Chapter 151 – True Heart Peak

Chapter 151 – True Heart Peak


A flowing light instantly vanished in the sky, and it flew into the vast Wanderingcloud mountain range.

Chen Xi heard a rumbling noise as he felt himself being covered by a strand of airflow, then the surroundings became indistinct as the scene before his eyes warped into numerous ripples. Before he could react, he’d already appeared atop a mountain.

“Could it be that was a spatial teleportation technique?” Chen Xi swept his gaze towards the surrounding group of mountains and couldn’t help but be shocked. He’d actually already arrived within the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect! It should be known that it was 5,000 kms from nearby the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda to arrive before the Wanderingcloud mountain range, yet only a few breaths of time had passed and he’d already flown almost 15,000 kms into the mountain range?

Spatial teleportation techniques were also called teleportation, and it was an extremely formidable technique that only great cultivators at the Earthly Immortal Realm were able to master. When cultivated to the limit, taking a stride would allow one to cross a distance of over 500 kms.[1. Just to avoid confusion, Bei Heng took an unknown amount of steps.]

The reason Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators were able to execute it was because after Earthly Immortal Realm cultivators experienced their heavenly tribulation, the True Essence within their bodies would gradually move towards converting into Immortal Energy. Only Immortal Energy was able to fuel such a formidable technique.

“Little Brother, how’s the mountain peak that I selected for you?” Bei Heng pointed at the mountain below and grinned as he spoke.

“Big Brother Bei Heng has treated me well. This mountain peak’s loftiness has already exceeded my imagination.” Chen Xi raised his eyes to look, and he saw this peak was entirely quiet and beautiful, its imposing aura like a sword that pierced straight into the sky. On the peak were five beautifully decorated palaces built upon it, with pavilion and terraces, flourishing trees and tall bamboo bushes, and every corner of it was brand new.

“In the mortal world, building a palace like this on a mountain would probably require a few tens of thousands of people doing bitter labor for a few tens of years, whereas in a great sect, it was built in only a few months.” Chen Xi sighed with emotion.

“This is the ability of cultivators. Moving mountains and filling seas, plucking the stars and moon out of the sky, turning the ugly into beautiful, and possessing various extraordinary abilities that surpass the imagination of mortals. It was precisely because of this that the people of the world are so persistent in seeking immortality and the Dao, yearning to ascend the heavens with a single step and experience a meteoric rise,” said Bei Heng with a smile. As he spoke, the two of them had already descended before the palace at the peak of the mountain.

Instantly, many young disciples came over to greet them with a bow. “Supreme Grand Ancestor, Supreme Grand Ancestor Chen Xi.”

These were all Inner Court disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect and couldn’t compare to Elite Disciples, yet were a level higher than Outer Court disciples. All of them were at the Congenital Realm, and some formidable figures were as the Violet Palace Realm.

Bei Heng had arranged for them to come over to attend to Chen Xi’s everyday life. After all, on the entire peak, there were numerous palaces, medicinal fields, equipment refinement rooms, and pill refinement rooms that needed to be taken care of. With these Inner Court disciples doing these errands, Chen Xi only had to cultivate in peace, and he wouldn’t have to waste time on trivial matters.

When he saw so many people bowing in greeting to him, and that some of them were even older than him, besides sighing with emotion, Chen Xi wanted to take out some gifts to give to them. But when he thought of how the two gluttons in his storage ring had completely eaten all the Magic Treasures within long ago. He also hadn’t checked the storage pouches he’d gathered in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda yet. Chen Xi instantly didn’t know what to do, and he couldn’t help but frown, as he felt slightly embarrassed in his heart.

Bei Heng was an old man with great wisdom from his age, so how could he possibly be unable to discern what Chen Xi was thinking? He flicked his sleeve and gave every disciple a bottle of Foundation Consolidating Pills that were used to consolidate the Dao Foundation. “All of you properly attend to this brother of mine. In the future, extremely great benefits will be waiting for all of you, depending on your performance.”

All these disciples revealed delighted expressions, then they bowed and said, “We’ll remember the teachings of Supreme Ancestor!”

