Chapter 1529 – Vying For Supremacy With The Dao Calamity Sword


Yin Huaikong held his sword with rage as he slashed with it, and it collided with the thick and blazing strand of sword qi, causing a terrifying fluctuation to arise and sweep towards the surroundings.

The might of this strike shook the other Elite Disciples in the vicinity to the point of staggering back. Even though they weren’t injured, it caused their expressions to change.

Merely a single strike allowed them to fully understand that this opponent who’d suddenly made an appearance possessed an extremely terrifying strength!

Yin Huaikong felt this even more strongly because he’d already utilized seventy percent of his strength in this attack. Yet who would have imagined that it would actually only be on par with his opponent? This caused a trace of vigilance to suddenly arise in his heart.

Who exactly is it?Why didn’t I notice any traces of this person earlier?

While he thought like this in his heart, his eyes glanced over, and he noticed the person that had arrived. It caused his pupils to instantly constrict before revealing a wisp of surprise.


Qing Xiuyi felt her entire body become light while she was embraced at the waist by a strong arm. This caused her to be horrified, and she was just about to resist when she noticed the person’s appearance, and she instantly stopped struggling.

“Why is it…you?” Qing Xiuyi gasped for breath as she spoke. As soon as she finished speaking, her beautiful face turned pale before she couldn’t help but cough up a mouthful of blood. She’d suffered numerous attacks earlier, and even her three Natural Spirit Treasures had been seized. At this moment, as soon as she relaxed, her injuries instantly surged throughout her body, causing her aura to wane.

“Don’t say anything. Recuperate properly and leave the rest to me.” It was naturally Chen Xi whom had arrived. When he saw Qing Xiuyi’s injuries were actually severe to such an extent, his heart couldn’t help but jerk, and he didn’t ask for her permission at all before placing her within an Immortal Artifact in his possession.

While Chen Xi rescued Qing Xiuyi, the illusory Overarching Heaven Net in midair that was suffused with chilly starlight had long since restrained the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and the other three Natural Spirit Treasures. However, it hadn’t completely subdued them, and they were in a stalemate in midair.

The reason was that the Copper Coin of Treasurefall possessed extremely shocking might. Under Yin Huaikong’s control, it emanated dazzling golden like that was sharp like bolts of lightning, and it surged and struggled madly within the net, causing even the Overarching Heaven Net to be on the verge of collapse while it was on the verge of struggle free of the net’s restraints.

“The Overarching Heaven Net! Dammit! So it’s that Divine Artifact. I knew those disciples of Oracle Mountain didn’t have any good intentions before they left, and they actually passed this treasure to you!” After this unexpected event occurred, Yin Huaikong recovered his calm. He’d recognized Chen Xi, and he’d even recognized the Overarching Heaven Net as well, causing his expression to become gloomy and icy cold.

The Overarching Heaven Net!

It was an ultimate treasure of Oracle Mountain, and amongst the hundred and eight known Natural Spirit Treasures in the three dimensions, it was ranked at the…sixteenth position!

This treasure was most miraculous because it could capture the trace of the Heaven Dao, fate, and Karmic Luck. During the primeval times, the Master of Oracle Mountain had relied on this treasure to seize the River Diagram from amidst a chaotic battle between numerous Chaotic Fiendgods and supreme gods, thus relying on the River Diagram to establish Oracle Mountain!

How could Yin Huaikong not recognize such a Natural Spirit Treasure?

Originally, he thought that utilizing the Copper Coin of Treasurefall would be sufficient to eliminate this thorn within his eye, Chen Xi, thus allowing him to eliminate all obstructions in his Sovereign Sect’s path to take control of the Immortal Dimension.

Yet never had he imagined that Chen Xi actually possessed the Overarching Heaven Net!

This caused Yin Huaikong’s plans to instantly fall through, so how could he possibly be happy?

Especially shocking to him was compared to that day when he met Chen Xi outside Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi’s current strength had obviously undergone a qualitative transformation, and Chen Xi was so formidable that even he felt heavily pressured.

