Chapter 1522 – Furiously Devouring The World

Heaven Devouring beasts were extremely rare indeed, and they were even rarer than Primeval Divine Beasts and ferocious beasts like the Phoenix, Yazi, Xiezhi, Yayu, Jiuying, and so on and so forth. Long ago during the primeval times it had already become extinct.

According to legend, this beast was born from the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world. It devoured everything, and its might was so formidable that it was merely inferior to a true Roc!

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this Heaven Devouring Beast appear. He’d entirely never imagined that he would actually be able to see such a variant beast in the territory of the Sovereign Sect.

“Animal, it’s time for you to redeem yourself. If you dare go against my orders, then I’ll definitely make you suffer a fate worse than death!” The robust middle aged man suddenly shouted loudly in a grim voice.

As he spoke, he and the other nine disciples of the Sovereign Sect flashed as they actually fled far away, and they intended to leave Chen Xi to be dealt with by the Heaven Devouring Beast.

Obviously, as far as they were concerned, it was entirely impossible for Chen Xi to be a match for the Heaven Devouring Beast.

Chen Xi didn’t stop them, and he gazed at the Heaven Devouring Beast while seeming to be lost in thought instead. The words of that robust middle aged man allowed him to instantly understand a single thing.

This Heaven Devouring Beast had obviously not been tamed by the Sovereign Sect, and it was imprisoned here!


Amidst a roar that shook the heavens, the Heaven Devouring Beast’s pair of lake sized eyes suddenly locked onto Chen Xi while revealed a ferocious glow, and it emanated vicious and bloodthirsty killing intent.


Its enormous paw covered the sky as it slapped down towards Chen Xi, and it was like an expanse of eternal night was descending while this expanse of the heavens and the earth was crushed into powder.

Its figure was truly too enormous and covered an area of an entire 50,000km. A single right paw of it could even blot out the sky, and as it slapped down, it was like the sky was collapsing. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

“You really are an animal!” Chen Xi grunted coldly and didn’t evade. His right arm shook before he pushed his palm into the sky, and he actually intended to go head-on against the Heaven Devouring Beast’s attack.

When looked at from afar, it was like an ant intended to collide with the foot of a mammoth, and it truly seemed like the scene of a ‘mantis trying to stop a chariot.’ It seemed extremely absurd.

The robust middle aged man and the others were still extremely far away in the distance and hadn’t left. All of them were stunned when they witnessed such a scene, and they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes. Could it be that this fellow has gone mad from terror?


Before they could recover from their shock, Chen Xi and the Heaven Devouring Beast had collided head on. A terrifying fluctuation was created from the collision between the two of them, and it was like a myriad of volcanoes had erupted between them, causing the heavens and the earth to quake.

At this moment, the ground in an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers was crushed into powder while everything in that area was obliterated into nothingness. This obviously showed how terrifying the might of their collision was.

“Vile beast, I’ll give you a chance to turn over a new leaf. Submit to me, and I’ll bring you out of the Sovereign Sect and away from this suffering!” Amidst the dust and dirt that suffused the air, Chen Xi’s voice resounded. It caused the robust middle aged man and the others to be horrified while the wisp of a cold smile that hung on the corners of their mouths instantly froze.

In their fields of vision, Chen Xi stood towering on the spot, his clothes fluttered in the wind while he remained completely unharmed. However, the ground beneath his feet had already sunken and collapsed a long time ago, and it had transformed into an abyss.

He actually…blocked an attack from the Heaven Devouring Beast?How could this be possible?

All of them were dumbstruck with their eyes wide open. They were clearly aware that when the Sovereign Sect established the Sovereign Realm, the Master of the Sovereign Sect had personally tamed this beast within a Primordial Secret Realm before restraining it here, and it had been ordered to guard the Sovereign Sect’s entrance here. It had already been countless years since then.

It was precisely because of this beast that all the cultivators who stepped foot into this place since the primeval times with the intention of finding the Sovereign Sect had lost their lives in the mouth of this beast. Not a single one of them had survived!

