Chapter 1527 – Ascending Step By Step

The Universe Void Lantern floated in midair, and it emanated brilliant light.

This lantern was nine inches high and completely pure white as if it was carved out of ice. It was shaped like a blooming lotus, and the wick of the lantern was at the heart of the lotus.


Strands of chaotic divinity transformed into pure light that swept out like a tide and illuminated the heavens and the earth. It was extremely dazzling, and the aura if emanated carried a terrifying might capable of purifying and destroying all evil in the world.

This Natural Spirit Treasure was drawn from within the Chaos by Nuwa herself, and then she refined it with supreme energy of light for countless years, causing it to possess unfathomable might. It was ranked at the twenty seventh amongst the hundred and eight known Natural Spirit Treasures!

During this dangerous moment, Qing Xiuyi had suddenly utilized it and annihilated an Elite Disciple from the Sovereign Sect. It shocked everyone present in the surroundings and caused Jiang Lingxiao and the others to cry out involuntarily with rage while dodging successively without end.

On the other hand, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving while similarly feeling shocked in his heart.

Earlier, Qing Xiuyi had charged all along the way into the eighteenth level of the Sovereign Realm, yet from the beginning until the end, she hadn’t utilized a single Immortal Artifact. However, as soon as she entered into battle with Jiang Lingxiao and the others, she’d successively utilized the Nine Heaven Lifesoil, the God Binding Rope, and the Universe Void Lantern. Every single one of these treasures possessed formidable might, and all of them were Natural Spirit Treasures!

Such possessions allowed her to actually annihilate two Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect that were at the Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm while she was in a tight encirclement. This obviously showed that she’d obviously come prepared when she trespassed into the Sovereign Sect by herself.


The energy of light swept out like a raging wave, and it emanated boundless might.

Under such suppression, Jiang Lingxiao and the last two Elite Disciples could only resist with all their might, and the situation had flipped, causing them to be in a precarious position.

Even if Qing Xiuyi was injured at this moment, she possessed three Natural Spirit Treasures, so even with the ability possessed by Jiang Lingxiao and the other two Elite Disciples, they were unable to do anything to her.

Most importantly, amongst all of these three Immortal Kings, only Jiang Lingxiao possessed an Artificial Spirit Treasure, let alone a Natural Spirit Treasure…

In terms of treasures, they were already completely suppressed.

This didn’t mean that the resources and reserves of the Sovereign Sect were inferior to Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and it was instead because the Sovereign Sect had numerous disciples and elders. So no matter how many Natural Spirit Treasures it possessed, it was utterly insufficient to be distributed amongst them.

In terms of cultivation and combat strength, even though Qing Xiuyi was injured, it was still sufficient to go head-on against any one of them.

In such a situation, Jiang Lingxiao and the others had completely lost any advantage in the battle.


After a short moment, Qing Xiuyi captured an opportunity and utilized the God Binding Rope to restrain an Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, and then she utilized the Universe Void Lantern to directly incinerate that Elite Disciple into nothingness.

Moreover, that Elite Disciple’s shrill and miserable cry before death caused one’s hair to stand on end.

This scene directly crushed Jiang Lingxiao and the other Elite Disciple’s will to fight and they turned around and fled. They’d stopped participating in the battle because it was already impossible to turn the situation around.


When she saw this, Qing Xiuyi commanded in her heart, and the silver and brilliant God Binding Rope soared into the sky and vanished. When it appeared next, it had actually caught up to the other Elite Disciple and restrained him, causing him to cry out loudly in terror and rage, yet he was unable to struggle free.


The Nine Heaven Lifesoil transformed into a yellow cloud that crushed down, and it directly crushed that Elite Disciple into powder.

All of this had occurred too quickly. From the moment Jiang Lingxiao and the other Elite Disciple fled to the point Qing Xiuyi utilized the God Binding Rope to restrain that Elite Disciple, all of it had been completed in an instant.

This obviously showed how intense and horrifying this battle was.

