Chapter 1538 – Everything Is Prepared

Half a year had passed since the Sovereign Realm was destroyed.

Too many things had occurred during this half year of time, and the situation within the entire three dimensions had silently undergone a tremendous transformation.

As Chen Xi suggested, Qiu Xuanshu had led all the great figures of the academy and the various powers of the Immortal Dimensions to reform the order in the world and reestablish the Central Immortal Court.

All the various powers that had allied with Dao Emperor Academy as soon as the Sovereign Sect’s threat swept through the Immortal Dimension had benefited from all of this, and they assumed positions of control over the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension.

On the other hand, the control of the order within the entire Immortal Dimension seemed to have become presided over by Dao Emperor Academy!

Besides this, the great figures within the academy had branched into two groups. One group descended to the Mortal Dimension to eliminate the invasion of the Xeno-race with all their might, and they consolidated the order in the Mortal Dimension and rebuilt the world.

On the other hand, the other group had arrived at the Netherworld under Chen Xi’s orders. They assisted the Nether Spring Grand Emperor and the Queen of Judgment, Cui Qingning, to crush the internal strife within the Netherworld and reestablish control over the Six Paths of Hell, the ten Kings of Hell, Granny Meng Hall, the Gates of Hell, and the River of Blood, allowing all order to flow normally.

It could be said that during this half year of time, after all the disciples of the Sovereign Sect that were left behind in the three dimensions had been annihilated, the chaos within the three dimensions was effectively restrained under Chen Xi’s absolute control. Everything faintly showed signs of coming back to life and reclaiming its glory of the past.

Moreover, when faced with such shocking changes, the Xeno-race even sighed emotionally — The three dimensions has Chen Xi to block the way, we’ve already missed our opportunity and can’t do anything about it.

In the end, the Xeno-race retreated from the three dimensions and hid in the Outerealm, and they didn’t dare rashly invade the three dimensions again.

However, all of this wasn’t the end. That door still stood towering in the sky above the universe, and the Divine Chains of Order were still looking fiercely down at the world. This meant that this calamity that swept through the three dimensions hadn’t come to an end.

It was like a sharp sword that hung above all the living beings in the three dimensions, and no one knew when it would descend once more, causing everyone to feel as if they were sitting on a cushion of pins.

“The three dimensions have changed.” In the sky above Dao Emperor Academy, Qiu Xuanshu sighed with emotion. “The chaos within the entire three dimensions has been eliminated, and for a very long period of time from now, it will at least not suffer the invasion of the Sovereign Sect or the Xeno-race.”

“Mmm.” Chen Xi nodded.

During this half years of time, he’d been constantly residing in the world within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons and accompanying his loved ones, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t know anything about the situation in the three dimensions.

It was even to the extent that all important decisions had to be decided on by him. For example, sending the forces of the Immortal Dimension to the Mortal Dimension and Netherworld or rebuilding the Central Immortal Court were all orders given by Chen Xi.

“Martial Uncle, are you really going to leave?” Qiu Xuanshu gazed at Chen Xi.

“I have to leave.” Chen Xi nodded. “This is something that can’t be helped. It’s like an arrow on a bowstring that has to be released. According to my estimations, that passageway that leads to the Ancient God Domain will close in less than a year of time. During this time, I must arrive safely at the Last Days Domain. Only in this way would I be able to find that passageway that heads to the God Domain.”

Qiu Xuanshu understood what Chen Xi meant, and he understood Chen Xi’s troubled. He couldn’t help but ask. “After you leave, what about the three dimensions? What about your loved ones?”

Chen Xi had already considered this question a very long time ago, and he immediately said, “This time, I intend to leave by myself.”

When he spoke up to here, he turned around and smiled as he looked at Qiu Xuanshu. “You don’t have to worry. If you encounter any problems after I’ve left, you can go look for Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan’s help.”

“Not to mention that besides the two of them, all the Fellow Daoists in the academy like Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and Xuanyuan Pojun will definitely spare no effort to assist you in protecting the academy and maintaining the order of the entire three dimensions.”

