Chapter 1535 – Destruction Of The Sovereign Realm

After experiencing this huge battle, the Sovereign Realm was in an utter mess.

The earth had split apart, the restrictions had been destroyed, and the landscape had been transformed into an expanse of desolation. Numerous corpses of Immortal Kings lay in pools of blood while the air was suffused with a bloody stench. This scene was extremely horrifying, and it carried an aura of sorrow and death.

During this battle, thirty six Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect who were at the Immortal King Realm had been annihilated, and not a single one of them had survived. Moreover, Yin Huaikong, Daoist Tuo Kong, and Elder Kong Zhao, three existences at the Godrank Realm, had been slaughtered on the spot at the last minute.

It could be said that the elite and top forces that the Sovereign Sect left behind in the three dimensions had been wiped out, and it was impossible for them to bring disaster upon the world any longer.

All of this had been accomplished by Chen Xi!

Time flowed by, and the space in the surroundings gradually calmed down.

Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi walked side by side. Chen Xi wall tall and handsome, and his snow white hair was like silvery frost; Qing Xiuyi’s jet black hair hung loosely on her shoulders, and her appearance was beautiful and extraordinary. They were like a match made in heaven.

In next to no time, the two of them arrived...

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