Chapter 1539 – Attaining The Dao and Becoming A God

Qiu Xuanshu passed the jade box over first, and he said, “Martial Uncle, this was sent over by the Nether Spring Grand Emperor in the Netherworld. He said that you’ve about to go on a long journey, and these two treasures ought to be returned to their original owner.”

Chen Xi instantly understood that the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush were within the jade box.

“It’s rare that he was still able to remember this.” Chen Xi took the jade box in his hand and sighed with emotion. He’d originally intended to seize the time he had in these next few days to return to the Netherworld, yet this had saved him some time now.

After all, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush belonged to the Third Netherworld Emperor, and they were branded with the inheritance of the Terminus Dao Insight. He couldn’t tolerate losing possession of such a forbidden force.

Along with the improvement of Chen Xi’s cultivation now, he’d obtained deeper realization of how heaven defying and formidable the Terminus Dao Insight was. Once it was utilized it was practically capable of annihilating existences that were said to be ‘eternal.’

This naturally included gods!

It was no wonder that the Third Netherworld Emperor had been encircled and killed by all the gods all those years ago. The existence of the Terminus Dao Insight was bound to make a great deal of people be unable...

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