Chapter 1525 – Following Closely Behind

In the battlefield, that graceful figure seemed otherworldly and extraordinary. She wore snow white clothes, and she had jet black and beautiful hair that flowed down like a waterfall. Her eyes seemed illusory while her beautiful and tranquil face seemed as if it was covered beneath misty rain, causing her to emanate a dreamlike and otherworldly aura.

Her figure swayed as she flickered through her opponents, and her entire body was suffused with strands of the aura of pure light. Every single move she made carried a composed, calm, and cold aura, causing her to seem extremely extraordinary.

There was no lack of existences at the Immortal King Realm amongst the over a thousand disciples of the Sovereign Sect in the surroundings, and the battlefield was even covered by numerous layers of restrictions, yet it was all actually unable to harm her at all.

When looked at from afar, she seemed like a wisp of light moving above a mountain of blades and an ocean of flames, and she was extremely dazzling.

Shockingly, she was Qing Xiuyi!

This was the reason why Chen Xi’s entire body had stiffened at that instant and seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. It was because that was his Dao Companion, his wife!

Early on when he was still at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect within the Dark Reverie, Qing Xiuyi had broken through the restraints of the heavens while at the Golden Immortal Realm and ascended into the Immortal Dimension.

At that time, she’d promised Chen Xi that she would come look for Chen Xi after Chen Xi arrived at the Immortal Dimension.

But even after so many years had passed, the both of them still hadn’t met each other because of various reasons, and it really showed how the destiny played tricks on people.

Later on, the calamity of the three dimensions descended, and Chen Xi finally obtained information about Qing Xiuyi from Shi Yu.

However, before he could head to Nuwa’s Dao Palace to bring Qing Xiuyi back with him, he heard the news that the Skandha World where Nuwa’s Dao Palace resided had been closed up and vanished from the world, whereas most of the cultivators from Nuwa’s Dao Palace had headed to the Last Days Domain.

This had caused Chen Xi to always feel extremely regretful in his heart.

However, never had he imagined that he would actually see her in the Sovereign Realm!

Why has she come here?

Since she’s clearly in the three dimensions, then why didn’t she come to see me?

Waves rose and fell within Chen Xi’s heart while he thought swiftly. No matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to figure out why Qing Xiuyi had acted in this way.

Fan Yunlan didn’t come to see me because she didn’t want to interfere in my life. What about her? Even if she’s unwilling to meet me, could it be that she’s even unwilling to meet An’er?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi actually couldn’t help but feel slightly sad.

The battle in the distance was still going on.

In the end, Chen Xi didn’t show himself. Firstly, he’d discerned that Qing Xiuyi’s current strength was sufficient to deal with all the enemies before her. Secondly, he wanted to find out exactly why Qing Xiuyi had come here.

He was very clearly aware that if he were to meet Qing Xiuyi now, then with her quiet and reticent disposition, she would definitely not tell him the true reason.

Because she was too proud, proud to the point she couldn’t be bothered to explain everything, and this included the times she was dealing with Chen Xi. Moreover, this disposition of hers was impossible to change.

If it was changed, then she wouldn’t be Qing Xiuyi any longer.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed as he executed a secret technique to silently hide himself. Unless it was an existence who possessed a strength that obviously exceeded him greatly, otherwise others would be utterly impossible to notice him.

After he did all of this, he carefully sized Qing Xiuyi up.

Unfortunately, Qing Xiuyi’s beautiful face was indifferent and tranquil, and it was utterly impossible to discern her feelings at this moment.

Thus, Chen Xi was only able to determine that with her current cultivation, she’d already attained the Utter Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm, and the Dao Techniques she possessed had even attained perfection. So the joint forces of five or six ordinary Immortal Kings wouldn’t be a match for her at all.

Obviously, during her cultivation within Nuwa’s Dao Palace throughout these years, Qing Xiuyi’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and it could even be considered as inconceivable.

However, Chen Xi came to an understanding when he thought about it.

According to his knowledge, Qing Xiuyi had experienced one hundred reincarnations, and her identity was even more mysterious than his father, Chen Lingjun. With her natural talent and foundation and coupled with the various experiences she’d accumulated throughout her past lifetimes; it was impossible for her strength to not improve.


Suddenly, waves of world shaking rumbling resounded from afar.

Qing Xiuyi’s clothes fluttered as she moved throughout the battlefield by herself. She’d actually destroyed all the restrictions, and even most of the over a thousand disciples from the Sovereign Sect had been annihilated by her.

In the battlefield, blood sprayed while shrill howls resounded without end. The few remaining disciples of the Sovereign Sect were terrified to the point of fleeing when they noticed that the situation was bad, and they didn’t dare continue fighting Qing Xiuyi.

Qing Xiuyi didn’t pursue them.

She stood in snow white clothes on the battlefield that was filled with pools of blood, and she seemed like a pure white cloud that was pure, tranquil, otherworldly, and extraordinary.

She raised her eyes and stared silently towards the distance for a moment, and then her figure flashed before she left swiftly.

Are you still going to continue killing? Chen Xi frowned from extremely far away. He distinguished that Qing Xiuyi intended to leave the eighteenth level and head to the nineteenth level, the Suffering Calamity Heaven.

He pondered deeply for a moment before he followed her silently.

“Set up the formation!”

“Quickly make a move!”

“Kill this woman from Nuwa’s Dao Palace!”

At the Suffering Calamity Heaven, row after row of disciples of the Sovereign Sect were gathered here, and they’d set up numerous restrictions under the lead of five Immortal Kings and were ready to enter into battle.