“Mmm.” Qiu Xuanshu nodded. “Martial Uncle, don’t worry.”

He was clearly aware that even if he wanted Chen Xi to stay in the three dimensions, it would be impossible. Chen Xi’s strength had long since approached the Godrank Realm, and once he took that step beneath the calamity that has swept through the three dimensions, then Chen Xi would have no choice but to leave.

Instead of that, it was better to act in advance, and he would even have a very large opportunity to locate the path that led to the Ancient God Domain.

“Martial Uncle, look.” Qiu Xuanshu suddenly looked towards the distance. “Miss A’Xiu has arrived.”

Chen Xi was stunned. Sure enough, he saw A’Xiu walking over swiftly from afar in a green dress, and a wisp of complicated emotions couldn’t help but surge out from his heart.

Since he brought Fan Yunlan back that day, A’Xiu’s attitude towards him had changed greatly, and she’d constantly avoided him. This was the first time they were meeting during this period of time.

When he saw this, Qiu Xuanshu had left sensibly since a long time ago, and only A’Xiu and Chen Xi remained here.

Just like in the past, A’Xiu wore a green dress, and was beautiful. She had her hands behind her back as she feigned a relaxed expression while looking at Chen Xi and said, “I heard you’re leaving?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Yes, A’Xiu, I…”

He was interrupted by A’Xiu before he could finish speaking. “Chen Xi, do you remember that you once promised to do something for me in the Mortal Dimension all those years ago?”

Chen Xi was stunned. In his daze, he recalled the scenes of the past in the Mortal Dimension. He recalled the scenes of him and A’Xiu strolling through the Capital of Delicacies, Taotie City, he recalled that scene where A’Xiu didn’t hesitate to exhaust her cultivation and resist a strike from Saint Emperor Gui Su all for the sake of saving his life, he recalled…

All of these scenes appeared vividly before his eyes, and they spread throughout Chen Xi’s heart like a ripple.

“Of course I do.” Chen Xi spoke firmly, and he looked at A’Xiu with a clear gaze.

“Good, then this is that thing I want you to do.” A’Xiu took a deep breath and seemed as if she’d made an extremely important decision. She withdrew a jade book and passed it to Chen Xi.

After she finished doing all of this, she turned around and left swiftly.

Chen Xi was stunned and didn’t stop her. He flipped open the jade book in his hand, and there was only a single line of beautiful words on it. “When we meet next, I want you to do something in front of the entire world — marry me.”

In an instant, Chen Xi was fiercely shocked in his heart while various emotions surged into his heart like a tidal wave. It caused his hand that held the jade book to be unable to refrain from trembling, and he stared blankly ahead there in silence.

Alright, I promise. Chen Xi didn’t speak these words, and it was a silent proclamation. After he made this decision, his heart actually became calm.

There were no emotions within his heart at all.

There were no thoughts within his mind.

It was an indescribable feeling of guilt and happiness.

After a long time, Chen Xi carefully put the jade book away. He didn’t tell A’Xiu that he intended to reveal all his true feelings in that first sentence he was prepared to say to her when they met…

On the next day, within the world in the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons.

“Even though you’re heading to the Last Days Domain this time, you can still take the Star Manor and Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons with you. They’re both Divine Artifacts, and they won’t suffer rejection or destruction from the energy within the Last Days Domain.” The tiny cauldron spoke with a voice that was flat as usual.

However, Chen Xi discerned a trace of concern from within it, and he said, “There’s no need. With my current cultivation, I already have no use for the Star Manor. As for the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons, it’s better to be left for you to use.”

The Last Days Domain was an extremely dangerous and mysterious place. It was the source of the calamity that erupted in the three dimensions, and there was even a passageway that led to the Ancient God Domain hidden within it.

Chen Xi’s understanding of the Last Days Domain was merely limited to the fact that only existences at the Godrank Realm could survive after entering it.

On the other hand, this meant that once forces and treasures within the scope of the three dimensions entered the Last Days Domain, they would suffer rejection and destruction.

