Chapter 1533 – Good Luck Follows Behind Misfortune

The battle was still going on, and it was becoming more and more intense.

Chen Xi was utterly suppressed, and he could only defend himself and was unable to counterattack any longer. He was already in a precarious situation.


After a short moment, Chen Xi was blasted back, and his countenance turned pale. A strand of terrifying Divinity had charged into his body, and it intended to tear apart the universe within his body. However, at the critical moment, the Infinite Divine Talisman circulated and fiercely refined and absorbed that strand of energy, allowing him to avoid calamity.


However, before Chen Xi could catch his breath, Yin Huaikong had seized this opportunity to arrive before Chen Xi with the Dark Calamity Sword in his hand before sword qi flowed out from it. Even if Chen Xi had already dodged instinctively, he still couldn’t avoid being injured by this strand of sword qi, and it left behind a bone deep injury on his left shoulder, causing fresh blood to flow from it and dye his clothes red.

The situation grew even worse for him!

“Quickly! This kid is already on the verge of being unable to hold on, let’s kill him in one go!” Yin Huaikong roared loudly with a grim voice, and a wisp of excitement filled the space between his brows. At this moment, they’d already occupied an absolute position of advantage.

There was no need for his reminder before Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong sped...

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