Chapter 1514 – Attacking Demonification Gorge

In the blink of an eye, a Xeno-race expert comparable to the Immortal King Realm was defeated by Chen Xi and was powerless to struggle before him!

The young woman couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when she witnessed this scene, and she gasped without end. She finally realized that the man in the distance who was related to her by blood was far more formidable than she’d imagined!

But…since he’s so formidable, then why hasn’t he come looking for us in all these years? The young woman was stunned while waves surged within her heart, and she was unable to calm down.


A green palace lantern floated into appearance, and then strands of divine flames drifted out from within it.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and then a strand of talismans and restrictions swept out. It forcefully removed Tu Guang’s spirit from his body, and then it was sealed within the Greensilk Palace Lantern with a bang.

Fizz! Fizz!

The Greensilk Palace Lantern was an ancient Immortal Artifact, and the flames within it were matchlessly violent. As soon as Tu Guang’s spirit was sealed within it, it was burned by waves of flames, and it emanated the sound of oil being burned.

“AHH!!! I’ll speak, I’ll tell you everything. I beg you to grant me a swift death!” It hurt Tu Guang to the point he hissed and let out sharp cries, and his entire soul was twisting violently. He was unable to endure this intolerable pain, and he surrendered completely.

“I’ll give you the time of three breaths,” said Chen Xi indifferently.

“That woman…isn’t dead. She was taken away by the Lord of Emperor Spirit World, Saint Emperor Xu Xiang!” Tu Guang swiftly answered Chen Xi, and his voice carried a wisp of indescribable despair and dejection.

“Saint Emperor Xu Xiang? Where’s he now?” Chen Xi continued, and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart because Fan Yunlan hadn’t suffered disaster yet.

“The Demonification Gorge at the center of the Boundary River.”

“How many forces are there?”

“There are a total of eight Xeno-race Immortal Kings including Saint Emperor Xu Xiang there, and a Xeno-race army of one hundred thousand. That’s the base camp of our Xeno-race’s forces to attack the three dimensions this time.”


When he found out about all of this, Chen Xi didn’t show any mercy and directly annihilated Tu Guang’s soul.

“You…aren’t worried that he’ll deceive you?” The young woman couldn’t help but ask when she saw this.

“He wouldn’t dare.” Chen Xi smiled and didn’t give her any further explanation. With his current senses, it was utterly impossible to deceive him.

“Let’s go to the Boundary River,” said Chen Xi. After that, he teleported and took the young woman along with him as he left.

The Boundary River was vast, and it split the Outerealm and three dimensions apart.

A black colored expanse of land floated at the center of the Boundary River, and it stretched on boundlessly.

This expanse of land was the Demonification Gorge.

From the beginning until the end, it had always been a place the forces of the three dimensions and the Xeno-race had contested for because so long as they gained control of Demonification Gorge, they could march into the other side of the Boundary River.

Yet now, Demonification Gorge had fallen to the hands of the Xeno-race.

At this moment, a Xeno-race army of a hundred thousand were camped on Demonification Gorge, and they formed a dense mass that were like locusts and were distributed in every single area of this expanse of land.

Each one of them had a murderous aura, and when converged together, the baleful aura emanated by the army was like numerous black dragons that surged without end in the sky to form an extremely shocking sight.

There was a city that seemed like a fort at the center of Demonification Gorge.

At this moment, numerous mighty figures with imposing auras that shot into the sky were standing on the city wall. There was a total of eight of them, and every single one of them could rival an Immortal King in might!

These eight people were the supreme kings from eight worlds in the Outerealm!

“Tu Guang is dead.” The thin black robed man at the center spoke while frowning. He had fair and clear skin and eyes that were like a pair of red gemstones and completely scarlet red, and they emanated a terrifying grow. He was Saint Emperor Xu Xiang.

If Chen Xi was here, he would definitely be able to identify that Xu Xiang was that white haired Saint Emperor that had escaped from behind the Door of Profundity within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss!

At that time, even the joint forces of the tiny cauldron and the brand left behind by the Ant Exalt were unable to make him leave his life behind, and his strength was extremely terrifying.

“Chi Yan, have you deduced the identity of this person?” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang glanced at a man at the side.

This man wore a fiery red robe, and the space between his brows was branded with an obscure talisman tattoo. At this moment, he was deducing something with his eyes closed, and his entire body surged with strands of a mysterious fluctuation.

He was Saint Emperor Chi Yan, a supreme king that came from Spark Blaze World, and he was extremely skilled in the art of deduction.

“I’m unable to deduce anything. This person’s fate is extremely unusual, and it’s actually completely concealed…” Saint Emperor Chi Yan frowned as he opened his eyes, and it revealed a wisp of a solemn expression. “This sort of signs display that this person’s strength is probably extraordinary.”

The other Saint Emperors frowned when they heard this, and their eyes narrowed.

The three dimensions were currently suffering the Sovereign Sect’s invasion, so all the Immortal Kings worried for their own safety. Under such circumstances, would anyone have the time to pay attention to the matters here?

“Do all of you think it might be that young man that has just taken over Dao Emperor Academy? Presently, he’s the most famous within the three dimensions, and he has annihilated many Immortal Kings in succession. Even the Sovereign Sect retreated in defeat before him and were unable to do anything to him.” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s brows raised as he spoke.

“Chen Xi?” The other Saint Emperors recalled who this was when they heard this. During this period of time, the news of Chen Xi furiously slaughtering groups of Immortal Kings was truly too shocking. It caused all of these experts from the Xeno-race to pay attention to Chen Xi since a long time ago.

“If it really is that young man, then he’ll probably be slightly difficult to deal with.” Saint Emperor Chi Yan pondered deeply before he spoke.

