Chapter 1521 – Primordial Heaven Devouring Beast

Three breaths of time!

Such a short period of time seemed to pass so slowly and torturously for Nangong Lie, and he felt unprecedentedly terrified, enraged, and unwilling…

“I agree.” At the instant before the time of three breaths was up, Nangong Lie spoke practically instinctively, and even he himself felt bewildered after he made this decision.

What’s going on?

I’ve already lived for countless years and experienced all sorts of storms. Why would I be so terrified, at a loss for what to do, and unable to maintain my calm today?

“A wise decision.” Suddenly, that voice resounded once more, and to Nangong Lie’s horror, this voice actually came from behind him, yet from the beginning until the end, he hadn’t noticed that someone had already approached him.

He turned around with great difficulty, and a tall figure was reflected within his eyes. The figure wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, and a pair of eyes that were even deeper than the starry sky and brighter than the stars.

“Chen Xi!?” Nangong Lie cried out involuntarily. Never had he imagined that the person who threatened the annihilation of his entire clan would actually the young Immortal King that was the most renowned within the Immortal Dimension now.

“How despicable!” Veins bulged up on Nangong Lie’s forehead, and he was overwhelmed with rage, causing him to swing his palm towards Chen Xi.

However, his palm seemed as if it had struck onto an expanse of invisible mud, and the force within his palm hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when it was soundlessly dispersed.

This caused him to feel another wave of terror, and then he roared furiously. “As the dignified Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, you actually act in such a despicable manner. Could it be that you aren’t afraid of incurring the disdain and disgust of everyone!?”

“If you didn’t still have some worth, you would already be dead now.” Chen Xi spoke calmly. “As for why I came looking for you and not anyone else, you ought to be clearly aware of it yourself.”

Nangong Lie’s heart shook. “What am I supposed to understand?”

“Are you sure you want to continue acting?” A wisp of a piercingly cold glow surged out abruptly from Chen Xi’s eyes, and it was extremely terrifying.

Nangong Lie swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty, and his expression changed indeterminately. In the end, he revealed a dejected expression and seemed as if he’d given up on resisting.

“Being a dog of the Sovereign Sect isn’t such an easy thing.” Chen Xi glanced coldly at him. “Lead the way. Don’t make me remind you again, otherwise it might mean death for you.”


Space fluctuated while Nangong Lie led the way ahead, and Chen Xi followed closely behind him.

The reason Chen Xi asked Nangong Lie to lead the way and didn’t ask Nangong Lie to tell him where the Sovereign Sect resided was because Chen Xi didn’t trust this old fellow to give him a precise and accurate answer at all.

Forcing Nangong Lie to personally lead the way was the safest way.

To an Immortal King, space could be traversed in an instant to arrive millions of kilometers away.

However, Nangong Lie led Chen Xi along and teleported for almost six hours this time. They traversed countless cities and land while heading west all along the way.

In the end, after they passed through Serpent Dragon City at the western border of the Immortal Dimension, Chen Xi understood that the Sovereign Sect’s Sovereign Realm had left the territory of the Immortal Dimension a long time ago.

At the extreme west of the Immortal Dimension was a boundless and deathly silent desert. Space was in disorder while shattered and flowing blackholes covered the surroundings, and it was an extremely terrifying sight. Not to mention an ordinary cultivator, even an Immortal King had to be extremely careful here and dared not be careless at all.

All along the way, Nangong Lie was extremely cooperative, and he seemed to have given up all resistance.

It was even to the extent that when they arrived here, he even introduced the place to Chen Xi in a low voice. “This desert is called the Heaven Devouring Desert, and it’s densely covered in chaotic flows of space. We’ll arrive at the Ruins of Deep Chaos where the Sovereign Sect resides after we traverse this desert.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he suddenly asked. “I heard that you stepped foot into the Immortal King Realm a million years ago?”

Nangong Lie was stunned, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would actually ask such a question. He nodded instinctively and said, “Yes, the calamity of Fiendgods had just ended at that time, and I just happened to have captured a trace of the Karmic Luck of the heavens. Thus, I stepped foot into the ranks of Immortal Kings in one go.”

“But a million years later, you still haven’t attained the Dao and become a god. According to what Shi Yu from Nuwa’s Dao Palace said, your natural talent is truly horrible.” Chen Xi glanced indifferently at him, and Chen Xi’s words were actually completely blunt.

Nangong Lie’s face froze before the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely, and then he said in a low voice, “Dean Chen Xi’s natural talent is peerless, and an ordinary person like me naturally can’t compare to you.”

“Being ordinary isn’t important, it can be made up for with time. But if there’s a problem with your mentality, then you’re beyond saving.” Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and he smiled spuriously as he gazed at Nangong Lie.

“Dean Chen Xi, what do you mean by this?” Nangong Lie frowned as he spoke.

“I originally intended to let you live. But it’s very obvious that you didn’t appreciate my kindness.” Amidst his indifferent voice, Chen Xi didn’t seem to move yet his right hand had already suddenly grabbed onto Nangong Lie’s throat.

“Dean Chen Xi! You…” Nangong Lie’s face flushed red from suffocation, and he was on the verge of suffocating. The strength within his entire body was restrained, and he was like a weak man that was struggling desperately while feeling extremely terrified and furious.

“Everyone, please show yourselves.” Chen Xi paid no attention to Nangong Lie, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept coldly towards the distance.

They currently resided on a desert that was deathly silent. The heavens and the earth were dim while spatial storms that sounded like the wails of ghosts raged throughout the surroundings, and it was completely desolate.

