Chapter 1512 – Intent To Kill

The young woman couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when she suddenly heard Chen Xi’s decision, and she puckered her lips while her gaze towards Chen Xi wasn’t so stubborn and unyielding as before.

“I’m going out for a while. I’ll leave the academy to you.” Chen Xi turned around and looked at Qiu Xuanshu.

“Martial Uncle, go at ease.” Qiu Xuanshu hurriedly agreed. At this moment, he finally knew that the young woman was actually his Youngest Martial Uncle’s daughter, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart while feeling embarrassed.

After all, this could already be considered a family affair of Chen Xi’s, and it wasn’t really good for an outsider like him to be present here.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and teleported with the young woman to leave the academy.

Youngest Martial Uncle’s current cultivation has obviously stepped foot into the Halfgod Realm. I wonder who captured that young woman’s mother. He really has touched Youngest Martial Uncle’s reverse scale now… Qiu Xuanshu stood on the spot and pondered deeply without end.

Earlier, when he met Chen Xi, he’d noticed that Chen Xi’s aura had changed after returning from Oracle Mountain. It had exceeded the Immortal King Realm and stepped foot into the ranks of Halfgods!

This meant that even if the gods of the three dimensions made a move...

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