Chapter 1518 – Returning To Darkombat City

Corpses were piled up all over Demonification Gorge while the smell of blood suffused the air. The entire continent was covered in ruins.

If someone else was here, that person would probably not dare believe that all of this was the work of a single person.

Chen Xi stood all by himself amidst the ruins, yet his heart was filled with a surge of emotions. He hadn’t paid any attention to all of this, and the annihilation of the Xeno-race army wasn’t able to make him feel any pride or glory at all.

He was only concerned about a single person.

Fan Yunlan.

“Is it you?” When a strand of Chen Xi’s will spread to the underground cave, it was noticed by that beautiful figure that sat cross-legged within the cave as well. Her figure suddenly straightened up while her eyes revealed a wisp of unusual light.

Moreover, her voice even trembled slightly.

It really is her… When he heard this voice, Chen Xi’s entire body stiffened, and he stood on the spot for a long time before he suddenly flashed into the sky.


When this sword strike was executed, the ground was easily sliced open like tofu to reveal that underground cave, causing a strand of light to descend into it. The light drove out the darkness, and it revealed a figure.

She wore a plain dress, had wine red and soft long hair that hung loosely on her shoulder, and she possessed a drop dead gorgeous appearance. However, her face...

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