Chapter 1531 – Bloody Slaughter Of Immortal Kings


Various attacks rained down and crushed space as they arrived, and they caused the heavens and the earth to fall into chaos and seem as if an unprecedented calamity had arrived.

Immortal Kings were said to be at the supreme height of the three dimensions, and a single thought of theirs could destroy a large world!

Yet now, a group of Immortal Kings had attacked jointly with all their ability and strongest Immortal Artifacts, and it was obvious how terrifying the might they revealed was.

If it was in the past, Chen Xi could only flee at the sight of such attacks.

Yet now his combat strength couldn’t be compared to the past any longer. He stood at the Halfgod Realm, and it was sufficient for him to look down proudly and arrogantly at the three dimensions. He was superior to all the Immortal Kings present in the surroundings.

Coupled with his extremely deep foundation in the Immortal Dao and the Dao Calamity Sword that innately countered the inheritance of the Sovereign Sect, he was utterly unafraid of everything.


Chen Xi moved out. After he’d successfully subdued the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, he didn’t have any worries left. At this moment, when facing the attacks of a group of experts from all directions, he naturally wouldn’t be cautious and hesitant any longer.


A myriad of strands of sword qi that were clear like amber bloomed furiously like lotus flowers in the heavens and the earth, and they were suffused with divine radiance. The sword qi sprayed out like rays of light, and they crisscrossed together as they raged through the surroundings.

In an instant, the battle erupted completely.


Chen Xi’s dense and jet black long hair fluttered while his entire body was suffused by divine radiance, and a myriad of divine talismans and talisman markings coiled around him. He was like a peerless emperor that looked down upon all and possessed boundless might.


He tore through a crimson red weapon with a single sword strike, and then sword qi swept out to directly annihilate this Elite Disciple from the Sovereign Sect, causing his figure to be split into two as he perished on the spot.

“Bastard!” Someone charged furiously at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare this person a glance before a clang resounded, and then the Talisman Armament floated up into appearance in his left hand. Chen Xi slashed with the Talisman Armament and forcefully blasted the bones within that person’s entire body into pieces, causing blood to flow from all seven of his apertures while he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His figure rumbled as it exploded into pieces, and a rain of blood poured down.

“Quickly! Quickly attack jointly and stop him!!” The successive deaths of two Elite Disciples beneath a single sword strike from Chen Xi caused many of the others to be shocked and furious. They didn’t dare to go against Chen Xi by themselves, and they chose to attack together.

However, even then, they were still unable to trap Chen Xi, let alone crush him.

The reason was that at this moment, Chen Xi was too domineering!

He seemed like a cold and murderous god that charged through this expanse of the heavens and earth with merciless Sword Insight. The might created by every single move he made caused all of these Immortal Kings to feel unprecedentedly oppressed.

All of this came from his terrifying combat strength that was extremely rare in the entire world. Within the three dimensions where gods had ceased to exist, he’d already attained the utmost peak in it, and he’d stopped taking mere Immortal Kings seriously long ago.

After all, he was able to surmount a realm and do battle when he was still at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and he’d even annihilated Immortal Kings while fighting three of them by himself.

Moreover, when he’d just advanced into the Immortal King Realm, he was able to annihilate the Immortal Kings from all the various great powers while he was outside Dao Emperor Academy, and he reigned supreme amongst them all.

Now, he’d already attained the Halfgod Realm!

According to his Fifth Senior Brother, Li Fuyao, attaining this cultivation realm was sufficient to allow him to surmount a realm and do battle, and rival a true god. Presently, he was only dealing with some Elite Disciples at the Immortal King Realm, so it was naturally easy for him.

Most importantly, Chen Xi had already attained the limits of the Halfgod Realm, and it was an unprecedented height. He merely lacked the desire to advance before he would be able to step foot into the Godrank Realm at any moment.

Under such circumstances, could any Immortal King in the entire three dimensions vie for supremacy with him?

In less than ten minutes of time, another seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect had been annihilated!

At this moment, blood dyed the sky red while the heavens and the earth had fallen into chaos.

Even though he was tightly encircled, Chen Xi revealed an arrogant imposing aura of supremacy in the entire world.

No matter what treasure it was, it was unable to come close to him.

No matter what restriction it was, it was unable to obstruct his footsteps at all.

