Chapter 1518 – Returning To Darkombat City

Corpses were piled up all over Demonification Gorge while the smell of blood suffused the air. The entire continent was covered in ruins.

If someone else was here, that person would probably not dare believe that all of this was the work of a single person.

Chen Xi stood all by himself amidst the ruins, yet his heart was filled with a surge of emotions. He hadn’t paid any attention to all of this, and the annihilation of the Xeno-race army wasn’t able to make him feel any pride or glory at all.

He was only concerned about a single person.

Fan Yunlan.

“Is it you?” When a strand of Chen Xi’s will spread to the underground cave, it was noticed by that beautiful figure that sat cross-legged within the cave as well. Her figure suddenly straightened up while her eyes revealed a wisp of unusual light.

Moreover, her voice even trembled slightly.

It really is her… When he heard this voice, Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened, and he stood on the spot for a long time before he suddenly flashed into the sky.


When this sword strike was executed, the ground was easily sliced open like tofu to reveal that underground cave, causing a strand of light to descend into it. The light drove out the darkness, and it revealed a figure.

She wore a plain dress, had wine red and soft long hair that hung loosely on her shoulder, and she possessed a drop dead gorgeous appearance. However, her face was pale at this moment while her clear eyes were dim, and her aura was rather weak. She seemed as if she’d suffered a heavy injury.

At the moment they saw each other, both Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan were stunned. They stared at each other and fell into silence.

On the whistling of the wind resounded through the air. It was evening right now, and the reddish orange glow of dusk dyed the heavens and the earth in its color, and when it covered their bodies, it added a solemn feeling to them.

“All these years…”


After a long time, Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan spoke simultaneously. The former’s voice carried guilt while the latter’s voice carried a strand of sorrow. As soon as they spoke, both of them were stunned and shut their mouths in unison as if they intended to wait for the other to speak first.

Thus, the atmosphere between them became deathly silent once more.

Chen Xi suddenly felt as if his heart was slightly blocked up. He wanted to tell her something, yet he was powerless to explain. Because in all these years, he had indeed let Fan Yunlan down. Now that they’d been reunited after such a long time, he actually didn’t know where to start.

“Walk with me.” Fan Yunlan stood up and glanced at Chen Xi.

“Alright.” Chen Xi hurriedly nodded.

Under the rays of the setting sun, the two of them strolled side by side on Demonification Gorge that had already been reduced to ruins, and the terrifying scenes of pools of blood, ruins, and corpses filled the surroundings.

Fan Yunlan swept her gaze through the ruins of the battlefield, and she suddenly said, “I never expected that you’re already strong to such an extent now.”

Chen Xi laughed bitterly. “No matter how strong I am, I wasn’t able to come get you earlier, so what’s the point of being strong?”

Fan Yunlan was stunned, and then she said, “You don’t have to blame yourself. I heard a great deal about you in the recent years, and I was just unwilling to go meet you.”

Beneath the setting sun, her wine red and soft long hair fluttered with the whistling breeze from the surroundings, and her clear eyes reflected the red glow of sunset and glistened like water. This scene was beautiful to the point even the heavens and the earth dimmed in comparison.

“Why?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking this question.

Fan Yunlan went silent for a long time before she said, “I didn’t know how to face you. After all, you already have Qing Xiuyi and Chen An. I…I wasn’t able to find any reason to interfere in your life.”

At this moment, it was Chen Xi instead who was stunned. Never had he imagined that the reason Fan Yunlan hadn’t come to see him for all these years was actually because of such a reason.

He stood on the spot before he turned around and looked Fan Yunlan in the eyes. “Then what about now?”

“Now…” Fan Yunlan was slightly dazed, and she seemed to be at a loss for what to do.

“Go back with me. No matter if it’s for yourself or for the sake of our daughter.” Chen Xi sighed lightly. He didn’t feel like speaking all the words that had accumulated in his heart throughout the years, and he just wanted to bring Fan Yunlan and his daughter back with him so that he could make it up to them in the coming days.

