Chapter 1516 – Crushing The World With A Sword In Hand

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was utterly enraged.

“Saint Emperors, quickly activate the formation and annihilate this bastard with me!” Amidst his furious howl that shook the heavens, his figure flashed up and entered the battlefield.

Their Xeno-race army had traversed the Boundary River and invaded the three dimensions without difficulty this time, and it could be said to be completely unobstructed and smooth. But no one had imagined that just Chen Xi alone would actually cause them to suffer heavy losses!

Under normal circumstances, the hundred thousand Xeno-race troops and eight Saint Emperors amongst them would be entirely capable of utilizing the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation to restrain the enemy before relying on the might of the grand formation to annihilate the enemy.

However, Chen Xi’s strength was too heaven defying, and it had long since exceeded the scope of the Immortal King Realm. As soon as he arrived here, he’d easily destroyed the grand formation and annihilated a few tens of thousands of Xeno-race experts in one go. Even the white haired Saint Emperor had been annihilated in an instant.

Such terrifying and destructive might had utterly terrified Saint Emperor Xu Xiang, he was fearful and filled with disbelief.

He didn’t dare hesitate and intended to attack with full force.

As the supreme commander of the Xeno-race army, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was absolutely unable to watch as all of his subordinates were slaughtered mercilessly.


“Attack together and annihilate this kid!”

“It’s a matter of life and death! We have to go all out!”

The other Saint Emperors received Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s voice transmission, and all of them acted immediately. They were clearly aware that they were already in a life or death situation right now, and their success or failure hinged on this!


The numerous restrictions that covered Demonification Ridge were activated once more!

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang resided at the center of the grand formation while the other six Saint Emperors took control of the other areas. Moreover, they’d joined forces and utilized all their trump cards.


The image of an enormous axe suddenly condensed into form in the sky, and along with the convergence of godly might, the image of the axe became more and more condensed while its aura grew more and more terrifying.

The axe seemed as if it had chopped the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world to emerge. It was coiled with strands of the obscure and terrifying aura of Ancestral Spirits, and it was extremely miraculous. The aura of the Heaven Dao it possessed was completely different from the three dimensions, yet it was extremely terrifying.


The grand formation circulated, causing the heavens and the earth to rumble. After this image of an axe appeared, numerous jet black bolts of divine lightning, divine flames, divine light, and divine swords rumbled out from the grand formation.

Every single one of them possessed terrifying and monstrous strength, and they caused the heavens and the earth to be thrown into disorder while their might was sufficient to threaten the gods!

This was the strongest trump card of the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation. It utilized the energy of Ancestral Spirits and was capable of revealing strength that was sufficient to trap and kill gods. The might that swept out from the grand formation was simply unimaginable.

“Hmph! Restrictions? That’s like displaying your slight skill before an expert!” Chen Xi stood on the spot while the cold arc on the corner of his mouth grew wider, and he didn’t conceal his disdain at all. After all, he’d grasped the Infinite Divine Talisman now, and he’d obtained another breakthrough in the Talisman Dao. So even if it was a Divine Restriction, it couldn’t trouble him at all any longer.

“Break apart!!” Chen Xi raised his head and looked towards the distance while he shouted loudly.

A myriad of brilliant strands of sword qi effused out and soared into the sky from Chen Xi, and they transformed a surging rain of sword qi that whistled over. Every single strand of sword qi was brilliant like a flowing ray of light, was covered in the aura of divinity, and possessed the obliterating might!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions resounded in the sky above Demonification Gorge, and it shook the heavens and the earth.

A myriad of strands of sword qi fought head-on against the axe imagine, divine lightning, divine flames, divine light, and divine swords.

Firstly, it was the divine flames that were extinguished, and besides the divine flames, the terrifying divine light that existed everywhere was slashed into pieces by the sword qi, then collapsed and vanished into nothingness.

However, the image of the axe, the divine lightning, and divine swords were extremely formidable, and they were locked in combat with Chen Xi’s sword qi.

“Crush!” Numerous strands of divine lightning tore through the sky and actually emanated rumbling that sounded like the shouts of Fiendgods. Everywhere they passed, space was crushed into powder while all things were destroyed. It was of extreme Yang, and it was extremely domineering.

“Slash!” The divine sword slashed down through space, and it continued on without end. Sword Insight surged out from it like a torrent as it slashed violently towards Chen Xi.

“Destroy!” The axe image was the most terrifying. It covered the heavens and the earth and emanated Chaotic Qi, and it carried strands of obliterating might as it smashed down.

“Kill! Annihilate this bastard!” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang gnashed his teeth as he watched this scene from afar at the center of the grand formation, and he ceaselessly cursed in his heart. He yearned, he yearned to crush Chen Xi into powder in one go.

Because Chen Xi was too strong, strong to the point that he was terrified. So he would absolutely not allow Chen Xi to continue living!

“He must die! Die!” The other Saint Emperors in control of the formation looked forward to this as well.

The strength Chen Xi revealed caused them to feel unprecedentedly threatened. It was even to the extent that they’d taken him to be the most difficult to deal with on their path to invading the three dimensions. If they were able to seize this opportunity to eliminate Chen Xi, then it would absolutely be an unprecedented victory to them.

At the depths of Demonification Gorge and within a pitch black and icy cold underground cave was an expanse of pitch black darkness.

“Who is it that has come? Could it be a god of the three dimensions? No, the calamity has already descended, so the gods have ceased to exist. Can anyone in the three dimensions kill their way into the Xeno-race army by themselves?” A weak sound of muttering resounded within the dark cave, and one could faintly notice a beautiful figure sitting cross-legged on the ground, yet it was impossible to see her appearance clearly because of the darkness.

“Could it be…him?” Suddenly, she sat upright, and her voice carried a trace of trembling and was extremely complicated.

