Chapter 1515 – Invincible

Soul Combat Puppets weren’t new to Chen Xi.

A long time ago in the Dark Reverie, he’d once obtained the Emperor of Control’s Scripture, and it was the supreme inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan that contained the methods to forge Soul Combat Puppets.

Moreover, Mortis was similarly a Soul Combat Puppet. All those years ago while he was in the Mortal Dimension, it had revealed extremely shocking combat strength and astounding potential.

At this moment, when he saw these groups of Soul Combat Puppets soaring into the sky and flying explosively towards him, a wisp of a teasing smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “What a group of idiots.”


A golden glow flashed.

The Talisman Armament flashed through the sky and tore apart an otherworldly trace through the sky. As soon as he attacked, the expressions of many experts on Demonification Gorge changed. No matter if it was Saint Emperor Xu Xiang, Saint Emperor Chi Yan, or the other Saint Emperors, all of their gazes were extremely discerning, so they were naturally able to discern how terrifying Chen Xi’s sword strike was.

“What terrifying Sword Insight.” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang spoke with shock.

“This attainments in the Sword Dao…”


This strand of sword light was like a boundless ray of light. It tore through space and carried peerless might as it swept out.

Those Soul Combat Puppets were originally filled with confidence. After all, their own bodies were Immortal Artifacts, so they were the most adept at stalling their enemies. Even if an Immortal King attacked them at full force, it would be very difficult to injure them because all the materials utilized to refine Soul Combat Puppets were rare, and their toughness was no different to a Void Grade Immortal Artifact.

However, when this strand of sword light lit up, all of these Soul Combat Puppets were dazed while their souls trembled. Even if their bodies were heaven-defying, they were existences that possessed souls.

“My god!” They tried to resist with all their might.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, this wisp of sword light was sharp to the extreme. Everywhere it passed, Soul Combat Puppets were torn apart one after the other into a mess of limbs. In practically an instant, all of them were crushed into powder and pieces.

It was a stunning scene that threw everyone into silence!

The entire Demonification Gorge had instantly become silent.

Chen Xi remained completely indifferent towards all of this, and it seemed as if he’d done something that was extremely trivial. Moreover, he was still charging forward at a terrifying speed.

“Shit!” On the city wall, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s face turned grim. “This kid’s strength is too formidable. Even if it’s in the Immortal King Realm, he’s at the extreme top!”

Earlier, he’d instructed Saint Emperor Gui Su to utilize the Soul Combat Puppets to stall Chen Xi so that the other Saint Emperors could join forces and crush Chen Xi.

But now it would seem like he had no choice but to change his plan.

“Everyone, quickly activate the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation!” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang immediately gave the order.

“Rise!” The other Saint Emperors were already prepared, so they didn’t hesitate to act as soon as they heard this and activated the formation.


A strand of terrifying fluctuations of restrictions swept out. It caused the heavens and the earth in the surroundings to fall into an expanse of chaotic black mist, and it even surged with strands of lightning that struck down at Chen Xi.

This formation was said to be capable of refining the gods, and when it controlled by numerous Saint Emperors, they didn’t even have to fear fighting a real god.

“Restrictions?” As he gazed at the strands of the energy of restrictions that was smashing down towards him and the numerous figures of Saint Emperors that could be faintly noticed amidst the restrictions, a wisp of a cold arc couldn’t help but curl up on Chen Xi’s lips.


He attacked once more with his sword.

In an instant, it seemed as it a strand of lightning had appeared in this expanse of the heavens and the earth! However, it was even swifter than a bolt of lightning!

The terrifying energy of restrictions that surged over were like bubbles before this strand of sword qi, and they were instantly torn apart, whereas the numerous Xeno-race experts that resided within the restrictions were annihilated instantaneously.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi seized this opportunity to repeatedly strike with over a thousand strands of sword qi. They surged and whistled through the surroundings, and they covered the grand formation that enveloped Demonification Gorge with countless holes, causing it to reveal flaws all over it.

