Chapter 1527 – Ascending Step By Step

The Universe Void Lantern floated in midair, and it emanated brilliant light.

This lantern was nine inches high and completely pure white as if it was carved out of ice. It was shaped like a blooming lotus, and the wick of the lantern was at the heart of the lotus.


Strands of chaotic divinity transformed into pure light that swept out like a tide and illuminated the heavens and the earth. It was extremely dazzling, and the aura if emanated carried a terrifying might capable of purifying and destroying all evil in the world.

This Natural Spirit Treasure was drawn from within the Chaos by Nuwa herself, and then she refined it with supreme energy of light for countless years, causing it to possess unfathomable might. It was ranked at the twenty seventh amongst the hundred and eight known Natural Spirit Treasures!

During this dangerous moment, Qing Xiuyi had suddenly utilized it and annihilated an Elite Disciple from the Sovereign Sect. It shocked everyone present in the surroundings and caused Jiang Lingxiao and the others to cry out involuntarily with rage while dodging successively without end.

On the other hand, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving while similarly feeling shocked in his heart.

Earlier, Qing Xiuyi had charged all along the way into the eighteenth level of the Sovereign Realm, yet from the beginning until the end, she hadn’t...

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