Chapter 1506 – Divine Abyss Of Star Refinement

Li Fuyao tore through the sky and left while Qiu Xuanshu stayed behind to assist Chen Xi in protecting Dao Emperor Academy.

At this moment, this grand battle had come to an end.

In this battle, all the twelve Immortal Kings from the Zhongli Clan, Jiang Clan, Wanqi Clan, Vastsky Academy, Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, and Dao Secret Academy had been annihilated while their forces had been obliterated as well. Not a single one of them had escaped.

Besides that, the arm of the Eldest Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Yin Huaikong, had been severed, whereas the sixth, ninth, and twelfth ranked Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect were killed as well. Only the other eight disciples had retreated and escaped!

As soon as news of this spread, it instantly caused a mighty uproar in the entire Immortal Dimension, and it shocked the world. The new Dean Chen Xi had swept through the Sovereign Sect’s assault in such a domineering manner, and it caused every single cultivator to be extremely shocked.

Since this calamity had swept through the three dimensions and the Sovereign Sect seized the opportunity presented by this calamity to invade the three dimensions, it successively attacked and defeated the various great powers of the Immortal Dimension without any difficulty, and it never lost a single battle.

Yet this battle was the first loss of the Sovereign Sect, and it had suffered an extremely heavy injury from it!

It had lost over ten Immortal Kings in a short period of time, and in the annals of the Immortal Dimension’s history, such a loss could be considered as unprecedented.

Because this battle had occurred during dusk, it was called the ‘Dusk of Blood,’ and it left behind a thick and heavy mark in the history of the three dimensions.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s reputation attained an unprecedented height because of this battle, causing all the cultivators in the universe to dim in comparison to him while his power and influence surpassed ordinary Immortal Kings.

Within the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi sat cross-legged, and he was concentratedly reading the jade slip that Li Fuyao had given him.

“Beneath the calamity, the gods have ceased to exist. Presently, there are only three people in the Sovereign Sect that need to be feared. The Eldest Elite Disciple, Yin Huaikong, and the Sect Priests Elder Kong Zhao and Daoist Tuo Kong…” The first sentence contained within the jade slip caused Chen Xi’s heart to tremble. Only now was he clearly aware that for the sake of taking complete control of the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect had actually made three gods utilize some sort of secret technique to suppress their cultivations to the Immortal King Realm. Thus, they were able to avoid the detection of the Divine Chains of Order and they weren’t taken into the Last Days Domain.

As a dog of the Heaven Dao, the Sovereign Sect actually dares to go against the will of the Heaven Dao now. It can really be considered to be a wildly ambitious guard dog. Chen Xi pondered for a moment before he continued reading through the jade slip.

“Even though the three of them attained the Godrank Realm a long time ago, their cultivation realms have been suppressed by the secret technique. With Junior Brother’s current ability, it’s sufficient for you to go head on against any one of them. However, if you want to annihilate them, then your strength isn’t sufficient yet. Once they fight desperately, it would even be dangerous for you. Thus, you have to look for other methods if you intend to deal with them…”

When he read up to here, Chen Xi’s brows suddenly knit together tightly, and his heart couldn’t help but feel slightly heavy.

He was very clearly aware of the meaning behind his Fifth Senior Brother’s words. Since their cultivations had been suppressed, his current strength was sufficient to go against any one of them, but if he intended to kill them, then it was utterly impossible.

The reason was extremely simple. Once they fought desperately, they would definitely remove the secret technique and recover their cultivations at the Godrank Realm. At that time, it would be utterly impossible for Chen Xi to be a match for them.

Even if they would be unable to avoid being brought into the Last Days Domain after they recovered their cultivations, so long as they eliminated Chen Xi, it could be said to be eliminating a barrier for the Sovereign Sect. At that time, would anyone in the Immortal Dimension be able to obstruct the Sovereign Sect’s invasion?

Since Fifth Senior Brother said all of this, then he has probably thought of a way to deal with them… Chen Xi took a deep breath and continued reading. Sure enough, it was just as he’d expected. Li Fuyao had prepared some methods to deal with such a situation.

However, this method caused Chen Xi to be slightly stunned, and he was extremely moved. Oracle Mountain, Star Observatory, Divine Abyss of Star Refinement?

Chen Xi couldn’t be blamed for feeling like this. According to the jade slip Li Fuyao left behind, there was a Secret Realm for cultivation within Oracle Mountain, and it was called the Star Observatory. It was the place where the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, comprehended the Dao all those years ago. When one cultivated there, one could gain complete control over the might of the Infinite Divine Talisman.

