Chapter 1517 – Two Supreme Swords


Sword qi flashed through the sky.

At this moment, the entire Demonification Gorge was completely covered by the grand formation, and it surged with layer upon layer of the glow of restrictions. When this wisp of sword qi slashed down, it merely shattered the outermost layer, and it immediately recovered back to its original state as soon as it was shattered.

Originally, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang and the others were extremely anxious and nervous in their hearts, but they couldn’t help but feel overjoyed when they saw this.

“Hahaha! You can’t break through it! This formation had covered the Demonification Gorge, an area of 500,000km. It utilizes Ancient Baleful Qi as the source of its energy, and it’s divided into nine layers of restrictions. You’ve merely broken open a single layer, and you’re still far from being able to break through it!”

“Bastard! Don’t dream of breaking through this formation! You’re simply courting death! We don’t believe that you can keep up such strength forever! At that time, it’ll be the time of your death!”

All the Saint Emperors laughed coldly.

Chen Xi looked down and witnessed all of this from high above in the sky, yet his expression didn’t change at all.


Right at this moment, to the surprise of all those Xeno-race experts, the wisp of sword qi Chen Xi slashed out earlier seemed to have dispersed into a rain of light, yet these specks of light hadn’t vanished. They fused together with each other instead, and they transformed into numerous mysterious and obscure divine talismans.

These divine talisman diagrams linked up with each other before they fiercely smashed down towards the formation!

In an instant, a wave of bangs resounded while layer after layer of restrictions was shattered into pieces. Seven of the nine layers of restrictions that covered Demonification Gorge were destroyed successively, and the aftershock it caused rumbled as it swept throughout the surroundings, causing meteors and stars in the surroundings to start collapsing while countless ancient mountains transformed into powder.

As a result of suffering such a terrifying concussive force, the few tens of thousands of Xeno-race troops that still remained instantly felt as if they were being pushed by a myriad of mountains. Their bodies were successively smashed apart and transformed into a bloody mist that effused out into the air.

It was even to the extent that those seven Saint Emperors were affected by it as well, and their expressions changed abruptly while they almost coughed up blood.

“This…” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was terrified to the point his countenance turned ghastly pale, and then he swallowed a mouthful of saliva before he said, “Luckily, the grand formation wasn’t completely destroyed. His might is still insufficient.”

“I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it up because bringing forth such heaven defying might would require an extremely enormous consumption of one’s own strength.” Even though the other Saint Emperors were shocked in their hearts, they couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief when they saw the grand formation had recovered once more.

“Right, he’s only a single person after all, and he’s bound to be unable to persist in battle for long.”

“He’ll definitely be unable to defeat us while we rely on the might of the grand formation!”

The Saint Emperors continued to control the grand formation to attack Chen Xi, and they didn’t slack off at all.

Chen Xi’s brows raised when he saw such a scene, and he said to himself, This grand formation has completely fused with the entire Demonification Gorge, so its defensive capability really can’t be underestimated.

This formation could already be called a Divine Formation, and the core of the formation was the entire Demonification Gorge. Thus, if Chen Xi wanted to destroy this formation, then it was equivalent to destroying the entire Demonification Gorge.

On the other hand, Demonification Gorge was a continent that floated within the Boundary River. It possessed an entire 500,000km of land, and it was suffused with Ancient Baleful Qi. So it really wasn’t easy to destroy it.

“Looks like I have to add a bit more fuel to the flame.” A wisp of a resolute expression arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and then he stretched out his left hand.


A blood red sword appeared in the air, and it fell into Chen Xi’s left hand.

“Another sword!”

“He only withdrew this sword now. Looks like this sword is very formidable.”

“Be careful. This kid is probably going to go all out.”

All the Xeno-race experts within Demonification Gorge had noticed this scene, and their expressions instantly became extremely solemn. Moreover, they didn’t dare hesitate to control the grand formation with all their might.


At the instant Chen Xi drew the Dao Calamity Sword, the Talisman Armament in his right hand was raised at the same time.

