Chapter 1511 – Young Woman In A Violet Dress

Dao Emperor Divine Palace.


A shadow flashed before Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air.

“Youngest Martial Uncle.” To Chen Xi’s surprise, Qiu Xuanshu seemed to have been waiting for him a long time ago.

“What’s happened?” Chen Xi’s brows raised as he asked. “Could it be that the Sovereign Sect has come to attack on a large scale again?”

Qiu Xuanshu shook his head. He first glanced at Chen Xi with surprise before he said, “Three days ago, a young lady arrived outside the academy, and she insists on meeting you.”

Chen Xi frowned. “Could it be that there’s something different about this young lady?”

Since the moment he became the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, countless great figures desired to meet him every single day. Perhaps they had something to ask of him, or perhaps it was for the sake of forming goodwill with him.

At the beginning, he was still willing to meet them one by one. But as time passed, he couldn’t help but feel slightly bored by it, so unless it was an important matter, he’d stopped entertaining any outside guests.

Qiu Xuanshu was obviously clearly aware of this, yet he’d come here at this moment for the sake of a young lady, and it instantly caused Chen Xi to realize that there was probably a reason behind all of it.

“I’ve asked her about it in detail,...

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