Chapter 1520 – Violet Frost City

Dao Emperor Divine Palace.

“You’re saying that all the forces of the Sovereign Sect scattered throughout the Immortal Dimension have retreated?” Chen Xi was slightly surprised.

“Yes, all those powers in the control of the Sovereign Sect have been abandoned by it now.” Qiu Xuanshu nodded.

“Have you found out the reason?” Chen Xi pondered deeply before he asked.

Presently, the calamity was hanging in the sky above the entire universe, and it was the best opportunity for the Sovereign Sect to sweep through the three dimensions. It was even to the extent that it had already invaded more than half of the Immortal Dimension.

But under such circumstances, the forces of the Sovereign Sect that had invaded the three dimensions had actually retreated. This was extremely strange.

Qiu Xuanshu said, “Presently, the widespread rumor in the Immortal Dimension is that something unexpected occurred internally within the Sovereign Sect, and it doesn’t have the time to pay attention to the affairs in the outside world. On the other hand, according to my understanding, something seems to have indeed occurred in the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Sect. However, I don’t dare affirm if it’s related to internal strife.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said, “If it’s true, then this can be considered as a good incident.”

Qiu Xuanshu said with a smile, “Exactly. Presently, all the various powers that have sided with us are already eager to get into action, and all of them intend to seize this opportunity to launch a counterattack against the Sovereign Sect.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised as he said, “What do you think?”

“I think that instead of constantly being on the defensive here, we should give it a try.” Qiu Xuanshu pondered deeply for a moment before he spoke.

Chen Xi shook his head. “The Sovereign Sect is extremely cunning and full of tricks, and it’s renowned in the world for its strategic ability. Since the situation has suddenly turned around now, does anyone dare to confirm that this isn’t the Sovereign Sect’s plan to loosen its rein before crushing everyone?”

Qiu Xuanshu was stunned. “Then what does Martial Uncle think we should do?”

“We should naturally find out about the exact situation before we make a decision.” When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi suddenly glanced at Qiu Xuanshu and said, “Xuanshu, no matter if the Sovereign Sect is playing some sort of deceptive strategy or not, there are some things that should be put an end to already.”

Qiu Xuanshu’s heart shook as he said, “Martial Uncle, what’s your plan?”

“I don’t have much time left.” Chen Xi sighed lightly while he looked towards the area outside the divine palace, and his gaze passed through boundless space to look above the heavens.

There was a door standing towering in the sky there, and it was the entrance that led to the Last Days Domain.

Recently, a wisp of a sign had uncontrollably arisen in his heart. If he didn’t make the best use of his time to head to the Last Days Domain, then he would probably be eternally unable to arrive at the Ancient God Domain.

Moreover, his cultivation had already arrived at the border to break through to the Godrank Realm. At this moment, even if he didn’t rely on the might of the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, it would be long before he would be able to become a god in one go!

At that time, even if he was unwilling to leave, he would be noticed by the Divine Chains of Order and would be taken away forcefully.

So he had to make the best use of his time and make arrangements for everything in the three dimensions before he headed to the Last Days Domain. Naturally, he had to completely eliminate the Sovereign Sect that was like a malignant tumor in the three dimensions.

Just a sentence from Chen Xi allowed Qiu Xuanshu to understand the meaning behind it, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart before he said, “Martial Uncle, since it’s like that, then I’ll accompany you to the Sovereign Sect?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “There’s no need for that. I’m only going to obtain information, so I alone am enough. Not to mention that the academy needs someone to reside here and protect it. If you leave, then I wouldn’t feel assured with anyone else in such a position.”

He was telling the truth. Presently, Qiu Xuanshu’s strength was merely inferior to him within the academy, and Qiu Xuanshu was his Martial Nephew. Compared to the others, he trusted Qiu Xuanshu more to take care of the academy.

This didn’t mean that Chen Xi didn’t trust Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, and the others, and it was instead because their cultivations and strengths were comparatively inferior. Perhaps they would be able to control the academy for a short period of time, but as time passed, it would be extremely easy for trouble to arise.

Moreover, Chen Xi words even carried a deeper meaning, and it was that if he left the academy to head to the Last Days Domain one day, then the position of Dean within the academy would be handed to Qiu Xuanshu!

“Martial Uncle, I’m afraid…this is slightly inappropriate, right?” Qiu Xuanshu naturally understood Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but be shocked. After all, if one were to consider it carefully, then he didn’t belong to Dao Emperor Academy.

“This Dao Emperor Academy was established by Martial Uncle Ji Yu, and Martial Uncle Ji Yu is your Martial Ancestor Uncle, so it isn’t inappropriate to pass down the position of Dean to you.” Chen Xi explained in a light voice, and then he decided to not allow Qiu Xuanshu to refuse.

“I’m heading to the thirty three levels of the Sovereign Sect. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” After he made his decision, Chen Xi went to look for Fan Yunlan and told her everything.

“That’s where the Sovereign Sect resides, and it’s extremely dangerous. If you’re all alone…” Fan Yunlan looked at Chen Xi with a worried gaze, and she was truly unwilling to allow Chen Xi to take this risk by himself.

Chen Xi grabbed Fan Yunlan’s palm and said in a serious tone, “There are some things that have to be put an end to in the end. Moreover, don’t you believe in my strength?”

Fan Yunlan raised her head to look Chen Xi in the eyes, and then she said, “Come back soon.”

She didn’t give him any warning or instructions because she was clearly aware that since Chen Xi had decided on this, then it was utterly impossible to change anything. The only thing she could do was silently wait for his return.

“Hmm, don’t tell Nuo’nuo about this.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he suddenly lowered his head and kissed Fan Yunlan. After that, he turned around and left swiftly under her surprised, tender, and shy gaze.

