Chapter 1537 – The Joys Of A Family Reunion

The Sovereign Realm had been destroyed!

All the top experts of the Sovereign Sect had been annihilated!?

As soon as Chen Xi spoke these words, the surroundings fell into deathly silence, and the pupils of all the great figures including Qiu Xuanshu dilated while they cried out involuntarily with shock.

If someone else were to speak these words, they would absolutely snicker at that person and feel disdainful to even give it serious consideration, and it was even to the extent that they might humiliate that person.

But these words were spoken by Chen Xi, so its weight was absolutely different, and it was even to the extent that no one dared to question it, nor was there any reason to question it.

Chen Xi’s status and identity in the Immortal Dimension now had predetermined that every single word he said would be like an infallible law or the truth of the Grand Dao!

The surroundings were perfectly silent.

Every single one of them were shocked by this information and were unable to recover from their shock for a long time.

Along with the arrival of the calamity in the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect was like a shadow that enveloped the hearts of every single cultivator in the Immortal Dimension, and they were unable to eliminate this shadow, causing them to be unable to eat and sleep in peace.

Yet now, right when they intended to seize this opportunity to launch a counterattack, Chen Xi had told them instead that the Sovereign Realm was destroyed while the Sovereign Sect’s experts had all been annihilated. Could anyone avoid being shocked by this?

At such a moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he exchanged glances with Qing Xiuyi before he turned around and left silently.

Along with his status and reputation growing higher and higher, Chen Xi had noticed that it wasn’t suitable for him to frequently make an appearance like he had in the past. Because along with every single appearance he made, it would definitely draw over countless respectful gazes and innumerable exclaims of admiration…

Perhaps this was a rare and supreme honor to some people, but in Chen Xi’s opinion, it was extremely boring to him, and he felt lonely at such a high position.

“The Sovereign Realm has been destroyed, and the Sovereign Sect’s experts have been annihilated! This is simply extremely good news to the entire three dimensions, and it’s deserving of praise and cheers!”

“My god! All of this wouldn’t have been accomplished by Dean Chen Xi alone, right?”

“It was definitely accomplished by Dean Chen Xi. If an existence capable of crushing the Sovereign Realm was chosen from this world, then could anyone but Dean Chen Xi be qualified for the position?”

“Amazing! Truly amazing!”

After a short moment, all the others in the surroundings seemed as if they’d woken up from a dream, and they exclaimed successively with admiration while cheering without end.

At this moment, even the hearts of Qiu Xuanshu, Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, Xuanyuan Pojun, and all the great figures were surging with emotions, and they were unable to calm down for a long time.

After this deed, could anyone in the entire three dimensions be a match for Chen Xi now?

It wouldn’t be going too far to respectfully address Chen Xi as the number one figure in the three dimensions after the calamity descended!

“Everyone!” Suddenly Qiu Xuanshu took a deep breath and spoke in a loud and clear voice. “The Dean has personally made a move, and he has already destroyed the Sovereign Realm and annihilated all the experts within it. Now it’s the best opportunity for us to launch a counterattack in the three dimensions. I only have one thing to ask, do all of you dare to join this fight?”

His voice was like a thunderclap that rumbled and surged through the heavens and the earth, and it caused the hot blood within every single person in the surroundings to surge along with their battle intent.




After that, orderly shouts erupted, rumbled, and resounded in unison before surging through the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, all of them were rubbing their palms together impatiently, and they intended to sweep through the Immortal Dimension and reclaim their lost homelands. They intended to reclaim the control of the entire Immortal Dimension from the Sovereign Sect!

“Depart!” Qiu Xuanshu shouted loudly.

On this day, all the various powers allied to Dao Emperor Academy left Darkombat City with all the great figures of the various powers in the lead, and they launched a counterattack.

The impetus of this was so vast that it shocked the entire Immortal Dimension, and it caused all the myriad of living beings in the Immortal Dimension to be extremely excited.

