Chapter 1524 – It Seems Like An Old Acquaintance Has Arrived

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A primordial beast that was shaped like a tortoise and covered an area of an entire 50,000km walked towards the distance. Every single stride it took caused space to shatter into pieces, and it wasn’t inferior to teleportation at all.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged atop the Heaven Devouring Beast’s head while looking towards the distance.

Earlier, the Heaven Devouring Beast had already agreed to his conditions. However, if Chen Xi wanted it to submit to him, then Chen Xi had to successfully retrieve that strand of its soul’s quintessence from the Sovereign Sect.

Chen Xi naturally didn’t have any objections towards this.

He’d come to the Sovereign Realm this time with the intention of putting an end to the Sovereign Sect. He was naturally extremely willing to rescue a primordial beast that was already on the verge of extinction during the primeval times while doing this.

This fellow possessed the might to go against a group of Immortal Kings. So if Chen Xi was able to make it guard the academy, then even if Chen Xi headed to the Last Days Domain, he could be completely at ease.

At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Beast was carrying Chen Xi through the Heaven Devouring Desert.

After a short while, a strange expanse of ruins appeared within Chen Xi’s field of vision.

There were actually numerous damaged Secret Realms floating amidst the ruins, and they formed a seemingly boundless dense mass.

Every single damaged Secret Realm revealed a different scene. One emanated boundless sword qi, one possessed a roaring ocean of lava, one possessed a mountain that was covered in strange plants and flowers…

All of these scenes were interwoven together and appeared amidst the ruins. It revealed a strange and unusual, yet beautiful scene. If was like with a single glance, all sorts of minor worlds were being displayed before one’s eyes.

Ruins of Chaos!

In an instant, Chen Xi determined the name of this place. According to Nangong Lie, the entrance to the Sovereign Realm was hidden within the Ruins of Chaos.

“This is a place of absolute death, and it was intentionally left behind by the Sovereign Sect. All those fellows that tried to enter the Sovereign Sect through here died miserably without exception.” After they arrived here, the Heaven Devouring Beast suddenly stood still and spook in a booming voice.

Chen Xi brows raised. “Then where’s the correct path?”

“Beneath that ruins,” said the Heaven Devouring Beast. Suddenly, its figure shook, and then it transformed into a thick ray of light that tore through layer upon layer of space to actually charge beneath the ruins.

This caused Chen Xi to be shocked. Who would have imagined that the Sovereign Realm would actually be underground?

But in next to no time, he noticed that all along the way, even though the Heaven Devouring Beast seemed to be flying downwards, their position had actually always been moving upwards.

A restriction that turns the world around… No wonder, the heavens are the earth, and the earth is the heavens. Most importantly, there are no signs of the fluctuation of restrictions at all, and it seemed as if it was formed naturally. If one’s unable to see through its secrets, then there would probably be no one that could find this path that heads to the Sovereign Realm. Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. His attainments in the Talisman Dao were extremely formidable, so he’d practically deduced all the secrets of the Ruins of Chaos in a moment.

“Kid, I can only send you here.” It wasn’t long before the Heaven Devouring Beast stopped moving and spoke in a low voice.

Chen Xi noticed that they’d arrived at an extremely deep and quiet space at this moment. It was covered in darkness while numerous balls of flames that seemed like bones floated in the surroundings. Moreover, the flames surged with strands of the aura of calamity.

This area was extremely vast. When looked at from afar, those floating balls of flames seemed like a myriad of will-o’-wisps embedded in the darkness, and it was extremely strange and terrifying.

Moreover, a river was flowing extremely far in the distance. The river was vast and flowed with thick blood while numerous skeletons floated in it. It seemed like the river of blood that flowed in the Netherworld.

“Traverse the Calamity River, and the first level of the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm, the Crimsonlight of Slaughter Heaven, will be on the other bank of the river… Hmm? Wait, it seems like a battle has occurred near the Calamity River!” The Heaven Devouring Beast was speaking when it suddenly seemed to have noticed something, and its voice suddenly became louder.

A battle? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while his enormous will swept out. Sure enough, he noticed that the area around the vast river of blood was suffused with the aura of battle. Moreover, there were many shattered corpses, fresh traces of blood, and collapsed ground nearby the river…

Could it be that someone has already trespassed into the Sovereign Sect before me? Chen Xi was taken aback his heart because this was slightly shocking. Presently, the calamity had descended onto the three dimensions, and the Sovereign Sect seemed monstrous and practically peerless.

Under such circumstances, there was actually someone that didn’t fear the Sovereign Sect and had forcefully killed their way into the Sovereign Sect. This was slightly inconceivable.

Who’s this person?

Could it be that this person has the same objective as me?

But is there any Immortal King in the Immortal Dimension now that possesses such domineering resolution?

“The battle just occurred not too long ago. It would seem like someone has indeed trespassed into the Sovereign Sect. Hah, how bold. If the Sovereign Sect was so easy to deal with, then how could I have been restrained for countless years?” The Heaven Devouring Beast laughed coldly, and its voice carried disdain, anger, unwillingness, and even a strand of resentment. It was complicated to the extreme.

Chen Xi directly overlooked these words and asked. “Is this the only path into the Sovereign Realm?”

“No, according to my knowledge, there are a total of four paths that lead here. They’re divided into the four directions of north, south, east, and west. The path we took was situated at the west, and it’s a path of slaughter. Very few people know about it.” The Heaven Devouring Beast spoke casually.

