Chapter 1529 – Vying For Supremacy With The Dao Calamity Sword


Yin Huaikong held his sword with rage as he slashed with it, and it collided with the thick and blazing strand of sword qi, causing a terrifying fluctuation to arise and sweep towards the surroundings.

The might of this strike shook the other Elite Disciples in the vicinity to the point of staggering back. Even though they weren’t injured, it caused their expressions to change.

Merely a single strike allowed them to fully understand that this opponent who’d suddenly made an appearance possessed an extremely terrifying strength!

Yin Huaikong felt this even more strongly because he’d already utilized seventy percent of his strength in this attack. Yet who would have imagined that it would actually only be on par with his opponent? This caused a trace of vigilance to suddenly arise in his heart.

Who exactly is it?Why didn’t I notice any traces of this person earlier?

While he thought like this in his heart, his eyes glanced over, and he noticed the person that had arrived. It caused his pupils to instantly constrict before revealing a wisp of surprise.


Qing Xiuyi felt her entire body become light while she was embraced at the waist by a strong arm. This caused her to be horrified, and she was just about to resist when she noticed the person’s appearance, and she instantly stopped struggling.

“Why is it…you?” Qing Xiuyi gasped for breath as she spoke. As soon as...

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