Chapter 1520 – Violet Frost City

Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

“You’re saying that all the forces of the Sovereign Sect scattered throughout the Immortal Dimension have retreated?” Chen Xi was slightly surprised.

“Yes, all those powers in the control of the Sovereign Sect have been abandoned by it now.” Qiu Xuanshu nodded.

“Have you found out the reason?” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he asked.

Presently, the calamity was hanging in the sky above the entire universe, and it was the best opportunity for the Sovereign Sect to sweep through the three dimensions. It was even to the extent that it had already invaded more than half of the Immortal Dimension.

But under such circumstances, the forces of the Sovereign Sect that had invaded the three dimensions had actually retreated. This was extremely strange.

Qiu Xuanshu said, “Presently, the widespread rumor in the Immortal Dimension is that something unexpected occurred internally within the Sovereign Sect, and it doesn’t have the time to pay attention to the affairs in the outside world. On the other hand, according to my understanding, something seems to have indeed occurred in the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Sect. However, I don’t dare affirm if it’s related to internal strife.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “If it’s true, then this can be considered as a good...

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