoist Dao Que.

As for Huangfu Qingying, Zhao Qinghe, Fourth Young Master Zhou, Ling Yu, Mortis, and the others, they were cultivating by Heaven Trampler’s side instead, and they were unable to join Chen Xi in a short period of time.

Moreover, he specially noted that they were currently within a Secret Realm set up by Daoist Dao Que, and that Secret Realm had been sealed up now in order to avoid suffering the assault of the calamity.

This meant that unless this calamity ended, all of them, including Heaven Trampler, would have to stay within the Secret Realm.

This was similar to the action taken by Nuwa’s Dao Palace. As soon as the gods had left, the Skandha World had been sealed up, and it was similarly for the sake of avoiding the assault of the calamity in the three dimensions.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel dejected in his heart after he finished looking through all of this.

Zhen Liuqing and her master, Daoist Dao Que, had already entered the Last Days Domain a step ahead of him, whereas Huangfu Qingying, Zhao Qinghe, Ling Yu, and the others were within a Secret Realm isolated from the world with Heaven Trampler.

It seemed as if an unseen force was obstructing him from meeting his friends. Since he’d entered the Immortal Dimensions, he’d always missed the chance to meet them.

From that day onwards, Chen Xi started cultivating behind closed doors and charged towards the Godrank Realm.

The Godrank Realm was similarly divided into various different realms. In these past few days, Chen Xi had read through all the books that his Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, had left behind, and he’d roughly gained an understanding towards the might possessed by existences at the Godrank Realm.

Normally speaking, the Godrank Realm was only a general method of address, and according to his Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, the known existences at the Godrank Realm within the three dimensions were roughly divided into three realms.

They were respectively the World Enlightened True God Realm, Domain Enlightened Spirit God Realm, and Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm. These three realms respectively possessed completely different energies.

For example, the World Enlightened True God Realm was the first realm after one stepped into the Godrank Realm. Attaining this realm was equivalent to establishing the ‘Undying Divine Flame’ which was also called the ‘Eternal Divine Flame’ within the soul, and one would be able to control ‘World Energy.’

A Domain Enlightened Spirit God was completely different to a World Enlightened True God, and they’d established a Divine Altar of their own and grasped ‘Domain Energy.’

Even further up was the Universe Enlightened Ancestral God Realm, and it formed a universe of an era, allowing them to grasp ‘Universe Energy.’

These realms had all appeared in the possession of the gods during the primeval times. For example, Chen Xi’s Fourth Senior Brother, the Old Scholar, was a Domain Enlightened Spirit God that had grasped ‘Domain Energy.’

However, even higher realms supposedly existed above these three realms, but those realms were already not something that his Fourth Senior Brother could know of.

For example, the Fiendgods and living beings that were born from within the Chaos, the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Nuwa, and the Sovereign Sect’s Master were existences that stood above these three realms!

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi understood that strength within the three dimensions was indeed limited. Because inheritances and techniques related to the Godrank Realm were too scarce like Qilin horns and phoenix feathers. Only supreme powers like Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect had records of it.

This obviously showed how difficult it was to advance into the Godrank Realm.

At the very least, practically all the figures capable of becoming a god were overlords that were extremely rare in the world or shocking existences that were rarely seen in a million years.

For example, when he was at the God Attainment Region, even with the ability possessed by the Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect, Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, they could only place all their hopes of attaining the Godrank Realm onto the Dao Fruit’s Spirit.

Unfortunately, because of Chen Xi’s interference, they’d failed short of success in the end and missed the chance to attain the Dao and become a god.

In short, existences at the Godrank Realm had already surpassed the three dimensions and weren’t included within the five elements. The strength they possessed had already exceeded the scope of the three dimensions.

Only in this way could they be addressed as paramount existences.

In the opinion of all the living beings of the three dimensions, existences at the Godrank Realm could indeed be considered as paramount.

However, becoming a god wasn’t a difficult thing to Chen Xi any longer.

It was even to the extent that he at least had three methods to step foot into the Godrank Realm now. The first was to rely on the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, the second was to fuse with his clone to create an ‘Eternal Divine Body’ and step foot into the Godrank Realm.

As for the third method, it was simple, and it was to rely on his own cultivation and potential to breakthrough into the Godrank Realm!

The first two methods were capable of allowing Chen Xi to step foot into the Godrank Realm at any moment,, whereas the last method required Chen Xi to spend some time to comprehend it.

However, it wasn’t that difficult. Presently, he possessed the Primeval Dao Quintessence that only one in a million possessed, the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman, and a cultivation at the Halfgod Realm. Coupled with the Karmic Luck he’d obtained from the Divine Chains of Order, when all of these were combined together, it caused his potential and the strength he possessed to infinitely approach the strength of a true god a long time ago.

