Chapter 1508 – Condensing A Divine Talisman

Eldest Senior Brother Wu Xuechan!

In Chen Xi’s mind, this name was extremely unfamiliar to him because he’d only coincidentally heard of this name from Li Yang when he went to take revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan at Iris Desert.

However, Chen Xi deeply remembered it even until now. At that time, when facing the threat of the Seven Godslaughter Generals from the Sovereign Sect, Li Yang had once said — “If my Eldest Senior Brother was here, then all seven of you together would still be insufficient.”

The Seven Godslaughter Generals were seven terrifying existences that had stepped foot into the Godrank Realm, and they’d fought alongside the Sovereign Sect’s Master for countless years. However, Li Yang had actually spoken such words, and this obviously showed exactly how terrifying Chen Xi’s Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan’s, cultivation was.

No wonder that with my current cultivation, my mind and heart couldn’t help but be terrified by him earlier. So it turns out that he’s my Eldest Senior Brother, Wu Xuechan… Chen Xi took a deep breath and finally confirmed this fact.

“This is a strand of will that I left branded here, and it’ll vanish soon. I’m afraid I’m unable to speak too long with you,” said the phantom who was Wu Xuechan.

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he said, “May I know what instructions Eldest Senior Brother has for me?”

“It isn’t any instructions...

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