Chapter 1528 – The Mantis Stalks The Cicada

At the thirty second level of the Sovereign Realm, the Treasure Heaven World Obliteration Heaven.

After Qing Xiuyi arrived here, she still didn’t encounter any obstruction.

At this moment, she raised her eyes and gazed towards the distance while lightly puckering her lips. Her figure showed a trace of hesitance, but in the end, she still walked forward and flashed towards the thirty third level.

Chen Xi’s brows raised when he saw this, and then a wisp of resolution flashed between his brows.

He was unable to determine what sort of tricks the Sovereign Sect had prepared in secret, but he was sure that at the moment Qing Xiuyi stepped foot onto the thirty third level, she would definitely be obstructed.

At that time, the danger she encountered was bound to be extraordinary.

So he’d decided to show himself and stop her before giving the matter further thought and discussion. No matter what objectives she came here with, Chen Xi would help her complete it, but he wouldn’t allow her to fight desperately.

Because that was too dangerous!


However, as soon as Chen Xi intended to show himself, a wave of fluctuation arose from far away in the heavens and the earth. It was like a surging wave, and then numerous mighty figures appeared out of thin air.

Shockingly, the person in the lead was the Sovereign Sect’s Eldest Elite Disciple, Yin Huaikong!

There were another thirty six Elite Disciples following by his side, and every single one of them possessed a might at the Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm. Moreover, Jiang Lingxiao was surprisingly amongst them.

When he noticed this scene, Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted. It seemed that besides those two Sect Priests, all the most elite forces of the Sovereign Sect had moved out at this moment!

At this instant, Qing Xiuyi stopped abruptly as well. Her gaze swept past Yin Huaikong and the others, and a wisp of a solemn expression appeared on her tranquil and beautiful face.

Obviously, she’d realized that the situation was grave.

At this moment, the originally deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings had become oppressive and murderous, and it caused space to walk and almost collapse into pieces.

“You’re Qing Xiuyi, right? I heard that you experienced a hundred reincarnations and severed the karma of your past a few hundreds of years ago before returning to Nuwa’s Dao Palace. However, very few people are aware of your origins from before those hundred reincarnations. I wonder if you can tell us about it?” After he arrived here, Yin Huaikong’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning that instantly locked onto Qing Xiuyi, and a wisp of a teasing and gloomy smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

As he spoke, the thirty six Elite Disciples by his side set out in unison, and they occupied positions in the surroundings to completely encircle Qing Xiuyi’s lone figure at the center.

Qing Xiuyi paid no attention to this, and her starry eyes just stared at Yin Huaikong as she said indifferently, “If I were you, I wouldn’t talk nonsense at a time like this.”

Yin Huaikong’s eyes narrowed, and he said in a ghastly tone, “Talk nonsense? Haha, even though you’re a woman, your courage isn’t inferior to all the men in the world. I’m really curious, after Nuwa’s Dao Palace sealed the Skandha World, why would it allow a single person to come give her life away at my Sovereign Sect? Could it be that Nuwa’s Dao Palace has no one capable?”

Qing Xiuyi didn’t seem infuriated at all, and she said calmly, “It’s just crushing the Sovereign Sect. I alone am sufficient.”

Her flat voice revealed a strand of strong arrogance and carried a heroic spirit of marching forward courageously even in the face of a myriad of enemies.

“How arrogant!”

“How presumptuous!”

“Hmph! You still remain ignorant while you’re facing imminent death! How pitiful!”

All those Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect laughed coldly because they felt extremely provoked by these words. Crush the Sovereign Sect? This woman even dared to speak such words!?

Yin Huaikong waved his hand to make the others stop speaking, and then he said, “Tell me, for exactly what reason did you trespass into my Sovereign Sect by yourself, and perhaps I’ll leave your corpse intact out of consideration for your cooperation.”

Chen Xi frowned from afar, and dense killing intent surged out from his heart. However, he restrained it in the end because he really wanted to know exactly why Qing Xiuyi had come here.

