Chapter 1523 – Transforming Into A Roc

Heaven Devourer!

This scene seemed very much like it intended to devour the heavens and the earth, and it was shocking.

This was the Innate Forbidden Technique of the Heaven Devouring Beast, and it possessed a supreme and terrifying might. When combined with its enormous body that covered an area of 50,000km, the might it revealed seemed to be extremely horrifying.


The sky collapsed into pieces while the ground split apart, and everything surged uncontrollably towards the Heaven Devouring Beast’s mouth.

On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi whose aura had been locked onto by the Heaven Devouring Beast had similarly suffered the effect of a copious, irresistible, and terrifying suction force, causing his figure to be unable to help but shake while he was almost dragged uncontrollably into the Heaven Devouring Beast’s mouth.

This suction force was extremely unique, and it contained the energy of the Grand Dao. It twisted and tore as if it intended to tear everything apart and obliterate it into powder.

If it was any other Immortal King in Chen Xi’s place, that Immortal King would absolutely be unable to resist it.

Because it felt like one was an ant that was resisting a storm vortex, and the gap between the two was too great.

“Kill him! Quickly! Kill him!”

“The Heaven Devourer! It really does deserve its reputation. If it wasn’t for the rules of the sect, I would truly wish for nothing more than to kill this beast and extract its Innate Bone so that I can properly comprehend this devouring energy. Perhaps it would be able to allow my cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds.”

“Now, let me see how that Chen Xi deals with this!”

The robust middle aged man and the others were excited and revealed expressions of anticipation in the distance. They were clearly aware that the Heaven Devouring Beast had already fallen into a frenzied state, and it had executed its trump card.

Even if all of them joined forces, they didn’t dare boast of being capable of resisting such an attack!

“Heaven Devourer? Hmph! Allow me to let you experience the true technique of devouring!” Amidst the peerlessly violent devouring energy, Chen Xi’s long hair fluttered while he seemed like a kite that was struggling through a gale and was on the verge of falling. This caused his face to instantly turn grim, and he grunted coldly.


In an instant, a myriad of strands of brilliant and dazzling dark golden Immortal King Energy surged out explosively from Chen Xi’s entire body. Moreover, it even faintly contained strands of the aura of divinity.

After that, his entire figure suddenly flashed and vanished.

On the other hand, in the vision of the robust middle aged man and the others, they saw a Roc that carried the might of the heavens and the earth whistle down from the sky!

It was indeed a Roc, and it was said to be the number one ferocious beast during the primeval times after the Chaos had been split apart. Its figure lay across the entire universe, and its wings blotted out the sky and covered an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers.

As soon as it appeared, the entire heavens and the earth were filled by its enormous figure, and it seemed as if the world would explode into pieces from being unable to contain its massive figure!

The Roc Divine Technique!

When they witnessed this scene, figures of the robust middle aged man and the others stiffened, and they seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning.

“The Roc Divine Technique!?” Suddenly, the Heaven Devouring Beast let out an extremely shocked, furious, and loud roar, and then its bloody mouth rumbled as it moved to devour Chen Xi like a descending bottomless abyss.

It had existed until now for countless years, so how could it be unaware of how terrifying the Roc Divine Technique was? Amongst the ferocious beasts of the primeval times, perhaps it was even rarer than existences like the phoenix, Yayu, and Xiezhi, but in terms of might, it had to admit that even it was inferior to the Roc!

The Roc was the number one ferocious beast during the primeval times that devoured the world. It possessed monstrous might, and it had killed countless gods.

So when it noticed that Chen Xi actually executed the Roc Divine Technique, the Heaven Devouring Beast didn’t dare hesitate to exert its entire strength with the intention of annihilating Chen Xi in one go.

On the other hand, the reason it dared to act in this way was because it felt that Chen Xi wasn’t a real Roc, so in terms of ability and foundation, Chen Xi was utterly unable to compare to a real Roc.


