Chapter 1533 – Good Luck Follows Behind Misfortune

The battle was still going on, and it was becoming more and more intense.

Chen Xi was utterly suppressed, and he could only defend himself and was unable to counterattack any longer. He was already in a precarious situation.


After a short moment, Chen Xi was blasted back, and his countenance turned pale. A strand of terrifying Divinity had charged into his body, and it intended to tear apart the universe within his body. However, at the critical moment, the Infinite Divine Talisman circulated and fiercely refined and absorbed that strand of energy, allowing him to avoid calamity.


However, before Chen Xi could catch his breath, Yin Huaikong had seized this opportunity to arrive before Chen Xi with the Dark Calamity Sword in his hand before sword qi flowed out from it. Even if Chen Xi had already dodged instinctively, he still couldn’t avoid being injured by this strand of sword qi, and it left behind a bone deep injury on his left shoulder, causing fresh blood to flow from it and dye his clothes red.

The situation grew even worse for him!

“Quickly! This kid is already on the verge of being unable to hold on, let’s kill him in one go!” Yin Huaikong roared loudly with a grim voice, and a wisp of excitement filled the space between his brows. At this moment, they’d already occupied an absolute position of advantage.

There was no need for his reminder before Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong sped up the rhythm of their attacks.

“Die!” Kong Zhao roared loudly as the divine blade, Moon Slaughter, within his hand slashed down.


But right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed as he suddenly utilized the Nine Heaven Lifesoil to envelop his entire body and obstruct this terrifying strike. However, his entire body was blasted back once more, and his figure staggered.

The Nine Heaven Lifesoil!

Yin Huaikong’s eyes instantly turned red, and they were filled with extreme greed. Moreover, the gaze he shot at Chen Xi seemed as if he was staring at an extremely enormous treasure vault.

He suddenly flashed forward with sword in hand, and he intended to seize the Nine Heaven Lifesoil.

At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi withdrew the God Binding Rope and suddenly restrained Yin Huaikong. However, before he could annihilate Yin Huaikong, he was blasted back by Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong who launched a pincer attack against him from both sides.

On the other hand, Yin Huaikong seized this opportunity to struggle free of the God Binding Rope’s restraint.

Chen Xi was helpless towards this and could only evade once more.

During the next period of time, he’d successively utilized the Universe Void Lantern, the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, and the Overarching Heaven Net, yet all his efforts amounted to failure in the end.

On the contrary, they’d almost seized this opportunity to seize these Natural Spirit Treasures away.

However, even then, the situation he was in was still like that of a trapped beast, and it was growing more and more dangerous. Moreover, he frequently suffered injuries, causing his entire body to be bathed in blood, and his countenance was pale and practically translucent.

But it was precisely amidst such a dangerous situation that Chen Xi’s expression still remained calm and composed. The battle intent within his eyes still blazed like seething lava, and he revealed an extraordinarily tenacious will and tenacity.

This exceeded the expectations of Yin Huaikong and the others, and it caused their expressions to turn even more gloomy while killing intent raged within their eyes.

The time they had was growing shorter and shorter. At this moment, they were even able to sense that the Divine Chains of Order in the sky that were originally in a deathly silent state had started to become restless and eager to take action, and they were on the verge of descending.

If they were still unable to kill Chen Xi before that happened, then the final outcome would be that they were forcefully taken into the Last Days Domain, whereas no matter how injured Chen Xi was, so long as he was still alive, then no one in the three dimensions would be able to harm him at all in the future!

Such consequences were something they were absolutely unable to accept.

“Dammit! This bastard is actually so difficult to deal with!”

“Quickly! Even if we have to utilize a forbidden technique, we must kill this kid no matter what!”

Waves of loud shouts resounded. At this instant, Yin Huaikong executed a forbidden technique. Divinity surged explosively throughout his body while his imposing aura actually rose once more.


