Chapter 1513 – Crushing His Enemies In An Overbearing Manner

Gold Bamboo World.

Within a tent of the Xeno-race army.

Tu Guang was swallowing down his blood feast. The plates were filled with severed limbs, and all of them belonged to cultivators of the three dimensions that he’d killed himself. Moreover, their cultivations were at least at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

Such meat was the most delicious. As a supreme Immortal King of the Barbatu World, even Tu Guang was never able to enjoy a feast of such a level before they’d invaded the three dimensions.

However, it was different now. Their Xeno-race army had already passed the Boundary River and captured many territories of the three dimensions. This also meant that so long as he wanted to, he could enjoy all sorts of fresh feasts of meat at any time.

“Alas! What a pity! That little girl was seized away by those fellows, otherwise if I was able to eat a piece of her flesh, then my cultivation would absolutely be able to improve.” Tu Guang was biting on a bloody severed arm when he suddenly recalled the female Immortal King that they’d captured here a few days ago, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Ah! An Immortal King! How tasty would her flesh be?

Tu Guang couldn’t remember the last time he’d tasted the flesh of an Immortal King.

He was suddenly felt his interests flagging slightly, and he tossed away the severed arm in his hand that he hadn’t finished. After that, he wiped the stains of blood on the corners of his mouth and muttered. “Presently, the three dimensions are in great chaos while the gods have ceased to exist. It’s the best time to hunt and kill Immortal Kings. Perhaps I’ll be able to capture a real Immortal King next time and enjoy myself properly… Hmm?”

Right at this moment, his brows raised as he seemed to have noticed something, and he suddenly stood up.


His figure that was enormous like a mountain instantly tore apart the entire tent, and the black hair that were like iron needless on his entire body were suffused with strands of violent aura.

“Who is it!?” His large eyes that were like bronze bells swept towards the distance, and they emanated a ferocious glow.

Over ten thousand members of the Xeno-race army were stationed nearby this tent. So when they saw this scene, all of them were alarmed, and they immediately stopped what they were doing before they stood up and prepared for battle.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

At this moment, the heavens and the earth had suddenly dimmed down, and it seemed as it was wailing while the wind and clouds surged. A strand of extremely terrifying killing intent swept over like tidewater, and it instantly enveloped this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth.

As a Xeno-race expert comparable to the Immortal King Realm, Tu Guang felt a strand of an oppressive aura at the first possible moment. However, not only did he not become nervous because of this, it made him feel even more excited, and his eyes surged with a bloodthirsty and excited glow.

He roared with laughter with his head held high. “Hahaha! An Immortal King from amongst the natives of the three dimensions! I was just thinking of trying the taste of an Immortal King, yet I never expected that one would actually come give himself up to me!”

Amidst his roaring laughter, his figure suddenly rose from the ground, and a bloody halberd had already appeared in his right arm that was thick like a stone pillar. It emanated a myriad of strands of blood red light that dyed the heavens and the earth red, and its aura was monstrous.

An Immortal King!

All of the members of the Xeno-race army became excited when they heard an Immortal King had actually come to attack. They firmly believed that with the presence of Commander Tu Guang, it would be sufficient to make this Immortal King from the natives of the three dimensions to leave his life behind!

Two figures suddenly appeared in the distant horizon, and they strode through space and didn’t conceal their figures at all.

It was exactly Chen Xi and the young woman in violet dress.

“Haha! Commander, there’s even a little girl by that Immortal King’s side. Why don’t you leave that little girl for us to enjoy after we kill him?” A Xeno-race expert whose face was covered in tattoos and possessed a ferocious imposing aura smirked.

All the nearby Xeno-race experts started roaring with laughter when they heard this, and they all had lustful expressions. They seemed as if they’d taken Chen Xi and the young woman to be food on their plates.


But right at this moment, the eyes of that Xeno-race expert who’d just spoken suddenly opened wide while his smile froze. In the next instant, his neck was suddenly sliced open, causing a torrent of scarlet red blood to shoot out, and then his entire body crashed to the ground.

Everyone present in the surroundings was shocked by this scene, and they fell into silence while feeling disbelief.

Because one of their companions had actually been soundlessly annihilated right under Commander Tu Guang’s nose!

At this moment, Tu Guang’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow as well.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi strode over, step by step, through the sky. From the beginning until the end, his expression was calm and composed, and he seemed as if he was strolling through his own backyard.

On the other hand, along with every single step he took, an invisible spatial ripple would spread out, and everywhere it passed, it was like an invisible blade that swept through the surroundings.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

In an instant, blood sprayed throughout the surroundings like a string of fireworks, and one could clearly notice that everywhere Chen Xi passed, all the nearby Xeno-race experts would be like weeds that were reaped by a sickle and fell down in groups.

From the beginning until the end, no one was able to evade death, nor was anyone able to survive. Only fresh blood sprayed through the surroundings while corpses fell to the ground, and the oppressive sound of death resounded.

The pungent smell of blood started to suffuse the heavens and the earth, yet everything occurred soundlessly.

The young woman at the side was originally perturbed. After all, they were facing a Xeno-race army that consisted of over ten thousand members, and a Xeno-race expert comparable to the Immortal King Realm. It caused her to be unable to avoid feeling nervous.

However, when she saw this scene, besides feeling shocked, the anxious emotions that coiled around her heart couldn’t help but be dispersed completely. Especially when she looked at that man who accompanied her, an unprecedented feeling of safety actually arose in her heart.

It seemed as if so long as he was present, then no one in the world could harm her.