Under such an assault, group after group of Xeno-race troops hidden within the grand formation were annihilated, causing blood to spray while corpses crashed to the ground. They didn’t even have the time to react or evade it.

“How could this be possible!?” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was astounded. “That’s the Ancient Spirit God Refinement Formation. It can even trap a god, so how could it possibly be destroyed so quickly? This…is impossible!”


“Help me! Save me!”

“Quickly evade it!”

Within Demonification Gorge were an entire hundred thousand troops, yet a few tens of thousands of them had actually been killed or injured under Chen Xi’s attack. Such a terrifying and horrifying scene instantly caused all those troops that had survived to collapse. They cried and yelled while they’d completely lost their will to fight.

Even the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation was unable to defend against such an attack, and it caused them to simply seem like ants that might be slaughtered at any moment.

Most terrifying of it all was that from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t stopped attacking at all. Sword lights flew through the sky while extremely large expanses of troops were annihilated in the time of a few breaths. They were utterly unable to resist him at all!

“This attainments in the Sword Dao…are too terrifying!”

“No, no it isn’t just that. This kid’s cultivation had clearly exceeded the Immortal King Realm by a great deal. Even if he hasn’t become a god, he’s probably not far away!”

“Wrong! All of you’re mistaken. This kid’s attainments in restrictions are extremely extraordinary. Every single attack of his was struck on the weak point of the formation. It’s simply unimaginable! If it wasn’t for this, he would absolutely be unable to accomplish this.”

At this moment, all the Saint Emperors were shocked, and their expressions turned grim.

“We’re in big trouble!” On the city wall, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s heart suddenly sank because Chen Xi’s combat strength was too heaven defying. Even if he’d never underestimated Chen Xi, but when they actually fought, he noticed that the strength Chen Xi possessed had far exceeded his expectations.

However, before he could recover from his shock, an icy cold voice suddenly resounded through the heavens and the earth. “Little Bastard! Do you still remember me? You were only a tiny little cultivator in the Mortal Dimension all those years ago, yet I never expected you’d actually possess your current accomplishments. You can go satisfied to hell when you die here!”

It was the white haired Saint Emperor that had suddenly moved out!


His figure flashed through the sky while his silver long hair suddenly straightened. It ceaselessly fluttered and grew before it transformed into silver threads that covered the sky as they shot towards Chen Xi.

Those bright silver strands of hair were like swords and spears. Every single strand was filled with an aura that was peerlessly murderous and fierce. It minced space apart into pieces, and its imposing aura was extremely shocking.

Chen Xi had naturally recognized this Saint Emperor with a single glance. In the past when he was at the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, he didn’t have the slightest strength to shake this Saint Emperor, and it was even to the extent that a single thought of this Saint Emperor would have been sufficient to easily annihilate him then.

But it was different now, Chen Xi wasn’t that tiny little cultivator from all those years ago any longer! It was even to the extent that Chen Xi was afraid of no one in the entire three dimensions!


At practically the exact same time the white haired Saint Emperor attacked, Chen Xi attacked as well. The Talisman Armament tore through the sky, and a strand of strange and unfathomable sword qi instantly flashed.

Swish! Swish!

The myriad of strands of hair that were silver like snow were severed inch by inch.


After that, the head of that white haired Saint Emperor flew into the sky, whereas his headless corpse instantly collapsed while his soul was obliterated. This caused a large number of Xeno-race troops that formed the grand formation to be revealed. The hearts of all these Xeno-race troops collapsed, and they didn’t have the slightest intention to fight desperately. All of them fled madly towards the surroundings.


Sword light swept out like a wave, and it drowned all of these Xeno-race troops.