“Chen Xi!”

“So it’s this fellow. He actually dared to sneak into our Sovereign Sect by himself!?”

“The heavens are on our Sovereign Sect’s side. It just so happens that we can seize this opportunity to annihilate him. In this way, the Dao Emperor Academy would be nothing to worry about!”

Meanwhile, Jiang Lingxiao and the other Elite Disciples had recognized Chen Xi as well, and after they recovered from their shock from before, all of their faces revealed a wisp of exuberant killing intent.

In an instant, all of this killing intent locked onto Chen Xi.

“Attack together and kill this kid!” Yin Huaikong took a deep breath while he ordered in a grim voice. On the other hand, he utilized his full strength instead with the intention of seizing the Overarching Heaven Net because if he were to accomplish this successfully, then it would mean that he would be able to obtain four Natural Spirit Treasures today!




Thirty six existences that possessed cultivations at the Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm attacked, and they executed supreme abilities as they smashed down towards Chen Xi from all directions.

In an instant, all sorts of Immortal Artifacts soared into the sky while various techniques whistled through the air. They were blazing and powerful as they threw the heavens and the earth into chaos. If this occurred in the outside world, then merely such attacks would probably destroy numerous cities.


At practically the exact same time, the Dao Calamity Sword that flowed with a bloody glow floated into appearance in Chen Xi’s palm, and then his figure suddenly flashed up. He paid no attention to those Elite Disciples that attacked him from all directions, and he shot directly towards Yin Huaikong instead.


Numerous clear colored sword lotuses soared into the sky and fluttered throughout the sky. Every single one of them were condensed from numerous strands of sharp and murderous sword qi, and now that they’d swept out, they practically enveloped the entire battlefield.

At this instant, the sounds of god and ghosts wailing, Fiendgods roaring furiously, sages howling sorrowfully, blood raining down, and various other terrifying phenomena appeared in the heavens and the earth.

This was the might of the Dao Calamity Sword!

It was inherited from the Chaotic Divine Lotus. A strand of terrifying energy was branded within the sword, and it innately countered the energy of calamity within the Sovereign Sect’s inheritance.

Yet now, this sword was in Chen Xi’s control, and he was utilizing it to carry out a slaughter in the Sovereign Realm. If such a scene was witnessed by the Chaotic Divine Lotus, Dao Lotus, or Evil Lotus, they would probably be laughing in the afterlife.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Beneath the might of the clear colored sword lotuses, all attacks seemed like snow melting into water, and they were easily dissipated.

“How could this be possible?”

“The Dao Calamity Sword!”

“No, even if he’s relying on the Dao Calamity Sword, it’s impossible for him to crush our joint attack so easily. Could…could it be that he has already stepped foot into the Godrank Realm?”

All the Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect were astounded. Never had they imagined that as soon as they fought, not only would they be unable to harm Chen Xi, he would actually be able to easily fight his way out of their encirclement!

This was extremely astounding, and it exceeded their expectations.

Chen Xi’s expression remained calm and murderous when facing all of this, and he seemed to have not noticed it at all. He accomplished all of this without difficulty, and after he broke free of the encirclement, he flashed over and slashed down his sword towards Yin Huaikong.


Sword Insight surged while a bloody glow dyed the sky red.

Yin Huaikong was just utilizing his full strength with the intention of seizing the opportunity created by the encirclement of the other disciples towards Chen Xi to subdue all the Natural Spirit Treasures in one go and take possession of them.

However, to his horror, before he could even accomplish this, Chen Xi had already arrived with sword in hand. Moreover, Chen Xi’s imposing aura was like that of a peerless emperor, and his Sword Insight was like that of a peerless sword emperor!

“Slash!” Yin Huaikong didn’t dare hesitate to wave the narrow, long, and pitch black sword in his hand to meet Chen Xi’s attack head-on.


Both of them collided in an instant, causing Sword Insight to crisscross and surge through the world.


An Elite Disciple seized this opportunity to flash over, and he grabbed fiercely at the Overarching Heaven Net in the sky.

