Chapter 1536 – Returning With A Beauty

Outside Dao Emperor Academy.

The atmosphere here today was obviously unusual. A dense mass of figures had gathered outside the academy, and they could be called a sea of people.

“Presently, all of us powers that’re residing within Darkombat City have come to an agreement, and we intend to launch a counterattack towards the Sovereign Sect today. Now, we’re just awaiting Senior Qiu Xuanshu’s agreement.”

“Alas, Senior Qiu Xuanshu isn’t Dean Chen Xi in the end. I’m worried that he’ll be unable to make such an important decision.”

“There’s no need to worry. This operation has already received the approval of numerous great figures in the academy like Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and Xuanyuan Pojun. Presently, they’re requesting permission from Senior Qiu Xuanshu on our behalf. Under such circumstances, Senior Qiu Xuanshu will definitely not refuse.”

“I hope so.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, and they revealed hopeful expressions as they looked towards Dao Emperor Academy.

In these past few days, the situation within the entire Immortal Dimension had changed. The forces of the Sovereign Sect had retreated successively from the Immortal Dimension and went into hiding. This caused all of those powers that sought refuge from Dao Emperor Academy to instantly feel hopeful, and they’d successively requested to launch a counterattack on the Sovereign...

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