Chapter 1510 – The Halfgod Realm


After he understood the secrets of the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement, Chen Xi made a move again, and he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net to capture another star that whistled towards him.


The star was easily captured, yet the violent impact from it caused the vital blood within Chen Xi’s entire body to roil, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

He swiftly took a deep breath, and then he utilized tremendous effort just as he’d done before and refined and absorbed this star.

On the other hand, another star that was enshrouded with the glow of divinity lit up once more in the universe within his body, and it was embedded within the diagram formed by the Infinite Divine Talisman.

During this entire process, he’d suffered a total of one hundred and thirty seven attacks from stars that assaulted him from all directions, and he’d successfully avoided one hundred and twenty six of them while he was struck by the remaining eleven.

Every single collision with a star caused the bones and tendons in his entire body to collapse and shatter, and it put him in an extremely sorry state while he coughed up blood repeatedly. However, under the nourishment of the divinity from the stars he refined and absorbed, all of these injuries had practically instantly healed completely.

Moreover, after he refined and absorbed the second star, his cultivation had improved by a thread once more. Even though the improvement was extremely small, it was already an extraordinary improvement to Chen Xi who’d stepped foot into the Utter Peak of the Immortal King Realm.



In the next period of time, Chen Xi ceaselessly utilized the Overarching Heaven Net and repeated his actions from before. He captured star after star, and then he refined and absorbed them before they became a star in the universe within his body. All of them were embedded within the Infinite Divine Talisman’s diagram, and they emanated the glittering glow of divinity.

Along with the passage of time, Chen Xi’s movements became more and more skilled while his technique became more and more precise. This caused the number of times he suffered injuries to gradually decrease while his own strength gradually improved during this entire process. Even though it was slow, it was improving at every single moment.

This caused Chen Xi to be even more excited in his heart, and his eyes grew brighter.

In his eyes, the stars that whistled through the entire sky weren’t as dangerous and terrifying as they had been earlier, and they’d instead become group after group of prey that were waiting to be reaped by him.

So this Divine Abyss of Star Refinement is actually an Infinite Divine Talisman, and those stars that’re suffused with the aura of divinity are the foundation that forms the Infinite Divine Talisman… After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi suddenly felt a strand of enlightenment. Only now did he realize that the set-up within the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement was actually exactly similar to the Infinite Divine Talisman in the universe within his body.

However, the only difference was that every single star within the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement was suffused with the aura of divinity, and they were ceaselessly whistling through the surroundings. Thus, they seemed to be extremely disorderly and complicated.

But if one looked carefully, one would notice that the trajectories they flew on seemed to be no different than the movement of the talisman marking pathways within the Infinite Divine Talisman.

This knowledge caused Chen Xi to feel completely enlightened, and his mind became even clearer. He finally realized that at the same time that he was refining and absorbing the stars, he was tempering and perfecting his own Infinite Divine Talisman!

Perhaps, this was the essential purpose that Fuxi set up this place.

Five days later.

Rumble! Rumble!

Numerous stars whistled by while the aura of divinity surged. They ceaselessly shot by while Chen Xi’s figure flickered amongst them, and he utilized the Overarching Heaven Net to the limit, causing it to spread out and cover the sky.

At this moment, as his eyes opened and closed, divine radiance flowed within them, and every single move he made caused every single pore on his body to flow with strands of the aura of divinity, causing him to seem like a god.

On the other hand, the Infinite Divine Talisman’s diagram circulated within his body while the numerous stars that he’d refined and absorbed flickered with divine light, and it illuminated the entire universe while emanating strands of terrifying and surging fluctuations of Immortal Force.

He’d clearly not become a god, yet at this moment, he’d actually possessed a strength that was close to a god!

This was extremely unbelievable, and it was sufficient to move anyone to the point of feeling disbelief. Yet now, it had really happened on Chen Xi.

All of this was from the tempering of the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement.

Or to put it in a more precise manner, Chen Xi’s current cultivation didn’t belong to the Immortal King Realm, yet he hadn’t established a Divine Foundation or attained the Dao to become a god. However, this wasn’t something that was unprecedented in the annals of history.

At the very least, all the disciples of Oracle Mountain had stepped foot onto this strange and unbelievable realm, and it was called the Halfgod Realm.

Obviously, Chen Xi had already stepped foot into this realm now!

Another three days passed by.

Hmm? The figure of Chen Xi that was refining and absorbing the stars suddenly stiffened, and his entire body was suffused with a strand of a sluggish and full feeling. It seemed as if his strength had already improved to his limits.

Up until now, I’ve already refined and absorbed nine hundred and ninety nine stars, and they’ve transformed into a part of the Infinite Divine Talisman within my body. However, this isn’t my limit… Chen Xi sensed the changed in the universe within his body, and he couldn’t help but frown.

At this moment, numerous stars were glowing within his Infinite Divine Talisman, and they were suffused with the aura of divinity. However, there was still a large area that hadn’t lit up with stars.

In other words, if the Infinite Divine Talisman was taken to be a chessboard, and the stars Chen Xi refined and absorbed were taken to be chess pieces, then only a portion of the chessboard was densely covered with chess pieces while a large expanse of it was empty and could be embedded with even more chess pieces.

Yet now, when Chen Xi intended to add more chess pieces, he noticed that those empty areas clearly existed, yet seemed to be restricted, and he had the feeling that he had no place to put the chess pieces down.