This sort of feeling was unfamiliar to her, yet she felt a feeling of safety that she hadn’t felt in her entire lifetime. It caused her to even be taken slightly by surprise, and she didn’t know if she should accept such a feeling.

She who’d lived with her mother since she was young had never felt such a feeling of safety from a stranger.


He…he isn’t a stranger…

When she thought of the relationship between herself and Chen Xi, the young woman’s heart was in chaos, and she puckered her lips and kept quiet.

The slaughter was still going on.

Group after group of Xeno-race experts were silently falling to their death while blood sprayed throughout the surroundings, and it dyed the ground red to the point it was horrifying, yet gorgeous.

Tu Guang’s pupils constricted once more when he witnessed this scene, and the veins on the hand he held the halberd with had bulged up.

“Damnable native, die!” In the end, he was unable to restrain himself any longer, and he took the initiative to attack. The halberd fluttered through the sky and carried along a monstrous wave of blood as it shot explosively towards Chen Xi who stood in the distance.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving.

At this instant, a strand of terrifying fluctuation suddenly swept out from his body, and the remaining members of the Xeno-race army seemed as if their throats were being choked at this moment. Their entire bodies stiffened before their entire bodies exploded into pieces!


Chen Xi didn’t spare a glance towards all of this, and he raised his hand and flicked it lightly. A strand of shapeless Sword Insight sprayed out and carried an otherworldly aura as it forcefully dispersed Tu Guang’s attack.

“Tell me where that woman you captured five days ago is.” Chen Xi spoke while his dense jet black long hair fluttered. As he stood there casually, he naturally emanated an extremely oppressive aura of supremacy and arrogance.

Even though his voice was calm, it revealed an unquestionable tone. It seemed like if Tu Guang dared to not answer him, then Tu Guang would be annihilated in the next moment.

This sort of overbearing and oppressive force caused Tu Guang’s expression to change once more, and he finally realized that this fellow before him was absolutely not an ordinary Immortal King from the three dimensions.

“Hehe. So, you’ve come for her. Unfortunately, I’ve already torn her to pieces and swallowed her piece by piece. Look, just like that.” Tu Guang took a deep breath and started to laugh in a savage manner. As he spoke, he suddenly pointed behind him. Originally, there was a tent there, yet it had already collapsed now, and one could clearly see plates that were filled with severed limbs piled up there.


Strands of the glow of divinity suddenly surged explosively within Chen Xi’s eyes, and then they transformed into bolts of lightning that sliced the space before him into pieces.

He was enraged because this bastard had already touched his reverse scale!

“Since you’re unwilling to tell the truth, then I’ll make you tell me obediently!” Amidst his indifferent and icy cold voice, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot.

Tu Guang’s heart jerked because he was actually unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s aura. This caused him to suddenly arouse a feeling of extreme danger, and he instinctively swung the halberd in his hand in a sweeping arc to defend himself.


A large hand that blotted out the sky tore through the sky and arrived before him. It utterly disregarded how perfect Tu Guang’s defense was and forcefully descended, and it seemed to be extremely simple and crude.


The halberd trembled as Tu Guang’s enormous body was actually forcefully smashed down to the ground like a comet, and he smashed open a large crater in the ground.

He was actually completely defeated by a single strike!

This obviously showed exactly how shocking Chen Xi’s strength was now.

“No!!! It’s impossible for you to possess such a terrifying strength. Who exactly are you!?” Amidst his loud roar, Tu Guang’s figure emerged from within the ground, and his expression was filled with extreme terror.


Chen Xi didn’t speak. He moved forward once more and then smashed his fist down towards Tu Guang.

It was an extremely simple punch, yet it was covered in a strand of the aura of divinity, and it even emanated boundless profundities of the Grand Dao. It enveloped the entire surroundings, and it locked down all Tu Guang’s paths of retreat.

“Damnable native! I’ll fight you with all I have!” Tu Guang’s expression suddenly changed as he’d realized how terrifying this punch was. Strands of terrifying fluctuations surged out from the black hair on his body that seemed like iron needles, and he held the halberd in his hand as he attacked Chen Xi desperately.


Unfortunately, he’d overestimated himself and underestimated Chen Xi’s might. When this punch descended, it didn’t just heavily injure him, even the halberd in his hand was blasted into pieces, and it transformed into a rain of light that sprayed throughout the surroundings.


Tu Guang coughed up mouthfuls of blood. His chest had sunk down while countless bones within his body had broken, causing blood to spray from his entire body, and he seemed to be in an extremely horrifying state.

“Why! Why is it like this? Is this strength something an Immortal King can possess?” Tu Guang roared loudly. He was finally terrified, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi couldn’t help but carry a wisp of horror and fear now.


Chen Xi remained silent as he attacked explosively once more.

“Bastard! Damnable native! Just you wait! This time, there are more than ten supreme commanders residing within my Xeno-race army, and you’ll die soon enough!” Tu Guang’s entire body shivered, and he actually tore space open with the intention of fleeing.


But right when he tore space open, a strand of enormous force smashed onto him, causing his head to drone and feel dazed. His entire body was once again forcefully smashed onto the ground, and all the tendons and bones within his body had exploded into pieces!

When looked at from afar, his entire body was like an enormous ‘meat biscuit,’ and his figure was mangled and in an extremely horrifying state.

“Kill me if you have the balls! Bastard!!” Tu Guang roared furiously.

“Kill you? It won’t be that easy.” Chen Xi walked over while his expression still remained calm and composed as before. However, it was precisely this sort of expression that terrified Tu Guang to the point his soul almost left his body, and he felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit.

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