Fan Yunlan’s entire figure stiffened while her beautiful face changed indeterminately. She said after a long time, “Allow me to consider it first, alright?”

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed her arm, and he grabbed it tightly as he spoke word by word. “There’s no need to consider. Just do as I say.”

Fan Yunlan suddenly started to struggle, yet she was utterly unable to struggle free of Chen Xi’s hand. In the end, she glared at Chen Xi as if she was angry and resentful before she lowered her head and seemed to have…tacitly agreed.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this. He was truly worried that Fan Yunlan would overreact because if that happened, then he would really not know what to do.

“Come, let’s return.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke. As he gazed at Fan Yunlan who stood at his side with her head lowered, his eyes were filled with gentleness.

Even though some things had passed for many years, the reason they were accumulated in the heart was none other than because one was unable to get over it. Now, they’d already met, and everything remained unchanged, so the matters of the past didn’t have to be brought up again.

“Where’s Nuo’nuo?” Fan Yunlan suddenly raised her head and asked Chen Xi.

“Nuo’nuo?” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he suddenly recalled the young woman in a violet dress, and he said with a smile, “So our daughter’s name is Nuo, Chen Nuo. This name sounds good.”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, causing a glow to flicker before that young woman’s beautiful figure appeared.

“Hmm? This is…” When the bloody battlefield that was like an expanse of ruins was reflected in her eyes, the young woman’s eyes couldn’t help but constrict. But right after that, she noticed Chen Xi and Fan Yunlan who stood by her side.

In an instant, she cried with pleasant surprise in a melodious voice. “Mother!”

She immediately hugged Fan Yunlan.

At this moment, she was completely vulnerable while her beautiful and extraordinary oval shaped face was covered in happiness and excitement. Moreover, tears glistened in her eyes and were on the verge of flowing.

In these past few days, she’d been living through them in a state of anxiety like an infant beast that had fallen into despair. Moreover, the pressure she endured in her heart caused her to be on the verge of collapse.

Now, at the instant she saw Fan Yunlan, the aggrievance, terror, despair, and all the other emotions in her heart seemed as if they had a place to be vented, so she immediately couldn’t help but cry.

Just like a child.

At this moment, Fan Yunlan was extremely happy as well. She hugged her daughter tightly while her tears blurred her vision. In these days that she’d been captured by the Xeno-race, she herself was suffering bitterly in despair as well. Now, not only had she been reunited once more with her daughter, she’d been reunited with Chen Xi as well, so the happiness in her heart was obvious.

Chen Xi stood at the side as he watched this scene, and he felt both happy and guilty in his heart. If he’d made an appearance sooner, then the two of them wouldn’t have suffered so many hardships.

“Nuo’nuo, this is your father.” Suddenly, Fan Yunlan’s expression became serious as she pulled the young woman from her embrace and spoke in a serious tone.

The young woman’s expression instantly because cold. Obviously, she still carried a great deal of grudged towards this father of hers, Chen Xi, in her heart.

When she saw her daughter actually reveal a cold and indifferent appearance while ignoring Chen Xi, Fan Yunlan was instantly displeased and said, “Nuo’nuo!”

Chen Xi hurriedly said when he saw this, “It’s fine. Nuo’nuo and I’ve just met each other, and we’re slightly unfamiliar with each other in the end. I’ll slowly change that in the future.”

Fan Yunlan thought for a moment, and then she sighed in her heart in the end and didn’t speak any further.

Chen Nuo didn’t feel grateful at all instead, and she glanced coldly at Chen Xi, yet didn’t speak any further.

Chen Xi didn’t feel angry at all because of this because she was his flesh and blood. Moreover, it was understandable that she carried grudges in her heart, as they’d never met throughout all these years.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right at this moment, waves of spatial fluctuations suddenly arose in the distance. After that, numerous figures surged into appearance from extremely far away in the Boundary River, and they rushed towards the Demonification Gorge.

Surprisingly, they were Xeno-race experts!

