Chapter 1522 – Furiously Devouring The World

Heaven Devouring beasts were extremely rare indeed, and they were even rarer than Primeval Divine Beasts and ferocious beasts like the Phoenix, Yazi, Xiezhi, Yayu, Jiuying, and so on and so forth. Long ago during the primeval times it had already become extinct.

According to legend, this beast was born from the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world. It devoured everything, and its might was so formidable that it was merely inferior to a true Roc!

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this Heaven Devouring Beast appear. He’d entirely never imagined that he would actually be able to see such a variant beast in the territory of the Sovereign Sect.

“Animal, it’s time for you to redeem yourself. If you dare go against my orders, then I’ll definitely make you suffer a fate worse than death!” The robust middle aged man suddenly shouted loudly in a grim voice.

As he spoke, he and the other nine disciples of the Sovereign Sect flashed as they actually fled far away, and they intended to leave Chen Xi to be dealt with by the Heaven Devouring Beast.

Obviously, as far as they were concerned, it was entirely impossible for Chen Xi to be a match for the Heaven Devouring Beast.

Chen Xi didn’t stop them, and he gazed at the Heaven Devouring Beast while seeming to be lost in thought instead. The words of that robust middle aged man allowed him to instantly understand a...

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