Chapter 1526 – The Rankings Of Spirit Treasures

The three gold and brilliant copper coins floated in the air while suffused with the aura of chaos.

If one looked carefully at it, these coins were round on the outside and square at the center. Their surface was branded with obscure markings of chaos, and they respectively revealed the scenes of the ‘heavens,’ ‘earth,’ and ‘man.’ They were extremely profound.

As soon as they appeared, they emanated a strand of oppressive Divinity that was pure, thick, and striking.

The Natural Spirit Treasure — the Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

When they saw this treasure, all of their pupils constricted and revealed a wisp of shock. This was a supreme Divine Artifact that was born within the quintessence of Chaos, and it belonged to the Sovereign Sect’s Master. It possessed miraculous and monstrous might that was beyond imagination.

According to legend, so long as it was utilized, then this treasure was capable of making all Artificial Spirit Treasures fall before it. It was a rare treasure even amongst the ranks of Natural Spirit Treasures.

Early on during the primeval times, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had relied on this treasure to seize the treasures of countless Fiendgods, and it could be said to be a miraculous and precious treasure.

“I never expected that the Sect Master actually passed down this treasure to Eldest Senior Brother.” An Elite Disciple spoke with admiration.

It wasn’t just him, even those two Sect Priests were unable to maintain their composure at this moment, and they glanced at Yin Huaikong with gazes that were slightly complicated. They seemed as if they’d similarly not imagined that this treasure would be in the latter’s possession.

“The Sect Master passed this treasure down to me for the sake of making it easier for us to sweep through the three dimensions. My status alone is definitely insufficient to deserve such a precious treasure.” Yin Huaikong smiled humbly, yet his tone carried a wisp of pride.

A Natural Spirit Treasure was a Natural Divine Artifact.

A precious treasure that was born from within the Chaos. Since the Chaos had been split open until now, there were merely one hundred and eight known Natural Spirit Treasures in the entire three dimensions.

This Copper Coin of Treasurefall was one of them, and in terms of might and usage, it was even ranked at the twenty fourth position amongst the hundred and eight Natural Spirit Treasures.

Just think about it, there were countless Fiendgods and gods since the Chaos had been split apart until now, yet there were merely one hundred and eight Natural Spirit Treasures. This obviously showed how precious and rare such treasures were.

On the other hand, since the Copper Coin of Treasurefall was able to be ranked at the twenty fourth position, it seemed to be even more extraordinary.

“Everyone, let’s begin the refinement.” Yin Huaikong instructed before he opened his mouth and spat out a ball of dark golden Immortal Force that covered the three copper coins. After that, he formed profound seals with his hands and started to refine it.

It was precisely because this treasure’s might was too formidable that even with Yin Huaikong’s current strength, he was utterly unable to refine it by himself, and he had no choice but to rely on the assistance of others.

“Let’s begin.” The others glanced at each other, and all of them had solemn expressions as they circulated their cultivations and started to assist Yin Huaikong.


A strand of terrifying fluctuation effused out. The three copper coins droned and emanated clear howls, and it was like the chaotic tune of the Heaven Dao as it resounded throughout the area above the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm.

At the nineteenth level of the Sovereign Realm, the Suffering Calamity Heaven.


The intense battle was still going on. Qing Xiuyi moved around the battlefield all by herself, and her beautiful hair fluttered while she revealed a tranquil expression. Every single move she made reaped the life of an enemy, and she seemed to act extremely decisively.

Blood was spraying while shrill howls resounded.

From the beginning until the end, Qing Xiuyi didn’t even blink and she remained composed. Her clothes fluttered with her movements, and she seemed otherworldly and pure like a celestial maiden that was walking through the waves on the ocean. She was clearly killing her enemies, yet not only did she not seem cruel and bloody, it gladdened the hearts and pleased the eyes of others instead.

In next to no time, the battle had completely leaned towards her.

Luckily, there’s no need for me to lend a hand… Chen Xi noticed all of this, and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

But right at this moment, his pupils suddenly constricted as he swiftly looked towards the side. He saw numerous figures flicker in midair, and they were swiftly whistling over from afar at an unbelievable speed.

