Chapter 1532 – Fighting Gods Head-on

Divinity effused out and instantly filled the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, All thirty three levels of the Sovereign Sect fell into great terror. Everything within it wailed and trembled, and they seemed to be submitting, yet seemed to be on the verge of collapse as well.

This was the true might of the Divine Dao!

This sort of might had already exceeded the scope of the three dimensions, and it was so terrifying that it was sufficient to rebuild the world, recreate the surrounding landscape, and transform the ordinary into extraordinary. It was almighty!


The heavens and the earth fell beneath a wave of rumbling. Space was unable to maintain its stability any longer, and it started to surge and explode into pieces before whistling towards the surroundings in the form of torrents. The heavens and the earth were in chaos!

At this instant, Chen Xi’s eyes focused and a wisp of vigilance arose in his heart.


His figure suddenly flashed, and it flickered through the layer upon layer of shattered space to move far away into the distance and avoid the pressure emanated from this energy of divinity.

After that, he suddenly took a deep breath before the universe within his body started to rumble. The Infinite Divine Talisman circulated at full strength while the energy of Primeval Dao Quintessence carried a surging aura of divinity as it effused out from within his body, causing his entire body to be suffused by divine radiance and coiled...

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