Chapter 1512 – Intent To Kill

The young woman couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when she suddenly heard Chen Xi’s decision, and she puckered her lips while her gaze towards Chen Xi wasn’t so stubborn and unyielding as before.

“I’m going out for a while. I’ll leave the academy to you.” Chen Xi turned around and looked at Qiu Xuanshu.

“Martial Uncle, go at ease.” Qiu Xuanshu hurriedly agreed. At this moment, he finally knew that the young woman was actually his Youngest Martial Uncle’s daughter, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart while feeling embarrassed.

After all, this could already be considered a family affair of Chen Xi’s, and it wasn’t really good for an outsider like him to be present here.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and teleported with the young woman to leave the academy.

Youngest Martial Uncle’s current cultivation has obviously stepped foot into the Halfgod Realm. I wonder who captured that young woman’s mother. He really has touched Youngest Martial Uncle’s reverse scale now… Qiu Xuanshu stood on the spot and pondered deeply without end.

Earlier, when he met Chen Xi, he’d noticed that Chen Xi’s aura had changed after returning from Oracle Mountain. It had exceeded the Immortal King Realm and stepped foot into the ranks of Halfgods!

This meant that even if the gods of the three dimensions made a move against Chen Xi, they would be unable to harm Chen Xi’s life at all!

It was precisely based on this understanding that Qiu Xuanshu suddenly felt slight pity towards those enemies that had touched Chen Xi’s reverse scale, because wasn’t this no different from courting death?

Especially because Qiu Xuanshu had also noticed that Chen Xi’s current mood was…very bad!

“Who took your mother?”

“The Xeno-race.”

“The Xeno-race?”



“Five days ago.”

“Do you know where she was taken?”

“The Outerealm Battlefield.”


A ray of glowing light tore through space. Chen Xi teleported with unbelievable speed, and he shot towards the Outerealm Battlefield at full speed.

Chen Xi had come to the Outerealm Battlefield in the past. At that time, he was still a student of the outer court, and he’d come here along with the instructors of the academy to participate in the inner court exam.

It was also at that time that he’d obtained Emperor Yu’s Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons

Now, when he headed here once more, Chen Xi couldn’t be compared to the past any longer. No matter if it was his Heart Energy or cultivation, they’d long since stepped foot onto a height that could look down proudly upon all Immortal Kings in the three dimensions. So he naturally wouldn’t take those Xeno-race experts seriously.

All along the way, Chen Xi tried to talk with the young woman. Unfortunately, besides some matters related to Fan Yunlan’s capture, the latter would pucker her lips and keep silent without answering him at all.

This caused Chen Xi to sigh once more in his heart. He only hoped that once he rescued Fan Yunlan, he would be able to improve this relationship between him and his daughter that seemed like a ‘cold war’ right now.

“Why would the Xeno-race suddenly capture your mother?” At this moment, Chen Xi could only discuss topics like this. Actually, it didn’t matter if he knew the answer or not because since the moment he knew Fan Yunlan had been captured by the Xeno-race, it was sufficient reason for Chen Xi to kill.

“After my Mother’s master left, my Mother and I left the Devil Dimension, and we lived in a world near the Outerealm Battlefield. Originally, we thought that we would live out our lives like this, yet never had we expected that the calamity of the three dimensions would erupt, and then the Xeno-race that lived on the other side of the Boundary River seized this opportunity to launch a large scale attack. They attacked many areas of the three dimensions, and the world my mother and I lived in was unable to escape them either…” The young woman spoke with a calm tone that didn’t contain any fluctuations of emotions. It was as if she was describing a fact.

However, she’d already spoken in the end, and it caused Chen Xi to be very gratified in his heart. But right after that, his attention descended onto the Xeno-race.

Recently, he’d been constantly going against the Sovereign Sect, and it had caused him to almost forget the existence of the Xeno-race. Yet now, he’d finally come to realize that at this moment where the three dimensions were in upheaval, the Xeno-race would definitely not miss such a superb opportunity to invade the three dimensions.

“What’re their strengths like?” Chen Xi continued with another question.

“There are a few Xeno-race experts equivalent to the Immortal King Realm amongst them. If it wasn’t for that, they would absolutely be unable to do anything to my mother.” When she spoke up to here, the young woman suddenly raised her head and glanced at Chen Xi. She wanted to say something, yet she restrained herself in the end and lowered her head once more.

However, this action of hers caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be raised. Was she…worrying about whether I would be a match for those Xeno-race experts just now?

When he thought up to here, a strand of indescribable happiness surged within his heart, and it was even to the extent that he was even happier than when his cultivation improved. Moreover, a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth.

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m just worried that you won’t be able to rescue my mother once you die.” The young woman glanced at him and spoke coldly while her soft wine red long hair fluttered with the wind, and it caused her pretty and fair face to seem even more extraordinary.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said in a serious tone, “Don’t worry, even if I have to pierce a hole through the heavens, I’ll definitely rescue your mother.”

His calm voice didn’t carry a resolute tone at all, yet it revealed absolute confidence. Moreover, it faintly carried a great spirit of looking down upon all living beings in the three dimensions.

It was unknown if she was affected by Chen Xi’s aura, but the young woman’s expression became much gentler, and she went silent for a long time before she said, “I hope you can accomplish it.”

Chen Xi smiled and neither agreed nor disagreed.

He knew that the gap between him and his daughter was too deep, and it was impossible to change her views of him in a short period of time. However, so long as he ceaselessly worked hard on it, he would definitely be able to make her truly accept him.

Ten minutes later, a vast silver river appeared within their field of vision.