“Hmph! What’re you afraid of? If he really does come, then our ability would be sufficient to make him leave his life behind. In this way, it’s equivalent to sweeping away a barrier to our attack on the three dimensions.” Another Saint Emperor spoke coldly and was indifferent.

“No matter what, since this Chen Xi was able to obtain such a reputation in the three dimensions, he absolutely can’t be compared to an ordinary Immortal King. We should still prepare first.” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang waved his hand and decided. “Gui Su, Chi Yan, Xuan Chen… All of you command the troops and jointly set up the Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation.”

The Ancestral Spirit God Refinement Formation!The other Saint Emperors were surprised when they heard this because it was their trump card. Yet Saint Emperor Xu Xiang intended to mobilize the troops to set up this formation merely for the sake of a guess, and they felt that he was making a big deal out of nothing.

“Tu Guang is dead. I don’t wish to see anyone else perish.” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang swept all of them with his gaze and said, “Just do as I’ve said.”

At this moment, even if the other Saint Emperors still felt indifferent towards this matter in their hearts, they could only receive their orders and immediately split up and leave the city wall.

“Saint Emperor, that woman still refuses to submit.” Suddenly, a voice entered into Saint Emperor Xu Xiang’s ears.

He frowned while a wisp of dense killing intent surged out from his eyes. “Tell her that if she doesn’t cooperate, then we’ll extract her soul and seal it within a Soul Combat Puppet. At that time, she’ll have no consciousness at all, and she can only transform into a monster that’s neither man nor beast!”

After he gave these instructions, his gaze swept towards the distance. He suddenly noticed a figure was traversing the Boundary River from extremely far away, and it was passing through layers of space and heading over here swiftly.

“It really is that kid!”

“Haha! I never expected that he would really dare come here!”

“Only a little girl is following by his side. This kid is really arrogant, huh? Could it be that he thinks our Xeno-race army is just a decoration?”

At practically the exact same moment, the other Saint Emperors that were spread throughout the various areas of the Demonification Gorge since a long time ago had noticed this figure, and all of them sneered.

“Set up the formation!” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang waved his hand from the city wall.


In an instant, the entire Demonification Gorge was covered in movement. Group after group of Xeno-race troops flew into the sky, and they joined forces to set up numerous restrictions under the command of the seven Saint Emperors.

In the end, all of these restrictions fused together and transformed into a complete grand formation, and it covered the entire Demonification Gorge and emanated a strand of a terrifying and monstrous aura.

Chen Xi witnessed this scene from afar, yet his figure didn’t stop at all, and from the beginning until the end, he didn’t reveal any emotions and was calm to the extreme.

“You…intend to go head on against them?” As she looked at Demonification Gorge that lay in the distance and sensed the terrifying killing intent that effused out from it, the young woman couldn’t help but feel a wave of terror in her heart.

Eight Saint Emperors and an army of a hundred thousand Xeno-race troops!

Could anyone not be terrified when facing such a terrifying force?

Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder. “I won’t act rashly. I’ll have to make you hide for now, and you can come out once I’ve rescued your mother.”

The young woman’s entire figure stiffened when she was patted by Chen Xi’s palm. She seemed to resist it slightly, yet she didn’t struggle in the end, and it could be considered that she’d tacitly approved of this sort of concern from him.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but grin when he saw this, and then he flicked his sleeve and hid the young woman within an Immortal Artifact in his possession.


After he did all of this, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer, and he rushed to Demonification Gorge at full speed. His speed was exceptionally swift as he tore open layer upon layer of space, and he’d actually arrived before Demonification Gorge in an instant.

“That quick?” All the seven Saint Emperors residing in the various areas of Demonification Gorge were shocked.

“Hmm?” At practically the exact same moment, a cold light flashed within the eyes of Saint Emperor Xu Xiang that stood on the city wall as he gazed at Chen Xi’s who’d instantly rushed over, and then latter’s gaze looked over from afar as well.

Their gazes that were filled with killing intent collided.

“Interesting. His strength seemed to have already arrived at the Utter Peak Rank of the Immortal King Realm. No wonder he dared to attack by himself.” Saint Emperor Xu Xiang laughed coldly. “Unfortunately, isn’t attacking all by yourself like putting a noose on your head? Could it be that this fellow thinks he’s a god that can sweep through everything?”

Meanwhile, the hundred thousand Xeno-race troops on Demonification Gorge had noticed Chen Xi as well.

“Has this native of the three dimensions gone mad?”

“That’s Chen Xi, right? I heard he’s the most renowned Immortal King in the three dimensions now. However, he’s actually arrogant to the point of daring to directly charge over like this. He’s simply courting death.”

“I think so too.”

When they saw Chen Xi arrive all by himself, all of those Xeno-race troops felt that this rather renowned Immortal King of the three dimensions had gone mad and was simply courting death.


Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all of this, and he casually withdrew the Talisman Armament before he attacked.

“Go, stop him!” Within Demonification Gorge, Saint Emperor Gui Su gave the order and commanded an army of over ten thousand Soul Combat Puppets to attack.

Bang! Bang!

Instantly, group after group of Soul Combat Puppets soared into the sky like a dark cloud. They formed a dense mass that attacked explosively, and they even caused the surrounding space to shatter into pieces. All of these Soul Combat Puppets were created by the Ghostcraft Clan, and the most formidable amongst them was comparable to the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

Saint Emperor Gui Su didn’t hope that they would be able to annihilate Chen Xi because so long as they were able to keep Chen Xi busy for a moment, then it would be sufficient for him to set up a slaughter formation to trap and kill Chen Xi.

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