Chapter 153 – Devil Sect Looming

Chapter 153 – Devil Sect Looming

True Heart Peak, main hall.

“Greetings, Supreme Ancestor!” When they saw Chen Xi enter, the male and female disciples at both sides of the hall bowed in greetings as they spoke out in unison with extremely respectful expressions.

During this month, the name of True Heart Peak could be said to have caused a great stir in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Its owner, Chen Xi, had even become the hot topic that all disciples and elders of the sect inquired about.

The reason was extremely simple. Chen Xi had been personally identified by the Supreme Grand Ancestor Bei Heng as his sword brother, and that was a relationship of equal seniority. Solely this layer of identity had caused countless people to feel shocked and curious.

Coupled with the fact that Chen Xi had annihilated six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator of the Su Clan with a cultivation at the Violet Palace Realm, and in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, he’d crushed the Su Clan’s Triwater Go Prison by himself, annihilated 32 mysterious cultivators from outside the city, and had subdued the Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Pagoda… These numerous brilliant deeds were miraculous and had resounded in the entire Dragon Lake City and stirred the entire cultivation world of the southern territory. So who would still dare look down upon this youth that had come from the faraway Pine Mist City?

It was precisely because of this that when Wang Wan, Dong Fang, and the other 70 Inner Court disciples served Chen Xi, they were even more respectful, and no one dared be disrespectful in the slightest because of his young age.

“All of you withdraw from here first.” Chen Xi waved his hand as he ordered the disciples to leave before walking into the hall, and then his gaze swept everyone one by one before cupping his hand and saying with a smile, “Junior Chen Xi extends his greetings to fellow seniors.” After that, he nodded to Du Qingxi’s group of three and Chen Hao.

When they heard Chen Xi extend greetings to them as a junior, Daoist Wen Xuan and the three Patriarchs secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and they secretly praised Chen Xi for being considerate.

Earlier, when those Inner Court disciples addressed Chen Xi as Supreme Ancestor, besides causing them to feel shocked, they couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed. After all, Chen Xi was currently a person of similar seniority as Bei Heng. If they were to address him like that, every single one of them would instantly become juniors, and Chen Xi’s words just happened to solve their embarrassing situation.

But even though Chen Xi spoke like this, they instead didn’t dare agree to this. After all, no matter what, Chen Xi had still become sworn brothers with the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Supreme Ancestor Bei Heng, and his seniority was out there in full view, and no one was able to change it.

So after thinking over and over again, they instead didn’t know how to treat Chen Xi.

After all, even though everyone present was used to seeing great changes in the world, it was still the first time they’d encountered a strange existence like Chen Xi, and it was normal that they would be bewildered for a time.

“Seniors, we’ll each maintain a relationship of our own with each other, so all of you can just call me Chen Xi. Otherwise, my younger brother would probably have to call me Supreme Ancestor, and that would turn everything upside down.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Alright, then I’ll overstep my bounds and call you Chen Xi. But, don’t call me Senior, you can just call me Wen Xuan.” Daoist Wen Xuan smiled warmly, and a wisp of admiration suffused his eyes as he looked at Chen Xi.

“Exactly, we’ll each main a relationship of our own with each other, it’s the best this way.” Du Wuyuan and the other two Patriarchs spoke with a smile, and their tone obviously showed a much warmer attitude towards Chen Xi.

“Hey, this kid is really good at dealing with relationships. He’s formed a relationship of similar seniority with my father, so wouldn’t that mean that I have to call him Martial Uncle?” Duanmu Ze used his elbow to prod Song Lin as he sent a voice transmission with a low voice.

“They’ve already agreed to maintain a relationship of their own, so what’re you still making a fuss about? If Chen Xi wanted to take advantage of you, then you’d have to call him Martial Uncle. After all, your father is someone who’s one rank of seniority lower than Daoist Wen Xuan!” Song Lin glared at Duanmu Ze as he replied.

As soon as the problem of seniority was solved, the atmosphere in the hall quickly became lively.

Daoist Wen Xuan and the others had come this time for the sake of the mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators that had appeared during the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda. Those mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators were all ruthless and merciless, and they treated life and death with indifference. They were just like the loyalists fostered by a certain great power, yet they just happened to be unable to discover any clues about them. It was as if they’d appeared out of thin air, and it instantly drew the vigilance of the various great powers of Dragon Lake City.

Because all these mysterious cultivators from outside the city had died miserably at Chen Xi’s hands, so Wen Xuan and the others had come over hoping to obtain some clues from Chen Xi.

When they mentioned these mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators, Chen Xi instantly thought of a thing, and with a command in his head, a palm sized dark command token had already appeared in his hand.