Actually, the defenses of the Sovereign Sect was extremely formidable. Every single level was covered in numerous restrictions, and once they were activated, it could be said that every step one took was filled with killing intent and extreme danger.

If it was an ordinary Immortal King that had come here, that Immortal King would have probably been trapped and killed at the first level.

On the other hand, the reason Qing Xiuyi was able to easily kill her way through to the nineteenth level by herself was because her strength far exceeded an ordinary Immortal King. Those restrictions were utterly unable to harm her at all.

Even Chen Xi had no choice but to admit that the might Qing Xiuyi possessed now wasn’t much different to the strength he possessed when he advanced into the Immortal King Realm that day.

It was even to the extent that Qing Xiuyi’s combat strength was even slightly superior to Qiu Xuanshu.

This caused Chen Xi to be even more curious. Why exactly did she come here?




The battle directly erupted once more.

3,600 enemies, five Immortal Kings, 168 layers of restrictions… How could such a force possibly harm her? In an instant, Chen Xi determined the situation of the battle. Even though he’d done that, he still couldn’t help but feel slightly worried for Qing Xiuyi.

He accumulated strength and got ready. Once even the slightest mishap occurred, he wouldn’t hesitate to lend her a hand because compared to figuring out the true reason Qing Xiuyi had come here, he cared more about her safety.

She had already killed her way to the nineteenth level, could it be that the others within the Sovereign Sect are unable to determine the situation? Where’s the Eldest Elite Disciple, Yin Huaikong? Could it be that he’s going to just watch as all of these disciples are killed? Suddenly, Chen Xi noticed something was off. Up until now, the Sovereign Sect seemed to have not taken Qing Xiuyi seriously at all, and they still hadn’t sent over a true expert in the Immortal King Realm.

This was slightly unusual.

No matter what, since I’ve come here this time, then I’ll absolutely not allow her to be in any danger… Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of resolution flashed in his eyes.

At practically the exact same time in the area above the thirty three levels.

Numerous figures were seated cross-legged atop an ancient Dao Platform. All of them possessed monstrous divine might and revealed supreme and formidable imposing auras.

Shockingly, the Eldest Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Yin Huaikong, and the fifth amongst the Elite Disciples, Jiang Lingxiao, and various other Elite Disciples were amongst them.

Besides these Elite Disciples, there were two old men in blood red robes that were extremely striking. One had an emaciated face, a gloomy expression, sunken eyes, and his entire body flowed with strands of obscure mist of the Grand Dao that enveloped his entire body.

The other had an upright appearance and meticulous expression. The space between his sharp brows were filled with an oppressive aura of slaughter while cold lighting flowed within his eyes, and it was extremely terrifying.

These two old men were the two Sect Priests of the Sovereign Sect, Elder Kong Zhao and Daoist Tuo Kong!

“Eldest Senior Brother, Qing Xiuyi from Nuwa’s Dao Palace has already killed her way to the nineteenth level.” An Elite Disciple spoke with worry. He held a bronze mirror in his hand, and the mirror shockingly displayed the scenes of the battle at the nineteenth level.

Yin Huaikong, who wore a large bamboo hat, frowned and glanced at Jiang Lingxiao before he said, “Junior Sister Jiang, lead a few Junior Brothers over and end the battle as soon as possible.”

Jiang Lingxiao nodded before she stood up, and then she led three Elite Disciples away swiftly.

After he gave these instructions, Yin Huaikong swept the others with his gaze and said, “I sent urgent summons to all of you today because important news came from the Last Days Domain.”

The Last Days Domain!All of their hearts shook. Even the eyes of those two Sect Priests narrowed slightly, and they revealed a wisp of a serious expression.

“According to the information sent back by the sect from the Last Days Domain, the situation there is slightly bad. Even though I’m unable to find out the exact situation, I can confirm that someone has already entered into the ancient God Domain.” Yin Huaikong’s expression had become serious at this moment.


“How could this be possible? Our Sovereign Sect placed numerous forces within the Last Days Domain and has long since fully blocked that path towards the ancient God Domain. How could such a thing have occurred?”

The hearts of the others jerked, and they couldn’t help but start discussing it.

“No matter what, this matter has already been proven to be a fact.” Yin Huaikong’s voice was hoarse yet feminine, and he said slowly, “According to my inference, since such an incident has occurred, it won’t be long before the door to the ancient God Domain will close completely, and even the Sect Master won’t be able to change this.”

All of their expressions became gloomy.

Even though they were always acting on behalf of the ‘Heaven Dao,’ if they wanted to enter the ancient God Domain, they still had to possess the qualifications to enter it. Now, if the door to the God Domain were to close, then they were bound to be unable to step foot on that divine land!

“Eldest Senior Brother, then what should we do?” Someone couldn’t help but ask this question.

The others shot their gazes towards Yin Huaikong as well.

“There’s no need to be anxious. It will still take a period of time before the passageway to the ancient God Domain closes. During this period of time, our task of top priority is to…” Yin Huaikong took a deep breath while his voice revealed a wisp of killing intent. “Eliminate Chen Xi, crush Dao Emperor Academy, and eliminate all the Immortal Kings in the three dimensions!”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Only in this way would we be able to leave as soon as possible and head to the Last Days Domain. Then, we can converge with the others from the sect and head to the ancient God Domain together.”

When they heard this, all of them pondered deeply for a moment before they agreed successively.

“Now, please lend me a hand to refine a Natural Spirit Treasure. With this treasure, even killing that kid, Chen Xi, would be as easy as turning over a palm!” Suddenly, Yin Huaikong flipped his palm, and then three gold and brilliant copper coins floated up into appearance. They revolved endlessly in the air and emanated strands of terrifying and obscure auras of chaos.

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