“Brother, look around this peak, does it still lack something?” Bei Heng waved his hands and the disciples dispersed before he entered the largest palace with Chen Xi.

“It’s already enough. I’m devoted to cultivating, so I don’t regard possessions as important. Big Brother Bei Heng’s arrangements have already caused me to be overwhelmed by your favor.” Chen Xi smiled, and he was speaking from the heart indeed. In the path of cultivation, a cultivator’s pursuit was to ascend the Grand Dao and possess the same lifespan as the heaven and earth and to share freedom with the heaven and earth. Compared to this, everything else was cloud and mist that passed the eye and wasn’t worth mentioning.

“Very good! Little Brother, with this disposition, achieving the Grand Dao is something that’s a matter of time for you.” Bei Heng laughed loudly as he said, “Right, this peak will be that place you cultivate and comprehend the Dao in the future, so you should name it.”

“Name it?” Chen Xi thought for a moment before suddenly recalling the words that both Ji Yu and Senior Fuxi had spoken. ‘To comprehend the Heaven’s Dao, stay true to your heart.’ Then he said, “I’ll call it True Heart Peak.”

“True heart? Stay true to your heart? What a good name!” Bei Heng seemed to have extremely strong feelings towards this and he spoke with emotion. “The Heaven Dao is obscure and changes constantly. We cultivators are devoted towards seeking the Dao, yet the path is bumpy and covered in thorns and devils. How many people have met their ends because their Dao Heart became lost on this path? Too many, truly too many…”

After chatting idly for a short period of time, Bei Heng bid his farewells and left.

Chen Xi sized up his residence, quiet room, equipment refinement room, pill refinement room, medicinal field, spirit beast hall… After that, he returned to the audience hall and gathered the 72 Inner Court disciples that were tasked with the errands on True Heart Peak.

There were both males and females amongst these 72 Inner Court disciples, each occupying half of the total, and there were two amongst them with a cultivation at the 1st star of the Violet Palace Realm, whereas the others were mostly lingering at the perfection-stage of the Congenital Realm.

Amongst the two disciples that had advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, one was a refined and handsome young man with smart eyes, and he was obviously a clever and astute figure. His name was Dong Fang. The other was an elegant and graceful woman with a mature and refined bearing, warm and cute, and her disposition was rather outstanding. Her name was Wang Wan.

“My heart is devoted to cultivation. I’ll leave it to all of you to take care of the internal and external affairs of True Heart Peak in the future. I hope that besides dealing with these affairs, all of you will cultivate diligently and bitterly, and all of you must not delay the path of your cultivation.” Chen Xi spoke after thinking for some time. “Dong Fang, you lead the other 35 male disciples to be in charge of managing clothing, goods, money, and leaving the mountain to purchase various necessities. Moreover, you’re also in charge of watching the mountain and the transferal of information.”

“Yes!” Dong Fang bowed as he received his orders.

“Wang Wan, you lead the other 35 female disciples to be in charge of cleaning up the pill rooms, taking care of the medicinal fields, feeding the spirit beasts, and other such matters.”

“Yes!” Wang Yan bowed.

“Alright, so long as all of you perform well on True Heart Peak, I’ll suggest that Sect Master Ling Kongzi heavily reward all of you, and it’s even not impossible to make an exception to promote you to an Elite or Core disciple. But, if you commit an unforgivable mistake, then I’ll be the first to punish all of you!” Chen Xi spoke with a deep voice.

As the saying goes, nothing can be accomplished without rules, as too much freedom would cause trouble to arise easily. This was something Chen Xi was absolutely unwilling to see. He understood that his status in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect as of present was extremely special, and it could be said to be completely reliant on Bei Heng’s power and influence. If carefully considered, even the Sect Master Ling Kongzi had to be respectful to him. So, if he didn’t properly restrain these disciples, then they might rely on his power and influence to do wrong and misbehave.

“Yes!” When they saw Chen Xi showing both firmness and softness, both strict and impartial in rewards and punishments, the hearts of everyone present felt apprehensive as they bowed to receive their orders.

