Chapter 1536 – Returning With A Beauty

Outside Dao Emperor Academy.

The atmosphere here today was obviously unusual. A dense mass of figures had gathered outside the academy, and they could be called a sea of people.

“Presently, all of us powers that’re residing within Darkombat City have come to an agreement, and we intend to launch a counterattack towards the Sovereign Sect today. Now, we’re just awaiting Senior Qiu Xuanshu’s agreement.”

“Alas, Senior Qiu Xuanshu isn’t Dean Chen Xi in the end. I’m worried that he’ll be unable to make such an important decision.”

“There’s no need to worry. This operation has already received the approval of numerous great figures in the academy like Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and Xuanyuan Pojun. Presently, they’re requesting permission from Senior Qiu Xuanshu on our behalf. Under such circumstances, Senior Qiu Xuanshu will definitely not refuse.”

“I hope so.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, and they revealed hopeful expressions as they looked towards Dao Emperor Academy.

In these past few days, the situation within the entire Immortal Dimension had changed. The forces of the Sovereign Sect had retreated successively from the Immortal Dimension and went into hiding. This caused all of those powers that sought refuge from Dao Emperor Academy to instantly feel hopeful, and they’d successively requested to launch a counterattack on the Sovereign Sect and reclaim control of the Immortal Dimension.

Up until now, this sort of voices had arrived at an unprecedented height, and all of the powers requested permission to take actions as they weren’t willing to continue waiting.

Presently, they were only waiting for Qiu Xuanshu’s command before they would lead their subordinates out of Darkombat City and launch a counterattack on those areas of the Immortal Dimension that were under the control of the Sovereign Sect.

Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

Qiu Xuanshu pondered deeply in silence.

Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, Xuanyuan Pojun, and various other instructors were standing before him along with Zuoqiu Feiming, and the leading figures of all the other powers like the Dragon Dimension and Phoenix Clan.

All of these great figures had come to seek permission, and they wanted Qiu Xuanshu to approve the operation.

After all, the current situation in the Immortal Dimension was extremely good. The forces of the Sovereign Sect had gone into hiding, and it was the best opportunity to launch a counterattack. Thus, they were naturally unwilling to watch helplessly as such a superb opportunity passed by.

“Everyone, even though my Martial Uncle entrusted me with temporarily taking care of all affairs within the academy, this matter is extremely significant. Once a mishap occurs, then there’ll probably be no one capable of bearing the responsibility for it.” After a short moment, Qiu Xuanshu sighed lightly. Actually, he really approved of launching a counterattack, but he had to consider too many factors, and didn’t dare make a decision based on his own feelings.

All the great figures couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of disappointment when they heard this.

They really understood Qiu Xuanshu’s decision because such an operation carried great implications. Once they failed, then they would be utterly unable to give Chen Xi an explanation once he returned.

“If you want to take action, then do it. There’s no need to hesitate at all.” At this moment, a voice that was low and pleasing to the ear resounded in the divine palace, and along with this voice, Fan Yunlan’s slender, graceful, and beautiful figure arrived swiftly.

Seeing Fan Yunlan actually make an appearance caused Qiu Xuanshu to be stunned, and then he hurriedly bowed to greet her.

On the other hand, all of the great figures revealed a wisp of happiness instead when they heard this. They were clearly aware that Fan Yunlan’s identity was extraordinary, she was Chen Xi’s Dao Companion.

If this matter was able to obtain Fan Yunlan’s approval, then it was equivalent to them being halfway to success.

“But doing that seems to be…” Qiu Xuanshu hesitated slightly.

“You’re worried that it’ll fail?” Fan Yunlan directly interrupted him.

Qiu Xuanshu shook his head. “Presently, the situation in the Immortal Dimension is extremely suitable for a counterattack, so it’s far from being able to fail. However, I have no choice but to consider it.”

“Then you’re worried that your Martial Uncle will punish you for making a decision based on your own feelings once he returns?” Fan Yunlan continued.