Just when he was about to succeed…

“You’re courting death!” Suddenly, a cold grunt that sounded like a thunderclap resounded. Chen Xi’s tall figure suddenly flashed out from the battlefield, and a sword strike swished towards that disciple before he could touch the net.

This sword strike flowed with a bloody glow and formed into a clear colored sword lotus. In the end, it transformed into numerous divine talismans that rumbled as they smashed down. Its terrifying might actually minced apart the body of that Elite Disciple, causing blood and flesh to spray towards the surroundings while he perished on the spot!

“Bastard!” A furious howl resounded as Yin Huaikong charged over explosively with the intention of rescuing that Elite Disciple. Unfortunately, he was a trace too slow, and he could only vent his rage on Chen Xi.

In an instant, the two of them collided once more.

Besides causing Yin Huaikong to feel shocked and furious, the death of that Elite Disciple at the Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm finally allowed Yin Huaikong to realize that the combat strength Chen Xi possessed now had already exceeded the Immortal King Realm!

Even though Chen Xi hadn’t attained the Godrank Realm, he wasn’t far away from it!

It was even to the extent that even Chen Xi’s attacks carried strands of the aura of divinity. This caused a term to instantly float up into appearance within Yin Huaikong’s mind — The Halfgod Realm!

Since the Chaos had been split open until now, only a small group of people in the entire three dimensions were capable of stepping foot into such an extremely rare cultivation realm like the Halfgod Realm.

Moreover, all of these people were from Oracle Mountain!

The reason was that only Oracle Mountain possessed the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman, and only Oracle Mountain possessed such a miraculous place like the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement.

But most importantly, all of these inheritances were comprehended by the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, from within the River Diagram!

In other words, the reason Oracle Mountain was able to allow its disciples to step foot into the Halfgod Realm was entirely because of the River Diagram, whereas it was common knowledge that there was only one River Diagram in the entire three dimensions!

Right, this bastard possesses numerous River Diagram fragments… Suddenly, a flash of enlightenment arose in Yin Huaikong’s heart while he fought, and he recalled something, causing his eyes to instantly light up. So long as I kill this kid, not only would I be able to obtain the Overarching Heaven Net, God Binding Rope, Nine Heaven Lifesoil, and Universe Void Lantern, I’ll even be able to obtain numerous River Diagram fragments!

When he thought up to here, besides carrying icy cold killing intent, Yin Huaikong’s gaze towards Chen Xi even carried a wisp of burning greed. Even if he’d already stepped into the Godrank Realm a long time ago, he was utterly unable to not be tempted by such supreme temptation.

“Kill him! Join forces and kill him! No matter what, we have to kill this kid today!” Yin Huaikong let out a long howl with a grim voice, and he was slightly impatient to unite all their forces to end the battle as soon as possible.


However, right at the instant he spoke, a sword light flashed from Chen Xi as an extremely mysterious and obscure strand of sword qi suddenly surged out, and it struck lightly before actually slashing off a strand of Yin Huaikong’s hair.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, then this sword strike would have almost taken his life!


On the other hand, at the same time he executed that sword strike, Chen Xi suddenly took a step in space.


Space exploded into pieces while this expanse of the heavens and the earth suddenly transformed. Numerous grand divine talismans rose from the ground and floated in midair while surging with boundless talisman markings. They cooperated with each other from afar and enveloped this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth.

These divine talismans and talisman markings were dense and vast like the starry sky. They surged with strands of the aura of divinity and monstrous divine light that restrained space and enveloped everything in the world.

“A Divine Restriction!”

“This bastard actually set up a Divine Restriction in an instant?”

A wave of shocked cries resounded. All of the Elite Disciples from the Sovereign Sect were shocked, and their expressions were extremely colorful. Their figures that were originally charging forward couldn’t help but reveal a trace of sluggishness, and they discerned that this expanse of the heavens and the earth had already been covered by an expanse of obscure and mysterious Divine Restrictions, causing it to be extremely dangerous.

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