Chapter 1534 – Slaughtering Gods


A myriad of phenomena appeared along with this sword strike that emanated countless rays of divine radiance.

This sword strike was a strike Chen Xi had executed in rage, and he’d utilized the extremes of his cultivation in the Sword Dao. It was absolutely the most formidable sword strike Chen Xi had executed since he’d started cultivating until now.

It seemed as if the heavens and the earth were unable to obstruct or trap this sword strike, and even the Grand Dao could only avoid it!

Its might was so formidable that it caused the expressions of Yin Huaikong, Kong Zhao, and Tuo Kong to change in unison.


They resisted with all their might, yet their figures were blasted flying by this single sword strike, and they flew out like kites that had their strings cut.

Before they could even catch their breaths, Chen Xi had shot over explosively once more. He carried Qing Xiuyi on his back while his snow white hair that flowed down like a waterfall fluttered, and his imposing aura blazed. His entire body was enveloped by boundless divine radiance, and the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand let out a clear howl as if it yearned to drink the blood of gods.

It wasn’t just this, the thick and large Divine Chains of Order that covered the sky had come down towards Yin Huaikong and the others as well.

It could be said that at this moment, the situation had already turned around completely, and Chen Xi had grasped the initiative and a position of absolute advantage!

“Dammit! I’ll fight you to the death!” Yin Huaikong roared furiously. The reversion of the situation caused him to fall into violent rage, and he was on the verge of losing all reason. He actually flashed and took the initiative to attack Chen Xi.


Unfortunately, at this moment, after Chen Xi had executed the Godslaughter Burst, Chen Xi had become an existence that Yin Huaikong couldn’t go against. With a spin of the sword, Chen Xi blasted Yin Huaikong back, causing Yin Huaikong to cough up blood without end.

“Quickly get back here!” Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong spoke with anger and shock when they saw this scene, and they intended to head over and help Yin Huaikong. However, before they could even make a move, they were pinned down by the Divine Chains of Order that covered the sky, and they found it impossible to struggle free.


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to raise his hand and make a throwing motion. He utilized the God Binding Rope once more, and it transformed into a silver and brilliant light that flashed momentarily before vanished. In the next moment, it had already restrained Yin Huaikong.

“Die!” Chen Xi strode through space, and then suddenly attacked with his sword.

“NO!!!” Yin Huaikong was both furious and terrified. His pupils dilated while he felt a strand of great terror suffusing his entire body, and it felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pity. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d never imagined that he would one day be so close to death.

Nor had he imagined that after he undid the seal on his cultivation, he wasn’t taken away by the Divine Chains of Order and would instead be on the verge of being annihilated at Chen Xi’s hand.

All of this caused his face to warp while divine radiance erupted from his entire body as he intended to take Chen Xi down with him.


Unfortunately, he’d overestimated his ability and underestimated how terrifying Chen Xi was. With merely a single sword strike, Yin Huaikong’s head was directly chopped off, causing the blood of a god to spray throughout the sky!


After he succeeded with a single sword strike, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to stretch out his hand and grab. He withdrew the Universe Void Lantern, and it erupted with boundless divine flames of light that actually completely incinerated Yin Huaikong’s corpse, causing Yin Huaikong’s soul to be obliterated as well. Moreover, not even a bit of him remained.

An existence at the Godrank Realm had actually been annihilated by Chen Xi at this moment!

Strictly speaking, this was absolutely the act of ‘slaughtering a god,’ and it lived up to the name of the Yazi Clan’s supreme inheritance, the Godslaughter Burst!

Bursting with energy, and then slaughtering gods!



At this instant, Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong roared furiously, and they struggled free from the restraints of the Divine Chains of Order. However, it was already too late. Yin Huaikong had already been slaughtered beneath Chen Xi’s sword and had been completely obliterated. Even if the Master of the Sovereign Sect himself arrived here, it would be impossible to rescue and reincarnate Yin Huaikong.

This caused the eyes of Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong to almost split apart from rage, and blood even seeped out from the corners of their eyes. They were filled with extreme rage and hatred.