Qiu Xuanshu pondered deeply for a moment before he laughed bitterly and said, “That isn’t it.”

“Then why are you hesitating?” Fan Yunlan said, “Once your Martial Uncle leaves in the future, you’ll be the Dean of the academy. You must remember that you can’t be irresolute, hesitant, and indecisive when doing things because this will only cause you to fall into a dilemma.”

Qiu Xuanshu felt extremely ashamed, and he cupped his hands and said, “You’re right, Xuanshu understands what he should do.”

After a short moment, Qiu Xuanshu led all of the great figures to make an appearance outside Dao Emperor Academy.

When they saw this scene, the crowd gathered here instantly became excited, and they cheered without end. They’d already discerned that Qiu Xuanshu had obviously agreed to permit the operation!

“Senior Qiu Xuanshu, don’t worry, we definitely won’t let you down!”

“Right! We’ve already sworn that we won’t return until we successively reclaim all the areas of the Immortal Dimension that the Sovereign Sect invaded!”

“Hahaha! With Senior’s approval, I truly wish for nothing more than to fucking kill my way into the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm and destroy the Sovereign Sect’s base!”

“Don’t talk nonsense! The Sovereign Realm is extraordinarily dangerous. Since the ancient times, countless gods have headed there with the intention of annihilating the Sovereign Sect’s foundation and base, yet all of them failed in the end. You can’t joke about things like this!”

Everyone spoke simultaneously and were extremely excited.

Qiu Xuanshu’s heart was filled with heroic sentiments as well when he saw this, and he was just about to speak when his pupils suddenly constricted before he swiftly gazed towards the distance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right at this moment, a wave of rumbling that shook the heavens and the earth resounded from within an expanse of space that was extremely far away, and it was like a thunderclap had filled the sky and resounded throughout the world.

At this instant, no matter if it was those great figures within the academy or all the others gathered outside the academy, all of their expressions froze before turning grim, and their gazes over into the distance in unison.

A shadow had suddenly appeared in the distant space. It covered the sky and blotted out the sun, and it was like a floating continent.

“That is...?” Everyone gasped in unison because they noticed to their shock that the shadow that covered the sky was surprisingly an extremely enormous and terrifying variant beast!

This beast was shaped like a tortoise while its head was like the head of a dragon, and its eyes were enormous like lakes. Moreover, its entire body was suffused by strands of monstrous Immortal Force, and it seemed like a primeval god of beasts.

As soon as it appeared, it instantly brought a strand of terrifying pressure to everyone in the surroundings, and it caused their faces to reveal shocked expressions.

At this moment, Even Qiu Xuanshu, Wang Dao, Zhou Zhili, and the others were shocked in their hearts. A Heaven Devouring Beast! That’s actually a rare Primordial Beast that went extinct during the primeval times!

“Dammit! What the fuck is that!?” Someone exclaimed with shock.

“Who cares what it is? It obviously came with ill intent! I’ll go exchange a few blows with it!” An Immortal King with a violent temper roared loudly, and then he charged out with the intention of fighting the Heaven Devouring Beast.

However, before he could act, he was stopped by Wang Daolu who stood at the side. “Stop! Haven’t you noticed that there are two figures riding on that Heaven Devouring Beast?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused many people in the surroundings to be stunned. When they looked over carefully, they really did notice that two figures were standing on the Heaven Devouring Beast, yet because the Heaven Devouring Beast’s figure was too enormous, it caused those two figures to seem tiny like ants, causing all of them to have no noticed those two figures earlier.

However, at this moment, everyone present in the surroundings noticed these two figures. Especially when they saw the appearance of one of the figures clearly, many people exclaimed with shock.


“It seems to be Dean Chen Xi?”

“But when did his hair become white?”

“It’s definitely him! He’s Dean Chen Xi! My god! He actually subdued a Heaven Devouring Beast as his mount! This is simply even more extraordinary than riding a dragon or phoenix!”