No matter what technique it was, all of them were countered by the Dao Calamity Sword!

If this scene was to be witnessed by all the living beings in the three dimensions, they would probably be unable to believe that Chen Xi had trespassed into the Sovereign Sect by himself and fought against all the Immortal Kings there. Moreover, he was actually so domineering and overbearing. Since the ancient times until now, could anyone compare with him?


The battle was still continuing.

The expressions of those Elite Disciples from the Sovereign Sect had turned savage a long time ago from the slaughter Chen Xi was carrying out, and they executed their trump cards.

All of them hadn’t noticed at all that their Eldest Senior Brother, Yin Huaikong, had left the battlefield soundlessly a long time ago and vanished.

They didn’t notice it, yet it didn’t mean that Chen Xi didn’t.

However, he didn’t stop Yin Huaikong because he was very clearly aware that even if he obstructed Yin Huaikong now, it would be utterly impossible to annihilate Yin Huaikong. Moreover, it would instead force Yin Huaikong to remove the seal on his cultivation in advance and bring forth his true strength as a god.

This was something that Chen Xi wasn’t willing to see happen for now.

Or perhaps, it could be said that he might choose to truly fight Yin Huaikong only after he’d dealt with all of these Elite Disciples from the Sovereign Sect. At that time, these disciples wouldn’t be there to occupy him any longer, and he would definitely be able to fully concentrate on the battle and not be affected by anything else.

“That kid has already stepped foot into the Halfgod Realm, and he even possesses the Dao Calamity Sword now. Immortal Kings will be unable to harm him at all no matter how great their numbers are.” In the area above the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm, Yin Huaikong had an extremely gloomy expression, and his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth.

When the Sect Priests of the Sovereign Sect, Elder Kong Zhao and Daoist Tuo Kong, who stood in front of him heard this, both of them were shocked in their hearts, and they revealed solemn expressions.

The Halfgod Realm!The Dao Calamity Sword!Merely these two names were sufficient to allow Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong to determine exactly how terrifying Chen Xi was. However, when they heard Yin Huaikong had returned in failure, the two of them still couldn’t help but be shocked.

They were clearly aware of how formidable Yin Huaikong’s combat strength was, yet Chen Xi was still able to seize the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and utterly defeat Yin Huaikong while in a tight encirclement. Thus, this obviously showed exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength was.

“It looks like even if the three of us move out against him, we’ll be unable to harm that kid at all under such circumstances…” Kong Zhao muttered, and his emaciated and gloomy face was suffused with strands of a ghastly aura.

“We can’t allow the sect to be destroyed. If the outside world finds out that the thirty three levels of our Sovereign Sect’s Sovereign Realm were completely annihilated by only Chen Xi himself, then it would simply be an extraordinary humiliation. If the Sect Master finds out about this in the future, then he’ll definitely not forgive us.”

Daoist Tuo Kong’s brows knit together tightly. “Based on the current situation, we seem to have no choice but to utilize the strength of our Divine Dao!”

“But the Sect Master said that we can only undo the seal and head to the Last Days Domain after the Sovereign Sect has swept through the world and gained complete control over the three dimensions. It seems to be inappropriate for us to expose our strength in advance, right?” Kong Zhou spoke with hesitation.

As he spoke, he glanced at Yin Huaikong who stood at the side and asked. “Could it be that we still won’t be able to do anything to that kid even while relying on the various Divine Restrictions the Sect Master himself set up in the entire Sovereign Realm?”

“He’s from Oracle Mountain.” Yin Huaikong sighed.

It was merely a single sentence, and just the words Oracle Mountain, yet it was sufficient to explain everything.

Because in the entire three dimensions, if it was in terms of the Talisman Dao, then Oracle Mountain was the undisputed number one sect. Even Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Sovereign Sect were unable to rival it.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was from Oracle Mountain, so his cultivation in the Talisman Dao would undoubtedly be formidable.

No matter how formidable a Divine Restriction was, how could it possibly trap him?

So when they heard these words Yin Huaikong spoke, Kong Zhao and Tuo Kong fell silent.

“Presently, an unexpected event has occurred in the Last Days Domain, and the passageway to the Ancient God Domain is about to be closed. Under such circumstances, it isn’t inappropriate to expose our strength in advance.” After a short moment, Kong Zhao pondered deeply for a long time before he spoke resolutely. “I’ll do it!”