“Bastard! You’ll be brought into the Last Days Domain one day, and that day will be the day of your death!!” Kong Zhao roared furiously as his figure flashed and charged up into the sky. The last trace of reason that remained within him told him that once he stayed behind at this moment, then not only would he be unable to harm Chen Xi, he might even follow in Yin Huaikong’s footsteps and meet a miserable and horrifying end.

“Hmph! At the very least, you’ll definitely die now!” Amidst this cold grunt, Chen Xi’s figure flashed while the God Binding Rope soared once more into the sky. A silver radiance floated up into appearance from it as it flashed and moved to restrain Kong Zhao.


Kong Zhao waved the Firecloud Horsetail Whisk with the intention of blasting the God Binding Rope back.

However, resentment filled his heart because the Divine Chains of Order that covered the sky had shot over explosively at this moment as well, and they restrained him.

Needless to say, this was extremely ironic. The Sovereign Sect had always pursued the ideals of ‘upholding justice for the Heaven Dao,’ and it controlled and utilized the energy of the Heaven Dao to bring calamity to the three dimensions. Since the ancient times until now, it had caused countless calamities and brought harm to innumerable innocent living beings.

Yet now, as a Sect Priest of the Sovereign Sect, Kong Zhao had been repeatedly obstructed by the Divine Chains of Order at the critical moment, and it seemed as if it was indirectly helping Chen Xi instead. How absurd and laughable was this?


Chen Xi seized this opportunity to annihilate Kong Zhao with his sword, causing the blood of a god to spray through the sky and cover the heavens and the earth.

“Thinking of fleeing?” After he finished doing all of this, Chen Xi swiftly turned around while his gaze swept coldly towards the distance.

At the end of his gaze, Daoist Tuo Kong had executed teleportation, and he’d traversed layer upon layer of space while fleeing with great haste. Moreover, he was about to flee from the Sovereign Realm.

This fellow was rather extraordinary. Earlier, while Chen Xi was annihilating Kong Zhao, he’d already silently turned around and left, and his grasp of the right moment could be said to be superb.

However, he’d overlooked a single thing. He’d utterly never expected that Kong Zhao would actually be defeated so quickly, and he’d never imagined that Kong Zhao wouldn’t be restrained by the God Binding Rope and would instead be obstructed by the Divine Chains of Order, allowing Chen Xi to directly annihilate Kong Zhao in the end.

All of this had undoubtedly provided Chen Xi with a tiny opportunity!


In the next moment, a thick, large, and brilliant strand of sword qi tore apart layer upon layer of space, and it chased up to Daoist Tuo Kong before fiercely slashing towards Daoist Tuo Kong who was extremely far away.

“Damnable Bastard! You really intend to spare no one?” Daoist Tuo Kong sensed danger approaching, and his expression changed abruptly while his figure flashed swiftly. He tried to evade this sword strike, but as soon as he’d dodged, another strand of sword qi tore through the sky and arrived before him.

This caused his expression to turn grim, and he had no choice but to dodge once more.

Swish! Swish!

After that, strand after strand of sword qi tore through the sky and arrived before him like they were cancer that wouldn’t leave him, and they utterly didn’t give Daoist Tuo Kong any opportunity to teleport away.


Daoist Tuo Kong had no choice but to choose to face them head-on. However, he was struck by those strands of sword qi to the point of staggering back, and his figure trembled ceaselessly in space.

Every single strand of sword qi he resisted would cause his countenance to turn slightly paler.

When he finally resisted all the strands of sword qi, he couldn’t help but suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, and his entire body felt as if it was on the verge of collapse.

Fortunately, I’ve finally resisted them all… He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and then suddenly gritted his teeth tightly and fled once more.

However, right at the instant he turned around, his entire body suddenly stiffened. To his surprise, he saw Chen Xi had suddenly appeared within his field of vision and was obstructing his path.

“You…” Daoist Tuo Kong cried out involuntarily with shock and rage.


It wasn’t a reply that greeted him, and it was instead a strand of sword light that slashed down towards him.

“No!!” Amidst an extremely shrill and miserable cry, Daoist Tuo Kong’s entire body was slashed into two, causing his soul to be obliterated. He perished miserably on the spot, and he followed in the footsteps of Yin Huaikong and Kong Zhao.

The blood of gods rained down throughout the heavens and the earth, and it was suffused with a boundless bloody aura.