At practically the exact same time, the Roc Chen Xi had transformed into whistled over to the Heaven Devouring Beast. Its enormous tail swept down like a river of stars descending from the universe.

With a single strike, the heavens and the earth were thrown into chaos while space collapsed, and all things were crushed into powder before it!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Heaven Devouring Beast and Roc collided and entered into battle, and it seemed like the sun and moon were colliding repeatedly. The terrifying fluctuations created by this swept towards the surroundings, and it threw an area of 500,000km in the surroundings into chaos. It transformed into an area of destruction and chaos.

At this moment, if someone was within this area, that person would probably be instantly obliterated!

This scene was too horrifying. If one looked down at it from the sky, one would notice that the Heaven Devouring Beast and Roc that Chen Xi transformed into seemed like two extremely enormous storm vortexes.

One possessed the might to devour the heavens.

The other possessed the might to devour everything.

The collision between the two consisted of ‘devouring.’ At this moment, all things in the world were torn into powder by two completely different yet terrifying forces, and it was chaotic to the extreme.

The expressions of the robust middle aged man and the others changed, and they retreated back successively as they were deeply afraid of being affected by this battle. At this moment, even with their cultivations, they felt terrified and horrified.

This was simply an unprecedented battle that ordinary Immortal Kings could only watch from afar and wouldn’t dare come close to at all.

“Your heaven devouring energy merely bows beneath the Dao of Devour, yet my devouring energy can devour the energy of the heavens and the earth and absorb it for my own use. This is the difference between you and me. Under such circumstances, how can you possibly fight me?” The Roc Chen Xi had transformed into spoke with a voice that revealed arrogance, and it carried an aura of supremacy in the world.

“Little Fellow, you aren’t a Roc!” The Heaven Devouring Beast roared furiously, and it was furious to the limit.

“Vile beast, since you remain unconvinced, then I’ll bash you until you are!” Chen Xi spoke in an icy cold voice.


After a short moment, the Roc swung its tail at the Heaven Devouring Beast’s mouth, and it struck the Heaven Devouring Beast’s extremely enormous body to the point of suddenly being blasted flying and smashing the heavens and the earth apart.

This caused the expressions of the robust middle aged man and the others to change once more, and they were extremely astounded. A Primordial Beast that had guarded the Sovereign Sect for countless years had utilized its entire strength, yet it was actually unable to harm Chen Xi at all?

Isn’t this kid a little bit too strong?


Before they could recover from their shock, the Roc soared into the sky before its wings descended, and with a light lift of its wings, it blasted the Heaven Devouring Beast flying once more while blood effused out from the Heaven Devouring Beast’s enormous body.

The Heaven Devouring Beast roared loudly with fury, and it was extremely disgruntled as it attacked once more. The heaven devouring energy swept out like a blackhole, and it intended to sweep the Roc into it.

Unfortunately, when this sort of devouring energy encountered the devouring energy of the Roc, it was unable to bring forth its might, and it was suppressed by Chen Xi instead, causing the Heaven Devouring Beast to be blasted flying repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next period of time, Chen Xi didn’t say a single word. He forcefully suppressed the Heaven Devouring Beast in the form of the Roc, and he caused blood to erupt from all over the Heaven Devouring Beast’s body. It roared in pain without end, and it was unable to turn the situation around any longer.

This caused the bodies of the robust middle aged man and the others to go cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. The combat strength Chen Xi possessed was so formidable that it far exceeded their expectations.

It was even to the extent that they suspected Chen Xi wasn’t at the Immortal King Realm any longer, otherwise how could he possibly suppress the Heaven Devouring Beast to such an extent?

They weren’t wrong. Chen Xi wasn’t an Immortal King now, and he’d stepped into the extremely rarely seen Halfgod Realm. He far exceeded Immortal Kings, and it was even to the extent that he could step into the ranks of gods at any time.

