Chapter 1535 – Destruction Of The Sovereign Realm

After experiencing this huge battle, the Sovereign Realm was in an utter mess.

The earth had split apart, the restrictions had been destroyed, and the landscape had been transformed into an expanse of desolation. Numerous corpses of Immortal Kings lay in pools of blood while the air was suffused with a bloody stench. This scene was extremely horrifying, and it carried an aura of sorrow and death.

During this battle, thirty six Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect who were at the Immortal King Realm had been annihilated, and not a single one of them had survived. Moreover, Yin Huaikong, Daoist Tuo Kong, and Elder Kong Zhao, three existences at the Godrank Realm, had been slaughtered on the spot at the last minute.

It could be said that the elite and top forces that the Sovereign Sect left behind in the three dimensions had been wiped out, and it was impossible for them to bring disaster upon the world any longer.

All of this had been accomplished by Chen Xi!

Time flowed by, and the space in the surroundings gradually calmed down.

Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi walked side by side. Chen Xi wall tall and handsome, and his snow white hair was like silvery frost; Qing Xiuyi’s jet black hair hung loosely on her shoulders, and her appearance was beautiful and extraordinary. They were like a match made in heaven.

In next to no time, the two of them arrived above the thirty three levels.

This place was covered in an expanse of chaos that stretched boundlessly into the distance. Only an ancient Dao Platform and a pitch black and dignified divine throne stood towering there, and there was nothing else besides them.

This place was originally the place where the Master of the Sovereign Sect cultivated, yet now, along with the descent of the calamity, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had left the three dimensions. Thus, this place wasn’t occupied any longer.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

A chaotic mist surged and suffused the surroundings while emanating a swishing sound, and it was completely empty, causing this place to seem even quieter.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he instantly felt a feeling a déjà vu.

He suddenly recalled that when he looked through the jade slip his father, Chen Lingjun, had left behind within Iris Immortal Prison, the scene here had been reflected within it.

Within that scene was Chen Lingjun during a previous life, and he was called Tai Ling. He was the Junior Brother of the Sovereign Sect’s Master, and he’d once conversed with the Sovereign Sect’s Master here.

It was also during that conversation that the Sovereign Sect’s Master had killed Tai Ling himself.

There was only a single reason for this, Tai Ling wasn’t willing to stay within the three dimensions any longer, and he intended to return to the Ancient God Domain. However, the Sovereign Sect’s Master was against this, and a conflict arose between them because of this.

Now, Chen Xi had stepped foot onto this place, and he couldn’t help but think of his father, Chen Ling Jun, when he gazed at this familiar scene, and he thought of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, that had left with his father.

Have they already arrived at the Ancient God Domain? Chen Xi stared blankly at the surroundings for a long time, and he couldn’t help but sigh lightly in his heart.

The jade slip Chen Lingjun left behind before leaving on that day had revealed that so long as he took good care of the River Diagram fragments, then their entire family would one day be able to reunite after he arrived at the Ancient God Domain.

After I return this time, I’ll recover from my injuries and then get to work to set out to the Last Days Domain… Let me see exactly what sort of place the Ancient God Domain is! Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in his eyes, and he made his decision.

“Do you know where the soul of that Heaven Devouring Beast is being kept?” Qing Xiuyi suddenly asked from the side. After she arrived here, she’d been constantly searching, yet she hadn’t noticed anything.

“Beneath that divine throne.” Chen Xi raised his hand and pointed towards the distance. It was an expanse of chaos over there, and the aura of divinity whistled through it. The sun, moon, and stars rose and fell in the surroundings, and a black colored divine throne stood towering within the chaos. It was brilliant, paramount, and represented supreme authority.

Qing Xiuyi was stunned. She’d noticed the divine throne as well, yet she’d never imagined that the strand of soul extracted from the Heaven Devouring Beast would be suppressed beneath the divine throne.

As they spoke, their figures flashed and arrived before the black divine throne.

When they looked at it from a close distance, this divine throne seemed extremely ordinary. It was completely jet black like the veil of eternal night, and it wasn’t decorated at all. However, it was suffused with a strand of terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

It wasn’t an aura possessed by the divine throne itself, and it was instead the aura left behind by the Master of the Sovereign Sect that had resided on the divine throne in the past. It was indistinct, obscure, supremely dignified, and brilliant to the point of being impossible to look at from a close distance!


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate at all to withdraw the Dao Calamity Sword and slash violently at the divine throne.

When he executed this sword strike, he suddenly thought of the Chaotic Divine Lotus, Dao Lotus, and Evil Lotus. Now that I’ve destroyed the Sovereign Sect’s Sovereign Realm, they would probably be extremely gratified if they were able to witness this scene, right?


The divine throne glowed while surging and oppressive Divinity rose from it, and it actually blocked Chen Xi’s sword strike!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Before Chen Xi could take further action, a screen of light suddenly surged into appearance from within the divine throne, and it transformed into the figure of a black robed man.

This figure seemed as if it was boundlessly tall, and it was entirely suffused by a boundless dignified aura. He was like the overlord of the heavens and the earth, the exalt of all things, and he emanated an aura that caused even the world to tremble.

The Master of the Sovereign Sect!

When he saw this figure, Chen Xi’s heart shook while his pupils constricted, and he swiftly grabbed Qing Xiuyi’s hand before flashing extremely far away.

However, in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that this figure wasn’t real, and it was an existence that seemed like a strand of Spiritual Brand. It didn’t pose any danger at all.