As he spoke, he stood up, and his blood red robe fluttered as he turned around and walked off.

“Nevermind, I’ll go with you as well. According to my knowledge, so long as the disciples of Oracle Mountain step foot into the Halfgod Realm, then it would be sufficient for them to rival existences at the Godrank Realm. If it’s merely you alone, then you would probably be unable to do anything to him in a short period of time, and you’ll be noticed by the Divine Chains of Order instead before being forcefully dragged into the Last Days Domain.” Daoist Tuo Kong let out a long sigh before he stood up as well.

He wasn’t exaggerating because once their strengths at the Godrank Realm were exposed, then it meant that the door in the sky above the universe would notice their cultivation, and it would send down the Divine Chains of Order to forcefully restrain them.

Even if they were great figures of the Sovereign Sect, they were unable to avoid being forcefully restrained by the Divine Chains of Order.

This meant that once they undid the seals on their cultivations and recovered their strengths at the Godrank Realm, they had to annihilate Chen Xi in a short period of time.

Otherwise, once time passed, then they would probably be forcefully dragged into the Last Days Domain before they killed Chen Xi.

Just like what happened to Oracle Mountain’s Fifth Lord, Li Fuyao, on that day. He’d attained the Godrank Realm in a single step, yet he could only watch helplessly as Yin Huaikong fled because the Divine Chains of Order were about to descend, and they forced him to stop in his tracks.

“Since it’s like that, then let’s act together. Only in this way would we be able to guarantee utter success! I don’t believe that the joint forces of three gods will still be unable to do anything to a little bastard at the Halfgod Realm!” Yin Huaikong gritted his teeth as he spoke. He could be said to possess deep-rooted hatred towards Chen Xi because he wasn’t just suppressed at every turn, even the Copper Coin of Treasurefall had been seized, and it caused his heart to be on the verge of bleeding.

Most importantly, all the Natural Spirit Treasures in Chen Xi’s possession were still on his mind. He didn’t just want to reclaim the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, he didn’t intend to allow the Overarching Heaven Net, God Binding Rope, Nine Heaven Lifesoil, and Universe Void Lantern escape his grasp.

Of course, this included the River Diagram fragments as well!

Under such circumstances, Yin Huaikong would naturally not stand by idly.

In the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm, blood dyed the ground while the sky had collapsed and shattered. Numerous incomplete corpses of Immortal Kings covered the ground, and they were suffused with a gold and brilliant color.

It was the blood of Immortal Kings and the corpses of Immortal Kings. To some experts, these corpses were rare materials that could only be chanced upon by luck, and they could be utilized to be refined into treasures or even medicinal pills. It was even to the extent that the energy of the various Grand Daos contained within them could be extracted. They could be said to possess boundless profound uses.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, all of these corpses were extremely dirty, and he couldn’t be bothered to utilize them.


The Dao Calamity Sword soared once more into the sky. It drew out an unfathomably profound arc in space, and when it descended, it caused another stream of blood to spray into the air as a head was slashed off by it.

Jiang Lingxiao!

This woman was ranked at the fifth position amongst the Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect. Now she’d been annihilated by Chen Xi instead and perished on the spot.

At this point, all thirty six Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect had been annihilated!

From the beginning until the end, merely fifteen minutes had passed before the curtains to this battle had been drawn. In other words, Chen Xi had annihilated all of them in less than half of that time!

On the other hand, besides exhausting a portion of his Immortal Force, Chen Xi could be said to be completely unharmed.

If the news of such brilliant achievements in combat were to spread into the three dimensions, it would definitely cause another mighty uproar.

However, in Chen Xi’s opinion, he’d become accustomed to all of this a long time ago and wasn’t as excited as he was in the past. After one had slaughtered so many Immortal Kings, one would naturally become accustomed to it, and this was roughly what he felt right now.

After this, Yin Huaikong and those two Sect Priests will probably make an appearance… As he stood upright in the battlefield that was an expanse of desolation covered in corpses, Chen Xi took a deep breath while the killing intent in his eyes didn’t reduce but grow instead, and it grew more and more blazing like lava.


Sure enough, right when this thought flashed into appearance within his mind, a wave of fluctuation arose in space. After that, strands of extremely terrifying energy of the gods surged out like tidewater, and it swept over and drowned this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

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