Chapter 1524 – It Seems Like An Old Acquaintance Has Arrived

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A primordial beast that was shaped like a tortoise and covered an area of an entire 50,000km walked towards the distance. Every single stride it took caused space to shatter into pieces, and it wasn’t inferior to teleportation at all.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged atop the Heaven Devouring Beast’s head while looking towards the distance.

Earlier, the Heaven Devouring Beast had already agreed to his conditions. However, if Chen Xi wanted it to submit to him, then Chen Xi had to successfully retrieve that strand of its soul’s quintessence from the Sovereign Sect.

Chen Xi naturally didn’t have any objections towards this.

He’d come to the Sovereign Realm this time with the intention of putting an end to the Sovereign Sect. He was naturally extremely willing to rescue a primordial beast that was already on the verge of extinction during the primeval times while doing this.

This fellow possessed the might to go against a group of Immortal Kings. So if Chen Xi was able to make it guard the academy, then even if Chen Xi headed to the Last Days Domain, he could be completely at ease.

At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Beast was carrying Chen Xi through the Heaven Devouring Desert.

After a short while, a strange expanse of ruins appeared within Chen Xi’s field of vision.

There were actually...

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