At this instant, he utilized the Dark Calamity Sword in his hand to execute an extremely terrifying strand of sword qi, and it caused the heavens and the earth to collapse while the world was filled with boundless calamity and darkness.

It was like an eternal veil of night had descended, and it dragged the world into boundless darkness!

This sword strike was too terrifying. Chen Xi sensed a strand of lethal danger coming from it, and it caused the hairs on his body to stand on end. At this critical moment, a cold glow flashed in his eyes, and he seemed to have made some sort of decision.


However, right at this moment, a wave of light fluctuation abruptly effused out from his body, and it transformed into numerous lotus platforms of light that enveloped Chen Xi’s entire body and blocked this strand of sword qi.

It was Qing Xiuyi!

At this moment, she’d actually made an appearance from within an Immortal Artifact in Chen Xi’s possession, and she’d executed some sort of technique with the intention of helping Chen Xi resist this attack.

This had exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. He’d never imagined that Qing Xiuyi was still able to move arbitrarily, and it was already too late for him to stop her.


The two collided. The numerous lotus platforms of light were blasted apart and sprayed throughout the sky like paper. But in the end, it was able to stop this sword strike.

However, a mouthful of blood suddenly sprayed out from Qing Xiuyi’s mouth after she suffered this blow, and she seemed as if she’d completely lost her spirit, energy, and essence, causing her to become dispirited and almost crash down from midair.

“Dammit!” Chen Xi’s eyes almost split open with rage, and he swiftly stopped Qing Xiuyi’s delicate figure from falling while a strand of anger that raged like an ocean surged out from within his heart, causing the blood within his entire body to seem to be on the verge of exploding.

At such a moment, Qing Xiuyi had actually resolutely stood before him and had almost perished!

How could Chen Xi accept this?

He was completely enraged, causing the aura emanated from his entire body to become violent. He seemed like a volcano that had been deathly silent for countless years yet was on the verge of erupting now.

“All of you must pay with your lives today!!” Chen Xi roared loudly towards the sky while his dense and jet black long hair fluttered, and his voice revealed boundless rage and hatred as it surged through the heavens and the earth.

“How shameless! If it wasn’t for that bitch, how could you possibly be able to stand and speak now!?” Yin Huaikong’s expression turned extremely unsightly. Executing such a forbidden technique caused him to suffer an extremely great backlash as well, and it consumed a huge amount of the quintessence of his Divine Dao. He originally thought that he would be able to annihilate Chen Xi in one go, yet who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually be able to escape calamity once more?

“Shit! The Divine Chains of Order are about to descend!” Right at this moment, Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong’s expressions changed simultaneously as they gazed up into the sky.

The veil of the sky had been torn apart and numerous thick, large, and icy cold Divine Chains of Order were passing through the rifts and descending like winding black dragons.

This caused Yin Huaikong’s expression to suddenly turn grim, and he howled. “Quickly attack and kill this bastard!”

As he spoke, he held his sword in hand as he charged once more towards Chen Xi in a frenzied manner.

The descent of the Divine Chains of Order meant that the absolute advantage they’d obtained with great difficulty was about to start being destroyed at this moment. So if they still didn’t seize this opportunity to kill Chen Xi, then the consequences would be unimaginable!



At this moment, it wasn’t just Yin Huaikong that had noticed the severity of the situation, even Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong had as well. Both of them roared furiously in succession and they executed their respective trump cards as they attacked Chen Xi.

From the moment Qing Xiuyi made an appearance and blocked Yin Huaikong’s lethal strike to the descent of the Divine Chains of Order, and then Yin Huaikong and the others attacking with their full strengths, all of this had practically occurred in an instant.

It was quick!

Too quick!

If it was any other ordinary cultivator, that cultivator would probably be utterly unable to react in time.

This obviously showed exactly how pressing and dangerous the situation was at this moment.

On the other hand, at this extremely critical moment, Chen Xi had actually placed Qing Xiuyi on his back in an extremely gentle manner, and then a wisp of resolution surged out from his eyes as he gazed at Yin Huaikong and the others who charged at him.