All of this was sufficient to prove how formidable this beast was. It was impossible for even the joint forces of seven or eight Immortal Kings to be a match for this beast. Yet now, Chen Xi alone had actually gone head-on against this beast without being defeated, so how could they not be shocked?

“Bastard! You actually dared to hold back! Trust me, I’ll destroy your soul if you continue doing this!!” The robust middle aged man roared in a stern voice because he felt the Heaven Devouring Beast had held back intentionally.

A dark whip appeared in his hand as he suddenly whipped it down onto the Heaven Devouring Beast!

Whip! Whip! Whip!

The Heaven Devouring Beast that possessed monstrous might was actually whipped to the point of roaring repeatedly with pain, and its entire body trembled.

“Go! Kill this kid! Quickly!” The robust middle aged man berated.


There was utterly no need for his orders because the Heaven Devouring Beast had already entered into a frenzy. Its limbs shook, and it was attacked Chen Xi in an extremely violent manner. Every single one of its enormous limbs surged with devouring energy that warped the surrounding space while emanating a terrifying aura of the Grand Dao. It truly seemed as if it intended to destroy the world.


Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered as he rose into the sky, and he actually repeatedly collided head-on with the Heaven Devouring Beast while remaining barehanded. Every single move he made seemed to be weak like that of an ant, yet every single strike actually evenly rivaled the Heaven Devouring Beast.

For a time, sand and rocks shot out while gales surged throughout this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and the sun and mon dimmed in comparison. It was even to the extent that various terrifying scenes like gods roaring furiously, lightning flickering, blood pouring, and the tune of the Dao collapsing appeared in the surroundings.

At this instant, even the robust middle aged man and the others in the distance dodged repeatedly, as they were deeply afraid of being affected by all of this.

They were all Immortal Kings, yet at this moment, they’d actually simultaneously chosen to evade it. This obviously showed how terrifying the destructive force of the battle between Chen Xi and the Heaven Devouring Beast was.

“This kid really is as formidable as the rumors said. That day, Eldest Senior Brother and the others launched an attack against Dao Emperor Academy yet returned in failure, and I felt that it was because of Li Fuyao. But now it would seem like this kid can’t be underestimated either.” A man with a sharp nose spoke in a serious tone.

“He was able to slaughter a group of Immortal Kings while not relying on the might of the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, so he naturally can’t be compared to an ordinary Immortal King. Otherwise, all ten of us wouldn’t have been sent here while having the assistance of the Heaven Devouring Beast. Such a force is sufficient to explain everything.” An old man spoke in a cold and gloomy voice.

“However, all of this will end today! So long as this kid is eliminated, then there’ll be no obstruction before my Sovereign Sect in the entire Immortal Dimension.” The robust middle aged man in the lead crossed his arms before his chest and spoke indifferently.


Right at this moment, a wave of strange fluctuations suddenly arose, and it entered into the ears of the robust middle aged man, causing his expression to instantly change slightly and become gloomy.

“Dammit! I never expected that someone really seized this opportunity to trespass into our sect…” The robust middle aged man gritted his teeth while his eyes were filled with an icy cold expression.

He turned around and directly instructed five of them. “You five quickly return to the sect and annihilate that uninvited guest with Eldest Senior Brother and the others.”


“Someone has trespassed into our sect?”

The expressions of the other changed, and they seemed as if they’d never imagined that someone in this world could accomplish this.

“Go! Quickly!” The robust middle aged man ordered in a stern voice.

“Yes!” The five of them didn’t dare hesitate and cupped their hands simultaneously, and then they teleported away and vanished in an instant.

“We’ll stay behind and annihilate Chen Xi together. Our Sovereign Sect paid a huge price and summoned back all the disciples of our sect in the Immortal Dimension just for the sake of drawing him out this time. We absolutely can’t fail in the end!” The robust middle aged man spoke word by word.


Suddenly, Chen Xi smashed down his fist onto the Heaven Devouring Beast’s head from afar, causing sparks to fly, yet he was actually unable to break through its defenses.