“No wonder five of the ten disciples from the Sovereign Sect left halfway through the battle earlier. Obviously, they found out that someone had trespassed into the Sovereign Sect and they left to provide support.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a short moment before he made a decision, and then he stood up and moved towards the river in the distance.

“Kid, you have to be careful. It’s the Sovereign Sect’s residence after all, and it’s filled with countless restrictions. Don’t try to flaunt your strength and lose your life there…” The Heaven Devouring Beast’s booming reminder resounded from behind him. Obviously, he didn’t look favorably upon the action Chen Xi was about to take.

The Sovereign Sect.

Crimsonlight of Slaughter Heaven.

This was the first of the thirty three levels in the Sovereign Realm, and it was a boundlessly vast world. It was the place where the disciples of the Sovereign Sect with the lowest status cultivated.

The buildings, mountains, rivers, and even ground here was actually pitch black in color. When he arrived here, it was like entering into a world of darkness, and it gave him an extremely oppressive feeling.

There were a total of thirty three levels or heavens in the Sovereign Realm. Every single level represented a level of status, and the lower one was, the lower one’s status in the Sovereign Sect.

Conversely, the higher one was, the higher one’s status in the Sovereign Sect.

For example, the area above the thirty three levels was where the Sovereign Sect’s Master resided and cultivated.

However, the calamity had descended now, and all the gods within the Sovereign Sect were unable to escape heading to the Last Days Domain with the Master of the Sovereign Sect.

So it was all the elders and Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect that possessed the higher status in the Sovereign Sect now. Practically all of their cultivations were at the Immortal King Realm.

Of course, there was a difference between Immortal Kings.

For example, the Elite Disciple Yin Huaikong, the Sect Priest Elder Kong Zhao, and the Sect Priest Daoist Tuo Kong were originally existences at the Godrank Realm, but their cultivations had been suppressed and they appeared to be Immortal Kings. They’d done this for the sake of allowing them to reside in the three dimensions and lead the Sovereign Sect to take control of the world.

On the other hand, the might they possessed naturally wasn’t something those other Immortal Kings could compare to.

Besides them, the cultivations of all the other Elite Disciples in the Sovereign Sect couldn’t be underestimated either. Most of them were lingering at the Utter Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm.


Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air within the Crimsonlight of Slaughter Heaven, and his entire body surged with Immortal Force while he seemed extremely vigilant like an arrow that was waiting to be released.

However, to his surprise, this world was actually completely deathly silent, and it was even to the extent that his arrival didn’t draw any attention.

As expected, a battle occurred here… After that, Chen Xi sensed that this expanse of the heavens and the earth was covered in numerous corpses and pools of blood.

He sensed that the aura of those corpses was suffused with strands of the aura of calamity. Shockingly, they were disciples of the Sovereign Sect.

Extraordinary! That person was actually able to trespass into the Sovereign Sect and carry out a slaughter. This person’s strength is probably absolutely not something an ordinary Immortal King can compare to… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and then his will swept out. He sensed carefully for a moment before his figure flashed, and he teleported away and vanished on the spot.

The level above the first level was the Pillar of Dazzling Light Heaven.

After he arrived here, Chen Xi still only noticed corpses covering the ground and numerous layers of completely destroyed restrictions.

How formidable! This ability of slaughter is simply all-powerful. With such a strength, this person is definitely not an ordinary person in the Immortal Dimensions. But who exactly is it? Why am I unable to deduce anything about this person? Chen Xi felt even more curious towards this ‘expert’ that had trespassed into the Sovereign Sect just like he had.

After that, he stopped hesitating and staying here, and he continued up the Sovereign Realm.

The Void Blaze of Exile Heaven.

The Big Dipper Gem Heaven.

The Auspicious World Origin Heaven.

Practically without stopping at all, Chen Xi traversed numerous levels and noticed numerous scenes of battle and slaughter all along the way, and the shock within his heart continued to grow.

At the eighteenth level, the Colorless Brahma Glow Heaven.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he suddenly sensed a wave of violent fluctuations of battle.

This caused him to be shocked in his heart, and he understood that this ‘expert’ that had trespassed into the Sovereign Sect was in battle at the eighteenth level of the Sovereign Realm at this moment.

Chen Xi didn’t dare dally, and his figure flashed as he rushed towards the distance.


This was an expanse of boundless verdant plants. At this moment, it had been transformed into a vast battlefield. The glow of Immortal Force erupted all over the plains while chaotic flows of energy shot through the sky. Moreover, the fluctuation of restrictions filled the surroundings while Immortal Artifacts collided with each other and techniques flashed through the sky. It was a scene of chaos.

Over a thousand disciples of the Sovereign Sect had joined forces to form a variety of restrictions to trap a slender figure. Blazing light drowned this entire area, and it caused others to be utterly unable to clearly witness the battle that was occurring there.

However, when Chen Xi arrived far away from this place and saw this scene, his eyes focused instead. Because that battlefield…actually surged with matchlessly pure energy of light!

Could it be that ‘expert’ is from Nuwa’s Dao Palace?

After that, his terrifying will swept towards the distant battlefield. When he was finally able to clearly see the figure that was trapped at the center of the battlefield, his figure instantly stiffened while his pupils dilated, and he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning.

It’s actually…it’s actually…her? Chen Xi cried out involuntarily, and his voice couldn’t help but tremble. Moreover, it even carried a wisp of indescribable excitement. He seemed as if he’d never expected that he would actually meet her right here and right now.

This had exceeded his expectations, and he was extremely surprised. It caused him to be slightly stunned on the spot while waves surged within his heart.

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