Chapter 1530 – A Battle For Treasures

He’d established a grand formation from divine talismans after taking a single step!

Divine radiance surged while the aura of divinity flowed within it, and it emanated a terrifying aura that enveloped this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Everyone was horrified and felt disbelief.

Even if they were aware from the beginning that Chen Xi was a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain, but in their understanding, Chen Xi was merely at the Immortal King Realm. None of them had expected that he would actually be able to instantly establish a Divine Restriction by relying solely on his own cultivation.

Especially unacceptable to them was that this was the territory of their Sovereign Sect! Now, an outsider like Chen Xi had actually set up a formation here in order to go against them instead, and this was simply absurd to them!

But no matter what, all of this had occurred.

The Divine Restriction had enveloped them, and it caused the figures of all the Elite Disciples to fall within it. Thus, they were unable to join forces any longer and could only fight on their own.


On the other hand, Chen Xi seized this opportunity to attack ferociously. He intended to utilize his entire strength to completely subdue and take away the Copper Coin of Treasurefall via the Overarching Heaven Net.

Because the Copper Coin of Treasurefall was ceaselessly struggling. So if he left it there, then it would cause Chen Xi to be restrained by it and be unable to annihilate his enemies as he pleased.

Yin Huaikong was in a similar situation as well. He similarly desired to utilize the Copper Coin of Treasurefall to break free of the Overarching Heaven Net and take those Natural Spirit Treasures away, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to feel at ease as he tried to annihilate Chen Xi with all his strength.

Originally, he’d placed his hopes on all of them being able to occupy Chen Xi when they attacked in unison, allowing him to have the time to accomplish all of this. Yet now, Chen Xi had set up a Divine Restriction in an instant, causing all those disciples to fall within it, and they were unable to provide him with any help for some time.

Thus, at the instant Chen Xi made a move, Yin Huaikong moved as well, and his target was surprisingly the Overarching Heaven Net.

“Hmph! Little Bastard, I never imagined that your strength would actually improve to such a state in a short few months of time. Could it be that you’ve stepped foot into the Halfgod Realm?” Amidst his murderous and gloomy voice, Yin Huaikong soared into the sky while his black colored sword slashed out, and he didn’t give Chen Xi any chance to approach the Overarching Heaven Net.


Chen Xi had no choice but to utilize the Dao Calamity Sword and collide head-on with Yin Huaikong.

He was very clearly aware that Yin Huaikong obviously intended to occupy him and buy time so that those other disciples of the Sovereign Sect could seize this opportunity to destroy the formation and thus spoil his plans.

After all, Chen Xi’s strength was required to maintain that Divine Restriction.

So Chen Xi didn’t intend to waste time with Yin Huaikong, and he utilized his entire strength as soon as he attacked.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi roared while the Dao Calamity Sword soared through the sky, and it carried clear colored sword lotuses and was suffused with the surging flow of divinity as it slashed down.

This sword strike was filled with obliterating might, and it was obscure and mysterious. It seemed as if it shouldn’t be possessed within the three dimensions at all, and it was too swift and terrifying.

This sword strike came from that incomplete diagram on the River Diagram fragments. It was the might contained within a damaged sword that was suffused with blood, and since Chen Xi had laid eyes upon it by chance, he’d frequently comprehended and studied it, allowing him to obtain rather great gains.

It was even to the extent that his cultivation in the Sword Dao already faintly showed signs being on the verge of breaking through and advancing into the Sword Emperor Realm.!

Presently, when he executed this sword strike with the entire strength of his cultivation at the Halfgod Realm, the might it revealed was simply indescribable. It caused the heavens and the earth to fall into deathly silence, and only that clear and melodious sword howl resounded.

The formidable seemed as if they didn’t exist while the loud seemed as if they were silent!

It was precisely because this sword strike was too formidable that it revealed might that had shed all extravagance and returned to simplicity.

