Chapter 1526 – The Rankings Of Spirit Treasures

The three gold and brilliant copper coins floated in the air while suffused with the aura of chaos.

If one looked carefully at it, these coins were round on the outside and square at the center. Their surface was branded with obscure markings of chaos, and they respectively revealed the scenes of the ‘heavens,’ ‘earth,’ and ‘man.’ They were extremely profound.

As soon as they appeared, they emanated a strand of oppressive Divinity that was pure, thick, and striking.

The Natural Spirit Treasure — the Copper Coin of Treasurefall!

When they saw this treasure, all of their pupils constricted and revealed a wisp of shock. This was a supreme Divine Artifact that was born within the quintessence of Chaos, and it belonged to the Sovereign Sect’s Master. It possessed miraculous and monstrous might that was beyond imagination.

According to legend, so long as it was utilized, then this treasure was capable of making all Artificial Spirit Treasures fall before it. It was a rare treasure even amongst the ranks of Natural Spirit Treasures.

Early on during the primeval times, the Sovereign Sect’s Master had relied on this treasure to seize the treasures of countless Fiendgods, and it could be said to be a miraculous and precious treasure.

“I never expected that the Sect Master actually passed down this treasure to Eldest Senior Brother.” An Elite Disciple spoke with admiration...

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