“Slash!” Chen Xi swung his sword. A myriad of clear sword lotuses appeared from within the Dao Calamity Sword, and they bloomed in every single area of Demonification Gorge, whereas the Talisman Armament emanated strands of sword qi that formed divine talismans. The divine talismans cooperated with the clear sword lotuses and attacked together with it.

These was the two most formidable abilities he possessed at this point of time.

The first was the attack of the clear sword lotuses from the Dao Calamity Sword. It came from the energy of Dao Calamity within the sword itself, and it was mysterious and formidable. Moreover, even the Sovereign Sect was extremely afraid of it.

The second was his own Talisman Armament that was inscribed with numerous divine talismans. Not only could it be utilized to execute the Sword Dao, it allowed the Sword Dao and Talisman Dao to complement each other. It was matchlessly profound.

At this moment, for the sake of destroying this formation, he’d already executed both of these supreme abilities!

“Go!” Two completely different attacks in the Sword Dao descended like stars, and they simultaneously struck violently onto the grand formation.


The entire grand formation surged like an ocean, and it fluctuated violently while droning and trembling. Moreover, layer upon layer of restrictions were destroyed successively!

At that instant, the heavens and the earth seemed to be wailing while the world fell into chaos. Peerlessly terrifying sword qi swept through the heavens and the earth, and it truly seemed as if it intended to obliterate the world. It was terrifying to the extreme.


In the end, the area where Saint Emperor Chi Yan resided in the grand formation was the first to be destroyed, and it rumbled as it shattered into pieces. For a time, this entire area seemed as if it had gone quiet, and the figures of all the Xeno-race experts trembled while they felt terrified to the extreme upon witnessing this scene.


At practically the exact same moment, Chen Xi charged down, and in merely the time for a single breath, he’d arrived at this area.

“Slash!” Two strands of sword qi swept out horizontally. Everywhere they passed, they were practically all-powerful, and they caused group after group of Xeno-race experts to be annihilated on the spot.

“You’re courting death!” Saint Emperor Chi Yan tore through the sky towards Chen Xi. His imposing aura was violent to the extreme, and he surged over like a flaming ocean.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi executed a backhanded sword strike.


The sky seemed to have turned dark. In the next moment, Saint Emperor Chi Yan’s entire body was slashed into two at the waist before he could even touch Chen Xi, causing fresh blood to spray out like a waterfall. In the end, he was completely slashed into powder by the aura of the sword qi, and he perished on the spot.


The Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation was divided into different areas, and all of them were enveloped by restrictions. Along with the destruction of this area that Saint Emperor Chi Yan managed, it was like a chain reaction had occurred, causing the restrictions of a nearby area to be unable to support itself any longer, and it rumbled as it shattered into pieces.

When he saw this, Chen Xi didn’t waste any time to flash over.

“Dammit! He actually broke through it!”

“Saint Emperor Chi Yan was killed! What should we do now?”

“Can’t…we can’t stop him…”

“We’re finished.”

“We’re completely finished.”

At this moment, the entire Demonification Gorge had fallen into chaos and unrest while the sound of crying and yelling resounded throughout the surroundings. Their will to fight had collapsed, and even those Saint Emperors were unable to stop this from happening.

On the other hand, Chen Xi seized this opportunity to easily break through numerous areas within the restrictions, and he annihilated all the Xeno-race troops and Saint Emperors residing in these areas without leaving a single one alive.

For a time, fresh blood sprayed while shrill howls shook the heavens, and it was like an expanse of purgatory.

“They’re all finished…” At the center of the restrictions, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s face turned pale as he looked towards the outside. “He’s already impossible to resist. How could this kid…possibly be so terrifying?”

At this moment, he was utterly terrified, and he felt extremely uneasy.

“That’s the only thing I can do!” Suddenly, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang flipped his right hand, and a black colored jade slip appeared at the center of his palm. He gritted his teeth before he crushed the jade slip into powder.

“We’re bound to be unable to survive this time. I can only send the news back and tell them that we’ll be utterly unable to encroach on the three dimensions without eliminating this kid, Chen Xi!”