For example, so long as any treasure that was beneath a Divine Artifacts in quality entered the Last Days Domain, it would lose all the might it originally possessed.

In other words, Chen Xi could only bring Divine Artifacts along as his weapons when he headed to the Last Days Domain.

However, he wasn’t worried about all of this. Presently, he already possessed the Talisman Armament, Copper Coin of Treasurefall, and Overarching Heaven Net that were Divine Artifacts with unfathomable might.

On the other hand, the Universe Void Lantern, Nine Heaven Lifesoil, and God Binding Rope had originally belonged to Qing Xiuyi, and he’d returned them to her a long time ago.

On the other hand, the other Divine Artifacts like Moon Slaughter, the Firecloud Horsetail Whisk, and the Dark Calamity Sword which were obtained from Yin Huaikong, Kong Zhao, and Tuo Kong, and all the other treasures he possessed like the Greensilk Palace Lantern, Heaven Hatred Seal, Skyearth Gourd, and so on and so forth had been passed down to Fan Yunlan, Chen Hao, Chen An, Chen Yu, Chen Nuo, and his others loved ones instead.

It could be said that when he decided to head to the Last Days Domain, Chen Xi had already given all the treasures he already had no use of to his loved ones, whereas only a few Divine Artifacts remained in his possession.

“Since you’ve made your decision, then I won’t force you.” The tiny cauldron said, “However, do you really intend to leave your clone in the three dimensions?”

Chen Xi nodded. “I can only be truly at ease with him here after I’ve left.”

Presently, Chen Xi’s clone had already attained the peak of the Saint Immortal Realm, and it was only a step away from ascending into the ranks of Immortal Kings. Moreover, it would be a body refiner at the Immortal King Realm!

According to the tiny cauldron, if Chen Xi’s main body fused with his clone at this moment, then he would utterly no need to rely on a Dao Fruit’s Spirit to step into the Godrank Realm in one go, light up the divine flame in his soul, and remodel an eternal body. His might would be so formidable that it was absolutely exceed Chen Xi’s imagination.

However, Chen Xi still refused in the end. Just as he’d said, he was unable to avoid worrying about the three dimensions, and he was even more unable to avoid worrying about his loved ones. Even though the three dimensions seemed to be at peace now, the calamity actually still hung above the sky in the universe. This was also an important reason behind this decision that he’d made.

The tiny cauldron stopped persuading Chen Xi when it noticed that Chen Xi had made up his mind, and it said, “However, you have to be careful. The Last Days Domain has already exceeded the scope of the three dimensions, and gods are no different than the ordinary people in the Mortal Dimension when they reside within it.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He suddenly noticed that the tiny cauldron seemed to be slightly long-winded today. Its tone seemed to be calm like water, yet it was actually thinking about him at all times.

The tiny cauldron seemed to have noticed this as well, and it instantly stopped speaking and went silent after saying those words.

After a long time, the tiny cauldron seemed to feel that the atmosphere was slightly strange, and it instantly became impatient. “If you intend to leave, then leave. Why be so hesitant and garrulous like this? Quickly go!”

Chen Xi smiled bitterly and said in his heart, From the beginning until the end, it seemed to have been you who was garrulous, right?

Late at night.

At the main hall of the Chen Clan, Chen Xi summoned all of his friends and loved ones here before holding a feast, yet he didn’t tell them about the news of his departure.

Because his clone would still remain within the three dimensions, so there was no need to let everyone know about this and worry about him.

Only Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, Chen Hao, Chen An, Chen Yu, and a few others were clearly aware of the objective Chen Xi had for holding this feast, and the emotions in their hearts was rather complicated.

After the feast ended, Chen Xi silently left the world within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons and returned to Dao Emperor Academy. He intended to cultivate in seclusion, step foot into the Godrank Realm in one go, and then leave for the Last Days Domain.

However, right before he entered into closed door cultivation, Qiu Xuanshu had arrived hastily, and he brought a jade box and a piece of unexpected news.

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