Qing Xiuyi puckered her lips and seemed to have fallen into silence.

“I just can’t bear the sight of your Sovereign Sect.” Right when Yin Huaikong and the others were about to lose their patience, Qing Xiuyi spoke abruptly and gave them an answer.

She can’t bear the sight of our Sovereign Sect? This caused Yin Huaikong and the others to be stunned, and then their expressions turned gloomy. What sort of reason is this? She’s obviously provoking us!

She… At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly astounded. He was clearly aware in his heart that Qing Xiuyi would definitely not come here by herself because of this reason, and she was just unwilling to tell them about it.

It was even to the extent that according to Chen Xi’s understanding of Qing Xiuyi, such an answer was to be expected from her. Because she was always a person like this. She seemed to remain aloof from the world and extremely proud.

“Eldest Senior Brother, there’s no need to continue wasting your breath with this bitch. I don’t believe she won’t speak after we capture her!” Jiang Lingxiao gritted her teeth as she spoke, and she could be said to have deep-rooted hatred towards Qing Xiuyi.


Unexpectedly, Qing Xiuyi actually took the initiative to attack. She suddenly withdrew the God Binding Rope, and it transformed into a wisp of silver and brilliant light that charged through the air towards Jiang Lingxiao.


At the same time, the Universe Void Lantern and Nine Heaven Lifesoil were withdrawn as well. The formed emanated a blinding glow of divinity that enveloped Qing Xiuyi, and the latter transformed into a vast yellow cloud that shot explosively towards Yin Huaikong who was in the lead.

In an instant, all three Natural Spirit Treasures had been utilized!

“How audacious!”

“You’re courting death!”

All the Elite Disciples were furious. Never had they expected that under such circumstances, Qing Xiuyi that had already become a trapped beast would actually dare to take the initiative to attack, and it instantly infuriated them.

In the next instant, all of them stopped hesitating and attacked. They withdrew various treasures that possessed extraordinarily great might and executed various techniques that smashed down towards Qing Xiuyi in unison.

Rumble! Rumble!

This expanse of the heavens and the earth was instantly covered by the blazing glow of treasures. The glow of Immortal Force flowed while fluctuations rumbled, causing space to collapse while the landscape and everything in the world fell into chaos.


Yin Huaikong’s figure flashed and evaded the Nine Heaven Lifesoil’s attack.

“As expected, this woman possesses three Natural Spirit Treasures… I really wonder exactly what her identity was before she underwent a hundred reincarnations. Why would Nuwa’s Dao Palace bestow so many treasures to her?” Yin Huaikong’s eyes sparkled brilliantly, yet he wasn’t in a rush to attack. He stared at Qing Xiuyi’s three Natural Spirit Treasures and observed them in detail instead while his face revealed an undisguised wisp of greed.

All three Natural Spirit Treasures were ranked in the top fifty. Especially the Universe Void Lantern, it was even a Divine Artifact ranked at the twenty seventh position, and it was merely three ranks behind the Copper Coin of Treasurefall.

If he was able to obtain them, then Yin Huaikong was absolutely confident that even if he entered the Ancient God Domain, no one would dare underestimate him!

This time, I must seize these three Divine Artifacts! After he made his decision, a wisp of ruthlessness flashed in Yin Huaikong’s eyes, and he didn’t hesitate any longer and suddenly entered the battlefield.

As soon as the battle erupted, Qing Xiuyi fell into a disadvantageous position!

After all, she was going against thirty six Immortal Kings at the Peak Rank, and an existence like Yin Huaikong that had become a god since a long time ago, yet currently had his strength suppressed at the Immortal King Realm.

Under such an encirclement, even if Qing Xiuyi possessed three Natural Spirit Treasures that possessed peerlessly formidable might, it was utterly impossible for her to go against them.

Not to mention that because she’d been injured earlier, Qing Xiuyi’s current state was far from being able to recover to her peak state.

Under such circumstances, her current situation could only be described as one where she was in imminent danger, and it was extremely likely that she would be captured or killed at any moment.