Obviously, the Demonification Gorge was only the base camp of the Xeno-race army to invade the three dimensions, and besides the Demonification Gorge, there were many other Xeno-race troops scattered throughout both sides of the Boundary River.

At this moment, they’d obviously made an appearance here because they noticed the commotion here.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he teleported, and he soared into the sky while bringing Fan Yunlan and Chen Nuo along.

“They’re…actually all dead!”

“How could this have happened? Could it be that all the Lord Saint Emperors have fallen?”

“Dammit! Who did this!?”

As soon as Chen Xi left, numerous figures of Xeno-race experts appeared on Demonification Gorge, and when they saw the scene of desolation in the ruins, all of their eyes almost split apart from rage while they were surprised and furious to the limit.


Right at this moment, a wisp of sword descended from the sky, and it was brilliant and blazing while it traversed through the boundless space. Under the might of this single strike, the entire Demonification Gorge was slashed into two, and it rumbled as it shattered within the Boundary River.

All those Xeno-race experts that rushed over didn’t even have the time to react before they were obliterated along with Demonification Gorge.

On this day, Chen Xi attacked all by himself and annihilated all that stood before him. He’d successively annihilated nine Xeno-race Saint Emperors, and completely eliminated the troops the Xeno-race had prepared to invade the three dimensions with.

“From today onwards, those who dare exceed the limits of the Boundary River will be slaughtered without mercy!” Before he left, Chen Xi left behind a Will Brand here, and it emanated supreme might that resounded throughout the universe and didn’t disperse for a very long time.

Later on, this action would come to be known by all the living beings of the three dimensions, and they would be shocked and excited. Moreover, it would raise Chen Xi’s reputation once more to an unprecedented height, allowing him to become a legend that no one could surpass from ancient times until the present!

Darkombat City.


Space fluctuated before the figures of Chen Xi, Fan Yunlan, and Chen Nuo appeared.

Presently, Darkombat City had already been rebuilt, and row upon row of grand buildings that spread towards the surroundings stood towering on the ground that was once covered in ruins.

The spacious streets that led towards all directions like a spiderweb had already recovered their past business. People and wagons streamed through them, and it seemed to be rather bustling.

Presently, all the people gathered within the city were from the powers that had joined Dao Emperor Academy. They were from all over the Immortal Dimension, and because the grounds within the academy were limited, they could only reside within Darkombat City.

However, even then, these powers were still very satisfied. Because the Immortal Dimension was currently filled with the signs of battle and unrest. Moreover, more than half of the Immortal Dimension had fallen into the control of the Sovereign Sect. Since these powers were unwilling to be controlled by the Sovereign Sect, then joining the Dao Emperor Academy’s side was naturally the choice they were most willing to make.

“Dean Chen Xi!”

“It’s actually Senior Chen Xi!”

“Greetings Dean Chen Xi!”

As soon as Chen Xi’s figure appeared, he was instantly recognized, and it caused a wave of bustling noise in the nearby surroundings. All of them revealed respectful expressions as they greeted Chen Xi successively.

Bringing Fan Yunlan and his daughter, Chen Nuo, back this time caused Chen Xi to be in an extremely good mood, so he smiled and nodded to every single one of them when he heard their greetings. Moreover, he didn’t reveal a trace of impatience at all.

All the cultivators on the street became even more excited when they saw this, and many of them couldn’t refrain themselves from crying out. “Dean Chen Xi, when will we launch a counterattack against the Sovereign Sect? I’ve already made preparations a long time ago, and I’ve been waiting for you to give the order.”

“When the time comes, I’ll notify all of you at the first possible moment,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

All of them agreed, and they were excited to the extreme.

At the side, the gazes of Fan Yunlan and Chen Nuo towards Chen Xi changed slightly when they witnessed all of this. In the past, they’d heard a great deal about Chen Xi, but those were all rumors after all. Now that they’d personally witnessed that Chen Xi actually possessed such a lofty status, the feelings in their hearts were naturally completely different.

TL Trivia: Chen Nuo (陈诺) sounds almost alike to (承诺) which means promise.

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