As soon as Chen Xi attacked, he’d utilized his strongest combat strength, and he purely sought to end the fight as quickly as possible because he didn’t have the time to waste with these Xeno-race experts. Earlier, he hadn’t utilized his Sword Dao when annihilating Tu Guang, yet he was already able to crush and annihilate Tu Guang as easily as snapping a dry twig apart. Now that he’d utilized his full strength, it was obvious how terrifying the might he possessed would be.

No matter if it was the white haired Saint Emperor or the Xeno-race experts within the grand formation. Even though they were huge in number, their strengths were truly too inferior when compared to Chen Xi. So the outcome was predetermined since the moment the battle had begun.


“Why is it like this!?”

“How could this damnable bastard possibly be so strong!?”

All of this had occurred too quickly. When all of the other Saint Emperors recovered from their shock, the white haired Saint Emperor and all the Xeno-race troops near him were already minced into pieces by the sword qi from Chen Xi. They were completely annihilated!

Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s expression turned extremely livid when he witnessed this scene, whereas the other Saint Emperors were shocked in their hearts and felt extremely terrified. This was their base camp that had a hundred thousand troops and eight Saint Emperors residing within it. Moreover, they’d even set up a grand formation that could trap and kill a god. Yet they were still unable to harm Chen Xi at all!

It was even to the extent that all the action they took were actually like paper before Chen Xi and were easily destroyed. Even the white haired Saint Emperor was easily annihilated. How could they not be terrified by this?

“Even if I were to go up against it, I don’t have the slightest confidence to defend myself against that sword strike…” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s heart trembled. That sword strike Chen Xi utilized to annihilate the white haired Saint Emperor earlier was too strange. It was extremely simple, and it caused him to never imagine that it would actually erupt with such a terrifying might. Even he’d misjudged the might of that sword strike because of this.

Chen Xi actually made me, the highest commander of the Xeno-race army, to faintly feel terror? Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was naturally unwilling to believe this. “How could he be so strong? It doesn’t make sense. He isn’t an existence at the Godrank Realm, so it’s utterly impossible for him to accomplish this…”

He swore to god, he absolutely dared to guarantee that Chen Xi hadn’t attained the Godrank Realm. However, no matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to figure out how Chen Xi could be so strong.

It wasn’t just him. The other Saint Emperors were horrified as well. They were unable to see through Chen Xi’s strength, and it was precisely because of this that Chen Xi seemed even more mysterious in their eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After he annihilated the white haired Saint Emperor, Chen Xi didn’t stop at all and continued killing with the Talisman Armament in hand. Sword qi surged and whistled both horizontally and vertically through the heavens and the earth, and it covered the entire Demonification Gorge.

At this moment, this area seemed as if it had transformed into an expanse of purgatory. Shrill and miserable cries filled the surroundings as group after group of Xeno-race troops fell into pools of blood.

The scene was extremely astounding.

Chen Xi was clearly all by himself, yet he seemed like a devil that ruled over life and death. Everywhere the tip of his sword pointed, all things were destroyed, and he reaped numerous lives without showing any mercy at all.

If the living beings of the three dimensions witnessed this scene, their blood would definitely boil as they cheered for Chen Xi. Because if it was in the past, such accomplishments in battle were sufficient to leave a mark that couldn’t be erased in the annals of history within the three dimensions, and the myriad of living beings of the future generations would sing praises of this accomplishment.

“Stay your hand!” Suddenly, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang roared furiously, and his voice shook the nine heavens. He was unable to maintain his calm any longer because a single person was about to completely annihilate their Xeno-race’s troops that were prepared to invade the three dimensions. He was unable to endure such heavy losses.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s voice at all. His Sword Insight shot into the sky and covered the surroundings, and he was murderous, cold, and emotionless. He seemed as if he’d resolved to annihilate all the enemies that resided here.

“Bastard!!” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang was overwhelmed with rage, and he was unable to restrain himself any longer. His figure suddenly flashed into the sky. “Everyone, join forces with me to crush this bastard! We must not allow him to continue killing!”

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