“This fellow…finally took the initiative for once…” Fan Yunlan bit her red lips while her clear eyes glistened, and her peerlessly beautiful and fair face blushed like blazing flames, causing her to seem peerlessly beautiful. The beauty she revealed at that instant caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.

“Mother, where is he?” After a short while, Chen Nuo walked over listlessly while yawning. However, when she saw Fan Yunlan was all alone, she couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

Every day at this time, no matter rain or shine, Chen Xi would devote all his attention to guiding her in her cultivation. Even if she wanted to slack off, she would be fiercely forced back here by Fan Yunlan, so it gradually became a habit for her.

“Who?” Fan Yunlan was stunned, and she still hadn’t returned to her senses from that scene from before.

“Him.” Chen Nuo glanced at Fan Yunlan with a questioning gaze.

“He’s gone.” Fan Yunlan suddenly returned to her senses and glanced at her daughter. “Now you can be happy. There won’t be anyone that forces you to cultivate now.”

As she spoke, she turned around and left.

“He’s gone?” Chen Nuo was stunned. Her lips split apart with the intent to laugh, yet she noticed that she was actually unable to laugh, and an indescribable sense of loss filled her heart instead. How…could he have left? Didn’t he say that he’ll always cultivate with me?

“Mother, wait! Where exactly did he go? Why did he break his promise? That huge liar! I’ll never believe him again!” Chen Nuo was slightly angry, and she jogged all the way and caught up with Fan Yunlan before she spoke swiftly.

“Nuo’nuo, he isn’t just your father, he’s also the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, and most importantly, he doesn’t owe the both of us anything.” Fan Yunlan stopped walking, and she raised her hand to stroke her daughter’s hair as she said in a light voice, “You’ve already grown up, right?”

Chen Nuo was stunned. She puckered her lips and lowered her head, and she said in a low voice after a long time, “I just…I just wanted to make him pay more attention to me, and I’m not a child that causes trouble intentionally.”

Fan Yunlan stretched out her hand and embraced her daughter before she muttered. “Mother understands. But you have to understand that your father isn’t almighty, and he needs others to understand and support him as well…”

When she spoke up to here, Fan Yunlan’s voice carried a wisp of sorrow. “He came all this way from the Mortal Dimension. Everyone else can only see his glory, but besides us, who else truly cares about the hardships and loneliness he faces behind the scenes?”


Space fluctuated as Chen Xi’s figure flickered repeatedly.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi’s figure floated up into appearance at Violet Frost City within Icesky Continent.

The place where the Sovereign Sect resided formed a world of its own, and it was called the Sovereign Realm. It was extremely mysterious. Since the ancient times until now, very few people were able to know its exact location.

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of it either, but he could find someone to inquire about it.

Before he left the academy, he’d found out from Qiu Xuanshu that the Nangong Clan within Violet Frost City had been infiltrated and taken control of by the Sovereign Sect at the start of the calamity.

Presently, the forces of the Sovereign Sect had retreated from the entire Immortal Dimension, and the Nangong Clan was no exception. However, according to the information Qiu Xuanshu possessed, the disciples of the Sovereign Sect within the Nangong Clan hadn’t retreated completely yet.

Violet Frost City was the Nangong Clan’s base of operations.

At this moment, within the grand hall of the clan, all the elders of the clan were gathered here, and their gazes shot towards a thin grey haired old man that sat at the seat of the host.

He was the one and only senior of the Nangong Clan that had lived for a million years, Nangong Lie. He was an existence at the Immortal King Realm that had conceal his strength very well.

“I summoned all of you here today because I have an important matter to announce.” Nangong Lie spoke with a low and hoarse voice, and it was filled with a supremely dignified tone.

The hearts of all the others shook, and they listened respectfully.

“I’m going to leave the clan soon, and I might be unable to return for a very long time. So I’ll need all of you to undertake the affairs of the clan. Remember, the current situation in the Immortal Dimension is confusing and complicated, so you must not take any drastic action, nor can you reveal that our Nangong Clan is related to the Sovereign Sect!” Nangong Lie’s expression was solemn, and his voice carried a cold and stern tone that was ordering.

“Don’t worry, Ancestor!”

“There’s no need to worry, Ancestor. We’ll naturally not play games with the survival of the clan.”

All the others agreed successively.

On that very night, Nangong Lie left the clan by himself, and he silently teleported away from Violet Frost City.

“Nangong Lie?” However, right when he just teleported out of Violet Frost City, he felt his entire body become sluggish, and he was actually unable to teleport any longer, causing his figure to be instantly forced out from within space.

It was also at this moment that a voice resounded by his ears, causing his expression to immediately change. “Who is it?”

“Bring me to the Sovereign Sect and you can avoid death, otherwise the entire Nangong Clan will be buried along with you.” That voice resounded once more. It was faint and obscure to the point that Nangong Lie was utterly unable to lock onto its exact location. This caused his heart to sink once more. His years of experience allowed him to instantly distinguish that the enemy’s strength was at least above his own!

“Friend, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I’m not a disciple of the Sovereign Sect. So how could I possibly know the location of the Sovereign Sect?” Nangong Lie took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

“My patience is limited. If you don’t agree within the time of three breaths, then I’ll allow you to personally witness the destruction of the entire Nangong Clan.” The voice resounded calmly and indifferently, and then he fell into deathly silence again.

Three breaths of time!Slaughter the entire Nangong Clan!?

Nangong Lie’s pupils suddenly constructed while he flared up with rage. The hairs on his entire body stood on end while he was both terrified and furious to the extreme.

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