Chapter 1534 – Slaughtering Gods


A myriad of phenomena appeared along with this sword strike that emanated countless rays of divine radiance.

This sword strike was a strike Chen Xi had executed in rage, and he’d utilized the extremes of his cultivation in the Sword Dao. It was absolutely the most formidable sword strike Chen Xi had executed since he’d started cultivating until now.

It seemed as if the heavens and the earth were unable to obstruct or trap this sword strike, and even the Grand Dao could only avoid it!

Its might was so formidable that it caused the expressions of Yin Huaikong, Kong Zhao, and Tuo Kong to change in unison.


They resisted with all their might, yet their figures were blasted flying by this single sword strike, and they flew out like kites that had their strings cut.

Before they could even catch their breaths, Chen Xi had shot over explosively once more. He carried Qing Xiuyi on his back while his snow white hair that flowed down like a waterfall fluttered, and his imposing aura blazed. His entire body was enveloped by boundless divine radiance, and the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand let out a clear howl as if it yearned to drink the blood of gods.

It wasn’t just this, the thick and large Divine Chains of Order that covered the sky had come down towards Yin Huaikong and the others as well.

It could be said that at this moment, the situation had already turned around completely, and Chen Xi had grasped the initiative and a...

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