It was also on this day that the news of Chen Xi trespassing into the Sovereign Realm by himself, crushing the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm, and annihilating all the experts of the Sovereign Sect had spread at a shocking speed.

It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples, and it caused an unprecedentedly mighty uproar in the Immortal Dimension, whereas Chen Xi’s name had even become the topic that everyone took delight in discussing.

Chen Xi’s reputation had already risen to the height of being the number one expert in the three dimensions now!

It was unknown who had made this judgment, but it had instantly become the common view of every single cultivator in the Immortal Dimensions. Moreover, no one felt that this title was exaggerated.

How many Immortal Kings had Chen Xi slaughtered in these years?

They were uncountable!

Had a figure that could rival Chen Xi appeared in the recent years?


Had Chen Xi committed any monstrous crimes in these years?


How could a great figure with a lofty reputation and strength that stood supreme in the three dimensions be unworthy of the title of number one expert in the three dimensions?

After this title was born, it wasn’t that there weren’t people in the entire Immortal Dimension that questioned it. However, as soon as such voices arose, it would instantly incur public wrath and be fiercely crushed.

It wasn’t Chen Xi that did it, and it was those cultivators that took action themselves. This obviously showed exactly how lofty Chen Xi’s reputation in the Immortal Dimension was now.

The influence of the destruction of the Sovereign Realm and death of all the Sovereign Sect’s experts didn’t just stop here.

After this day, the powers in the entire Immortal Dimensions set out successively, and they started to join forces to eliminate the remaining forces of the Sovereign Sect in the various areas of the Immortal Dimension.

In practically less than half a year of time, not a single disciple of the Sovereign Sect could be found in the Immortal Dimension!

On the other hand, during this half year of time, Chen Xi had been constantly living in seclusion and accompanying his loved ones. He lived a leisurely and carefree life that stood aloof from worldly matters.

The world within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons.

The landscape was covered in gorgeous mountains and mist that curled up into the sky.

At the side of a lake.

“Grandpa, I want to become the number one expert within the three dimensions in the future as well!” A young boy around the age of eight was at Chen Xi’s side, and he opened his eyes wide while swinging his tiny arm and speaking with a firm tone.

This little fellow was Chen Hao’s grandson, Chen Baobao. He looked dignified and strong, and he had a lively pair of eyes. He was young and cute.

Chen Xi roared with laughter and teased. “So in this way, you intend to kick Grandpa off his throne?”

Chen Baobao smiled slyly without end, and he was extremely amused.

“Hmph! Grandpa, don’t pay any attention to him, he’s talking big again.” Chen Yunyun grunted from the side. She was a few years older than Chen Baobao, and she was at her maiden years. She was slim, graceful, and pretty.

Chen Baobao was instantly annoyed, and he glared at Chen Yunyun. “I didn’t!”

“Wow! You actually dared to act fiercely towards me!” Chen Yunyun’s beautiful brows raised, and then she raised her hand to twist Chen Baobao’s ears. It hurt the latter to the point of crying out loudly, and it was even to the point tears almost flowed from his eyes, causing him to loudly beg for mercy without end.

“Didn’t you want to be the number one expert in the three dimensions? Why’re you begging for mercy?” asked Chen Yunyun.

Chen Baobao said with a pitiable expression, “I won’t, I’ll be the number two expert in the three dimensions.”

“I’ll be the number two expert in the three dimensions?” Chen Yunyun asked curiously.

“Because with Big Sister Yunyun present, how could I dare call myself the number one expert?” Chen Baobao was a mischievous little fellow, and he was extremely intelligent. So, he flattered her imperceptibly.

Chen Yunyun instantly beamed, and she stopped making things difficult for him.

Chen Xi grinned without end from the side, and he really enjoyed being with his family.

During this half year of time, he’d brought Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, and Chen Nuo into the world within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons, and they’d lived together with Chen Hao, Fei Lengcui, Chen An, Chen Yu, and all the others.