The surface of this command token was pitch black and icy cold, like iron yet not iron, and on it was a diagram of a sickle with a blood crescent, yet it was also like a scythe that carried blood on it, and it seemed to be exceedingly gloomy and mysterious.

“I obtained this command token from the storage Magic Treasure of the Captain, Zhan Kong, of the 32 mysterious cultivators after I annihilated all of them. I’m unable to discern its origins, but perhaps it’s useful to all of you.” Chen Xi passed the command token to Daoist Wen Xuan.

“Blood colored crescent moon… I seem to have heard of this command token from somewhere?” Daoist Wen Xuan carefully sized it up for a moment before frowning and muttering.

“It’s the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect!” The nearby Du Wuyuan seemed to have thought of something, and his face became grim as he cried out involuntarily.

“How could that be possible? Wasn’t the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect annihilated three thousand years ago?”

“Yes. That year, Emperor Chu called together all the experts of the powers in the Darchu Dynasty and experienced three months of bitter fighting in the Desolate Bloodhell before finally being able to completely wipe out the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. After that, the Darchu Dynasty experienced a few more years of cleaning up before completely annihilating all the disciples under the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect. In the last three thousand years, there hasn’t been a single person that has seen a trace of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, so how could it possibly appear once again? Could it be that they’ve risen from the ashes?” Song Wenchong and Duanmu Yunkong became grim in unison.

As they watched the three Patriarchs with high status and authority losing their composure and going grim in unison, the atmosphere within the entire hall instantly became exceedingly heavy, and it caused the mood of others to become depressed along with it.

Chen Xi was naturally extremely shocked. What heinous crime had this Bloodcrescent Devil Sect committed to actually cause all the experts of the entire cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty to move out and exterminate it?

“It should be correct. This blood crescent command token can’t be faked. Only an elder of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect is able to refine this thing.” It was amongst this oppressive atmosphere that Daoist Wen Xuan spoke out with a deep voice, and his expression became serious. “Those mysterious cultivators from outside the city are survivors of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect, without a doubt!”

“Dammit! All those years ago, the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect caused great bloodshed in our cultivation world, and they slaughtered cultivators everywhere, and they intended to make the entire Darchu Dynasty to completely submit itself under their despotic power. Now that they’ve risen from the ashes, I’m afraid the cultivation world will once again fall into great danger and disaster.” Du Wuyuan abruptly stood up and spoke with a low voice. “This won’t do. This matter poses great implications, I have to make a trip back to my clan first. Everyone, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

As he spoke, he left hastily without looking back, and he actually didn’t even have the time to care about bringing along his own daughter. Thus, it could be seen how heavy his feelings were at this moment.

After that, Song Wenchong and Duanmu Yunkong weren’t able to stay any longer, and they left successively. When he saw this scene, Chen Xi’s mood felt a trace of seriousness for no reason. Could it be that the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect is so terrifying?

If it’s really like this, then I’ve annihilated 32 disciples of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect and seized the Nine Syllables of Truth Soul Suppression Talisman in their possession before subduing the Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Pagoda. It could be said that I’ve completely offended the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect to a serious degree. In the future, if the cultivators of this Bloodcrescent Devil Sect enter the cultivation world once again, then I’d probably become the number one enemy in their eyes…

“Looks like the cultivation world is going to be in great chaos again!” Daoist Wen Xuan sighed.

“Master, what’s there to fear? We’ll defend against anything that comes in our way! Not to mention on every occasion of troubled times, it would surely be the time that heroes appear one after the other. To us cultivators, this is instead an extremely great moment to temper ourselves by getting rid of evil! Isn’t this a happy thing?” Chen Hao spoke with a firm expression, his face was utterly devoid of fear, and it even faintly revealed a trace of excitement.

“Bastard!” The refined and culture Daoist Wen Xuan couldn’t help but frown as well when he heard this, and he berated, “You’re so young, how will you know how terrifying the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect is? Three thousand years ago, its Sect Master and every single of its 36 elders possessed a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm, and they possessed over a million disciples. If it wasn’t for Emperor Chu gathering all the cultivators in the world at the critical moment, I’m afraid the current Darchu Dynasty would have become the domain of the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect!”

“It’s so formidable?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but be secretly astonished. A single sect possessed over 30 Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators. Just thinking about this sort of strength caused one’s heart to tremble without end.

“It can’t be just described as formidable!” Daoist Wen Xuan sighed once more. “All those years ago, although the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was exterminated, almost all the peerless experts of the Darchu Dynasty had fallen, causing the Darchu Dynasty to be injured greatly. Even if it has experienced this 3,000 years of recovery, it’s still extremely far from arriving at the peak state of all those years ago. For example, my Wanderingcloud Sword Sect possessed six Earthly Immortal Realm seniors all those years ago, but after that battle, only my Master survived, and the other five seniors had all fallen.”