Besides that, there was a place to temper one’s cultivation at the side of the Star Observatory, and it was called the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement. When Immortal Kings tempered their cultivations there, it carried unbelievable affects to the improvement of their strength.

All those years ago, all the disciples of Oracle Mountain including the Grand Lord Wu Xuechan, the Second Lord Daoist Sheng Ji, the Third Lord Tie Yunhai, and the others had all tempered their strengths in the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement, allowing them to possess the strength to go head-on against gods!

What did this mean?

It meant that early on while they were still at the Immortal King Realm, the disciples of Oracle Mountain could already surmount a realm and go against existences at the Godrank Realm!

This was the true reason that caused Chen Xi to be moved. After all, the gods had already exceeded the three dimensions and weren’t part of the five elements. They were considered supreme existences with strengths that were so formidable it was simply unimaginable.

In all these years, Chen Xi had witnessed battles between the gods on more than one occasion, and he was extremely clearly aware of how unbelievable it was to be able to go against the gods with the strength of an Immortal King.

If Immortal Kings were considered as supreme overlords, then the gods were emperors that were above the overlords, and to the gods, annihilating Immortal Kings was as easy as flipping their palms to squash an ant to death.

But according to what Li Fuyao said, all the disciples of Oracle Mountain possessed the strength to go against gods while at the Immortal King Realm through the tempering within the Divine Abyss of Star Refinement. Thus, the shock Chen Xi felt from this was obvious.

As expected, there’s a reason why all of these senior brothers and senior sisters of mine are so proud. They’re simply like a group of peerless monsters! Chen Xi was astounded, and he sighed endlessly with emotion.

He didn’t think about himself. Early on while he was still at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, he was similarly able to surmount a realm and kill Immortal Kings. Wasn’t he a heaven defying monster as well?

It was even to the extent that he was slightly more monstrous than those disciples of Oracle Mountain. Those disciples were only able to go head-on against gods with the strength of an Immortal King, yet they were unable to kill the gods.

Yet Chen Xi was different. Not only was he able to surmount a realm to do battle, he was even able to kill his opponents!

Chen Xi himself had naturally realized this as well. According to what his Fifth Senior Brother, Li Fuyao, had said, the Star Observatory and Divine Abyss of Star Refinement complimented each other. One was beneficial to one’s cultivation, and the other was beneficial to tempering one’s strength. So long as he attained mastery in all of this, he would be capable of going head-on against existences at the Godrank Realm, but it didn’t mean that he would be able to kill the gods.

It’s enough so long as I can be invincible against them. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment, and then he finally understood Li Fuyao’s intentions. Yes, so long as he possessed the strength to go head-on against the gods, then he could remain undefeated in a fight with Yin Huaikong and those two Sect Priests of the Sovereign Sect.

At that time, once their aura at the Godrank Realm was exposed for a long period of time, it would be bound to be detected by the Last Days Domain that resided in the sky above the universe, causing the Divine Chains of Order to descend and take them away!

Li Fuyao was the best example for this. For the sake of destroying the Dark Calamity Domain, he’d become a god in a single step. Even though he’d successfully repulsed Yin Huaikong, he had no choice but to leave in the end and head to the Last Days Domain.

When he understood all of this, Chen Xi felt suddenly enlightened, and the heavy feeling in his heart was completely wiped away.

He continued reading the jade slip, yet he noticed the contents recorded within it were already completely different. They were related to some secrets related to heading to the Last Days Domain, and it was useless to him for now.

Nevermind, once I’ve dealt with all the affairs in the academy, I’ll ask Qiu Xuanshu to stay in the academy while I’ll make a trip to Oracle Mountain… Chen Xi put the jade slip away and took a deep breath before he made a decision.

For the next few days, Dao Emperor Academy was extremely peaceful.

Of course, a babel of discussion had arisen in the outside world. The situation in the world had changed greatly, causing everyone to discuss clamorously, and all of this was influenced by the ‘Dusk of Blood.’

Some observant people noticed that the Sovereign Sect didn’t take any further action after this battle, and it seemed to have gone dormant.

Everyone was clearly aware that after it suffered such heavy losses, the Sovereign Sect would definitely not be willing to let it go. Perhaps it was accumulating strength with the intention of seeking an opportune moment to make a comeback and annihilate Dao Emperor Academy in one go.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all of this. He’d been constantly busy these past few days. He’d exhausted a great deal of energy with Qiu Xuanshu to set-up all the restrictions within the academy once more, and the might of these restrictions had at least doubled when compared to before.