Chen Xi waved his hands to order them to disperse before walking into the quiet room that belonged to him, and then with a command in his heart, a pagoda revolved as it floated on his hand.

This pagoda was divided into eight layers, entirely pure white like jade, and it emitted a strand of wispy aura that was peaceful and silent, yet it was deathly still and gloomy as if it lacked spirit and intelligence.

This pagoda was the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, a damaged Immortal Artifact with an Artifact Spirit that had been obliterated!

When he subdued this pagoda, Chen Xi had already understood that this pagoda wasn’t divided into the Eight-Dimensions Layer, Four-Symbols Layer, Yin-Yang Later, and Oneness Later, and was instead divided into eight layers. There were another four more layers under the Eight-Directions Later; every single layer was an independent space, and every independent space was a small world that possessed an even larger and boundlessly vast area than any of the layers he’d seen in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda when he participated in the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

But even though he’d subdued the pagoda, yet before he completely repaired it, Chen Xi was utterly unable to master the method to utilize it. What he could do now was merely throw some things into the pagoda and then withdraw them, just like a storage pouch.

Of course, the space within the pagoda was larger than any storage Magic Treasure. It was sufficient to hold an extremely long river, countless mountains, and Chen Xi entirely didn’t have to worry about the space being insufficient.

Moreover, this pagoda could be placed within the space in his violet palace, causing it to be countless times better concealed than treasures similar to a storage ring. Unless Chen Xi was killed, otherwise, no one was able to obtain the things within the pagoda.

“Ling Bai, do you know how to repair an Immortal Artifact?” Chen Xi said with a frown. He felt that he was wasting God's gifts by using an Immortal Artifact as a storage treasure, and he would probably be laughed at to death if word of it were to spread.

“If I knew, I’d have become a Supreme Equipment Refinement Grandmaster that’s peerless in the world long ago.” Ling Bai grinned as he sat cross-legged in midair and stared at the pagoda as he probed. “Chen Xi, since this Immortal Artifact is an empty shell, why don’t you let me eat it?”

“Roar!” Bai Kui roared with discontent, and he seemed to want a share.

“Knock it off, I’m talking about something serious.” Chen Xi glanced helplessly at the two gluttons, and then he shook his head and said, “Looks like I’m unable to repair it for the time being. I can only use it as a storage treasure.”

“Why are you in a hurry to repair it?” Ling Bai reminded. “Even if you repair it now, you can’t use it with your current cultivation, right? This is an Immortal Artifact. You’ll only barely be able to utilize it with a strand of Immortal Energy of an Earthly Immortal, and you can’t exert its entire might unless you attain the Heavenly Immortal Realm.”

A single penetrating remark awoke Chen Xi from his dreams, and he slapped his forehead. “This is indeed a problem.” When he spoke up to here, he’d completely lost interest to study the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda and instead started to sort and count the spoils of the battles from the Hidden Dragon Rankings.


A large pile of storage Magic Treasures piled into a small hill. Amongst them was the storage pouch he took from the Xie Clan’s Young Master, the storage Magic Treasures he obtained from annihilating the 96 Su Clan top disciples, and the storage Magic Treasures acquired from the 32 Devilspirit Guards… They formed a dense pile of 113 storage Magic Treasures!

“Wow! We’re rich, we’re rich! How long will I be able to eat these for!?” Ling Bai instantly pounced into the pile of storage Magic Treasures and closed his eyes with happiness. Bai Kui followed his example and bore into the small hill before jumping around in a lively manner.

Chen Xi slapped himself on the forehead as he looked into the sky with speechlessness in his heart, and the enormous feeling of obtaining great gains in his heart had instantly scattered in all directions before vanishing without a trace.

In the end, Chen Xi gritted his teeth before tossing the two gluttons into the pagoda. Only after that did he dare open these numerous storage Magic Treasures to sort and count the spoils of the battles. He had no choice. If these two gluttons were present, then they might run off with a good treasure. It was fine if Ling Bai ate it, since it was able to benefit his cultivation, yet if it was eaten by Bai Kui, then it would have really been a waste!

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