Under such circumstances, advancing into the Godrank Realm by relying on his own potential was something that would come naturally and occur without much extra effort.

Thus, Chen Xi had chosen the third method to become a god.

As for the Dao Fruit’s Spirits that he possessed, he’d passed them all to his clone to keep safe. Once Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, Qiu Xuanshu, and the others were charging into the Godrank Realm, his clone would give those Dao Fruit’s Spirits to them.

In this way, the first two methods were excluded as well.

Chen Xi had also done this because he hoped that he would be able to utilize his own strength to help the people by his side to the best of his ability, and he could be said to have given great care and thought towards all of this.

Om! Om!

On the seventh day after Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation, a strand of invisible and obscure force suddenly started rumbling, whereas his soul seemed like seething lava that brightly illuminated the entire universe within his body.

Chen Xi could see that there seemed to be a strand of flames that was on the verge of leaping out from his soul.

This was the act of lightning the Divine Flame within his soul!

So long as he accomplished this step, Chen Xi would be able to establish the Eternal Divine Flame and step foot into the ranks of World Enlightened True Gods.

At this moment, Chen Xi had a solemn expression while his entire body was enveloped by the aura of divinity, and he emanated a myriad of strands of auspicious light. Every single inch of his skin seemed as if it was spraying out the aura of divinity.

“Establish!” Right when the energy of his soul had seethed to the limit, Chen Xi suddenly shouted loudly in his heart.


At this moment, the sky dimmed down outside the Dao Emperor Divine Palace while a vortex suddenly descended from the sky and covered it. The vortex rumbled while numerous strands of multicolored divine flames were emanated from within it. Crimson, violet, indigo, green… Divine flames of all sorts of colors seethed and emanated extremely terrifying might.

Everyone within the academy was alarmed by this, and all of them successively stopped what they were doing and gazed over. All of them were astounded when they witnessed this scene, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts.

“Is the Dean…about to step foot into the Godrank Realm?” Many great figures had faintly guessed a certain possibility, and they gasped without end.

As for those students beneath the Immortal King Realm, all of their Dao Heart had almost been drowned out at this instant, and their minds went blank. Moreover, they were terrified by the divine might within that vortex to the point they almost knelt on the ground.

This scene was too terrifying. Because a type of paramount energy of divinity had descended from the sky and transformed into a revolving vortex, and its might was utterly not something that ordinary cultivators could resist.

Swish! Swish!

It wasn’t long before another unexpected event occurred. The deathly silent door that stood towering above the sky in the entire universe seemed to have noticed something, and it suddenly started trembling.

After that, numerous extremely thick and large Divine Chains of Order rumbled as they descended in a dense mass. It was like a cage of the Heaven Dao formed from a myriad of chains had descended, and it intended to restrain the variants within the three dimensions.

“Shit! If the Dean is disturbed at this moment, then he’ll probably fall short of success!” The expressions of Qiu Xuanshu and the others changed abruptly, and they were extremely astounded. However, they were utterly powerless to stop anything. Because with their current strengths, they were only barely able to resist the divine might in the heavens and the earth, and they even lacked the strength to attack.

At this instant, all the cultivators in the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension had successively noticed this scene.

The door in the sky that has remained motionless and deathly silent has awakened once more, and it has sent down numerous Divine Chains of Order. What does this mean? Could it be that the deathly silent calamity is going to sweep through the three dimensions once more?

All living beings were shocked and at a loss for what to do.


Right amidst this extremely oppressive atmosphere, a figure suddenly shot into the sky. His entire body emanated a myriad of strands of divine brilliant, and he was like an extremely blazing sun that was gradually rising in the entire Immortal Dimension and appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

“What’s that?”

“It seems to be the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi!”

“My god! What’s he doing?”

The entire Immortal Dimension was stirred and filled with an endless uproar as they’d guessed the identity of that blazing figure.


Before they could recover from their shock, they saw that blazing figure stretch out his hand and grab. The vortex that emanated countless strands of multicolored divine flames was instantly grabbed, and then it rumbled as it exploded into pieces. It transformed into a myriad of droplets of light that rained down from the sky, and it was completely absorbed into the body of that figure.

At practically the exact same time, the dense mass of Divine Chains of Order had descended, and they intended to cover that blazing figure.

“Hmph!” But right at this moment, that blazing figure suddenly raised his head, and drew his sword with a clang before it swept out through the sky. An extremely breathtaking and boundlessly brilliant strand of sword qi swept out, causing a wave of world shaking bangs to resound throughout the world.

Under the astounded gazes of the myriad of living beings in the Immortal Dimension, the numerous Divine Chains of Order were actually slashed apart successively and fell to the ground!

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