On the other hand, their understanding of Chen Xi was still at the time Chen Xi had just advanced into the Immortal King Realm. If they knew that Chen Xi had once annihilated eight Xeno-race Saint Emperors, destroyed a Divine Formation, and wiped out 100,000 Xeno-race troops by himself, they would probably not be so shocked.


Suddenly, Chen Xi’s figure flashed, and he’d already recovered his original form. He stepped onto the Heaven Devouring Beast’s head, and no matter how the latter struggled, it was utterly powerless to resist him.

The scene at this moment was extremely visually impacting. The Heaven Devouring Beast’s figure covered an area of an entire 50,000km, and when it was compared with Chen Xi’s figure, it was like the difference between an ant and a mammoth.

But it just so happened that this ‘ant’ was standing on the ‘mammoth’ and caused the mammoth to be unable to struggle at all!

“Are you convinced now?” asked Chen Xi in a casual manner.

“Kid, if the Sovereign Sect’s Master didn’t extract a strand of my soul’s quintessence all those years ago and confined me here, do you think you’d be able to shake me with that little bit of ability you possess?” The Heaven Devouring Beast roared furiously with a voice that carried boundless rage and unwillingness. Being defeated by a human caused it to feel extremely humiliated and aggrieved.

“Submit to me, and I’ll help you reclaim that strand of soul.” Chen Xi spoke abruptly.

“You…” The Heaven Devouring Beast was stunned. It had obviously never imagined that not only did Chen Xi not immediately kill it at this moment, Chen Xi had put forth such a request instead.

For a time, it couldn’t help but hesitate.

“Animal! That strand of your soul is being kept above the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Realm. Do you think Chen Xi can accomplish that? You’re simply an idiot!” The robust middle aged man shouted loudly in a stern voice from extremely far away. The defeat of the Heaven Devouring Beast caused him to feel terrified, but when he heard that Chen Xi actually boasted about rescuing the Heaven Devouring beast, he couldn’t help but start laughing from extreme rage.

As he spoke, he raised the dark whip in his hand, and it surged through space as it whipped fiercely at the Heaven Devouring Beast.


Right at this instant, Chen Xi made a move as well, and the Talisman Armament soared through the sky and slashed down.


The whip was still halfway towards the Heaven Devouring Beast when it was blasted away by this strand of sword qi, and it shook his hand to the point his wrist hurt while his wrist bone almost broke.

This caused his expression to change, and he glanced at Chen Xi with slight fear.

“Let’s go!” He practically didn’t hesitate to lead the other four Immortal Kings to teleport away and flee for their lives!

He had no choice but to leave. That battle from before had already allowed him to realize that Chen Xi’s strength was so terrifying that merely the five of them were definitely unable to be a match for Chen Xi.

Under such circumstances, entering a desperate fight against Chen Xi would be no different than giving their lives away.

Now, they could only place their hopes in the sect and ask their Senior Brother Yin Huaikong and the others to crush Chen Xi.

As for the Heaven Devouring Beast’s fate, they didn’t care about it at all, nor would they believe that the Heaven Devouring Beast would dare to betray the Sovereign Sect. After all, a strand of its soul’s quintessence was being kept in the Sovereign Sect, so it was impossible for it to flee.

“Even if you don’t believe me, you can go with me and lead me to the Sovereign Sect. It wouldn’t be too late for you to make a decision after I reclaim that strand of your soul’s quintessence.” Chen Xi didn’t pursue them, and he just glanced at the robust middle aged man and the others before he gazed at the Heaven Devouring Beast beneath his feet.

“Why exactly are you doing all of this?” The Heaven Devouring Beast was silent for a short while before it spoke.

“I want you to protect my Dao Emperor Academy, and I’ll return your freedom to you once the calamity of the three dimensions ends.” Chen Xi spoke without thinking, and he didn’t conceal anything.

“It’s to make me a watchdog again…” The Heaven Devouring Beast roared loudly with sorrow.

Chen Xi said, “One is to live with dignity, and the other is to forever be confined and enslaved. Decide for yourself.”

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