At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire imposing aura change. His entire body seemed as if it was burning while his flesh and blood became crystalline, and a myriad of blazing talismans swept out as if they intended to incinerate the heavens and the earth.

His dense and jet black long hair had suddenly turned snow white while his body burned like a divine furnace, and his spirit, energy, and essence transformed into a perfectly straight stream of smoke that shot into the universe. His entire imposing aura had actually risen explosively and doubled in this instant!

Snow white hair and an imposing aura that rose explosively and doubled!

“The Yazi Clan’s Godslaughter Burst!” The pupils of Yin Huaikong and the others constricted as they’d simultaneously recognized the forbidden technique Chen Xi had executed. Their expressions immediately turned grim while astonishment arose in their hearts. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi actually possessed such a technique.

The reason was that even if it was within the current Yazi Clan, such a supreme technique had long since been lost in the annals of time. Thus, this was the reason why they felt so shocked when they saw that Chen Xi actually possessed this technique.

They were unaware that Chen Xi had obtained this technique by chance within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss all those years ago, and up until now, he’d merely utilized it a few times.


Chen Xi’s hair was snow white as he suddenly took the initiative to meet them in battle, and the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand soared through the sky and slashed down.

At this moment, there was only boundless killing intent in his heart, and he desired to slaughter gods!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After three successive collisions that were extremely intense, Yin Huaikong and the others whom had arrived swiftly before Chen Xi had similarly been blasted away swiftly. They were struck to the point of being blasted flying, and they actually didn’t have the slightest ability to resist him!

The reason behind this was that after he executed the Godslaughter Burst technique, Chen Xi’s combat strength had risen explosively and doubled. What was it like when a cultivation at the Halfgod Realm doubled? It was simply superior to an actual god!

Under such circumstances, how could Yin Huaikong and the others possibly be a match for him?

Swish! Swish!

Right at this moment, numerous thick, large, and icy cold Divine Chains of Order smashed down, and they were like winding black draconic shackles that charged towards Yin Huaikong and the others in unison.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like these Divine Chains of Order were assisting Chen Xi to annihilate Yin Huaikong and the others.

“Dammit! Dammit!” When he saw this scene, Yin Huaikong was angered to the point of being on the verge of going mad. They were just about to obtain victory, yet such an unexpected event suddenly occurred, and it caused him to feel aggrieved to the point even his heart bled.

“We don’t have a chance any longer…” The expressions of Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong were extremely unsightly as well. The Divine Chains of Order had already smashed down, so even if Chen Xi hadn’t executed the Godslaughter Burst technique, they already had no chance to annihilate him.

Because compared to Chen Xi, the might of the Divine Chains of Order was the most terrifying to them!

“Let’s go!” Kong Zhao shouted explosively after he made the decision.

No matter how extremely unwilling they were, Tuo Kong and Yin Huaikong could only choose to leave when they saw this. The reason was that with their ability, they were utterly unable to go against the Divine Chains of Order.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three of them soared into the sky in unison, and they intended to leave.

“You want to leave? Did you get my permission?” Suddenly, Chen Xi’s icy cold and indifferent voice resounded from behind them. After that, a silver and brilliant rope tore through space and appeared out of thin air to obstruct their path.

At practically the exact same time, the Universe Void Lantern, Copper Coin of Treasurefall, Nine Heaven Lifesoil, and Overarching Heaven Net revolved as they floated up into appearance, and they obstructed the path of Yin Huaikong and the others before smashing down towards them.

“Bastard! Do you think you can stop us!?” Yin Huaikong and the others were utterly infuriated when they saw this, and their chests almost exploded with rage. They attacked with all their might to blast all of these Natural Spirit Treasures away.

However, because of this interference, their movements revealed a trace of sluggishness.

On the other hand, Chen Xi grabbed onto this trace of fleeting opportunity to soar into the sky with the Dao Calamity Sword in hand before slashing down with it!

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