Chapter 1507 – Divine Mountain and Phantom

One day later, within Dao Emperor Divine Palace.


A jade disk that was suffused with piercingly cold starlight floated up into appearance. It was the Star Spirit Jade Disk that his Senior Sister Li Yang had given him, and he would be able to arrive at Oracle Mountain by utilizing this treasure.

In merely an instant, an ethereal door that seemed to be condensed from starlight floated up into appearance before him.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and had a calm expression as he took a stride past the door and instantly vanished without a trace.

In an expanse of boundless space, a myriad of stars circulated without end along a fixed path. They existed for eternity, and they emanated an eternal and boundless aura.

In the depths of this universe was a divine mountain that lay across countless constellations. It was bathed beneath vast and boundless dazzling starlight all year round, and it was gorgeous and mysterious.

This was Oracle Mountain!

The location of the most mysterious supreme sect in the three dimensions.

The entirety of Oracle Mountain was like a group of sharp swords that pierced the universe. Countless enormous silver rivers and waterfalls covered it and poured down from the sky. All of them were formed from extremely pure energy of the stars, and they’d transformed into silver rivers that poured down like countless dazzling and resplendent silver dragons.


An ethereal door suddenly...

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