Nine is an extreme while this realm is in between the Immortal King Realm and Godrank Realm. Could it be that I’ve already arrived at the limits of this realm? Chen Xi pondered deeply, and he felt slightly unwilling to give up in his heart.

He was very clearly aware that his strength had long since undergone an extremely great transformation while he tempered himself through the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement in these few days, and it couldn’t be compared to the past any longer.

However, when he gazed at the stars that whistled through the universe and especially when he knew that his strength would improve even more if he refined and absorbed them, how could anyone be willing to stop just like that?

Chen Xi took a deep breath while a wisp of a resolute expression flashed on his face. He intended to give it another try, and he would give up if he failed.


The Overarching Heaven Net soared once more into the sky, and it easily captured a star that whistled by.

Chen Xi circulated the Infinite Divine Talisman within his body, and he started to refine and absorb the star. However, the outcome was the same. The Infinite Divine Talisman within his body seemed as if it was full, and it wasn’t willing to ‘eat’ anymore. So no matter how Chen Xi circulated it, there was actually no progress at all.

This caused him to be unable to help but sigh. Looks like I’ve already arrived at my limit…


However, right when Chen Xi intended to give up, the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness that had originally fallen into deathly silence suddenly trembled. A strange and obscure fluctuations swept out from it, and it surged into the universe within Chen Xi’s body…


In an instant, Chen Xi felt some sort of shackle within his body being destroyed, and his entire body shook.

After that, he noticed to his surprise that the originally ‘full’ Infinite Divine Talisman actually started to rumble and circulate at this moment, and it surged even more strongly than before.

In merely the time of a few breaths, the star that was captured by the Overarching Heaven Net had actually been forcefully refined and absorbed, and it transformed into a dazzling star embedded in the Infinite Divine Talisman within his body.

This caused Chen Xi to feel pleasantly surprised. No wonder Eldest Senior Brother said that since I possess the River Diagram fragments, then so long as I successfully resist the dangers within the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement, then it was possible for me to obtain an unexpected fortuitous encounter. Could it be that this was what he meant?

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate and intended to give it another try.

The outcome was as he’d expected, and he successfully refined and absorbed another star!

Does this mean that the River Diagram fragments have helped me break through some sort of limit in my cultivation realm, and it allowed my strength to possess room to improve once more? Chen Xi’s eyes glowed, and he was extremely excited in his heart.

When a cultivation realm was unable to obstruct and restrain the improvement of one’s strength, it meant that one had already left all the other existences at the same realm behind them!

It was even to the extent that if he was able to refine and absorb even more stars, then it would be enough for him to attain an unprecedented height in the Halfgod Realm!

It was common knowledge that the realm above the Immortal King Realm was the Godrank Realm.

Normally speaking, if one desired to defeat an opponent at the Immortal King Realm, then one either had to possess an extraordinary combat strength amongst Immortal Kings or break through to the Godrank Realm in order to suppress Immortal Kings.

This was a piece of general knowledge that was publicly acknowledged in the three dimensions.

In the past, Chen Xi was already a peerless genius at the Utter Peak of the Immortal King Realm, and his cultivation was sufficient to crush most Immortal Kings.

Yet now, after he grasped the true inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman and experienced numerous days of tempering in the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement, his strength had already exceeded the scope of the Immortal King Realm and attained the matchlessly rare Halfgod Realm.

Moreover, along with the assistance of the River Diagram fragments, he’d broken through the shackles of his own limits. Thus, so long as he ceaselessly refined and absorbed the stars, his strength would only grow stronger and stronger, and he would be able to become the strongest existence in the Halfgod Realm!

This was the reason why Chen Xi was excited in his heart.

In the following period, Chen Xi didn’t waste any more time, and he’d once again immersed himself into the grand operation of capturing stars.

Time flew by.

Unknowingly, over a month had already passed since Chen Xi had stepped foot onto Oracle Mountain for the first time.


On this day, the tightly closed door of the hut before the Star Observatory had suddenly opened up, and then a figure flashed out from within it. This figure was illusory like a wisp of starlight, and it flowed with strands of the glow of divinity.

This figure precisely belonged to Chen Xi. He had his hands behind his back as he looked up towards the sky, and his clear and deep eyes reflected the myriad of rivers of stars that flickered there.

If I consume a Dao Fruit’s Spirit now, I’d probably be able to instantly step foot into the Godrank Realm… However, it isn’t the time to head to the Last Days Domain yet, so I don’t have to be too hasty. After a long time, Chen Xi shook his head and turned around before leaving swiftly.

After he broke through the shackles of his cultivation realm in the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement, Chen Xi had refined and absorbed another nine hundred and ninety nine stars, allowing the cultivation realm he possessed to become completely flawless.

This meant that he’d already stepped foot onto the extremes of the Halfgod Realm!

It was even to the extent that if it wasn’t for his desire to wipe out the threat that the Sovereign Sect posed in the three dimensions, he could head to the Last Days Domain that resided in the sky right now.

It’s time to put an end to this enmity… At the bottom of the mountain, Chen Xi turned around to take a glance at Oracle Mountain before he flicked his sleeve and withdrew the Star Spirit Jade Disk, and it formed an ethereal door that he strode into.


Space fluctuated while starlight flowed. In the next moment, there wasn’t a single person left in Oracle Mountain.

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