Chapter 1509 – Refining and Absorbing A Star


When Chen Xi opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was an extremely enormous star descending from the heavens towards him.

The star was too enormous, blazing, and dazzling. Numerous peerlessly dazzling strands of flames were emanated from the friction between it and the surrounding space, and it shattered space into powder and carried an extremely terrifying might.


Chen Xi gasped while he felt an extremely oppressed. He didn’t have the time to dodge at all before a bang resounded, and it collided forcefully with him.

It felt like a myriad of mountains had smashed down onto the body of an extremely tiny ant. After all, that star was truly too enormous, and Chen Xi was like a grain of corn in the ocean when standing before it.

In an instant, the bones in Chen Xi’s entire body cracked while he bled from all seven apertures, and he started seeing stars dance before his eyes. His entire body was ‘embedded’ into the depths of a rock on the surface of the star.

In the next moment, a swish resounded as Chen Xi’s figure emerged from the depths of the rock. His clothes were dyed red with blood while his figure was in an extremely sorry state. If his current cultivation hadn’t already arrived at the Utter Peak of the Immortal King Realm, then he would have almost been directly annihilated by this collision.


This star is actually enveloped in the energy of divinity!

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he identified that every single inch of this star was actually seething with strands of obscure energy of divinity that raged violently, and it was an extremely shocking scene.

With his current cultivation, he still felt as if he was on the verge of suffocation at this moment. It was simply no different than facing an existence at the Godrank Realm!

Could this be the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement?


Before he could recover from his shock, another star whistled over from far away in his field of vision. It blazed like the scorching sun, and it carried a myriad of strands of surging Divine Energy.

Everywhere it passed, time and space collapsed before transforming into terrifying ripples that swept towards the surroundings, and its aura was so violent that it seemed as if it was on the verge of obliterating the world.

At this moment, Chen Xi was standing on the first star. Once this second star was allowed to descend here, then the two stars would definitely collide, and the destructive force created by it would absolutely be unimaginable.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s expression was heavy to the extreme. He practically didn’t hesitate at all to teleport towards the side in order to avoid it.


Without encountering any further danger, Chen Xi’s figure appeared in an expanse of space 50,000km away from the first star.

However, when he turned around to look over, he noticed to his astonishment that the star he was standing on earlier hadn’t collided with the second star. Conversely, they seemed as if they had wills of their own, and they’d curved along a profound path to pass by each other.

After that, the two stars actually simultaneously whistled towards him once again!

Dammit! Chen Xi’s face instantly sank while the Immortal King Energy within his entire body rumbled, and he evaded them with all his might. His entire body was like a flowing ray of light that flickered without end amidst the layers of space.

At this moment, he’d noticed that he was actually standing in an expanse of universe that seemed like the Chaos at the absolute beginning of the world. There were numerous stars hanging within the universe, and they formed a dense mass that seemed to be boundless.

Every single star was dazzling, blazing, and enshrouded with the aura of divinity. They were like numerous gods that covered every single area of this universe, and it was a sight that caused his scalp to go numb.

Moreover, these stars weren’t stationary. As soon as Chen Xi’s figure had appeared within this universe, all those stars had started to circulate, and they whistled throughout the sky and threw the entire universe into disorder.

It seemed as if they were like groups of sharks that had smelled blood. The surging aura of divinity raged from them while they wreaked havoc throughout the universe, causing scenes of chaos to sprout up like weeds.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was like a tiny worm that was moving about randomly amidst a group of sharks while every single shark desired to eat him, causing the situation he was in to be extremely dangerous.

This caused him to practically not dare stop moving. He urged on his cultivation with all his might and ceaselessly evaded and moved about. He didn’t have any time to stop at all.


The myriad of stars flowed about while the aura of divinity swept towards the surroundings, and both time and space were collapsing and in disorder.

While Chen Xi fled amidst all of this, he seemed as if he’d fallen into a maze. No matter how he evaded, he would definitely suffer the attacks of numerous stars wherever he made an appearance.

Chen Xi was especially speechless because even though the stars that covered the sky were in a disorderly mess, they wouldn’t collide with each other at all. This meant that unless he could shatter these stars one by one, otherwise, he could only risk his life and continue evading without end, and he couldn’t stop for even a moment…

This sort of situation was simply similar to dancing on the tip of a sword, and it was like lingering on the edge of life and death. Killing intent was all around him, and danger was everywhere.

The Divine Abyss of Star Refinement!

This is definitely the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement that Eldest Senior Brother spoke of! It isn’t just dangerous, it’s simply lethal!

Chen Xi had a bitter smile on his lips. He’d never imagined that after he’d already attained the Utter Peak of the Immortal King Realm and was able to go against all Immortal Kings, he would fall into such a hard pressed and dangerous situation at this moment. He simply seemed like a little thief that was wandering all around the world while being pursued by a group of peerless experts, and it was an extremely embarrassing situation.

If all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy saw this scene and saw their invincible Dean that crushed groups of Immortal Kings was oppressed to such a state, their jaws would probably hit the ground from shock, right?

Chen Xi had tried to attack a star, yet he was only able to shake it, and he was unable to completely destroy it.

The reason was that the aura of divinity that suffused the stars was too terrifying. Colliding forcefully with it was like fighting a god, and he didn’t have any chance at being victorious.


