Chapter 1513 – Crushing His Enemies In An Overbearing Manner

Gold Bamboo World.

Within a tent of the Xeno-race army.

Tu Guang was swallowing down his blood feast. The plates were filled with severed limbs, and all of them belonged to cultivators of the three dimensions that he’d killed himself. Moreover, their cultivations were at least at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

Such meat was the most delicious. As a supreme Immortal King of the Barbatu World, even Tu Guang was never able to enjoy a feast of such a level before they’d invaded the three dimensions.

However, it was different now. Their Xeno-race army had already passed the Boundary River and captured many territories of the three dimensions. This also meant that so long as he wanted to, he could enjoy all sorts of fresh feasts of meat at any time.

“Alas! What a pity! That little girl was seized away by those fellows, otherwise if I was able to eat a piece of her flesh, then my cultivation would absolutely be able to improve.” Tu Guang was biting on a bloody severed arm when he suddenly recalled the female Immortal King that they’d captured here a few days ago, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

Ah! An Immortal King! How tasty would her flesh be?

Tu Guang couldn’t remember the last time he’d tasted the flesh of an Immortal King.

He was suddenly felt his interests flagging slightly, and he tossed away the severed...

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