Chapter 1515 – Invincible

Soul Combat Puppets weren’t new to Chen Xi.

A long time ago in the Dark Reverie, he’d once obtained the Emperor of Control’s Scripture, and it was the supreme inheritance of the Ghostcraft Clan that contained the methods to forge Soul Combat Puppets.

Moreover, Mortis was similarly a Soul Combat Puppet. All those years ago while he was in the Mortal Dimension, it had revealed extremely shocking combat strength and astounding potential.

At this moment, when he saw these groups of Soul Combat Puppets soaring into the sky and flying explosively towards him, a wisp of a teasing smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “What a group of idiots.”


A golden glow flashed.

The Talisman Armament flashed through the sky and tore apart an otherworldly trace through the sky. As soon as he attacked, the expressions of many experts on Demonification Gorge changed. No matter if it was Saint Emperor Xu Xiang, Saint Emperor Chi Yan, or the other Saint Emperors, all of their gazes were extremely discerning, so they were naturally able to discern how terrifying Chen Xi’s sword strike was.

“What terrifying Sword Insight.” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang spoke with shock.

“This attainments in the Sword Dao…”


This strand of sword light was like a boundless ray of light. It tore through space and carried peerless might as it swept out.

Those Soul Combat Puppets were originally filled with confidence....

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