After that, she sighed faintly and said with self ridicule. “How could that be possible? How good would it be if he really had such ability? I only hope that, he’ll…acknowledge Nuo’nuo as his daughter…” After that, everything fell once more into deathly silence.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly once more as his figure flashed, and his entire body emanated monstrous dark golden Immortal King Energy that illuminated the world. Moreover, his aura even faintly flowed with strands of the aura of divinity, and it was extremely unique. Even though he hadn’t attained the Godrank Realm, it allowed him to possess a strand of the energy of the gods.

This was the Halfgod Realm, an extremely rare cultivation realm that very few people were able to attain since the ancient times until now!

“Drum! Drum!” In the distance, numerous bolts of divine lightning smashed down like the frenzied shouts of Fiendgods, and it surged throughout the surroundings.


Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in hand as he flashed forward and utilized the Talisman Armament to condense a divine talisman diagram formed from a myriad of strands of sword qi.

When this attack was executed with Chen Xi’s current cultivation and supported by the Talisman Armament that was comparable to an Artificial Spirit Treasure, it possessed the might of the gods, and it was imposing and invincible.


The divine talisman formed from sword qi collided with the divine lightning. After that, all the bolts of divine lightning were crushed into nothingness by the divine talisman formed from sword qi.


At practically the exact same time, another divine talisman diagram formed from sword qi that covered the surroundings soared into the sky, and it collided head-on with the divine swords. The outcome was that the divine swords were directly struck to the point of collapsing.

Crack! Crack!

Moreover, another divine talisman diagram formed from sword qi had similarly collided head-on with the axe image that covered the heavens and the earth, and it struck the latter to the points cracks spread like spiderwebs on its surface before it rumbled and shattered in the end.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had executed the techniques he possessed, causing sword qi to soar into the sky and form into numerous divine talisman diagrams that directly slashed the bolts of divine lightning, divine swords, and axe image into pieces!

This scene caused all the Xeno-race experts in Demonification Gorge to be stunned, and they fell into a strange moment of silence.

“Hiss! This… This…”

“Isn’t he too terrifying!?”

“Could he be a god of the three dimensions?”

All the Xeno-race experts including those Saint Emperors were terrified at this moment. They opened their eyes wide and were filled with disbelief because an all-out attack of theirs was actually still unable to deal with Chen Xi?

How could this be possible!?

“The might of this Divine Formation isn’t bad. Unfortunately, formations are utterly unable to harm me.” Chen Xi shook his head. “As for the might of that axe image, divine swords, and bolts of divine lightning, they already possessed the aura of divinity, yet they aren’t real existences at the Godrank Realm in the end.”

The might of those divine lights, divine swords, bolts of divine lightning, and axe image was extremely terrifying, and any other Immortal King at the Utter Peak Rank would absolutely be unable to go against it.

It was even to the extent that if one was trapped within the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation, then even a god would probably be unable to escape.

However, Chen Xi was different. His attainments in the Talisman Dao caused the entire grand formation to be of no threat at all, whereas the strength he himself possessed was sufficient to surmount a realm and go head-on with a god. So destroying all of these attacks was naturally nothing difficult to him.

“What should we do? What should we do?” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was anxious like an ant that was stuck on a heated pan. “We’re unable to do anything to him when we attack with full force. Could it be that we have to flee?”

At this moment, he’d completely lost the bearing of a Saint Emperor.

“Xu Xiang, what should we do?”

“What should we do now?”

The other Saint Emperors were extremely anxious as well, and they were terrified and furious to the extreme. They were unable to harm Chen Xi at all even when they fought with their lives on the line, and this caused them to be slightly unable to accept such a reality.

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s eyes had already turned red, and his eyes almost split apart from rage as he roared furiously. “Once we retreat, then the advantage we obtained from invading the three dimensions this time will completely vanish. Even if we return, all the great figures in the Council of Elders will definitely punish us. Under such circumstances, we only have a single path, and that’s to fight with our lives on the line!”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly roared and said, “Everyone, there’s no need to panic. This kid only possesses a cultivation at the Immortal King Realm, yet he possesses such a heaven defying combat strength. He has definitely utilized some sort of restricted technique, and the more he fights, the more exhausted he’ll become. He’ll definitely be unable to hold on for too long. On the other hand, we’re relying on the divine formation. So even if we’re unable to kill him for now, we can exhaust all his strength!”


“We’ll exhaust him to death!”

“Exactly. He’s clearly not a god, yet he’s able to utilize a strength that’s comparable to a god. He’s definitely unable to support such consumption of energy for a long time!”

They already had no way to back down, so they could only fight Chen Xi until the end.

Moreover, when they utilized the formation, they were able to combine all their forces in Demonification Gorge while linking up with and utilizing the energy of the heavens and the earth. This made the consumption of their own strength to be extremely small, so they only had to persist in the battle, and it would be sufficient for them to turn the situation around.


The conversation between them was done via voice transmission, and it was completed in an instant. When they’d made this decision, the image of an axe, divine swords, divine light, divine flames, and so on and so forth had once more floated up into appearance within the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this.

They intend to use a conservative strategy and engage in a battle of attrition?

A formation isn’t a living being in the end, so its attacks follow a set pattern and require a specific interval between acts. So long as I utilize my full strength, how could this formation resist me?

Not to mention that even if was a battle of attrition, with the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling within his body, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of it at all.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed through the sky and into the nine heavens, and he looked down at the entire Demonification Gorge.

“Break apart!” At this moment, his entire body flowed with brilliant divine radiance while his hair fluttered, and he’d utilized his entire strength. He lightly raised up the Talisman Armament in his hand, causing it to emanate a wave of clear howls while Sword Insight shook the universe.


A casual and otherworldly strand of sword qi slashed down.

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