However, even if she was in such a situation, Qing Xiuyi’s expression was still indifferent and composed, and only the space between her brows carried a trace of unprecedented resolution.

It seemed as if…

She’d expected such a situation to occur since the beginning, thus she was prepared to fight desperately with her life on the line since the very beginning?


A bronze hammer assaulted Qing Xiuyi from behind.

Qing Xiuyi didn’t even turn around as she controlled the God Binding Rope to transform into a silver and brilliant wisp of light that moved to restrain the bronze hammer.

However, right at this moment…

Om! Om! Om!

Suddenly, three strands of extremely dazzling golden light that were sharp like bolts of lightning tore through the sky as if they’d formed the character ‘品’, and a bang resounded as they collided with the God Binding Rope before it could restrain the bronze hammer.

The golden glow of Divinity flowed as the extremely ancient and mysterious characters ‘天’, ‘地’, and ‘人’, that came from the times the Chaos still existed floated up into appearance from the three golden and brilliant copper coins, and they pressed down onto the God Binding Rope.[1]

In merely an instant, the God Binding Rope seemed like a snake that had been struck at its weak point, the glow it emanated trembled, and then it fell to the ground with a thump.


Losing control of the God Binding Rope caused Qing Xiuyi to be affected as well, and she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

However, before she could react to this, those three golden and brilliant copper coins suddenly vanished into thin air. They seemed as if they had pairs of spatial wings on them, and they actually seized this opportunity to strike the Nine Heaven Lifesoil and Universe Void Lantern to the ground as well!

All of this occurred in less than a thousandth of an instant. It was inconceivably fast, and it was shocking.

This obviously showed how precise the moment Yin Huaikong chose to take action at was, and how terrifying the might of the Copper Coin of Treasurefall in his possession was.

When all of this had been done, Qing Xiuyi had already lost control of all those three Natural Spirit Treasures, and her beautiful face instantly became ghastly pale to the extreme.

“Haha! Junior Brothers, I’ll leave this woman to all of you!” After he succeeded with a single strike, Yin Huaikong couldn’t help but roar with laughter and feel enormously proud of his success. Three Natural Spirit Treasures were within his reach, so no matter who it was, that person would absolutely be unable to not feel happy.

After he gave this instruction, he stretched out his hand and grabbed with the intention of putting away the Copper Coin of Treasurefall and those three Divine Artifacts.


However, right at this moment, a large net that was chilly and seemed as if it was made from starlight appeared out of thin air, and it instantly captured the Copper Coin of Treasurefall along with those three Divine Artifacts!

This scene was extremely sudden, and it caught Yin Huaikong off guard.

His expression changed abruptly while his pupils dilated, and the veins on his forehead suddenly bulged explosively. Those precious treasures were right within his reach, yet he’d been obstructed in an instant, and that sort of feeling caused him to immediately fall into an enraged state.

“Which Bastard did that!? Get the fuck out here!!” As he spoke, his hand suddenly grabbed, and he exerted strength once more with the intention of taking that large net.


Right at this moment, a wisp of thick and blazing sword qi swept over. It was like a river of stars sweeping down from the heavens, and it crushed the layers of space before it and carried a monstrous force. It truly seemed as if it intended to obliterate the world.

This sword strike was too terrifying, and it didn’t just envelop Yin Huaikong, even all the other Elite Disciples in the vicinity were locked onto by it.

In an instant, the situation in the battlefield changed abruptly.

All of them revealed shocked expressions as they sensed how terrifying this sword strike was, and even their actions showed a trace of sluggishness.

What a terrifying sword strike!Who exactly is it?

“You’re courting death!” Yin Huaikong’s clothes fluttered as his entire body erupted with a myriad of strands of the glow of Immortal Kings, and then a buzz resounded from his hand as a black, narrow, and long sword appeared there before he slashed down ferociously with it.

1. As shown in chapter 1526, ‘天’, ‘地’, and ‘人’ is Heaven, Earth, and Man.

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