Chen Xi was instantly at a loss for words.

“Alright, I’ll go see the Sect Master, Ling Kongzi first. All of you chat. Right, this matter must not be mentioned to other people, as it will be difficult to handle if disorder is caused.” Wen Xuan instructed, and then he shook his head before getting up and leaving.

In this way, only Chen Xi, Du Qingxi, Song Lin, Duanmu Ze, and Chen Hao remained in the hall. All of them were still young, so even though there were able to feel how terrifying the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect was from the words of their seniors, they didn’t experience it themselves after all, so they didn’t fall to the extent of being full of worries and be unable to rest in peace.

After chatting for awhile, Chen Xi suddenly thought of something, and he asked Chen Hao. “Weren’t you with Instructor Meng Kong and Aunt Bai when you left Pine Mist City? Where are they now? I have to find some time to visit them.”

Aunt Bai was Bai Wanqing, Chen Xi’s neighbor when he was in Pine Mist City. Chen Xi and Chen Hao had received a good deal of care from her since they were young, and they were like family.  Chen Hao’s entrance into the Pine Mist Institution to train and his entrance into Dragon Lake City to join the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect was all with the help of Bai Wanqing.

“I’m extremely curious as well. Before I joined the sect, Aunt Bai and Instructor Meng Kong had once told me that they would stay in Dragon Lake City for a few years, and once Xixi grew up a bit more, they would leave to the Darchu Dynasty’s Capital City, Silken City. But during these past two years, I would look all around, yet would be unable to find their figures every time I go about Dragon Lake City.” Chen Hao spoke with frustrations. “Even the place they stayed has changed owners. They’d left without a sound, and they didn’t leave any message.”

Chen Xi frowned without end. He could be considered to possess slight accomplishments now, and he had a certain amount of savings in his possession. He originally intended to properly thank Aunt Bai and Instructor Meng Kong after he found them, yet from what Chen Hao said, they’d actually left Dragon Lake City long ago, and he couldn’t help but feel deep regret in his heart.

“Where did they stay? Perhaps we can be of help?” Du Qingxi suddenly asked.

“Right, the powers behind Du Qingxi and the others cover the entirety of Dragon Lake City. If we have their help, perhaps we’ll really be able to find some clues.” Chen Xi pondered slightly before turning around to look at Chen Hao.

“They once stayed in an alley at the southwest area of Dragon Lake City, it seems to be called… called…” Chen Hao stood up and said, “I’m unable to put it in words, I’ll bring all of you over to take a look.”

“Alright, we have nothing else to do anyway, going and taking a look works as well.” Du Qingxi nodded in agreement, and then she turned around to ask Duanmu Ze and Song Lin. “How about the two of you?”

Duanmu Ze helplessly spread out his arms. “How would we dare disobey the instructions of Eldest Miss Du?”

This fellow’s sights were discerning, and he noticed with a glance that the reason Du Qingxi was so devoted to this was mostly because of Chen Xi. This caused him to feel jealous and bitter, and the strand of thought of competing for Du Qingxi with Chen Xi had completely been put out.

There was no other way, love was something that required mutual feelings, and it was something that couldn’t be forced.

Chen Xi’s group moved out right away, leaving the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect and heading towards the southwest area of Dragon Lake City under Chen Hao’s guidance. Due to Dragon Lake City being too huge and flying in the sky was prohibited, for the sake of making the best use of their time, all of them once again sat within the Six Unicorn Treasure Carriage that Young Master Duanmu asked his father for, and it carried all of them to flash out like a bolt of lightning.

However, right when they’d traveled halfway, Chen Xi suddenly noticed a trace of something being off, then his formidable Divine Perception swept out to instantly sweep through the surrounding 500 kms, and he immediately noticed a figure with suspicious movements.

This person wore a black robe that covered his entire body, his movements indefinite yet extremely swift, and he followed closely behind the Six Unicorn Treasured Carriage. Obviously, the person was following Chen Xi and the others.

Looks like I was targeted by this fellow once I left the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect… Chen Xi slightly pondered before understanding that this person had surely been hiding outside the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect for a long time, and it was all for the sake of waiting for Chen Xi to make an appearance!

Who exactly is this fellow?

What does he seek from following me?

Chen Xi pondered for a moment, and he vaguely guessed that this person was either a scout the Su Clan sent out, or a person that was covetous of his Immortal Artifact. But no matter which it was, the intentions the black robed fellow had was surely harmful to Chen Xi, and he decided right away to first give this person a lesson.


Chen Xi’s thick Divine Perception transformed into a shapeless lofty mountain that blasted out to crush towards the black robed person’s sea of consciousness, and it was precisely the soul attack technique Chen Xi cultivated — God Shaker Arts!

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