Chapter 1521 – Primordial Heaven Devouring Beast

Three breaths of time!

Such a short period of time seemed to pass so slowly and torturously for Nangong Lie, and he felt unprecedentedly terrified, enraged, and unwilling…

“I agree.” At the instant before the time of three breaths was up, Nangong Lie spoke practically instinctively, and even he himself felt bewildered after he made this decision.

What’s going on?

I’ve already lived for countless years and experienced all sorts of storms. Why would I be so terrified, at a loss for what to do, and unable to maintain my calm today?

“A wise decision.” Suddenly, that voice resounded once more, and to Nangong Lie’s horror, this voice actually came from behind him, yet from the beginning until the end, he hadn’t noticed that someone had already approached him.

He turned around with great difficulty, and a tall figure was reflected within his eyes. The figure wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, and a pair of eyes that were even deeper than the starry sky and brighter than the stars.

“Chen Xi!?” Nangong Lie cried out involuntarily. Never had he imagined that the person who threatened the annihilation of his entire clan would actually the young Immortal King that was the most renowned within the Immortal Dimension now.

“How despicable!” Veins bulged up on Nangong Lie’s forehead, and he was overwhelmed...

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