However, along with Chen Xi’s voice sweeping out, the space in the distance suddenly started to fluctuate violently, and it seemed as if something was about to emerge from it.

Nangong Lie’s face instantly turned ghastly pale when he saw this, and there wasn’t a trace of redness left on his face. Moreover, his eyes revealed an expression of disbelief. He seemed like he’d never imagined that Chen Xi would be aware of all of this as if Chen Xi could predict the future.

“Looks like all of you intend to make me ‘invite’ all of you out here?” Chen Xi frowned before he flicked his sleeve. An invisible force surged out and crushed expanse after expanse of space into powder, and then rumbling resounded as it swept fiercely towards that expanse of space that was fluctuating violently.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, numerous figures suddenly emerged from that expanse of space, and they instantly avoided Chen Xi’s attack.

There were an entire ten figures of both men and women. All of their bodies surged with a supreme and terrifying aura, and as soon as they appeared, they actually caused the chaotic flows of space in an area of 500,000km to fall into a motionless state.

“Dean Chen Xi, you really have a discerning gaze.”

“Exactly, you really do deserve your reputation, and you’re slightly stronger than we’d anticipated.”

“Hmph! If he was formidable, then how could he have possibly been tricked over to this Heaven Devouring Desert? He’s just an idiot. This kid doesn’t deserve praise at all.”

All of these figures sneered as they approached step by step, and their eyes revealed utterly undisguised killing intent.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards this, and his expression remained unchanged. He turned around to look at Nangong Lie whose throat he held, and he said, “Now, do you have anything to say?”

“I…” Nangong Lie’s heart jerked, and he just intended to use all his energy to say something when he felt his throat crack and shatter. After that, a strand of terrifying force surged into his body and instantly smashed the universe within his body into pieces, and even his soul was directly crushed into dust!

This senior of the Nangong Clan that had lived for countless years had actually perished on the spot here without any room to resist.


Chen Xi casually tossed Nangong Lie’s corpse away before he looked at the ten people in the distance, and then he said, “I felt something wasn’t right when I heard about Nangong Lie in the academy because how could an old fellow that has lived for a million years be so silly and wait for me to come looking for him before he intended to leave in a hurry?”

Chen Xi paused for a moment, and then he suddenly said with a smile, “Now I finally understand. It turns out that it was all for the sake of drawing me here.”

“You’ve understood that a bit too late now.” A robust middle aged man spoke coldly. He wore light green armor and held a spear in hand while his entire body was enveloped in terrifying black mist.

“It isn’t too late, I just happen to intend to make a trip to the Sovereign Sect, whereas Nangong Lie didn’t lie to me. At the very least, the location of the Sovereign Sect has already been clearly revealed to me.” Chen Xi said flatly, “I’m just slightly curious, on what basis are all of you so confident in being able to kill me? With just the ten of you?”

Chen Xi seemed too composed, and it caused them to be slightly surprised instead, so they didn’t make a move impatiently.

“You’re wrong, the Heaven Devouring Desert isn’t the correct path to my Sovereign Sect.” The robust middle aged man in the lead laughed coldly, “If my Sovereign Sect was so easily located, then my Sovereign Sect would seem to be too incompetent.”

“So what if I’m wrong? Aren’t all of you still here?” Chen Xi spoke casually. “If I capture one of you, then I’ll naturally be able to locate the correct path.”

He spoke these words with extreme confidence, yet it had become arrogance and haughtiness when it entered into the ears of those disciples from the Sovereign Sect, and it caused their expressions to become gloomy.

“Very good! Then I’ll allow you to understand why this place is called the Heaven Devouring Desert!” The robust middle aged man spoke coldly.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when the ground suddenly started quaking and rumbling like a thunderclap.


After that, a beast roar resounded through the sky and surged through the world. It was filled with an extremely terrifying, bloodthirsty, and vicious aura that caused the heavens and the earth to dim down.

This roar was extremely shocking. It swept out towards the surroundings like wave of sound, and it minced space apart while causing the ground to split apart. If it was any other ordinary cultivator that was present here, perhaps just hearing this roar would be enough to cause that cultivator to be utterly terrified and perish on the spot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A shadow that could tower into the sky covered the ground and enveloped the world. Chen Xi could clearly see that an ancient beast that was unimaginably enormous had suddenly torn through the sky towards him.

Its figure was extremely huge. It was shaped like a tortoise, yet its head seemed like the head of a dragon, and its limbs were like pillars that could support the heavens. Its entire body was enveloped in strands of obscure fluctuations of energy that crushed space into nothingness, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

If one looked down from the sky, one would notice that this beast’s figure was so enormous that it covered an entire area of 50,000km, and it was like a myriad of mountains moving in unison.

A Heaven Devouring Beast! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he recognized the origins of this beast. It was a terrifying variant species that had gone extinct during the primeval times, and it was called a Primordial Beast. According to legend, it was born from within the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world and possessed boundless physical strength. A single roar from it could shatter the moon and sun while every single breath it took could overturn an ocean and cause the world to change, it was extremely formidable.

Moreover, according to Chen Xi’s knowledge, the aura of this Heaven Devouring Beast before him was at least at the Immortal King Realm!

This was extremely shocking. Primordial Beasts were unlike cultivators, their figures were extremely enormous and stored unimaginably vast amounts of Immortal Force. Moreover, they innately possessed some terrifying Bloodline Divine Abilities and restricted techniques, so they were capable of easily crushing cultivators at the same cultivation realm!

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