After ten minutes passed, over ten stars whistled over towards him and blocked off all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat. He was unable to evade at all, and it caused him to be struck by a star in the end. The bones in his entire body collapsed and broke inch by inch while blood sprayed.

However, in the end, he still found a trace of an opportunity to survive, and he flashed out from this encirclement.

Chen Xi took a deep breath while the broken bones in his body recovered, and the injuries on his entire body had healed in an instant. However, his countenance was slightly pale.

Moreover, while he did all of this, he didn’t dare stop moving at all.

You’re going too far! Even with Chen Xi’s temper, he couldn’t help but stamp his feet in rage at this moment. The tempering within this Divine Abyss of Star Refinement was too freakish, and he was truly unable to imagine what Fuxi’s objective was when he set up such a restricted area all those years ago.

This won’t do. If this continues, then even if I have the support of the Dark Parasol Sapling, I probably won’t be able to persist for long… Chen Xi took a deep breath and tried his best to calm down while he fled madly, and he deduced the method to deal with this predicament in his heart.

According to his Fifth Senior Brother, every single disciple of Oracle Mountain would head to the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement to temper their strength once they’d attained the Immortal King Realm and grasped the inheritance of the Infinity Divine Talisman.

Moreover, every single disciple that left the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement would practically possess the strength to surmount a realm and do battle, and even possess the combat strength to collide head-on with existences at the Godrank Realm.

At that time, Chen Xi still held a trace of doubt towards this. However, after he personally experienced this freakish tempering that seemed like purgatory, he finally completely believed these words.

The reason was extremely simple. Every single one of those stars were suffused with the energy of divinity, and they were like numerous gods. Thus, if one was able to triumph over the tempering they provided, then the formidableness of one’s combat strength would be obvious.

However, how exactly did they triumph over such tempering?

Chen Xi suddenly recalled that his Eldest Senior Brother had told him earlier that he could only enter the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement to temper his strength after he’d grasped the inheritance of the Infinite Divine Talisman. Does this mean that the key to dealing with the predicament before me is the Infinite Divine Talisman?

Star Refinement… Star Refinement… Perhaps, the numerous stars here can’t be destroyed at all, and they can only be refined and absorbed? And the method to refine and absorb them comes from the Infinite Divine Talisman? The more he thought about it, the brighter his eyes became. He faintly felt that he’d seemed to have captured a correct path.


A star whistled over menacingly.

This time, Chen Xi grabbed this opportunity and didn’t evade it. He suddenly withdrew the Overarching Heaven Net instead, and in an instant, it transformed into a net that blotted out the sky before it enveloped the entire star.

At practically the exact same time, he circulated the Infinite Divine Talisman in the universe within his body, and then boundless Immortal Force that was filled with the aura of ‘Infinite’ surged out. The vast Immortal Force actually transformed into strands of mysterious and obscure talismans that surged into the Overarching Heaven Net.

Immortal Force assumed the form of talismans!

Talismans formed the energy of ‘Infinite!’

This was the most elementary profundity of the Infinite Divine Talisman.


Sure enough, after it was restrained by the Overarching Heaven Net, the speed of the star suddenly slowed down. It was like a shark that was captured within a large net, and it suddenly started struggling violently while emanating waves of terrifying droning.


Because the energy of divinity that suffused the star was too formidable, even if it was captured, it still affected Chen Xi. It caused his mind and heart to shake violently, and he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood and almost lost control of the Overarching Heaven Net.

“Suppress!” A wisp of a vicious expression flashed on Chen Xi’s handsome face while he suddenly gritted his teeth, and he exerted his entire strength without holding back at all. He utilized all of his strength to refine this star.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Overarching Heaven Net was suffused with a myriad of strands of chilly starlight, and it condensed into numerous divine talisman diagrams that ceaselessly suppressed the star.

Sure enough, after a short moment, the star had completely stopped struggling. It started to ceaselessly shrink within the net, and its size shrank by over a thousand times in an instant.

In the end, the star transformed into a fist sized ball of light that was filled with blazing divinity.

I actually…succeeded… Chen Xi was stunned, and he was slightly unable to believe it.


Right at this moment, his entire body suddenly shook. He was caught off guard and was forcefully struck by a star that whistled over towards him, causing his entire body to be smashed a few tens of thousands of kilometers away like a rock that was tossed into the air.

Chen Xi coughed up another mouthful of blood while the bones and tendons in his entire body had shattered, and even his face had twisted together from the intense pain he felt.

However, his eyes had become extremely bright at this instant, and it was far brighter than the countless stars in the universe!

Because the star that he’d refined earlier had actually been absorbed by the universe within his body, and it had become a star within the Infinite Divine Talisman!

This star was pure, sparkling, and enshrouded with strands of the aura of divinity. Moreover, it had actually fused flawlessly with his Immortal Force, energy, essence, spirit, and even his Primeval Dao Quintessence.

At this instant, he didn’t do anything at all, yet the injuries in his entire body had been completely healed, and it was even to the extent that his own cultivation faintly showed signs of improving by a thread!

So that’s how it is! I can refine and absorb the divinity of the stars and transform it into my own! Chen Xi was suddenly enlightened.

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