This silver river was like a natural chasm that lay across the universe, and it completely separated the Immortal Dimension and the Outerealm. The forces of the three dimensions were on this side of the river while the Xeno-race were on the other side.

This was the Boundary River. It was deep, boundless, and continued on without end. From the ancient times until now, it had always been a place of war and slaughter. Countless wars that shook the heavens and the earth had erupted here, and the bones of innumerable shocking figures had been buried here.

Chen Xi still remembered that when he arrived here for the first time all those years ago, the outer court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili, had said pridefully that the three dimensions were able possess peace and flourish now because of the hot blood and lives of their predecessors that had fought here. They were the true meritorious figures of the three dimensions!

Now, when he revisited this place, Chen Xi was unable to arouse such pride instead.

Because the Boundary River before him had long since been invaded and occupied by the Xeno-race while even the territory of the three dimensions on this side of the Boundary River had fallen into the hands of the Xeno-race!

When Chen Xi gazed over at this moment with his current ability, all the territories, areas, space, and Secret Realms outside and inside the Boundary River were filled with the figures of Xeno-race experts, and they formed a dense mass like locusts.

On the other hand, when he looked around the surroundings, he couldn’t find a single cultivator from the three dimensions!

In other words, the entire Boundary River had become the territory of the Xeno-race.

Besides making Chen Xi feel infuriated in his heart, Chen Xi couldn’t help but hate the Sovereign Sect even more deeply. Even if the calamity had descended, if the Sovereign Sect didn’t seize the opportunity to cause trouble, then it would be impossible for the Xeno-race to have broken the three dimension’s line of defense at the Boundary River and kill their way into the three dimensions!

“Who is it!?”

“Hmm? There are actually two more natives of the three dimensions!”

“Quickly capture them!”

Meanwhile, a group of Xeno-race experts suddenly charged out of space, and their faces surged with a wisp of undisguised savage and delighted expressions when they saw Chen Xi and the young woman in violet clothes.

The young woman’s heart constricted. Never had she imagined that they would be discovered as soon as they arrived here.


Chen Xi didn’t even spare them a glance when facing such a situation, and he lightly flicked his sleeve, causing a strand of invisible energy to sweep out. In an instant, that group of Xeno-race experts didn’t even have the time to react before they were completely obliterated!

Even their voices had vanished without a trace, and they didn’t leave any trace of their existence behind at all!

“Come, let’s go rescue your mother first, and we’ll deal with these pieces of trash on the way back.” Chen Xi spoke with a calm expression, and he seemed as if he’d done an extremely ordinary and trivial thing.

However, it was indeed a trivial matter to him now. If it wasn’t for the sake of not alarming the Xeno-race and allowing any mishaps to occur, he would be able to completely annihilate all the Xeno-race experts inside and outside the Boundary River in mere moments!

This wasn’t exaggerated. After all, he was currently an existence at the Half-god Realm. Moreover, he’d attained an unprecedented height in this realm. He was able to shatter an entire world into pieces by just blowing out a mouthful of air!

Fan Yunlan was captured from the Gold Bamboo World, and it was a small territory at the border of the Boundary River.


Under the instruction of the young woman, Chen Xi arrived here in next to no time.

The Gold Bamboo World wasn’t big at all. It was densely covered in desolate plains, deserts, barren mountains… The heavens and the earth were boundless, and the environment was extremely adverse.

Chen Xi was truly unable to imagine why Fan Yunlan hadn’t come looking for him during these years and just had to bring their daughter along to live in such a place.

Could it be that…she was worried I wouldn’t meet her?

Or perhaps, she forgot me a long time ago?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and shook his head as he discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind.

After that, an extremely enormous will suddenly swept out from within his body, and in the time of a few breaths, it had enveloped every single area of the entire Gold Bamboo World.

After that, all sorts of scenes were reflected within Chen Xi’s mind.

Groups of Xeno-race experts resided within every single area of Gold Bamboo World. Some were torturing and murdering their prisoners, some were cultivating, some were drinking wine and celebrating…

Amongst them, the Xeno-race expert with the highest cultivation was comparable to the Immortal King Realm. His entire body was covered in black fur that seemed like iron needles, his figure was tall like a mountain, and his eyes that were like bronze bells revealed a strange light violet glow. His entire figure seemed like that of a barbaric bear from the primeval times.

Chen Xi identified this expert to be an expert from Barbatu World. They were born with boundless physical strength, and they were savage and cruel. Moreover, they loved to devour the flesh and blood of their enemies.

Just like at this moment, this expert from Barbatu World was utilized a sharp blade to enjoy a bloody feast. Shockingly, all the dishes were pieces of severed limbs, and there was no lack of internal organs, tendons, blood, and other such parts amongst them!

When he sensed this scene, Chen Xi’s expression instantly sank, and a wisp of a bad feeling surged into his heart. He asked. “Was your mother captured by him?”

As he spoke, he flicked his finger, causing a screen of light to appear before the young woman. Shockingly, the scenes of that expert from Barbatu World eating raw flesh and blood appeared on it.

“Yes. This fellow was amongst the Xeno-race that attacked my mother!” The young woman recognized this expert with a single glance, and her clear eyes revealed a wisp of deep-rooted hatred.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while a sharp glow and killing intent surged within them.

“Go where?” The young woman was stunned.

“To kill.” Chen Xi lightly spat out these two words, and then with a flick of his sleeve, he took the young woman along as he flashed and vanished on the spot.

At practically the exact same time, a strand of terrifying killing intent silently effused out throughout the entire Gold Bamboo World. At this moment, even the heavens and the earth wailed while the surroundings dimmed.

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