Jiang Lingxiao! Chen Xi instantly recognized the woman in the lead. Surprisingly, it was one of the Sovereign Sect’s Elite Disciples, Jiang Lingxiao.

There were another three men and a woman by her side, and all of them possessed extremely powerful auras. At the very least, they were already standing at the peak of the Immortal King Realm.

They finally sent out some decent experts… Not only did Chen Xi not become anxious because of this, he heaved a sigh of relief instead. He was most worried that the Sovereign Sect’s forces didn’t make an appearance for a long time while playing some tricks from the shadows.

Now, since they’d exposed themselves, then he didn’t have to worry about the threat of any schemes.


Meanwhile, Qing Xiuyi noticed Jiang Lingxiao and the others as well. However, she didn’t stop what she was doing, and her attacks grew even fiercer.

“Hmph! What a ruthless woman! You trespassed into my Sovereign Sect, yet still dare to act so arrogantly! You’re simply courting death!” Jiang Lingxiao grunted coldly and waved her hand.

The four Elite Disciples by her side immediately flashed out and charged towards the distant battlefield.


Numerous peerlessly formidable Immortal Artifacts soared through the sky, and they tore through space as they smashed down towards Qing Xiuyi from all directions.

“Everyone else step back! Allow us to crush this woman!” At practically the exact same time, Jiang Lingxiao’s clothes fluttered as her slender and fair palms spread opened, and she withdrew a bronze mirror that was densely inscribed with talismans before pointing it at Qing Xiuyi from midair.


A glow flashed on the surface of the bronze mirror, and then a strand of violet divine light flashed out like lightning from within it. It carried a peerlessly fierce aura as it tore open layer upon layer of space to shoot over violently.

The Artificial Spirit Treasure — Violet Myrtle Mirror!

This mirror contained surging ‘Violet Myrtle Divinelight,’ and it possessed the aura of divinity. It was capable of eliminating the soul and destroying the intelligence of all things. Its might was extremely terrifying.

In an instant, Qing Xiuyi was surrounded from all directions and fell into an encirclement. However, she was completely unafraid, and she held a snow white immortal sword in her fair hand while she stood there in an imposing manner and actually dealt with all of these attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Terrifying sounds of collision resounded and shook the heavens and the earth.

Even though she’d resisted these numerous attacks, Qing Xiuyi’s countenance had turned slightly pale. Obviously, it was strenuous to her, and it wasn’t as easy as it was before.

However, she remained silent and continued to fight. Her entire body seethed with the energy of light, and it illuminated the heavens and the earth, causing her to seem like a god that had emerged from within the light and possessed vast might.

“Hmph! She just putting up a desperate fight! Everyone, there’s no need to hold back any longer! Kill her!” Jiang Lingxiao grunted coldly while the Violet Myrtle Mirror revolved endlessly in the air, and it emanated a myriad of strands of Violet Myrtle Divinelight that transformed into numerous terrifying and zig-zagged bolts of lightning before descending explosively towards Qing Xiuyi.

The other four Elite Disciples utilized their entire strengths as well, and they cooperated with Jiang Lingxiao to completely block off all Qing Xiuyi’s paths of retreat. She was like a bird trapped in a cage, and there was utterly no chance for her to escape.

These bastards are truly merciless. They utilized their entire strengths as soon as they entered into battle… Chen Xi’s brows raised while wisp of piercingly cold killing intent flashed within his deep and dark eyes.

“Descend!” However, right when Chen Xi intended to lend Qing Xiuyi a hand, he noticed that Qing Xiuyi had suddenly withdrawn a treasure that was shaped like a yellow cloud. As soon as it appeared, it seemed as if it possessed a boundless force of gravity that actually easily smashed and collapsed that expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Surprisingly, that treasure shaped like a yellow cloud was a piece of dirt. It was brown in color, and it emanated strands of the aura of Fifth-Earth.

It lightly shook before it blasted back all the Immortal Artifacts that attacked Qing Xiuyi from all directions, and it obstructed all the various attacks that descended as well. Its might was extremely formidable.

“Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Nine Heaven Lifesoil! No wonder you dared to trespass into my Sovereign Sect all by yourself. So it turns out that you actually possess such a Natural Spirit Treasure to rely on.” Jiang Lingxiao’s eyes focused as she spoke with surprise. This treasure was a renowned Divine Artifact in Nuwa’s Dao palace, and it was ranked at the fifty fourth position amongst the hundred and eight Natural Spirit Treasures.

However, no matter how formidable a Divine Artifact was, it still has to depend on its user. Not to mention that there were five of them here, so Jiang Lingxiao was still extremely confident in her ability to annihilate Qing Xiuyi.

“Bind!” However, to Jiang Lingxiao’s surprise, Qing Xiuyi withdrew another treasure after she’d just utilized the Nine Heaven Lifesoil. It was a silver and brilliant rope that revealed a practically translucent amber color.

The surface of this rope flowed with strands of talismans and was coiled with the aura of divinity. As soon as it appeared, it vanished into thin air with a swish.

“The God Binding Rope! Watch out!” Jiang Lingxiao spoke with shock as she’d recognized that this was another Natural Spirit Treasure. It was ranked at the thirty ninth position, and it was even more formidable than the Nine Heaven Lifesoil. According to legend, Nuwa herself had relied on this rope to restrain and kill countless gods all those years ago!

Unfortunately, her warning was a little too late.


An Elite Disciple was restrained, and he was utterly unable to struggle and lost the ability to do battle.

“Kill her!” Jiang Lingxiao and the others hurriedly moved forward to save him when they saw this, and they attacked Qing Xiuyi with all their might.

However, Qing Xiuyi actually didn’t try to evade them at all. Her figure flashed as she forcefully headed towards that Elite Disciple that had been restrained, and she seemed as if she was fighting without any concern for her life.


A muffled bang resounded as the Nine Heaven Lifesoil smashed forcefully onto that restrained Elite Disciple, and his figure rumbled and shattered into pieces like a piece of paper, causing him to perish on the spot.

A Peak Rank Immortal King had actually perished just like this!

But at practically the exact same moment, Qing Xiuyi suffered the attacks of the others, and a strand of Violet Myrtle Divinelight shot through her left shoulder.

At the same time, the attacks of the other two Immortal Kings smashed down onto her backbone, causing her entire body to be blasted flying.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from her mouth, and her countenance instantly turned pale.

This way of fighting was unexpected, and it entirely seemed as if she was fighting desperately with the intent of bringing them down with her.

It wasn’t just Jiang Lingxiao and the others that hadn’t expected it, even Chen Xi who stood in the distance had never expected that Qing Xiuyi would actually be so ruthless towards herself, and it caused him to be entirely unable to assist her in time.

“Kill! Kill her!!” Losing a fellow disciple as soon as the battle began caused Jiang Lingxiao to be utterly infuriated, and she intended to seize the moment Qing Xiuyi suffered an injury to annihilate her.

“Dammit!” Chen Xi’s face instantly became gloomy. He couldn’t be bothered to hide himself any longer, and his figure flashed with the intention of charging over.


But right at this moment, the energy of light flashed throughout Qing Xiuyi’s body, and she actually withdrew a crystalline and snow white lantern. In an instant, it emanated a myriad of strands of light that illuminated the heavens and the earth, and it was extremely dazzling.

It caused Chen Xi’s eyes to narrow, and his figure became slightly sluggish.

“The Universe Void Lantern! Dammit! Nuwa even passed down such a precious treasure to you!? Who exactly are you!?” Amidst the expanse of light, Jiang Lingxiao’s sharp cry that was filled with shock and fury resounded.

“AH!!!” At practically the exact same moment Jiang Lingxiao’s sharp cry resounded, a shrill cry resounded as well, and it was extremely miserable before it stopped abruptly in the next moment. Obviously, another person had been killed.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked and filled with disbelief. Never had he imagined that all the treasures in Qing Xiuyi’s possession would actually be so formidable, and all of them were Natural Spirit Treasures!

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