At this moment, even Qiu Xuanshu and the others recognized Chen Xi as well. However, when they saw the snow white hair that covered his head, they couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, and they faintly sensed that something had probably occurred to Chen Xi.

But in next to no time, their attention had been drawn by the beautiful and extraordinary woman that stood by Chen Xi’s side.

She had jet black and beautiful hair, a gorgeous appearance, red and tender lips, snow white skin, and illusory starry eyes. As she stood by Chen Xi’s side, she naturally revealed an extraordinary and pure beauty that caused even the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.

“The Dean wouldn’t have brought another Dao Companion back, right?” Wang Daolu made a harmless joke. Because when Chen Xi returned the last time, he’d brought Fan Yunlan and Chen Nuo back with him, whereas this time, he’d brought back another woman that was beautiful to the point it made others feel inferior in comparison. So it was impossible to prevent their thoughts from running wild.

The others smiled when they heard this, and they knew that Wang Daolu was joking.

“You’re right.” However, to their surprise, Qiu Xuanshu sighed lightly and said, “That really is my Martial Uncle’s Dao Companion. She’s called Qing Xiuyi, and she’s an heir of Nuwa’s Dao Palace. They’d already become Dao Companions while they were in the Mortal Dimensions. Moreover, they even have a son called Chen An.”

All of the others were astounded. It’s actually true!Rumble!

Right at this moment, the enormous figure of the Heaven Devouring Beast enveloped down, and it stopped in the sky.

Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi leaped down from it and arrived by the side of Qiu Xuanshu and the others.


“Martial Uncle!”

All of the others seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, and they hurriedly bowed.

The crowd gathered outside the academy bowed in unison as well, and they greeted Chen Xi loudly.

For a time, Chen Xi’s name resounded throughout the heavens and the earth, and this scene was extremely grand.

It was the first time that Qing Xiuyi had encountered such a scene, and she couldn’t help but move closer to Chen Xi because she possessed a quiet disposition, and she didn’t like being the center of attention.

Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder, and then he said to Qiu Xuanshu and the others, “What’re all of you doing?”

As he spoke, he swept all the others outside the academy with his gaze, and he couldn’t help but frown.

Qiu Xuanshu hurriedly told Chen Xi the reason upon hearing this, and as he finished speaking, he added. “Martial Uncle, now that you’ve returned, please make a decision with regards to this matter.”

After he heard all of this, Chen Xi was stunned and revealed a wisp of a strange expression.

“Martial Uncle, could it be that there’s something inadvisable about this?” Qiu Xuanshu noticed Chen Xi’s expression, and his heart couldn’t help but jerk because he thought that Chen Xi was extremely displeased by his actions.

The other great figures gazed at Chen Xi in unison as well, and they were anxious and uneasy in their hearts as well.

They couldn’t be blamed for feeling like this. Presently, Chen Xi’s prestige was so great that it even faintly showed signs of surpassing the previous dean, Meng Xinghe. Within the Immortal Dimension, he was absolutely an existence that was like the sun in the midday sky now.

Even if it was Wang Daolu and the others who’d lived for countless years and were innumerable years older to Chen Xi didn’t dare act willfully before Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that a wisp of reverence filled their hearts when they faced Chen Xi.

The atmosphere was silent. The crowd outside the academy shot their gazes at Chen Xi in succession, and they were extremely nervous in their hearts.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he faced such a scene. “There’s no need to be anxious. I don’t intend to object to this operation.”

All of them heaved sighs of relief in their hearts upon hearing this.

“Then what’s Martial Uncle’s opinion?” Qiu Xuanshu couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Just do as you’ve said.” Chen Xi patted Qiu Xuanshu on the shoulder, and he consoled. “There’s no need to worry about failure. The Sovereign Realm has already been destroyed while all its experts have perished. They won’t pose a threat to the Immortal Dimension any longer.”

“What?” As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked, and all the great figures cried out involuntarily with shock.

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