Right when he’d finished doing all of this, the central restrictions where he stood at rumbled and exploded into pieces. At practically the exact same time, numerous strands of terrifying sword swept over.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

All the Xeno-race troops hiding behind the restrictions were the first to suffer calamity, and they were slaughtered mercilessly.

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s countenance was ghastly pale. He didn’t take action to rescue them or obstruct Chen Xi, and he just gazed into the distance. There was a figure moving through space there, and that figure was moving towards him.

The figure wore green clothes and had dense long hair that fluttered with the wind. He was all alone, yet at this moment, he was like an invincible Fiendgod from the primeval times. He’d destroyed the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation by himself, slaughtered all the Saint Emperors, and annihilated a hundred thousand Xeno-race troops!

Such supreme might was unprecedented!


The last Xeno-race expert was slaughtered, and his corpse exploded into pieces. Within the entire Demonification Gorge, only Saint Emperor Xu Xiang alone remained.


Chen Xi casually put the Dao Calamity Sword away, and then with a raise of his hand, the Talisman Armament pointed towards Saint Emperor Xu Xiang from afar while emanating killing intent.

“Tell me where that woman all of you captured five days ago is, and I’ll allow you to have a swift death.” Chen Xi said coldly, “You better not try to play any tricks. At such a short distance, I can guarantee that I’ll capture you before you can detonate yourself. At that time, it’ll probably be impossible for you to die even if you want to.”

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang had a grim expression and was scared out of his wits. He’d seemed to have already given up on struggling.

“It’s actually only because of a single woman… Haha, can this be considered as arousing fury for the sake of a beauty?” He muttered while he revealed a wisp of a dazed expression.

He’d never imagined that Chen Xi had actually come here by himself before violently slaughtering a hundred thousand troops and annihilating all the Saint Emperors…merely for the sake of a single woman!


Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament flashed, and he directly severed Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s right arm, causing blood to spray like a fountain.

“I don’t have the time to listen to your emotional sighs.” Chen Xi spoke coldly, and he was cold and indifferent.

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s face twisted together in pain, and he let out a muffled groan. “I can tell you where she is. But can you first tell me if you’re an Immortal King or a god?”

As he finished speaking, his expression revealed yearning that carried a wisp of a begging expression. Perhaps in his heart, this question had already become something that he couldn’t forget.

“The Halfgod Realm.” Chen Xi spoke casually.

“Halfgod?” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was stunned, and then a strand of terrifying light suddenly erupted from his eyes. He roared loudly and miserably with laughter. “No wonder, you’re…actually the disciple of Oracle Mountain’s Fuxi!”

Within his voice was relief and a type of indescribable hatred.


When he finished speaking, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang didn’t choose to detonate himself, yet he chose to commit suicide. He shattered his own soul and instantly perished on the spot!

If a Xeno-race expert comparable to an Immortal King intended to take his own life, then even a god would probably be unable to stop him. So it was naturally impossible for Chen Xi to accomplish this as well.

“At least you knew the limits of your own ability.” Chen Xi was very clearly aware that this fellow had probably affirmed before he detonated himself that his detonation would be unable to harm Chen Xi at all. So instead of suffering humiliation, it was better for Saint Emperor Xu Xiang to take his own life as soon as possible. At the very least, he would die with dignity.

I wonder where Fan Yunlan is being kept now… Chen Xi took a deep breath while his enormous will swept out. It enveloped the entirety of Demonification Gorge before starting to search it inch by inch. At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel slightly perturbed.

He was worried that Fan Yunlan had suffered misfortune, and he was even more worried that had he would feel guilty to the point of being unable to face her when he saw her…

“Over there!” After a short moment, Chen Xi’s heart shook. In his mind, an underground cave had appeared, and amidst the darkness of the cave was a beautiful figure sitting cross-legged there…

In an instant, Chen Xi was excited to the limit in his heart, yet he actually felt slightly hesitant and at a loss for what to do. After being apart for so many years, would she have already become completely disappointed in me?

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