However, this punch caused the Heaven Devouring Beast to roar loudly in pain. Obviously, the might of Chen Xi’s punch caused it to feel extreme pain.

“How about it? Do you agree to what I said earlier? Instead of assisting the wicked Sovereign Sect to commit evil, why don’t you leave with me? I guarantee to return your freedom to you.” Chen Xi sent a voice transmission as he fought.

“If you’re truly willing to help this Ancestor, then obediently allow me to devour your alive. Perhaps you’ll be able to avoid suffering some pain if you do that!” The Heaven Devouring Beast sent an icy cold and bloodthirsty voice transmission to Chen Xi.

“Don’t blame me for not warning you. You only have a single chance. If you miss it, then not only would you be unable to continue committing evil, you’ll probably be buried here forever.” Chen Xi didn’t get angry. He was able to discern that the Heaven Devouring Beast was being coerced by the Sovereign Sect, and it had been forcefully suppressed for countless years. It definitely felt extreme resentment towards the Sovereign Sect since a long time ago.

“How laughable! Defeat this Ancestor first before you talk about such things!” The Heaven Devouring Beast wasn’t moved at all, and its attacks grew even more terrifying. Its limbs were wheels that swept through the surroundings, and they surged with an extremely terrifying and shocking devouring energy.

Chen Xi didn’t speak any further when he heard this, and a wisp of rage appeared within his eyes. This animal simply doesn’t know what’s good for itself!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He stopped holding back. His figure flashed through space as he executed a profound and unfathomable fist technique, and it tore through the sky towards the Heaven Devouring Beast. Every single punch struck forcefully onto its body and emanated rumbling that sounded like thunderclaps.

It was the Flare Godfist, a supreme technique that came from within the Netherworld Register, and it contained the profundities of Paramita. Once it was executed, it was like the path illuminated by fire was paved, and it intended to draw all beings into the cycle of reincarnation within the Netherworld.

This was something Chen Xi had learned in the Netherworld. Besides this, he also possessed two other supreme techniques, the Seven Moves of Judgment and the Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion.

When these techniques were executed by Chen Xi now, they transformed into divine talismans that were suffused with the aura of divinity, and their might couldn’t be compared to the past at all.

At this moment, even if the Third Netherworld Emperor came back to life, he would probably praise Chen Xi repeatedly.

This was the state of mastering all techniques through the mastery of one.

Once one possessed such attainments like Chen Xi’s, then any casually executed technique could bring forth a terrifying might that was beyond imagination.

Under the force of such attacks, the Heaven Devouring Beast’s body trembled without end. Even though every single one of these punches couldn’t break through its skin and flesh, yet the force transmitted into its body was extremely terrifying, and it caused the Heaven Devouring Beast to suffer quite a bit of injury.

This caused the expressions of the robust middle aged man and the others to turn grim. They didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would actually be able to take the upper hand and gradually show signs of suppressing the Heaven Devouring Beast.

“Animal! Will you still not utilize your entire strength even at a time like this!?” The robust middle aged man roared furiously as he withdrew the dark whip, and it whipped down through the air and fiercely struck the Heaven Devouring Beast.

The Heaven Devouring Beast was suppressed by Chen Xi, and now it even suffered the whipping of the robust middle aged man. This caused it to fall completely into a state of mad rage, and its eyes turned dark red and were on the verge of bleeding.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The Heaven Devouring Beast suddenly roared towards the sky. When its bloody mouth was opened wide, it seemed like a bottomless abyss had appeared in the world and intended to devour the heavens and the earth.

Along with this roar, a strand of an extremely terrifying devouring energy swept out. Space, light, dust, rocks, airflow… At this moment, everything in the world was uncontrollably being devoured into the mouth of the Heaven Devouring Beast.

This was its Innate Forbidden Ability — Heaven Devour!

At this instant, everything within an area of 500,000km was restrained and uncontrollable surged into the Heaven Devouring Beast’s mouth from all directions. Even the sun, moon, and stars above the nine heavens were shaking as if they were on the verge of falling down. It was an extremely astonishing scene.

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