Chapter 1516 – Crushing The World With A Sword In Hand

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was utterly enraged.

“Saint Emperors, quickly activate the formation and annihilate this bastard with me!” Amidst his furious howl that shook the heavens, his figure flashed up and entered the battlefield.

Their Xeno-race army had traversed the Boundary River and invaded the three dimensions without difficulty this time, and it could be said to be completely unobstructed and smooth. But no one had imagined that just Chen Xi alone would actually cause them to suffer heavy losses!

Under normal circumstances, the hundred thousand Xeno-race troops and eight Saint Emperors amongst them would be entirely capable of utilizing the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation to restrain the enemy before relying on the might of the grand formation to annihilate the enemy.

However, Chen Xi’s strength was too heaven defying, and it had long since exceeded the scope of the Immortal King Realm. As soon as he arrived here, he’d easily destroyed the grand formation and annihilated a few tens of thousands of Xeno-race experts in one go. Even the white haired Saint Emperor had been annihilated in an instant.

Such terrifying and destructive might had utterly terrified Saint Emperor Xu Xiang, he was fearful and filled with disbelief.

He didn’t dare hesitate and intended to attack with full force.

As the supreme commander of the Xeno-race army, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was absolutely unable to watch as all of his subordinates...

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