Chapter 1517 – Two Supreme Swords


Sword qi flashed through the sky.

At this moment, the entire Demonification Gorge was completely covered by the grand formation, and it surged with layer upon layer of the glow of restrictions. When this wisp of sword qi slashed down, it merely shattered the outermost layer, and it immediately recovered back to its original state as soon as it was shattered.

Originally, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang and the others were extremely anxious and nervous in their hearts, but they couldn’t help but feel overjoyed when they saw this.

“Hahaha! You can’t break through it! This formation had covered the Demonification Gorge, an area of 500,000km. It utilizes Ancient Baleful Qi as the source of its energy, and it’s divided into nine layers of restrictions. You’ve merely broken open a single layer, and you’re still far from being able to break through it!”

“Bastard! Don’t dream of breaking through this formation! You’re simply courting death! We don’t believe that you can keep up such strength forever! At that time, it’ll be the time of your death!”

All the Saint Emperors laughed coldly.

Chen Xi looked down and witnessed all of this from high above in the sky, yet his expression didn’t change at all.


Right at this moment, to the surprise of all those Xeno-race experts, the wisp of sword qi Chen Xi slashed out earlier seemed to have dispersed into a rain of light, yet these specks of light hadn’t vanished. They fused together with each...

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