“Shit!” Yin Huaikong’s pupils dilated while coldness arose in his heart. This sword strike from Chen Xi caused him to sense a strand of lethal danger, and it was too terrifying to the point it caused all his hair to stand on end.

He’d never imagined that Chen Xi’s grasp of the Sword Dao had actually attained such a shocking state, and it was precisely because of this that he would seem so furious and astounded.

He didn’t dare hesitate and suddenly took a deep breath before his aura suddenly became violent. His long hair fluttered along with his clothes, and it seemed like a god was awakening within his body.

Obviously, Yin Huaikong intended to utilize some sort of forbidden technique.


However, he was still a bit too late. This sword strike of Chen Xi’s was too swift, and it utterly didn’t give him any time to react before it smashed down with surging Sword Insight. Moreover, it locked down all his paths of retreat, causing him to be unable to evade it.


Yin Huaikong had no choice but to collide head-on with it, and his entire body was instantly blasted flying. His entire body trembled while his face warped and revealed a savage expression, and blood almost sprayed from his mouth.

The strength of this strike was too terrifying, and it caused the essence, spirit, and energy within his entire body to be on the verge of falling into chaos. It felt like a myriad of mountains had fiercely smashed down onto him, and the bones within his entire body started cracking from being unable to endure such force.

How formidable! Yin Huaikong’s expression changed abruptly because the strength Chen Xi revealed was extremely formidable and had exceeded his expectations.


Before he could catch his breath, Chen Xi attacked explosively once more. It was still that terrifying sword strike supported by the Dao Calamity Sword, and its might was so formidable that it had already arrived at an astonishing degree.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After suffering a setback from a single strike, Chen Xi seized the initiative from Yin Huaikong and caused him to be struck to the point of retreating successively in defeat while seeming inferior in comparison to Chen Xi. The might contained within every single sword strike shook his entire body to the point of trembling while his countenance grew slightly paler, and he didn’t have any room to resist at all and could only passively ward off these strikes.

It wasn’t that Yin Huaikong wasn’t formidable, and it was instead because the combat strength Chen Xi possessed now had already surpassed him!

Even though he’d stepped into the Godrank Realm a long time ago, his cultivation was suppressed right now, and it was maintained at the Immortal King Realm, whereas Chen Xi’s strength had long since exceeded the scope of the Immortal King Realm and stood at the peak of the Halfgod Realm.

Merely by comparison of cultivation, Yin Huaikong was already inferior.

On the other hand, in terms of Immortal Artifacts, Chen Xi’s Dao Calamity Sword even innately countered the Sovereign Sect’s inheritance, whereas in terms of combat ability, the techniques and strength Chen Xi possessed weren’t inferior to Yin Huaikong at all and even surpassed him!

Under such circumstances, how could Yin Huaikong go against Chen Xi?


Another sword strike slashed down. This time, even though Yin Huaikong had warded it off, he was shaken to the point of being unable to restrain himself from coughing up a mouthful of blood any longer. Moreover, his entire body was blasted flying like a punching bag, and his figure smashed space into pieces before falling fiercely to the ground in an extremely sorry state.

On the other hand, Chen Xi seized this opportunity to suddenly stop attacking, and then his figure flashed as he grabbed once more towards the Overarching Heaven Net in the sky.

He was clearly aware that even if he seized the initiative in the battle now, he would be utterly unable to kill Yin Huaikong. Because Yin Huaikong was at the Godrank Realm in the end, and once Yin Huaikong removed the seal on himself, he would attain a terrifying rise in strength.

At that time, perhaps Chen Xi’s strength would be sufficient to fight Yin Huaikong, yet it would probably be a bit too late to retrieve the Overarching Heaven Net.


Strands of terrifying Divinity surged out from Chen Xi’s palm and were utilized on the Overarching Heaven Net that smashed down fiercely towards the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

The three copper coins wailed as they trembled violently, and they were on the verge of being subdued.

“Bastard! I’ll kill you!” Suddenly, Yin Huaikong’s howl resounded from afar, and his voice was filled with boundless rage. His expression was savage and gloomy while the veins on his forehead had bulged up explosively, and his entire face had twisted together.

