Chapter 1514 – Attacking Demonification Gorge

In the blink of an eye, a Xeno-race expert comparable to the Immortal King Realm was defeated by Chen Xi and was powerless to struggle before him!

The young woman couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when she witnessed this scene, and she gasped without end. She finally realized that the man in the distance who was related to her by blood was far more formidable than she’d imagined!

But…since he’s so formidable, then why hasn’t he come looking for us in all these years? The young woman was stunned while waves surged within her heart, and she was unable to calm down.


A green palace lantern floated into appearance, and then strands of divine flames drifted out from within it.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and then a strand of talismans and restrictions swept out. It forcefully removed Tu Guang’s spirit from his body, and then it was sealed within the Greensilk Palace Lantern with a bang.

Fizz! Fizz!

The Greensilk Palace Lantern was an ancient Immortal Artifact, and the flames within it were matchlessly violent. As soon as Tu Guang’s spirit was sealed within it, it was burned by waves of flames, and it emanated the sound of oil being burned.

“AHH!!! I’ll speak, I’ll tell you everything. I beg you to grant me a swift death!” It hurt Tu Guang to the point he hissed and let out sharp...

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