“Bitch! It won’t be long before I’ll make you die a graveless death!” Jiang Lingxiao’s voice was filled with extreme rage, and her figure flashed before she vanished from the nineteenth level.

When Chen Xi saw this scene from afar, he thought about it for a moment before he forcefully restrained the killing intent within his heart in the end, and he didn’t go annihilate Jiang Lingxiao. Presently, the Sovereign Sect’s Eldest Elite Disciple, Yin Huaikong, still hadn’t shown himself, so he didn’t want to expose himself beforehand just because of Jiang Lingxiao.

After Jiang Lingxiao left, Qing Xiuyi didn’t pursue her either. She gestured with her fair hand to put the three Natural Spirit Treasures away, and then she suddenly let out a muffled groan while her countenance became even paler.


After that, she actually couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of blood, and her body was on the verge of collapse.

Earlier, she’d already suffered an injury, and then she’d successively utilized three Natural Spirit Treasures to kill her enemies. Even though she’d defeated her enemies, the consumption it placed on her strength was extremely great. After all, they were Natural Spirit Treasures. Supposedly, only existences at the Godrank Realm were able to bring forth the entire might of such precious treasures, and their consumption of strength was shocking to the extreme as well.

Qing Xiuyi’s ability to support them until now was sufficient to show how deep her cultivation was, and if it was any other ordinary Immortal King, that Immortal King would probably already be powerless to continue fighting.

“I’m only at the nineteenth level now…” Qing Xiuyi took a deep breath and withdrew a pill bottle before swallowing its entire contents. After that, her originally waning aura instantly recovered at a shocking speed.

In practically a short time of a few breaths, her originally exhausted strength had actually been almost completely recovered while her ghastly pale face glowed slightly.

She puckered her cherry lips, and her white clothes fluttered as she flashed off once more. From the beginning until the end, she actually didn’t have any intention to retreat or leave.

So she actually made all sorts of preparations for today’s battle… Chen Xi muttered as he appeared from the shadows, and a trace of wonder coiled around his heart as he gazed at the spot where Qing Xiuyi vanished from. Why…is she fighting so desperately?

This thought had just flashed in his mind when Chen Xi discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind and chased after her.

According to his deduction, even if Qing Xiuyi possessed those three Natural Spirit Treasures now, it was still absolutely impossible for her to completely crush the Sovereign Sect.

The Sovereign Sect still had Yin Huaikong, Daoist Tuo Kong, and Elder Kong Zhao, and the three of them had attained the Godrank Realm a long time ago. Even if their cultivations were suppressed at the Immortal King Realm now, it was absolutely impossible for Qing Xiuyi to be a match for them.

The twentieth level, Golden Dispersal Heaven.

The twenty first level, Dark Energy Without Silence Heaven.

The twenty second level, Eight Eternal Calamities Heaven.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, since the nineteenth level of the Sovereign Realm, Qing Xiuyi actually didn’t encounter any obstruction all along the way, and there wasn’t even a sign of an enemy.

Strange. The Sovereign Sect has obviously noticed all of this a long time ago, yet it still hasn’t made a move until now. Could it be that they’re setting up a trap and accumulating strength in the shadows? Chen Xi’s brows gradually knit together. All along the way, he’d been following Qing Xiuyi in secret. However, up until now, they’d arrived at the twenty ninth level, yet they’d actually not encountered any obstruction. This sort of unusual situation caused him to suddenly become vigilant.

On the other hand, Qing Xiuyi seemed as if she hadn’t noticed all of this at all. Since there were no obstructions, she continued forward without end with a tranquil expression, and she seemed as if she was afraid of nothing at all.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion when he noticed this. It seems as if since I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her be afraid or fearful. No matter where she is, she always seems so indifferent and otherworldly.

The two of them moved forward all along the way, yet one moved openly at the front while the other remained in the shadows at the back.

Om! Om!

