Chapter 1519 – The Joys Of Family Reunion

Dao Emperor Academy.

When Chen Xi returned here with Fan Yunlan and Chen Nuo, it drew the attention of all the instructors.

“Dean, these two people are?” All along the way, more than one instructor had asked this question.

“This is my Dao Companion, Fan Yunlan, and this is my daughter, Chen Nuo.” Chen Xi didn’t avoid the question at all, and he answered like this with a smile on his face no matter who asked this question. Moreover, he seemed to be rather proud and happy.

However, while he was happy, he left behind a group of dumbstruck gazes and chins that almost hit the ground.

This caused Fan Yunlan and Chen Nuo to both be slightly uncomfortable because those gazes were truly too strange. They carried shock, surprise, astonishment, wonder, and so on and so forth, and it caused the two of them to be slightly unable to accept it.

When Zuoqiu Feiming and the other clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan found out about this, all of them sighed with emotion and felt extremely gratified, proud, and happy. Half of the blood flowing within Chen Xi’s body flowed with the bloodline of the Zuoqiu Clan, so now that he possessed a Dao Companion and daughter, all of them who were clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan naturally felt proud as well.

While some were happy, there were always those that were distressed.

When all the great figures of the Xuanyuan Clan found...

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