This allowed him to heave a long sigh of relief in his heart. Truthfully speaking, no matter how confident he was towards his cultivation now, he still didn’t have any confidence to go against an existence like the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

“Those that dare to defile the divine throne are definitely not members of my Sovereign Sect, and in the entire three dimensions, only a mere few people are capable of arriving safely above the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm.” An empty and indifferent voice rumbled and resounded through the heavens and the earth. The gaze of the ‘Sovereign Sect’s Master’ suddenly shot towards Chen Xi and seemed like two divine glows shooting at him.

Even if he was clearly aware that this wasn’t the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s true body, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but feel a strand of terror when he faced this gaze.

This caused him to frown, and then he took a deep breath and circulated his cultivation to fiercely eliminate this strand of fear. Only then did his expression recover to its previous state.

“Chen Xi! Is it you?” The voice of the Sovereign Sect’s Master resounded once more, and it was like a thunderclap and carried a strand of absolute confidence towards his grasp of the situation.

“Even though I haven’t met you in the past, I’ve never overlooked any information related to you, and that includes your experiences when you were young. Your path of cultivation in the Mortal Dimension and your experiences in the Immortal Dimension, I’ve taken notice to all of it.”

Chen Xi felt a wave of horror in his heart from this. He wouldn’t think that the Sovereign Sect’s Master was exaggerating and deceiving him because there was entirely no need for this. But why would the Sovereign Sect’s Master pay such attention to me?

This was the key reason why Chen Xi felt horrified.

“There’s no need to take it seriously. It looks to me like this old bastard is playing tricks on you.” Qing Xiuyi’s gentle and chilly voice sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears, causing his heart to suddenly feel warm, and then he nodded to Qing Xiuyi to display that he was fine.

“I have to admit that after you possessed the River Diagram fragments, the other disciples of Oracle Mountain can’t compare to you at all. No one in the three dimensions can see through your fate any longer.” The Sovereign Sect’s Master spoke with a voice that didn’t carry any emotions, and it revealed a supreme dignified aura. “Unfortunately, having your fate concealed means that it’ll be very difficult for you to control your own fate as well.”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly grinned slightly and spoke of something else. “The three dimensions are too small in the end. It’s like a cage that only restrains a group of tiny and lowly living beings, and it’s nothing worth mentioning. If you desire to kill me, then make the best use of your time and come to the Ancient God Domain. I myself am slightly interested towards the River Diagram fragments in your possession as well. I hope you don’t lose your life in the Last Days Domain…”

Along with these words, the figure of the Sovereign Sect’s Master grew lighter and lighter before gradually vanishing in the heavens and the earth.

Everything returned once more to deathly silence, whereas Chen Xi stood on the spot with his brows knit together tightly, and he seemed to have fallen into deep thought.

Why did the Sovereign Sect’s Master leave such a strand of will behind?Could it be that he’d guessed I would come here since the beginning? But if he did, then why didn’t he prepare some contingencies to annihilate me here?

What was he trying to say earlier?

At this moment, all sorts of thoughts arose in his heart, and they flashed through his mind. However, he was unable to deduce an answer that satisfied him.

“There’s no need to think too much about it. The Sovereign Sect’s Master was obviously utilizing a deceptive strategy on purpose. If you were unable to arrive here, then you would naturally be unable to see that strand of a Spiritual Brand.” Qing Xiuyi spoke in a low voice from the side.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and returned to his senses from his deep thought, and then he said, “No matter what, I have to make a trip to the Ancient God Domain in the end. No matter if the Sovereign Sect’s Master’s words were a threat or not, I’ll kill him myself one day.”


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a wave of the sound of shattering resounded. The black divine throne in the distance had actually started to rumble and shatter into pieces.

This was like a fuse, and it wasn’t long before this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth started to tremble violently. Space started to become violent, and it faintly showed signs of collapse and destruction.

It wasn’t just that, at this moment, everything within the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm was shaking. Everything was collapsing and shattering, and the heavens and the earth were in chaos as numerous terrifying rifts appeared on it.

“This doesn’t look good! The Sovereign Realm is about to be destroyed!” Qing Xiuyi’s clear eyes focuses as she spoke with surprise.

“Wait a moment for me.” As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

“Let’s go!” After a short moment, Chen Xi’s figure returned. He grabbed Qing Xiuyi’s hand before he flashed away via teleportation, and he left swiftly.

Rumble! Rumble!

At the passageway beneath the Ruins of Chaos, the Heaven Devouring Beast that was resting with its eyes closed was suddenly jolted awake by a wave of noise that shook the heavens and the earth, and it opened its eyes.

It released its senses that swept out, and after a short moment, it suddenly cried out involuntarily with shock. “My god! The Sovereign Realm is actually moving towards destruction! How could this be possible?”

The Heaven Devouring Beast was utterly shocked, and its entire body stiffened. The Sovereign Sect’s Sovereign Realm had existed since the primeval times until now, and it had suffered countless attacks, yet it had never caused any harm to the Sovereign Realm.

Yet now, it actually showed signs of being destroyed!

Who exactly accomplished this?

Could it be that human kid?


“Let’s go!” Before the Heaven Devouring Beast could recover from its shock, it saw Chen Xi’s figure tear through the sky and arrive before it. This allowed it to instantly understand that all of this may have really been the work of this kid!

For a time, tempestuous waves arose in its heart. He actually succeeded… Who exactly is this kid? He was actually able to crush the Sovereign Realm by himself?

“What’re you still standing there for? Let’s go!” Chen Xi frowned and shouted in a low voice.

At this instant, the Heaven Devouring Beast actually didn’t flare up, and it glanced deeply at Chen Xi instead before taking the initiative to move. It moved its enormous figure that covered an area of 50,000km, and it carried Chen Xi on its back as it charged through layer upon layer of space to leave.

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