Chapter 1509 – Refining and Absorbing A Star


When Chen Xi opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was an extremely enormous star descending from the heavens towards him.

The star was too enormous, blazing, and dazzling. Numerous peerlessly dazzling strands of flames were emanated from the friction between it and the surrounding space, and it shattered space into powder and carried an extremely terrifying might.


Chen Xi gasped while he felt an extremely oppressed. He didn’t have the time to dodge at all before a bang resounded, and it collided forcefully with him.

It felt like a myriad of mountains had smashed down onto the body of an extremely tiny ant. After all, that star was truly too enormous, and Chen Xi was like a grain of corn in the ocean when standing before it.

In an instant, the bones in Chen Xi’s entire body cracked while he bled from all seven apertures, and he started seeing stars dance before his eyes. His entire body was ‘embedded’ into the depths of a rock on the surface of the star.

In the next moment, a swish resounded as Chen Xi’s figure emerged from the depths of the rock. His clothes were dyed red with blood while his figure was in an extremely sorry state. If his current cultivation hadn’t already arrived at the Utter Peak of the Immortal King Realm, then he would have almost been directly annihilated by this...

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