Besides guiding the others in their cultivation, Chen Xi drank wine, chatted, and meditated on his cultivation in the Heart Realm. He lived a tranquil and peaceful life, and he paid no attention to the affairs of the outside world.

“Hah! Grandpa Ling Bai, play with me!” Suddenly, Chen Baobao noticed Ling Bai in the distance, and his eyes lit up before he ran over excitedly.

“I’m going as well.” Chen Yunyun jubilant as well, and she followed Chen Baobao.

It wasn’t just Ling Bai who was in the distance, A’Man, Starry, and Bai Kui were there as well. These four fellows strolled about the world within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons every single day, and the little kids, Chen Baobao and Chen Yunyun, were deeply fond of them.

“These two little fellows forgot me as soon as they found playmates.” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was extremely speechless.

After that, he heard a wave of voices coming from afar.

“Nuo’nuo, Chen An is as old as you, yet he already has children now. Why don’t you make the best use of your time to look for a Dao Companion and give birth to a grandchild for me? Look at how cute Baobao and Yunyun are.” It was Fan Yunlan’s voice.

“Mother! How many times have I told you? I don’t want that!” Chen Nuo’s voice revealed an exasperated tone.

“Why? Looks like I’ve spoiled you too much in the past, and you won’t even listen to your mother anymore?” The pitch of Fan Yunlan’s voice lowered.

“No, I’m just…” Chen Nuo said, “Forget it. Unless you can find a man like Father, otherwise, I won’t marry anyone even if you kill me! I’m going to cultivate.”

“Stop right there!” Fan Yunlan was exasperated.

It wasn’t long before Chen Xi saw Fan Yunlan walking over from afar with a displeased expression.

He couldn’t help but speak in an amused tone. “Nuo’nuo has grown up, and she had her own views and thoughts. There’s no need to make things difficult for her. Not to mention that few cultivators are willing to have Dao Companions.”

Fan Yunlan sighed faintly and said, “You don’t understand.”

“Chen Xi, so you were here.” Suddenly, Qing Xiuyi walked over from afar in snow white clothes and a tranquil and beautiful appearance.

At the instant she saw Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan quickly restrained her thoughts, and her expression became tranquil and composed.

The two women exchanged glances, and both of them didn’t say anything, causing the atmosphere to become slightly oppressive.

Chen Xi instantly felt as if he was sitting on a cushion of pins. In this half year of time, Fan Yunlan and Qing Xiuyi had met each other on more than one occasion. However, every single time they met, they were like two swords. Both of them didn’t take the initiative to pay attention to the other, and it gave Chen Xi a headache.

“Father, I heard you’ll be leaving soon?” This oppressive atmosphere didn’t continue for long before it was broken by a voice. It was Chen An that had arrived.

This allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, and he said, “Yes, you’re right.”

“Leaving?” On the other hand, when Fan Yunlan and Qing Xiuyi heard these words, they spoke simultaneously instead, and both of them had slightly stunned expressions. In this half a year of time, they’d been living in this world within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons and stood aloof from worldly affairs. This place was like a paradise secluded from the world, and they’d practically forgotten everything in the outside world.

Now that Chen An had brought this matter up, their hearts instantly constricted.

“It’s almost time, and I can’t delay any longer. Otherwise, that passageway that leads to the Ancient God Domain will probably close.” Chen Xi stood up and answered in a serious manner.

Recently, at the same time he accompanied his loved ones, he hadn’t been slacking off. He’d been preparing to leave and head to the Last Day Domain, and now it was almost at a time where he had no choice but to leave.

“When are you leaving?” Qing Xiuyi couldn’t refrain herself from asking this question.

“I’ll be heading to Dao Emperor Academy in the next few days, and I’ll depart immediately once I’ve made arrangements for everything after my departure.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke.

Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan were stunned once more. He’s leaving so soon?

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