The three existences at the Godrank Realm that the Sovereign Sect had left behind in the three dimensions were annihilated just like this, and it was impossible for them to be resurrected!

Similarly, this meant that after he’d stepped into the Halfgod Realm, Chen Xi had accomplished the feat of surmounting a realm to do battle and annihilating true experts at the Godrank Realm. Moreover, he’d annihilated three gods in one go!

If all the living beings in the three dimensions witnessed this battle, one could only wonder what they would think.


The Divine Chains of Order that danced through the sky had lost their targets, and they instantly became restless. They were like a group of headless flies, and they swayed without end as if they were searching for something.

In the end, they actually locked onto Chen Xi!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, yet he wasn’t afraid. That day when he’d advanced into the Immortal King Realm, he’d once drawn the attention of these Divine Chains of Order. In the end, a Divine Chain of Order had been chopped down from the sky by him instead, and he’d bestowed it to Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and the others.

Now, he didn’t mind seizing this opportunity and chop down some Divine Chains of Order again.

However, before he could make a move, those Divine Chains of Order swished and vanished successively. They’d actually taken the initiative to leave.

This caused Chen Xi to be slightly stunned, and he heaved a long sigh of relief in the end.

As soon as he relaxed, a strand of exhaustion instantly surged into his heart. The essence, energy, spirit, and Immortal Force within his body seemed as if they’d evaporated into thin air, and he felt empty and unwell.

In merely the time of a few breaths, an exhausted expression had uncontrollably covered the space between Chen Xi’s brows.

This was the side effect of the Godslaughter Burst technique. Even though it was able to double one’s strength in a short period of time, it posed an extremely severe consumption towards one’s essence, spirit, energy, and even quintessence.

In this way, Chen Xi would at the very least be in a ‘weak’ state for a period of time.

However, at this moment, the side effect of Chen Xi’s utilization of the Godslaughter Burst hadn’t erupted completely. So he seized this opportunity to flicker repeatedly through the surroundings and retrieve all the treasures in the battlefield.

Of course, treasures like the divine blade, Slaughter Moon, the Firecloud Horsetail Whisk, and the Dark Calamity Sword had become Chen Xi’s spoils from the battle as well.

“Put me down.” After he finished doing all of this, Chen Xi was just pondering about whether he should seize this opportunity to head to the area above the thirty three levels, yet right at this moment, a gentle and chilly voice resounded by his ear.

He instantly recalled that Qing Xiuyi was still being carried by him on his back.

“Are you alright?” Chen Xi stopped at an empty expanse of ground, and he put Qing Xiuyi down carefully while asking with concern. As he spoke, he carefully sensed Qing Xiuyi’s current state, and he noticed her injuries weren’t as severe as he’d imagined. This allowed him to instantly heave a sigh of relief.

“I’m fine.” Qing Xiuyi shook her head, and then she raised her eyes to look at Chen Xi with a worried expression before she said, “Are you…alright?”

Chen Xi’s jet black hair had turned snow white in an instant. Moreover, at this moment, his entire aura was even waning at a shocking speed, and this caused Qing Xiuyi to be extremely worried.

She was very clearly aware of how severe the side effects of the Godslaughter Burst were.

“I’m naturally fine.” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly.

Qing Xiuyi nodded. She had a quiet disposition and was reticent. Even if she was showing concern towards someone, she seemed to be extremely calm, and she her heart felt at ease as well when she saw that Chen Xi was fine.

Similarly, Chen Xi wasn’t a playboy that was good with words. At this moment, both of them actually fell into silence, and they both stared silently at each other.

The atmosphere seemed delicate, yet it was extremely harmonious, and both of them felt extremely steady in their hearts.

It was Chen Xi that was the first to break the silence, and he said, “Accompany me to the area above the thirty three levels. Before I came here, I’d promised a Heaven Devouring Beast that I would help it reclaim a strand of its soul that’s being suppressed there.”

Qing Xiuyi nodded, and she actually took the initiative to hold Chen Xi’s hand for the first time.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s entire body shook while a wisp of warmth that couldn’t be concealed surged out from his heart. He couldn’t help but smile brilliantly at Qing Xiuyi and reveal two rows of snow white teeth.

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