He was the Eldest Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, and a god that had surpassed the three dimensions and wasn’t part of the five elements.

Yet now, he’d been forced into such a state by Chen Xi, and even the Copper Coin of Treasurefall had been taken away! Such a blow caused him to feel as if he’d suffered an extraordinary humiliation and fallen into fury.


The aura in his entire body surged violently, and he tore through space as he attacked explosively.

At this moment, Chen Xi was only one last step away from reclaiming the Overarching Heaven Net. If it was interrupted by Yin Huaikong, then he would be bound to achieve nothing.

It was an extremely pressing situation!

At this instant, a wisp of resolution suddenly flashed in Chen Xi’s black eyes, and he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of gold and brilliant Quintessence Blood Essence towards the Overarching Heaven Net.

At the same time, he executed a backhanded sword strike and slashed furiously at Yin Huaikong who was charging at him.


The two of them collided, and it seemed like two stars colliding in the universe, causing a strand of terrifying fluctuation to arise and sweep towards the surroundings before crushing the heavens and the earth into powder.

At practically the exact same instant and before all of this could subside, a wave of shocking fluctuation rumbled and resounded right after it.

With the assistance of Chen Xi’s Quintessence Blood Essence, the might of the Overarching Heaven Net suddenly rose explosively, and it emanated dazzling chilly starlight and actually fiercely suppressed and subdued the Copper Coin of Treasurefall in an instant.

After that, it droned and descended into Chen Xi’s palm.

“No!!!” Yin Huaikong’s extremely shocked, furious, and disgruntled howl resounded from amidst the blazing light, and it resounded through the nine heavens. At this moment, his face had twisted in a bunch while his eyes surged with peerlessly violent divine flames that seemed to be on the verge of incinerating the sky.

The Copper Coin of Treasurefall had been taken away!

The precious treasures he’d taken great pains to refine with the help of everyone and relied on as his strongest trump card had been subdued by Chen Xi before it could even reveal its true might!

How could Yin Huaikong tolerate such a heavy blow?

It was even to the extent that in his eyes, this didn’t just mean that he’d lost the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, it meant that he’d also lost the God Binding Rope, Nine Heaven Lifesoil, Universe Void Lantern, and Overarching Heaven Net as well!

This was the true reason that Yin Huaikong was so furious.


Meanwhile, the Divine Restriction Chen Xi set up had been destroyed because the Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect within it had utilized all their strength and had finally managed to escape from it.

Originally, they were extremely excited from being able to escape. However, when they heard Yin Huaikong’s howl that was filled with rage, all of their expressions couldn’t help but change.

“Eldest Senior Brother, what happened?”

“Eldest Senior Brother, what is it?”

All of them whistled over.

“You bunch of trash! It took so long just for all of you to break through a single Divine Restriction! All of you are useless!” Yin Huaikong had nowhere to vent his rage. When he saw these disciples escape the Divine Restriction, it was like he’d found a place to vent, and he roared loudly.

All of them were cursed at to the point their expressions changed indeterminately, and they felt extremely aggrieved.

“What’re all of you still standing there for? Quickly made a move and kill this bastard!” Yin Huaikong was infuriated to the point of stamping his feet with rage.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi had already slashed over with his sword, and it contained vast and invincible Sword Insight.

“Bastard!” Yin Huaikong’s eyes almost split apart from rage when he saw this, and the black sword in his hand soared into the sky before attacking fiercely.


He was blasted back once more while the tendons and bones in his entire body emanated cracking sounds and were on the verge of breaking. Moreover, a trace of blood had even seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

This simply made him almost go mad with rage, and his chest almost exploded from anger. A dignified god had actually been oppressed to such a state, and it was truly aggrieving.

“Kill!” At this moment, the other disciples didn’t dare dally at all, and they encircled and attacked Chen Xi from all directions. Moreover, all of them attacked furiously and didn’t dare hold back at all.

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