Above the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Sect, strands of the clear howls of the Grand Dao resounded through the heavens and the earth, and it was extremely enlightening.

Along with these clear howls, strands of extremely dazzling golden light that were sharp like bolts of lightning shot out towards the surroundings. They threw the wind and clouds into disorder while space was torn apart and penetrated. It was extremely terrifying.

On the other hand, at the source of those strands of golden light was three golden and brilliant copper coins that revolved in the air. The surface of the copper coins flowed with extremely dense Divinity, and they were like three resplendent suns.

Yin Huaikong and the others sat cross-legged on the Dao Platform with solemn expressions, and they utilized various profound seals to ceaselessly refine this treasure, causing the atmosphere around them to be heavy and solemn.

Jiang Lingxiao watched all of this from aware while her brows were knit tightly together, and her heart burned with anxiety. Why hasn’t it been completed yet? If this continues, then that bitch will definitely arrive here.

After she fled from the nineteenth level and while she was on the way here, Jiang Lingxiao had already ordered those other disciples of the Sovereign Sect who were originally standing on guard there to retreat.

She was clearly aware that Qing Xiuyi who possessed those three Natural Spirit Treasures was utterly not someone those ordinary disciples of the Sovereign Sect could go against. Only her Eldest Senior Brother, Yin Huaikong, or the two Sect Priests, Elder Kong Zhao and Daoist Tuo Kong, were capable of crushing that bitch.

However, Jiang Lingxiao had never expected that her Eldest Senior Brother and the others were actually jointly refining the Copper Coin of Treasurefall, and they still showed no signs of stopping up until now.

This caused her to be unable to avoid feeling worried, and she only hoped that they would be able to succeed before Qing Xiuyi arrived here.

If Eldest Senior Brother and the others weren’t busy, then how could that bitch have possibly entered so far into my Sovereign Sect with such ease!? When she thought of how Qing Xiuyi had actually passed through level after level of her sect without any difficulty, Jiang Lingxiao couldn’t help but feel aggrieved and infuriated in her heart.

Since the ancient times until now, had any fellow dared to trespass into the Sovereign Sect?


Even gods didn’t dare do such a thing!

Yet now, along with the departure of the Sovereign Sect’s Master and all the gods within the sect that headed to the Last Days Domain, only all of these disciples, Elite Disciples, and the two Sect Priests remained within the Sovereign Realm.

Logically speaking, such a force was sufficient to sweep through the entire three dimensions, crush the world, and cause all living beings to shudder in fear.

Yet Jiang Lingxiao had never expected that Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Qing Xiuyi would possess such a formidable strength. Moreover, Qing Xiuyi even possess three Natural Spirit Treasures that were ranked in the top fifty amongst all the known Natural Spirit Treasures, and she’d actually forcefully killed her way into the Sovereign Sect!

This was simply an extraordinary humiliation to the Sovereign Sect!

Bitch! Since you dared to come cause trouble in my Sovereign Sect, then the only outcome waiting for you is eternal suffering! Jiang Lingxiao gnashed her teeth with hatred.


Right when her thoughts were running wild, a terrifying fluctuation swept out, and it emanated blazing golden light that caused her to feel a wave of sharp pain from her eyes.

They’ve succeeded? Jiang Lingxiao’s spirits rose.

“Hahaha! With this treasure, even if I don’t recover my strength as a god, can anyone in these three dimensions go against me?” Yin Huaikong roared with laughter, and his hoarse and feminine voice was filled with pride.

Three copper coins revolved and floated at the center of his palm, and they were surrounded by extremely terrifying strands of the golden glow of divinity.

Jiang Lingxiao seized this opportunity to hurriedly head forward, and then she told them about everything that occurred earlier.

“Three Natural Spirit Treasures?” Yin Huaikong’s eyes focused, and then a wisp of excitement that was impossible to conceal suffused the corners of his mouth. “I never expected that this Copper Coin of Treasurefall would be able to be of use in advance!”

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