Under these circumstances, even if Immortal Kings were to attack the academy, it would be utterly impossible for them to shake the academy in the slightest unless they exerted all their strength.

On this day, Chen Xi had just finished setting up the last restriction within the academy, and then Wang Daolu, Zhou Zhili, Xuanyuan Pojun, and the others had come to pay him a visit.

“Has anything happened?” asked Chen Xi.

“Dean, too many powers have come to seek refuge in the academy during these past few days. After numerous screenings, we didn’t notice any powers that’re related to the Sovereign Sect. However…” Wang Daolu spoke of the reason for their arrival. “However, there are too many people in these powers, and the paradises and abodes our academy possesses are unable to accommodate so many people.”

Chen Xi was clearly aware that along with his victory in that battle, many of those powers that were originally waiting and watching from the sidelines had put down their worries and come to seek refuge from his alliance.

“Then use the forces of our academy to rebuild Darkombat City and place them within the city.” Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he decided.

“This…is slightly inappropriate, right?” Wang Daolu hesitated.

Chen Xi laughed coldly and said, “When I asked them to work together with us at that time, they were worried about being wiped out by the Sovereign Sect and weren’t willing to come over. Now that they saw us obtain victory against the Sovereign Sect, all of them swarmed over to seek refuge instead. I’m already sufficiently benevolent for being able to accept fence-sitters like them, and if they still don’t know what’s good for them, then they can go seek refuge from the Sovereign Sect!”

Wang Daolu and the others glanced at each other, and then they agreed in the end.

“Right, take good care of the Liang Clan, Gu Clan, and Luo Clan from Four Divinity City. I owe them a debt from all those years ago, so we have to treat them well.” Suddenly, Chen Xi thought of something, and Liang Bing’s slender and beautiful figure floated up into appearance within his mind. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. I’ve been too busy throughout these years to the extent that I’ve inadvertently neglected many friends from the past.

For example, his wife, Qing Xiuyi, that he hadn’t seen until now had always been like a knot in his heart, and he frequently felt guilty because of this in the recent years. If he wasn’t aware that Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Skandha World had been closed a long time ago when the calamity erupted and had vanished from the three dimensions, he would have headed over to get Qing Xiuyi a long time ago.

For example, Zhen Liuqing, Fourth Young Master Zhou, Mu Kui, Mortis, Huangfu Qingying, Ling Yu, Zhao Qinghe, Fan Yunlan… The whereabouts of all of these friends from the past were unknown to him, and every time Chen Xi thought about this, he couldn’t help but feel unhappy and ashamed.

Unfortunately, the burdens he carried were too heavy, and now he even had a great enemy, the Sovereign Sect, that hadn’t been defeated. It caused him to be utterly unable to spare any effort to consider these matters.

When they heard Chen Xi’s instructions, Wang Daolu and the others hurriedly accepted their orders and didn’t dare dally at all. They sighed with slight emotion in their hearts. This Liang Clan, Luo Clan, and Gu Clan are really lucky. The Dean actually owes them a debt of gratitude from the past. With the Dean looking after them, they’ll definitely have a place in the Immortal Dimension in the future, and no one would dare offend them!

Of course, the precondition is that the Sovereign Sect is eliminated…

“I intend to make a trip to Oracle Mountain in the next few days, and I might enter into closed door cultivation for a period of time. Take care of everything within the academy for me after I leave.” After he returned to the Dao Emperor Divine Palace, Chen Xi invited Qiu Xuanshu over and told Qiu Xuanshu about his plan. “You must pay attention to the movements of the Sovereign Sect and notify me at the first possible moment if they show any sign of movement.”

“Don’t worry, Youngest Martial Uncle, I’ll take care of everything.” Qiu Xuanshu cupped his hands and agreed.

Chen Xi nodded. Qiu Xuanshu’s current strength was merely slightly inferior to him. So with Qiu Xuanshu residing within the academy, he would have utterly no need to worry about anything so long as an existence of Yin Huaikong’s level didn’t attack.

Not to mention that there were over ten Immortal Kings residing within the academy now. Moreover, after he annihilated all those Immortal Kings that day, Chen Xi had even obtained a huge amount of spoils from the battle, and there were many Artificial Spirit Treasures amongst them. Chen Xi had bestowed all of these treasures to these Immortal Kings within the academy.

Under such circumstances, unless the Sovereign Sect attacked in full force, it would be absolutely impossible for the Sovereign Sect to harm the academy severely.

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